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    Fuller House

    I saw Max on some interview on TV not long ago and hoo lord - they cancelled this show just in time bc no one was gonna buy teen Max with a girl, idc how talented Mckenna Grace is. (I did love how the writers shamelessly leaned into it though despite his having a kiddie beard gf, probably mandated by producers) Even gayer though is the impossibly hot Jimmy. Between Jimmy, Fernando, pre-gay Max and a lot of the dialogue it's a much gayer and smarter show than the original. I'm doing Season 4 now. I'm glad they stuck by John Brotherton and kept him on the show. I'm sorry it's ending so soon, and I'm ashamed to admit, sorry Lori Loughlin couldn't be there by the final season. I do wonder if Jeff Franklin's ouster kiboshed the plans to bring Vicky back for Danny, as she returned in the Season 3 finale before he was dumped and AFAIK hasn't appeared since. Ironic, since Franklin always claimed the original show made fatal mistakes dumping her and Steve when he left the first time. It seemed bringing both back was his choice. I hope she does return before the end.
  2. Not Roxette! RIP. I loved her and them when I was little. I'll always appreciate Grand Theft Auto for bringing this back and immortalizing them to new kids.
  3. He was never going to be removed. But being impeached at all is killing him inside - he's gone on and on both in the past pre-2016 and recently about how only losers get impeached, how it's a stain that never goes away. He is allegedly obsessed with the investigation and enraged privately. And it's bad for him politically. We may not be able to remove him, but we can keep hurting him.
  4. Ghostbusters! 



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    2. Khan


      Oh, goody.  It's set in Oklahoma.  Can't wait to see which broad stereotypes (based on "Oklahoma!" and "The Grapes of Wrath") about my state and its' people await us THIS time around.

    3. dragonflies


      The grandfather who died, EGON???

    4. Vee


      I found it a bit too somber myself. But I know it won't be; it's just amping up the mystery and hiding the original cast (who are all back including Annie Potts and Sigourney, minus Ramis and Rick Moranis).

      I do like that Y&R's Mckenna Grace, who is everywhere now and very talented, is apparently the lead and styled to look like Egon.

  5. An absolute legend for so many roles of stage and screen, but I know him best as Constable Odo from the still-incredible Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Very sad.
  6. I already dug the new She-Ra, but adding Geena Davis clinched it.

  7. This whole Ben/Will thing is typical Ron tbh; objectify the hot guys and make it as gay as possible without pulling the trigger and enjoy your maximum titillation. It's weak in this day and age, daytime or no daytime. I get that Corday or Sony or whatever might not let them but who is left watching? This is 2019. Just do it or don't waste my time with the tee-hee onscreen towel dance.
  8. I've always wanted to know more about the 1980 massacre.
  9. I'm tuning most of the primary out atm. It's not worth the agitation and I'm not interested in re-litigating 2016. What troubles me are kids coming of age now who think primaries like that are the norm. Do I think it's been that bad this time - no, not yet. I think online magnifies everything and tries to make everything seem much more intense, important or great/awful than it is. The reality is always more banal. I knew Harris was done awhile ago, which I think was a shame bc she was initially my first choice before Warren recouped. I think she lost the momentum. I also think there were a lot of white kids eager to call her "a cop" and look woke online. I can't speak to the black reaction to her. I do think both Biden and Warren can win. Warren's problem right now is being caught between not wanting to alienate middle of the round voters simply not ready for M4A - something she knows and understands - and the far left who demand she put it first or be called everything but a child of God. I think she can overcome that quandary, or maybe she won't. She is still my choice. I also think it's entirely possible Joe is the nominee, and I have been trying to gently remind some very online friends of that reality. When people spend all their time on twitter they live in this alternate world, where Biden can't possibly win the nom bc look at all these dunk tweets, or where every dumb primary issue of every candidate is surefire crippling to them. Then they're shocked when Biden or Buttgieg make up points, or when Warren continues to lead Bernie or whatever. We have to break that fever. I do still think we have a very good shot at winning. We just have to end this primary, and the fact is a lot of the online left are more in love with primary wars than with winning no matter what. Time to learn. Meanwhile:
  10. Henry Thomas has been a sturdy, dependable character actor as an adult for years with no IRL drama* and too little notice, but it's his work in Mike Flanagan's stuff like The Haunting of Hill House and his surprise role which shall go unnamed in Doctor Sleep (a role no one would want to fill the shoes of, but he did very well) that prove how impressive he really is. I'm glad he's been getting more props lately. (* - he did have a surprising DUI recently; I hope he's well as he's always seemed low-key and without Hollywood baggage)
  11. The blowup between Darlene and Jackie over Roseanne was one of the most brutal moments in both series. And some of both actors' best work.
  12. I figure she'll leave a good team in place. She's still doing the next season, I believe.
  13. Vee

    Doctor Who

    I'm also pretty apathetic about the Chibnall era. But I love the show and like the cast, so I'll give it a chance to improve. The BBC is aware of its meh critical response but it's still doing gangbusters numbers; I am hoping that means he may go eventually.
  14. Harriott always tries too hard.
  15. The original show always had a large recurring guest cast.
  16. Glad to hear. I wonder if we'll see Lonnie again sometime - I wouldn't be surprised.
  17. I can't stand Steve Burton, but his podcast with Bradford Anderson has a lot of GH vets on and treats them with such reverence. Was nice to hear Leslie Charleson tell stories about her early soap days, replacing Patsy Rahn, auditioning the Alans, John Beradino, etc.

    1. ~bl~


      glad to hear the Leslie Charleson one was respectful. I was a bit concerned so now I know it is a safe listen.

    2. You're Soaking in it

      You're Soaking in it

      Very few people can stand Steve Burton.

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