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  1. The Beltway clutches its pearls, but IMO it will win with the public again.
  2. Hello again. I honestly think - though I could be wrong - that Robin all but retired from the business a number of years ago. My understanding is she only did those drop-in guest stints in the later years of her GH run to keep her insurance. JFP, who loved Robin, was always happy to oblige. I do think she worked much better on the show as a guest to come in for short runs and cause trouble. That was right for her on GH. I never bought Skye as a Quartermaine, and even less so when they kept her as part of the family fold when she'd been forced in overnight and then was revealed to b
  3. It's a lovely thing to do, but as with Carly Schroeder's guest appearance I'm always left asking 'why not just hire these people on contract?' I'm sure Reilly's daughter isn't at all interested in a soap contract (until TikTok dries up anyway), but you know what I mean. These characters (Anna Donely, Serena) are money on the table being left unused in favor of inferior choices.
  4. A decent piece in some ways, though I'm not really sympathetic to the author's "surprise" or the toxic voices he turns to searching for answers.
  5. Having trended this AM for his arrogance, Nate continues to have a real one:
  6. I have no doubt Ellen Wheeler cared. She just simply wasn't qualified or competent in that position.
  7. John Bolger, even in later years, was an unconventionally sexy dude with an amazing voice who JFP tried to poorly force into another leading role on OLTL, when the character was introduced as an unappealing villain and he just could not match up to the rest of the leading men on canvas while playing a swinging dick. Trying to push him in a "hot" love triangle with Florencia Lozano and god among men Tim Stickney - please. If he'd come on as a Bob Krimmer/Reverend Andrew soulful type in a supporting role he could've done well. I even liked him in those silly pharmaceutical ads, but wow did I hat
  8. That kind of religious fervor, family conditioning and denial can lead to all sorts of bad behavior. I'm not condoning it and I'd like to hear from the ex, but I've had partners or friends who lived pretty difficult, complicated lives before coming to terms with shít. I'm glad the guy seems happier.
  9. While this Politico piece typically runs with the GOP quote as a headline, it's actually fairly instructive about the nightmare the Republicans currently face:
  10. Meanwhile! Nate Silver embarrasses himself tripling down on his poor attempts to be Pandemic Whisperer. The last line kills me.
  11. tbh I think the claims that Peter Bergman was against Cliff/Angie are apocryphal. I went looking for evidence of it a few months ago, and instead found a quote on this very site of him talking the story up, in print, in 1999, calling its rejection "pretty devastating." That said he also blamed it on the audience 'only being able to see Cliff with Nina and Angie with Jesse,' which I think is a generous at best reading of something I feel was equally fueled by racism. I can believe Bergman was secretly against the Cliff/Angie story for popularity reasons, but without evidence I think
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