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  1. Haha. I feel the same way. I may watch since summer has been a complete bore without travel plans and covid restrictions. Any other time I would not. So are they putting Lily and Billy together?I wish she would just go away. Never felt CK was a great actress who was needed on this show, but I feel the same about at least 1/2 of the cast.
  2. Another reason why I despised Hogan as Co-HW on the show amongst other things.
  3. ITA! 2000 MS was the bomb. That’s the Phyllis I loved to hate. Now I’m just meh towards her. Phick did the character no favors in the long run, and only turned her into a doormat and insecure schoolgirl. I still believe the better story was for Jack to be the father of Summer and not Nick’s in the long run.
  4. I was hoping to see more episodes from 2000-2002, but this era maybe considered too boring/normal for the newer soap fan.
  5. I had to look this up because I thought you were joking.
  6. Yup. Hopefully the clock starts ticking on Josh G.
  7. He must have gotten the memo because he was asking fans for their favorite Y&R music scores on Twitter. Haha
  8. Great! Do you have the next episode with Billy and Mac breakup scenes? I wish Ashley Bashioum stuck around to play those scenes with David Tom instead of KK. Although I’m not sure if the broke them up to give KK room to grow outside the pairing or if it was planned from the beginning. Thanks
  9. Technically most latinos are caucasians who speak Spanish but geographically located in Latin America. The same how African Americans are blacks with African descent but located in America.
  10. I haven’t watched B&B in 10 years. I’ve seen better acting on my screen, but maybe this is the norm for current viewers.
  11. The acting today was atrocious. That’s all I got!
  12. Spot on! I feel like I’m watching GH now rather than a Bill Bell created soap. Doesn’t help when many cast members are recent GH cast offs.
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