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  1. Seriously? 5 contract performers not appearing for a whole month? They really made Katie crawl out of the woodworks just for another organ storyline and then have her disappear again.
  2. This is so bad it is kind of hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing. Can't believe it was only a few years earlier they had that iconic scene where Deacon made Brooke, Rick and Eric listen to him taking Bridget's virginity. (Although actually I can believe that, didn't Brad Bell take over in 2002?).
  3. I'm surprised Rena Sofer stuck with B&B for 6+ years now. She hasn't had anything to do in quite some time. I guess it's just a reliable income.
  4. Well Thomas or Hope is not gonna be killed off. I don't think Brad would kill off a child either (although...). Donna hasn't had anything to do since 2012 so I guess I could see it happen, but then what would be the point?
  5. I loved her as Jennifer. I heard the rumors of her not getting along with her co-stars for years but always wondered what the details were. I never took to Jennifer Ferrin in the role.
  6. It's probably Zoe or Xander as they got rid of all the other black actors earlier this year.
  7. As someone who has never really watched GH but seen clips here and there, I do not understand why they kept and keep Laura Wright in the role of Carly when Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun were both such gifted and powerhouse actresses. Both came back to GH in new roles when the role of Carly should've just been handed back to either of them.
  8. Why can't they give Heather Tom good material? Katie is so useless.
  9. I haven't watched in about 9 months. Trolling is the only way B&B is still giving me a bit of fun.
  10. I´ve never even watched Days and this recasting is iconic. She should come back.
  11. I've been watching episodes from the early 2000s and wow Molly and Jake are SUCH A DULL COUPLE. I know they were really popular for some reason. It doesn't help that they always seemed to get the short end of the storyline stick. That baby twin storyline with the visions makes me want to throw something at the TV. I don't care about Vicky or her family. The Nick storyline was so lame and contrived, the Mary storyline that resulted in Jake's killing? Boring but at least it ended this dreaded couple for good. Other than that I must say I really enjoy the cast. They should've never got rid of Denise, Marshall Travers and Isaac, and I wish Annie Parisse never left. She was so much fun. On the other hand, I wouldn't have minded if Carly drove off a cliff with Jack by her side. I wish Julia would've made it happen. The guy who played Chris in 2000 is obviously really handsome but in the most generic and faceless kind of way. I think Bailey Chase made a better Chris. I think 2002-2003 really was a turning point. They reintroduced a lot of characters with new actors and I'm not sure they did justice to the characters. New Rosanna (good casting though), new Mike (I had a huge crush on him as a child but what a boring miscast in hindsight), new Paul (worst casting decision of the last 10 years in ATWT. Did they really sack Scott Holroyd for this mess?), new Dusty (not the best casting), new Chris and new Jennifer. They also introduced Lucy, Aaron, Alison as adults (all of them great casting though). I think the cast changed too much here in a relatively short period of time.
  12. omg I'm howling!! Not gonna lie this is kind of iconic.
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