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  1. He went after a personal friend of mine on Twitter and has blamed my friend for all the blowback he's getting because of what he ha said. he's an outright jerk IMPO, and if I were leading Disney/ABC, he would be fired....TODAY.
  2. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tucker-carlson-montana-confrontation_n_60fc3a4be4b0d2a22d4bd136
  3. dude. don't make me LOL like that. LOL!!! but you are so right. Doug has been whining about this for years now. here's a thought....HE CAN'T ACT!!!
  4. many, including myself, believe WP was Jock. I think it was dropped because fans hit the roof.
  5. they can file an appeal but it really won;t do any good.
  6. this is the Tan Suit of calling out Pres. Biden. that man is doing such a good job, they are going after an innocent dog. I don't know about any of you, but for me....it's outright wonderful for the world to see the sick vile right wingers destroy themselves in front of our very eyes. it's been decades in the making. you know, and it's just a feeling, I think so many are outright ticked off over leaving the dog in a freezing house then leaving the country.
  7. and I still feel, next year when Cruz's seat is up again....that state will still vote him back in. Stephen King blamed Texas republican voters for the plight the state is in.
  8. Rush is sitting at the same table as Hitler, Manson, Jones, Ramirez, etc....
  9. aye, they were the ones who put him back in office. meanwhile, Beto is on Twitter working to get people safe and warm, and telling them where shelters are.
  10. he'll be in one within the next 4 years. this was for Dems to do their thing next year.
  11. I believe we are about to have a 3 party systems. Dems. Reps., and Trump Party.
  12. they care more about their seats than anything, but if I were moderate republicans right now, and democrats.....start making ads and run them every single day till November 2022. Schumer is going off right now on the senate floor.
  13. it is trulybeatiful seeing the RP destroy itself in front of the world.
  14. McConnell has now said he plans to vote to acquit Trump.
  15. it's still debated to this day that Wes really was Jock. The NE got ahold of the casting for replacing Jim Davis and fans went crazy. the Ewing BBQ was supposed to be the episode were Wes proved he was Jock, but is was re-written due to backlash. and to add....that was the only SL that was kept from The Dream Season. every other SL was dropped when Bobby turned up in the shower.
  16. The Democrats are doing a lights out job here. FACTS. period.
  17. It is? LOL!!! I caught the end and just sat here with Lon Chaney when he turns into The Wolfman look on my face.
  18. so this is the "My Cousin Vinny" defense.
  19. even if FNM settles out of court, it can be enough to do serious damage to the network. if the company wins the lawsuit....FN is done.
  20. I do as well. they have been doing this for 30 years....but being sued into oblivion is the reason why now they take action. and from what i just read Dobb's show was very popular. FNM will try and settle out of court. IMPO.
  21. he's under contract with FNM, but it is now being reported that he will not be on air again.
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