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  1. I just can’t with this story. Feels like a Passions redux. I can’t believe this is being broadcasted under the Bells name.
  2. Who knows what they were offered. The show has all the leverage now.
  3. Interesting. Y&R probably has a few too I’m sure. There are quite a few antivaxxers in Hollywood. Daytime is a closer knit community, so I doubt a certain actor/actress can be canceled unlike bigger names.
  4. Same. Once they realize they aren’t valued elsewhere, they will be back. Seen it too many times.
  5. Same. From what I’ve seen in my time watching him and Hunter King can stay gone. I never bought into the hype.
  6. I think you are correct. I agree. I loved Sharon Case for years, but she seems to be playing herself rather than the character I enjoyed for years. Definitely not a compliment. I personally think her, Bryton, and Brytni should all leave this sinking ship. However, I think someone posted on a different forum she did not audition well for other series, hence her circling back to Y&R after contract negotiations failed the last time. I think the same happened to Khalil some odd years ago.
  7. Never knew she was on AMC. Her character on Passions was whiney and manipulative, but I thought she brought a different energy to Sam the character needed.
  8. I don’t want a woman of color holding the bag when the show is canceled.
  9. Never saw it for either one or their pairing.
  10. It doesn’t matter how many vets or returns they bring on, Abby is a total failed character and should have been written out with Chance.
  11. Drama queen. DD may have done it, but I don’t buy his one sided account.
  12. I’ll possibly watch B&B again if Sheila returns.
  13. All of this. It’s because she’s a Newman and she fills the pretty millennial blond role. They barely care about the Abbotts anymore. The Abbotts are a shell of themselves, yet all of Victor’s kids get consistent screen time.
  14. I like Jason but not as Billy. I still hate JFP for getting rid of David Tom.
  15. Yup. I could make a case for MCE before I can for MO when you consider pure acting talent. MO for me is the epitome of white mediocrity that has saturated daytime for a while. Someone with a pretty face for middle America but doesn’t really standout from a talent standpoint, yet she stays with a storyline while others, both black and white, are sidelined or given scraps.
  16. MO is forgettable. The problem with this show is they don’t know when to move on when something isn’t working anymore. The Adam/Chelsea angle is an example of characters who don’t need to be on this show but are propped up because the HW is obsessed with them.
  17. I don’t like when characters are aged literally in one episode. Maybe it would have been a good idea to send Faith away for a few months with a new actress.
  18. Sharon case is usually solid, but she’s been acting more like an airhead actress the past few years at times. Almost comical like MS. Could be the writing or her acting choices trying to keep up with the faster pace and vibe of the writers.
  19. Kevin, Chloe, and Chelsea all ran their course as characters and never should have been brought back. I would prefer someone like Mac to be brought back rather than dusty Chloe. Add in Michael Baldwin who is now a glorified day player and even Lauren is useless. I’m tempted to also throw in Phyllis into the pile.
  20. Thank you to whomever uploaded the Billy and Mac clips along with episodes from 2000-2002. So much great stuff.
  21. I personally don’t care about Andrews. That’s a FBI issue not BRF issue. Not sure why people keep conflating the two.
  22. Personally, I don’t believe Meghan either. Many people in the UK saw her up front for months. Disrespecting protocols and essentially marketing herself for publicity. I think she lied a lot about a lot of things. People with personality disorders lie about a lot of things for attention and sympathy. Sharon shouldn’t be fired for stating her opinion otherwise what’s the point of The Talk. And I doubt Meghan ever had plans to stay in the UK. She used the Royal family for fame and monetary opportunities in Hollywood, hence the interview.
  23. I’m hoping to see less Sally/Summer scenes and more Sally/Jack scene.
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