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  1. It's so pleasing seeing him like this.
  2. This is the weirdest Macy's Thanksgiving Parade I have ever seen. Empty streets but for the parade floats, dancers and camera crews/workers. I was there last year with my father who likes to sit on the corner uptown and watch. Now, this. Empty in the rain as performers dance and wave at nothing. The Verizon livefeed on YT is odd. At least Al Roker was out there on NBC still doing his part.
  3. This Macy's parade feed is ominous, lol. No one on the streets and Ronald McDonald in a face shield and waving at nothing.



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    2. DRW50


      Did they really talk over Patti Labelle and then cut away from her?

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I am hearing from my social media TL that people were actually appreciative of the fact that, instead of having people fly from across the country, they get to see local performers that they wouldn't normally see. Until today, some people had no idea what a Mermaid Parade existed or what it's about, lol.

    4. DRW50


      I saw someone saying Bebe Roxha looked like Manos of Manos Hands of Fate.

  4. Congrats on the most deranged, unprovoked rant I have heard since the Beth Ehlers troll. You have a fantastic holiday.
  5. LOL! You are too much, dude. I sincerely hope Alan Locher has sent you a fruit basket or complimentary item of your choice. People have been critiquing this guy in far more harsh terms than me for months before I said a word. I don't think he's the Antichrist but it's clear his knowledge of these shows beyond his professional purview and span of experience is limited, and he's functioning like he's still trying to rep for Goutman or P&G. It's not his place and it's unfortunate, that's all I'm saying. Go find another zoom host to avenge, please.
  6. Cannot believe I may actually have to do a Peacock trial and watch this because the reviews are, implausibly, that good. Anyway, here's Lisa. She did great!
  7. Ah yes, that old chestnut. Thanks for stopping by.
  8. I'm not talking about the actors, who clearly want to speak on it. I'm talking about Alan Locher trying to shut them down from doing so just because he used(?) to work for Procter & Gamble when they were still in the soap business, which they are no longer. Let these professionals make their own choices.
  9. Finally watched the West Wing live performance from HBO Max (which you can watch free on their site all year). They wisely openly acknowledge during the act breaks that the show is now an idealistic fantasy compared to today, but it has a lot to offer. Richard Schiff's performance when he urges Sheen to make it an election between "qualified and not" was clearly emotional for him and resonant with today. I'm glad to hear he is apparently out of hospital.

    1. DRW50


      Never really watched the show, or cared for Sorkin, but the seething, obsessive hatred many fauxgressives have it makes me happy it went well.

  10. It's on HBO Max. There was a YT link but it got pulled. This, from Red Table Talk, is a follow-up thing which has more of the Hubert segment from the show. If you have HBO you may already have Max which is an (unnecessarily) separate service and app containing all the main HBO content plus new originals - I found out I had it. If not, you can do a trial. Anyway: Back to y'all's topic, sorry. I thought Ribeiro dipped due to not wanting to see her, but I believe Hubert has said he was busy and her coming in was filmed at a separate point. Not sure I buy that.
  11. Like I keep saying: He's not unstoppable. He's a man and he can be (and has been) broken.
  12. I don't believe he'll run again in '24. He has neither the stamina nor the attention span. I do have hope that the desperation for him will fracture the party base in the ensuing time. I don't believe they can create their own version of him. He was a freak moonshot. Worth watching it all: LMAO:
  13. Lonette McKee - I just saw her in Coppola's Cotton Club Encore. Amazing. She has a number which might as well be the centerpiece of the film.
  14. Again, it seems like they're much more optimistic atm than they were, say, a month ago during the airing on CBS. So that makes me wonder. I am really infuriated that Netflix wouldn't bend on giving it to CBS All Access. And I do need to watch the animated episode. I think their future at Pop would've been secure if not for what appears to have been a total change in upper management - the previous head seemed committed to its long-term future. Then they shifted creatives, and dumped all their scripted programming.
  15. Meanwhile, in Gettysburg, it's come to this:
  16. People should def watch the Fresh Prince reunion segment with Janet Hubert. I was more impressed with Will Smith than I have been since Six Degrees of Separation. That and the subsequent Red Table discussion (which had more of their convo) was very good on his part, and it made me very happy to see Hubert welcomed enthusiastically by the entire cast minus Alfonso Ribeiro.
  17. Yeah, thanks, some of us work in industries like these (I have nothing to do with daytime television and never have, but I work in entertainment and know better than to shít where I eat). That's not the point. Work with who? Where? P&G soaps are gone. Does Locher even work for the parent company anymore? He has nothing to defend and no call to censor the actors.
  18. Not sure we ever posted this, but this is from the end of September, and there's some discussion of S5 ideas - It is not lost on me that by all recent reporting, CBS All Access was potentially prepared to pick up the show for Season 5 but ran into a wall on Netflix's continued ban on it going to any other streaming outlet, which still has a year left on that ban - a year they apparently won't waive.
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