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  1. For sure. She looks too grown next to Hunter King who always seemed like a teenager pretending to be an adult.
  2. I haven’t been totally thrilled about Michelle’s acting since maybe 2010. Honestly I think it’s the writing and directing. The show wants to appeal to younger demographics and it’s turned many of the better actors into cartoons. Or maybe it’s just the effect of being older and not having the energy to go 100% all the time. I noticed the same with Sharon Case and Peter Bergman. As for Courtney Hope/Sally, I saw very mixed to bad reviews of her online. From what I’ve seen, her acting style is maybe a better fit for GH. I could totally see her fitting into the show maybe 10 years
  3. Feelings or love, neither were really shown on screen. Anyways, how does people feel about Courtney Hope/Sally so far on the show?
  4. You are not kidding, and it’s part of the reason the show feels basic and generic now.
  5. Someone needs to call out the Devon/Elena/Nate rewrite. When did Elena fall for Nate? Flirted, yes. Fall in love? Nah. Last I knew she was freaking out about Amanda and Devon. I know she has more chemistry with Nate, but several beats were missed in between from what I’ve read online.
  6. I think the issue with Morrow has been his weak acting and being carried by his more talented female costars.
  7. My personal favorites GL Reva/Josh/Annie Dinah/Hart/Cassie Y&R Billy/Mac/Raul/Britney Ashley/Victor/Nikki/Jack Nick/Sharon/Amy/Matt Worst Atwt Margo/Tom/Emily- but I guess this was one sided. Holden/Lily/Simon/Katie Bold Brooke/Ridge/Taylor Y&R- too many for various reasons Phyllis/Nick/Sharon Chloe/Billy/Mac Isabella/Paul/Christine GH Sam/Jason/Liz Carly/Sonny/Random chick Passions Gwen/Ethan/Theresa
  8. I wish they keep Britney and bring back Mac and Raul too.
  9. Morrow has always been ok, but his screen partners and looks have always propped him up more than his acting ability. I didn’t mind Clementine’s Mac for about 3-4 months until the writing went off the deep end for the character. I didn’t even mind Kelly Kruger’s Mac at the beginning until she was paired with Ryan Brown and I think she was the issue and not him. I actually wish they kept Ryan Brown’s Billy around longer. He had chemistry with Jess Walton and the other teen characters. I thought Liz Huber’s Gwen was very good and had more chemistry with Eric Martsolf
  10. I always thought Christian Leblanc worked better as a villain. Even in the early 2000s when he wasn’t full psycho but sabotaging Christine and Paul’s relationship was good enough. Never cared for the redeemed Michael, but they did it and brought along the Fisher clan to my dismay.
  11. I was thinking about watching both shows again after the election, but I’ll wait until after the holidays after reading these spoilers.
  12. He looks significantly older than both.
  13. I kinda felt Kay Alden started the process of tanking the next generation by killing Mac and Billy. JT and Britney never did it for me as younger lead characters and they were loosely connected to the overall cast. To the original poster, I do think Jolleen should have been the endgame couple. I think the writers overestimated the appetite for a Mac/JT pairing because they saw Thad as the new “it” guy within the teen scene after Jolleen was successful and thought the fans who were watching during the height of Mac and Billy’s story would root for him as a replacement for their girl.
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