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  1. Regarding the Frannie/Sabrina casting: I remember Don Hastings discussing how time consuming it was to halt taping in order to re-dress/hairstyle Julianne Moore as the other character. That was probably a major factor in the decision to cast two separate actresses in 1991.
  2. I know I'm the minority here, but I did not appreciate Jon Hensley's acting abilities. He seemed to struggle with lines and his range ran from A to B. He was a gorgeous man (especially in the 80s) and lucked out by landing in a super-couple that lasted for decades, but if there was any lack of chemistry with the various Lilys, it was due to him.
  3. I believe Rattray was there for a full three years, from very end of 1989 to the very end of 1992.
  4. Heather Rattray definitely made Lily her own. She helped move Lily to adulthood and made us feel Lily's anguish during the miscarriage/ Holden's amnesia/ the Aaron deception storylines.
  5. Regarding the "hair and makeup" times/lengths: I don't think the actors were in the chairs the entire time. Some may have taken 10 or 15 minutes, others perhaps longer. But I'm sure there was some buffer time between the hair/makeup time and the on-set call.
  6. I believe Susan's contention that Marland received royalties for characters he created. He was a major, Emmy-winning soap writer when he joined ATWT and I expect his contract called for several perks that most head writers did not receive at that time (or since). He had already created two soaps ("Loving" and "A New Day in Eden") and was at the Bill Bell/Agnes Nixon level. I'm sure that part of the reason he agreed to take on the 30-year old ATWT was that he would retain rights to characters he created.
  7. While I appreciate Alan coordinating all of these soap actor reunions, he can be a very frustrating interviewer. He interrupts a great deal - and at inopportune times. Suzenne was going to expand on several topics but at her slightest pause, he jumps in and cuts her off. I'm sure we could have learned a lot more about Louden and Morrison and the post-Marland era if he would just let her speak. She was game to talk about everything. And it sounds like she had a friendship with Marland -- we could have learned about that as well. Again - I'm glad these interviews are taking place - but there are so many missed opportunities.
  8. It's very frustrating to watch these interviews with the ATWT producers and learn so little about the origin/inspiration/details behind the storyline decisions. He has Vivian on and never once asks what it was like to work on the show during its 80/90s Renaissance and the shock of Marland's sudden death or the P&G EP musical chairs period. I mean, this woman is a walking encyclopedia of soap opera history - and yet Alan ignores it.
  9. John and Lucinda eloped off-camera. The first time the audience learned of it was when Emma first learned of it - at John's penthouse when Lucinda came bounding down the spiral staircase announcing to Emma that she was "the honorable Mrs. John Dixon."
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