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  1. This is easily the best news I've heard in ages! Hopefully, he'll never be a free man again.
  2. It's also a credit to the better soap writing and the versatility of theatre-trained actors of that time.
  3. I liked that their breakup was as ugly as their getting together was!
  4. I've never seen David Gale on TSS, but there is a channel of his work on other shows- mostly SFT - YouTube. It's hard to imagine him playing an earnest priest after seeing him play the evil Rusty Sentell!!
  5. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know all this.
  6. I know I rag on Alan sometimes (mainly due to his dubious interviewing), but kudos to him for bringing together such a large group of GL actors for such a worthy cause. Autism is an issue close to my heart. Thanks to all of them for doing this.
  7. Yes! That would have made a lot more sense.
  8. The issue I've had with SVU for several years is how CHEAP the sets look. For all the money this show has made NBC/Wolf, it should look better.
  9. Both. I thought PMV was fired, but even leaving of his own accord they didn't have to kill off Ryan.
  10. He probably was the youngest actor on the CBS payroll at that particular time.
  11. I know 1995 is not considered AW's better years, but this had to be the nadir (other than killing off Ryan).
  12. I didn't know that about the former hospital. I wouldn't be surprised if paranormal enthusiasts frequented there.
  13. Those are darling clippings, especially the photo of Diana Walker and the Dolan family.
  14. That wouldn't surprise me. I don't think she had necessarily kind things to say about the writing in later years.
  15. When TB left in 2005, SJB was in New York on ATWT. When Jennifer Bransford and LW came on, SJB had accepted a primetime role on Cold Case (which subsequently did not last very long).
  16. I guess you could ask the same thing about Beverlee McKinsey. It's a good question. I don't know.
  17. I'm glad they are back and OK.
  18. I still maintain that SJB's very best scenes as Carly occurred when she got into that huge argument with Tony in late 1997 when she told him that her baby was fathered by Jason and not him. She won the Emmy in 1998 for those scenes (at least they were on her reel).
  19. Especially so since Marj had already played the shrewish mother-in-law on SB. Granted, Pamela Capwell was a much broader character than Alex,but still...
  20. Yes. Personally, I think TB was the best Carly period.
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