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  1. I do think it's tacky to the recast to have Eileen play Kristen if Haiduk is still taping on network at the same time. However, if she's out then by all means. Haiduk's very talented but there will never be a real replacement for Eileen.
  2. Stacey Haiduk did her best with thankless material and an impossible recast, but thank God. I would hope it's permanent though, because using Eileen on the streaming series if Haiduk is still taping as Kristen would be beyond poor taste.
  3. Vee

    Doctor Who

    I'd forgotten that Jenna Coleman is playing a gender-swapped Constantine in the new Sandman series, and I hadn't seen it posted:
  4. Oh, that's hilarious. I remember the endless lampooning of Brooke online at the time (which was extremely merited, IMO) but not that. I also remember the entire town seemingly rushing to perjure and incriminate themselves during the Jim saga in comic fashion which was ridiculous to me.
  5. Exactly. Every story she had was bad by the time I came around. I didn't buy her with Pierce or various other hunks, but I also barely remember Pierce at all. I was not there for her heyday with Adam, etc. And it took her return in the late 2000s for me to fully get the scope of her skills. She was great when she returned, and she was great as a tentpole of the show in 2013 with that family and with Michael Nader.
  6. I just remember being annoyed by Lauren Roman, period. I thought Brooke's storylines were embarrassing and forced for most of the '90s, but granted I started in the early '90s. I just often felt she was past it and they were trying too hard, but it was the stories that sucked above all. I didn't fully appreciate Brooke until she was gone, and when they did bring her back and put her with Adam it was clearly where she needed to be to fully click again, and she was great. (The same was true in 2013 with her mixing with the Chandlers and Dimitri)
  7. And people will keep excusing it because they like Gabi. It's not the first time she's done dumb shít.
  8. I just don't think there was ever much to Hayden beyond Budig bringing her typical soap persona to GH. She's Liz's illegitimate sister, big whoop. You can get Gina Tognoni to play Dr. Sarah and do something far more intriguing. People love Budig so they project all sorts of stuff onto the Hayden character when IMO there was never much there. I like Budig but I just don't feel there's much to hang the hat on. I agree with this, though I felt the story was very well done despite the flaws.
  9. I don't fault Cameron Mathison, who I have nothing against. The writing is what failed him in the later years at AMC, and IMO he's wrong for Drew but that's on GH.
  10. I still remember her terrible performance as a drunk with Leo. It was painful. But the early stuff with Bianca, I thought, was good. The rest was a mess, including her bitch phase.
  11. I don't remember people loathing Laura until the Leo mess. But that's me. I sincerely doubt that, lol. Cameron has never been anything but complimentary about the Gillian years. People let their hatred of his character bleed through too much.
  12. I don't remember that take. Luke may have said stuff like that years later, but I don't remember him saying so discussing the rape and I rewatched those scenes with him talking to her and Lucky about it recently. I thought he said he kept looking over his shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop because of what he did.
  13. I thought Laura Allen was great as Laura early on with Bianca. It was clear they'd cast an actress who read as queer-adjacent and were toying with those two together. Putting her with Leo as a weak spoiler for him and Greenlee ruined it.
  14. Vee

    Doctor Who

    From what I've heard they do intend to press on with the show and continue - it remains popular. Chris Chibnall was evidently actually a superfan, a charter member of the DW Appreciation Society in the 1980s. He is from the same stock as all the other modern showrunners. The difference is, most of his work is either mediocre to terrible. Anyone familiar with his franchise work should've known what was to come. I just wish Jodie Whittaker, a talented actor and our first female Doctor, hadn't gotten what was, I agree, the weakest creative era since the 1980s.
  15. Vee

    Doctor Who

    Her entire run has been such wasted talent.
  16. Yes, if anyone gives his work 110%, it's Chandler Massey.
  17. Better late than never, but I hold zero faith in Chuck Todd to stick to this:
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