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  1. I clicked on the video to see what the fuss was about. I forgot the promos are always blocked in my country.
  2. I started watching ATWT in 2002 with my grandparents, but because The Netherlands was about +/- two years behind the USA these were the episodes that aired in the USA in 2000. I lost a bit of interest in ATWT around 2005 but never completely stopped watching, although progressively watched less until the very end. I never actually saw the last episode. Then I watched OLTL for about a year but stopped before the final episode aired. I watched B&B for a few years after that, off & on, but now haven't really been a soap watcher for about 3 years. I like to keep reading about firings/hirings and what's happening on what soap opera but it's never interesting enough to pull me (back) in.
  3. After reading some comments here I might actually watch this Locher Room session. I didn't realize JP's hands were so tied by higher ups. You can blame her for listening to them but at the end of the day she probably just wanted to keep her job, and why wouldn't she. I thought quite some storyline ideas from her tenure were actually not bad, just not well executed or too fast-paced. Lucinda marrying Brian who was secretly gay should've been a large storyline spanning a much longer period of time. Hunter being Emily's son from an unused egg had great potential. I can't think of any others from the top of my head so maybe there are not that many after all 😄. I had no idea there actually as a co-headwriter from that moment on. That might definitely explain the positive changes I started to see. Yeah, they never really developed Jade beyond being obsessed with Will and Gwen. A shame considering her being Rose's daughter gave her quite some connections. I remember Hunt Block being ridiculously popular on Dutch message boards, and to be honest I can see why (but ATWT started airing here in 1990 so I'm pretty sure the Dutch people never knew the original Craig, or only briefly). . Don't let the negatives get to you. I really enjoyed the show from 2000 until say 2004, but admittedly that's when I started watching and I think everyone has a special place in their heart for the characters that were on during the time they started watching. Sometimes I watch old episodes mainly from 2000-2002 and I think they still hold up pretty well.
  4. I know Alley Mills was taken off contract but I didn't expect her to be completely eradicated from the cast. She didn't make a single appearance yet in 2020?
  5. I thought JP's work on ATWT was overall really bad. 2005 was just a horrible year imo and I only found out later that's when she started. The organ story with Keith and Lily was terrible. Carly having a never-seen before sister in Gwen was so random and not convincing. The BJ Green story was terrible. A very lackluster year. Early 2006 was pretty good with the big Emily story and Luke's coming out. Probably very unpopular opinion but I was a huge Jade fan. But the real ''gem''' of her reign was Fall/Winter 2009. The pacing was right and the storylines were interesting to me. Emily's egg being used and Hunter being her son was cool (why drop him?), Meg going crazy was the most interesting she had been, Henry being James' son was too contrived but the story surrounding it was nice (I'll never forget the car-window scene with Barbara and Emily), and of course Brad's death was, I have to admit, pretty well written.
  6. Must be the year I tuned in then lol. Me too actually!
  7. Congrats to the happy couple! I think they look cute together. I know his writing gets a lot of hatred and I think a lot of that is justified by what I read about his stories, but the short year I watched OLTL I felt he got a lot of things right.
  8. ^ That's a spoiler so it should be in the spoiler section and not here.
  9. fadajyidkk my gullible ass didn't even realize this (and Zende's return) is only because of BLM. I hate Bell. I know Aaron D. Spears goes off and on contract a lot but I couldn't remember where he is now 😄. Carter should be Steffy's new love. I don't feel there was a need for a generic looking white man addition to the cast at all.
  10. I thought this would be about Aaron D. Spears. I'm happy if this will give him a story but it's still 7 years too late...
  11. lmao of course she has a tumor that made her act this way. exhausting.
  12. Carter and Zoe and Zende thrown into a triangle? They'll be lucky to scrape by with 3 episodes a month.
  13. I still miss what's his name who played Zende. Hottest man on earth. Good they're bringing the character back for more diversity but it'll be a backburner story and he'll be gone soon enough. As a side note I never understood why they brought on the character of Xander instead of just recasting Zende in the first place.
  14. It's the Bold and the Beautiful. Of course she did just disappear. It's the Bold and the Beautiful. Of course she did just disappear.
  15. When watching old episodes I thought it was quite interesting when I realized that all three of Martha Byrne's pregnancies were written into the show, all of them also resulting in healthy Snyder babies. Compared to Maura who was pregnant 5(five!) times, where I think (but I'm not sure) only her first pregnancy was written into the show, which resulted in a stillborn. Guess Lily was more of a happy home character than Carly anyway, but I still think it's quite interesting and wonder why these decisions were made.
  16. For me As the World Turns truly went to the pits of hell in 2005. The storylines were so bad. The whole donor story with Keith was.... a bust. Carly discovering she had a never seen or heard before half sister was ... contrived. The BJ Green storyline with Katie was.... something. On top of that there were a lot of casting changes with some great characters that I liked being written out... Julia Larrabee (Sarah Brown just mesmerized me even in a shitty role like this), Craig Montgomery, Rosanna Cabot, Lucy Montgomery, Sierra Esteban, Aaron Snyder, Alison Stewart, Ben Harris. Am I missing any? I do feel it picked itself up again a little bit in 2006 with the whole Emily/Paul storyline which kind of had me hooked again for months. Although in hindsight Emily must've been written extremely out of character.
  17. I'm not watching the show, I was only referring to the notion that Quinn would somehow be wise enough to walk away from a conversation with Brooke when she has shown 0 constraint in the past years she's been on the show. She's very much the opposite, the kind of person who would seek out confrontations.
  18. Well considering people always complain about how out of character some characters are written.... Quinn is being written very into character. Walking away or being 'above something' is really not her style.
  19. Who cast this friend of Denise starting at 2:20. I'm howling. Charity Rahmer who? This girl is kind of iconic.
  20. JMW was so beautiful back in the day. I mean, she still is but it feels a little too plastic now. I had such an enormous crush on the guy who played Oliver Jones. Absolutely gorgeous.
  21. I hate that I'm on Brooke's side but... she's right? KKL always gives her everything in her scenes and I love that. How much better B&B would be if airtime was decently balanced. This week has really showed that.
  22. I feel like everyone is phoning in their performances but JMW is really taking the piss. Can't say I blame her tbh. I think Taylor should be here and as played out as the triangle might be, the story would be more interesting with her instead of Shauna. It's essentially a new dynamic with Thorsten Kaye as Ridge anyway.
  23. I watched some episodes into the new year the thing that keeps getting on my mind is why Hunter Tylo is not there. Last year she was making some appearances and there is no reason why Taylor shouldn't be on screen. I almost feel like Denise Richards blew her chances of returning full time by becoming Ridge's new muse.
  24. Maybe it would be too much to ask but it would be really interesting to see one for the entire decade (I don't know if you even have the data), and leave out minor characters if it is too much work.
  25. Seriously? 5 contract performers not appearing for a whole month? They really made Katie crawl out of the woodworks just for another organ storyline and then have her disappear again.
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