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  1. Bell is probably jerking himself being so proud of Carter's numbers this month. I imagine Denise Richards only has limited availability but Wyatt and Flo are disposable as hell. Heather Tom's numbers are also ridiculous for an actress of her caliber. This was a good month as well with 10 appearances so last month she was only on 28 episodes on the year to date.
  2. I didn't watch at the time but I've seen clips of where he takes Bridget's virginity while he makes Eric and Brooke listen on the other end of the phone and honestly... iconic. Wonder how long before Bell gets bored of him.
  3. If Bell has any sense it should be Taylor.
  4. I was 10 when this regularly aired on TV. The raging hormones lol. I still turned out gay but Holly really tried.
  5. Tell me about it. I loved the short time Katie took over Spencer Publications right before/after Ridge came back. Why did they have to make her forgive her sister and her husband. She should've destroyed them.
  6. I can't believe what I'm reading about the Eric / Quinn / Carter storyline. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.
  7. My mind tells me Craig and Lily did interact in a storyline in about '05-'06 or '07. I thought he became friendly with her. I don't remember any more than this. And also near the end of the show when it was revealed Craig had another son that Lily, Sierra and Lucinda kept from him they must have interacted.
  8. Surprised to see Alley Mills back as well. A lot of contract stars not appearing. Will Bell ever know what to do with Bill & Katie again? HT has never been used in the way that an actress of her caliber should. The paycheck must be big for her to stay on so long. Wyatt and Flo are also complete dead weight to be honest.
  9. I didn't know or forgot about most of these but this made me laugh. So it's been quite some time there has been a B&B baby who wasn't named after someone. Going all the way back to 'Hope' according to your list, and she was born in 2002?
  10. Wait did Steffy really call her son 'Hayes'. I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of digging the way B&B handles the character names. It's wildly unimaginative, sure, but I do like how he's always keeping it close to home. We already have a Logan. Spencer's probably coming as that one user already posted. Hope named her daughter after her grandmother Beth. Not to mention Brad simply slapped the names Bill, Caroline and Sally on their new counterparters. Steffy was named after Stephanie. We have Eric who named his son Rick. And of course Bridget which is Brooke + Ridge combined. Ridge who has a son called R.J. (Ridge Jr.). Bill has sons named Will and Liam. I think that's just hilarious. I looked up the real names of Brad's children and of course one of his sons is named Brad.
  11. They're probably gonna be as relevant as Julius and Vivienne Avant were to storylines, no? I wouldn't get my hopes up they're actually gonna be viable characters.
  12. Paul and Emily on ATWT had a stillborn. Completely unnecessary. A bit baffling considering both were long time characters and would continue to stay on and even ended up together when the show wrapped up. I also wish Julia didn't miscarry Jack's baby but I guess they knew Annie Parisse was leaving by that time.
  13. I've always had a weak spot for her but she hasn't had a real story since... 2010? I was very surprised when they brought her back on contract in 2018 and they didn't even give her anything to do.
  14. Stop following these people if they annoy you. You continue to give them a platform.
  15. Quarter might be the only couple name I would be willing to accept.
  16. Sheila's been played out. Did Brad need her for a shitty quick plot point? I thought this would be about Linsey Godfrey and I was really excited for a minute. (I know she was on DOOL and not Y&R but my mind wasn't that fast).
  17. I don't mean to be rude but she's an absolutele terrible actress and I have no idea how she even landed a role on B&B, let alone go on to something "bigger". Good for her though! Inevitably Bell would've gotten bored of the black storyline and dropped them off anyway. Better to get off before it goes down.
  18. Not completely on topic but I was watching the movie 'How High' the other day with rappers Method Mad and Redman (man I feel old) and I was surprised to see both Obba Babatundé (Julius) and Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) having sizeable roles. Anna Maria Horsford was also in the movie Friday which I saw the next day.
  19. Definitely agree with this. I started watching for Katie and Simon, but I think she also had great chemistry with the actors that played Henry, Brad and Mike (as boring and plain as Mike's character was in hindsight). I don't know if she was particularly unpopular - but I was a huuuuuuge fan of Jade (Elena Goode). The actress wasn't the best but I loved Jade's scheming ways. Maybe it helped that I never really cared for Will and Gwen as a couple. And one that was wildly unpopular - Julia Larrabee as portrayed by Sarah Brown. I must admit it was 100% Sarah Brown's acting that sold me on the character - as Julia was admittedly not very likeable - but Brown just hit all the right notes with me.
  20. I watched a few minutes of an episode this week and the guy who plays Zende is absolutely terrible. He sounds like he is reading it from the script. I get they want to hire beautiful people but there must be handsome people out there who also have talent? And he is way too light-skinned to play Zende... I know Rome Flynn was too but they took it even further with this dude. (But I did read he is half-Dutch so that redeems him a bit in my eyes nn).
  21. I ''accidentally'' stumbled upon B&B on Dutch TV earlier today and we're not very far behind from the US anymore. Finn is already on the Dutch screens. Not sure where we are in detail but Liam/Hope and Steffy were debating their situation and Finn and Thomas talked about Hope and Steffy at FC. (This probably does not narrow anything down at all knowing B&B cycles through the same thing every week). We used to be 2/3 years behind but at some point in time they decided to air 2 episodes per day (probably stopped doing that now) and I'm sure corona helped catching up as well. If only! I wouldn't mind having a Rome Flynn doll in my home à la that creepy doll Thomas has of Hope.
  22. What a random return. Why Julius? There aren't even any family members of his on-screen (that I can think of). I don't remember the Sasha actress to be particularly good. Reign Edwards on the other hands was a true gift to the show and deserved so much more than she ever got. I do agree with the sentiments I read on here (or elsewhere, not sure) that Zoe should've been Sasha coming back. But I guess the story with Wayne Brady couldn't have been played out that way (at least not as Sasha's bio dad). Actually Xander could've been a recast Zende as well and the characters would've tied into B&B's recent history much better. But I guess that doesn't really matter as Xander got wiped out pretty quickly and Zende is actually back now. Looking back, as little story as they had, the Avants were actually great additions to the cast (+ Zende) that should've been used way more.
  23. adlkjagaogh I'd go fangirling over this. I bet he hasn't aged a day.
  24. I don't watch days but I'm so happy with this news. I've been waiting for her racist ass to get fired. She can stay gone. I loved Cady on ATWT so I hope she'll fit in on Days.
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