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  1. I'm not disputing that Warren has a weakness on that question and needs to clear it up. But I think her ideas and plans have much more substance than Sanders'. Meanwhile, in kamikaze news: And now:
  2. That's fine. I'm not letting those idiots take the word from me.
  3. They are. But that ideological conflict doesn't change anything about the facts on the ground for me. I think Warren is the one, and I think she's going to win. I think Joe can, but I also think he is weaker by the day and he wouldn't have been my choice for the nominee either way. It was always going to be Warren or Harris for me.
  4. There's progressives - who have always been a part of the party - and then there's the Bernie wing, which is very different. I consider myself a progressive.
  5. I don't agree. I think Warren can and will win. And one way or another I think Trump will lose. Nihilism is one thing, but the polling runs against it.
  6. Oh man. RIP. Morning Joe is actually doing a decent job with this, as Rep. Cummings (from my home state) officiated Scarborough and Mika's wedding.
  7. I don't get it either. People were acting like that endorsement was some shocker the other day. No, it's like saying "water is wet." It doesn't move the needle. Nancy is now trending and good for her. (As is "Meltdown")
  8. Millee Taggert was not at GL during Labine's run, firstly. And it was Conboy and Weston that made Sandy into "Jonathan", Taggert was gone. The real Jonathan, played by Pelphrey, was introduced by Kreizman and Wheeler, after Conboy and Weston. So neither Taggert nor Labine were in any way involved with Jonathan. There is at least one year of distance between Taggert and that story, and at least 2-3 between that story and Labine.
  9. If they knew that they would've recast him instead of letting him run for years. He was a teen lead! Stitt was cute, white and under 21, in Frank Valentini's world that's a ticket to the Starr and Cole Express! It didn't matter that he was the single worst actor I have ever seen on GH in over 25 years - they were going to push him at all costs. Awful.
  10. At least we're past the assertion that Claire Labine created the adult Jonathan. Claire Labine was gone years before Ellen Wheeler arrived, and years before Jonathan was reintroduced and Tom Pelphrey was cast. She had nothing to do with any of it.
  11. And now, Lindsey enters the begging phase:
  12. She knows exactly how to hurt him.
  13. Donna, you're going to get banned and it's your own fault for not listening to people who have tried to be either civil or blunt.
  14. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    Heather Graham has a new role that I always found disturbing in The Stand:
  15. Donna, these are just browser search strings. If you want to post a YouTube link go to YouTube, search for the episode and if you find it post the YouTube URL.
  16. Then take the hint. You are new here. You don't know what is better for this place than people who have been here years, or the mods. Further, virtually every post you make, including this thread, is a random grab bag of copypastes, poorly formatted quotes, wholesale magazine lifts, messy links without proper coding, and/or old news we have all dissected before. There is no rhyme or reason or organization to any of it. If you want to see people talk about Angelica McDaniel, go read our weeks-long discussion about her exit several months ago. Please respect the way the board works and learn how to post.
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