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  1. "Probably" is a stretch even for pessimists given the current polling.
  2. I did too. I don't know much about Erica's time in NYC but it sounds wild that she lived out of PV for a year or more? I don't know the specifics. It was brought up again recently when we discussed how she might have been a better fit for The City than Morgan Fairchild (though I liked Morgan).
  3. I know I'm not the only one worried about Khan.

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    2. KMan101


      Yes, LOVE Khan. I hope he's ok!!

    3. Taoboi


      You're not.  I too have been wondering. Especially after the rally and the increase in numbers there.

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Khan does not like me, and I don't know why, but I have noticed his absence, and I hope he is okay! He's gone away from time to time before, so I'm sure he'll be back soon.

  4. I could swear the aforementioned interview with SBH (was it for We Love Soaps?) dealt extensively with her time at ATWT in detail, and her early years with P&G at large.
  5. I am not seeing anyone saying that because Kanye West said that. Again, the widespread public reaction to him right now is ridicule. His rhetoric is dangerous regardless, yes, but you're always going to find gullible idiots if you go looking. Random outliers do not a trend make, and Kanye is largely regarded as a clown.
  6. Kanye just gave one of the most demented and incoherent interviews to Forbes that I've read next to when Randy Quaid lost his mind. I'm not going to link to it, all I'm going to say is that if anyone thinks that interview and its content is going to move any serious numbers on the left we live in very different worlds. He's a laughingstock online and he needs to be put away.
  7. Wasn't it Horgan who actually reunited Bob and Kim? She teed up a lot of what I think Marland was able to use to fly. I remember her giving a very in-depth interview about her long and storied career some years ago, maybe just before or after OLTL 2.0. She's been all over daytime and worn many hats. To me she's always come off as a capable steward of talented visions; maybe not the most inspired on her own, but smart and very experienced. She took on the thankless role of following Linda Gottlieb (after years on staff as a writer) and having to keep the ship Gottlieb/Malone/Griffith had built steady in '94; it definitely wasn't perfect or as measured, but the show stayed on the same brand/style and full of popular couples and stories for most of the rest of the decade. Her 2.0 was not perfect, but solid and mature again. I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and experience.
  8. This Thandie Newton Vulture profile is the best soap of the year. https://www.vulture.com/article/thandie-newton-in-conversation.html

    1. DaytimeFan


      "And Oprah took to her bed and just ate mac and cheese."  - Thandie Newton. I love articles like this. Like the celebrity memoirs of the 1980s.

  9. I understand people's issues with the LM or the trajectory of the show overall. I can stipulate some of it. As to one point though, I personally think the Gwyneth reveal is consistent. I don't believe she had DID or didn't really know; it's clear on some level she consciously does while trying to delude herself. She can't keep herself and "Trisha" straight while talking to Steffi, and her first bonechilling line when she's found out and Steffi asks her if she's "Trisha" is "sometimes I am." That's not DID, where Viki on OLTL had no conscious agency or awareness of what Niki, etc. did. They were not intertwined in that same way. Gwyneth knows she is Gwyneth, and Trisha is just some sort of cognitive device. To me, moments like when Gwyn tells Clay outright "Curtis didn't kill Stacey," with a very dark look on her face, or the fascinating scene near the climax where she visits Neal in prison and begins to disassociate, saying she sent "Trisha" away but she's also decided to go away and 'get some help, make some sense of all this' are quite pointed. Or when she tells the real Trisha herself not to use the candles that killed Cabot and Isabelle (a huge tell to the audience - how does she know?). Or when she keeps insisting people read her psych evaluation of the killer, or demanding the killer kill her next. On some level she knows and wants people to know her pain. I think her lucidity and understanding comes and goes, but I don't think it was DID and I think she often knew. I wish we could hear Tudor's thoughts on it, but I don't feel it was a copout in the writing - I feel it was keenly pitched, but ambiguous without being lazy. YMMV.
  10. Josh and Reva are very clearly in the motherfucking break room. Cassie's house still looks like Casa del Leatherface. Also, Bamboo Hospital of the August Moon. I still remember how early on they kept using some of the remaining interior sets on the new handheld cameras, and how that DV quality/sound combined with the (awful) location work next to it made it extremely obvious that scenes like the one with poor Pelphrey and Jordan Clarke in the 'town square' are actually FÙCKING INSIDE.
  11. The sets sucked dick too. They were using her actual office as a church and other studio spots as sets. You could tell and it was embarrassing. They were using what looked like rundown homes. Cassie or Harley's house looked like the set of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre - there was scrap metal out front. I don't think the ATWT stuff looked any better. I remember Grayson McCouch kung fu fighting with a dude by a dumpster while they blared one track from the Inception score on repeat.
  12. I have no problem believing Dee threw her weight around, but Crystal ended up having issues at every single show she ever worked on.
  13. Nothing will ever change at DAYS without more money and less Ken Corday.
  14. I don't know, but that hospital was there to close to the end. I'm not talking about 05, though I'm sure it was just as bad. The role of Brooke Logan will be played today by Susan Haskell and Mayumi Hentai Doll 69.
  15. The hospital on GL literally looked the sushi restaurant on The Simpsons with paper screens for walls that Homer just walked through. Having everyone living in the same hotel room at the Beacon was embarrassing well before Peapack. I do remember when FV began pulling this at GH, Finola Hughes allegedly insisted on Anna finally getting her house set before re-signing.
  16. He checked out well before that, lol.
  17. To this day I'm pretty sure I have no idea who the [!@#$%^&*] Covina actually was on AMC. They used to mention her constantly and I was like, 'who??' When I began watching there were like six family homes with proper names - Wildwind, Linden House, etc. I could not keep them straight and still can't.
  18. I would still make Duplaix's Rachel and Dan Gauthier's Kevin a tentpole couple at OLTL. But that's enough OLTL bullshit from me.
  19. At the same time, it's absolutely inescapable that dozens of minority actors are dumped off to the corner with each other on soaps every year while chemistry with white leads and Black characters is avoided like the plague. So that can't be discounted especially when discussing the unique situation at OLTL in the 2000s. And plenty of people just liked Evangeline more with John and Todd/Victor, period. (Fun fact: Before TSJ came along, I'd wanted to pair Roger Howarth and Ellen Bethea's Rachel, but admittedly that would've been a betrayal of her character on some levels.)
  20. Is it just me, or does the way Martha Byrne keeps discussing the Goutman conflict in such vague but dark terms lately suggest something real relevant these days?
  21. You could make the same case for DOOL with the Hernandii vs. the Black characters as you can for Y&R, or all the other examples you mention. The Santos and their holding up Mateo as the exemplar for years - give me a break. At OLTL: David Fumero was a gorgeous, talented man and frankly I thought he and REG had the most chemistry out of all her prospective pairings (I think she did too, based on her own discreet commentary to press at the time), but he was consistently devalued, not just by the show but by the warring fanbases. And why? Not just because of racism, because the audience was diverse. I'm sure many folks just preferred her with Easton or St. John and that's fine, but the way Fumero was dismissed always got me - I felt it was a reflection of the same calculation we all saw. And I'm all for as many black/white romances as possible, lol! I'm sure others felt Fumero/REG was just the option that would've relegated her to the sidelines, though it never got that far. It's a messy topic. But I just think it's awful when we can all see the game being run by asking people to choose between different representation of different characters of color as an either/or, and then see people's prospects being railroaded or limited around it.
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