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  1. I don’t either lol Totally this. Every time I watch the show, I’m like who is this? I just can’t see him and even Taylor together let alone with Brooke.
  2. Honestly, airtime isn’t a great measure on this show. The problem I see is she’s becoming more of a comedian rather than acting, but this has also been noticeable in others too. For someone who has followed Michelle for nearly 20 years, it’s disappointing and cringy to see.
  3. It’s totally bizarre and comical. She seems to be playing Nina from GH more than Phyllis. Definitely not the MS I remember, but I guess they haven’t given her any serious material since she returned and she’s acting accordingly.
  4. I’m so tired of Hope being the wronged/battered wife while Steffy is the jezebel who cant keep her legs closed. All the while Liam skates again. Bill has zero investment in Steffy/Finn. He’s just using Finn as a prop to simmer down people tired of the before mentioned triangle. Someway somehow Finn will be the bad guy in this story. Either it will be because he drives a wedge between Steffy and Liam parenting or he turns out not to be a nice guy all the while Liam will get to be the hero and forgiven again.
  5. I want Mac back, but I don’t know if I want Kruger playing the role. She seems slightly improved since her initial stint but still not up to par. Impeachment trial definitely screwed up the timeline. Oops.
  6. Lol. He’s serviceable, I guess. Honestly, none of the current black characters will ever replace the magic of the OG Winters/Barber clan.
  7. Sharon Case is doing a number on her face with these procedures.
  8. Is she suppose to Kyles age because she looks almost 40?
  9. Definitely agree. I wish people didn’t expect anything from celebrities.
  10. I think Sharon case is for sure. She hangs out with Lauren Woodland who is an obvious Trumper. Amelia Hienle definitely is and I’m sure there are more. Honestly, I don’t have expectations for actors or entertainers to be an ally or to support a cause. I watch soaps, well if I do, for the entertainment not the activism.
  11. Lol. There are so many of them on set, but he was the most obvious one of course so probably just collateral.
  12. Jess looks great for 75 years old. I wish we could see more of here.
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