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  1. Didn't they have something that, at best, can be called a tiny fling? I don't like the new Thomas. I'm surprised the actor is only 4 years older than me. He looks older than he is.
  2. So having her come back from Paris and divorcing Rick was really just as senseless as we all knew it would be.
  3. I watched a bit of the paternity reveal scenes and jeez there were just too many blonde women in one room. I mean, props for Bell for casting the Logans to look like family but damn.. Luckily Katie is still there to break the mold.
  4. I think Bell really planned to play out the Donna/Quinn/Eric thing but then changed his mind and added Flo and Thomas and now Shauna to the cast... It's waiting until October when her contract is up and then she's probably out.
  5. The rule is: no new scripts, no new monthly thread.
  6. lmao is there no March thread? Did Bell really kill off Caroline just so that they can push this ''Douglas needs a mom and Hope needs a child'' agenda? The new Thomas looks like an older Wyatt and that is obviously not a compliment.
  7. Bell really didn't plan ahead for more than 2 months. A shame 'cause this whole thing between Pam/Quinn/Donna was really entertaining me. And when's the last time Rena Sofer had an actual storyline? I never expected an actress of her caliber to stay with B&B for 5.5 years, especially being as underused as she is. I haven't been watching this whole month. B&B is so boring right now. An upcoming storyline with Thanks, but I'll pass.
  8. They should rehire Adam Gregory. He was handsome, decent and I don't get why he was let go or never asked back in the first place. This new guy's hairline reminds me too much of Darin Brooks' and that ain't good.
  9. It's time to write out Wyatt and Sally.
  10. Really agree. The problem is Bell's obsession with Hope/Liam and Steffy. When they are on the ''backburner'' (which still means they have about 9 episodes per month) there is room for Bell to write multiple stories at the same time (as we saw this fall with Will's custody case, Hope vs. Steffy's line at FC and Pam's wedding + Donna's return all playing out at the same time) but when they are on the frontburner (which is basically always) they are on literally ALL THE TIME leaving no room for anything else basically. The Donna/Pam/Quinn thing was pretty entertaining to me but it has been on hold for about 2 months now... I haven't watched the past 2 weeks because it seems dull as dishwater and extremely predictable of how it will play out. I am an advocate for replaying this whole Taylor/Ridge/Brooke thing with Hope/Liam/Steffy but not like this.
  11. That's not true. I don't like either Liam or Hope but I thought the scenes were very well done and I thought AN was excellent.
  12. Probably the girl he very briefly talked to the episode earlier. I think all he said to her was ''it's not your fault''.
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