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  1. As a Jew with many issues with Israel and no loyalty to them or love for their policy against Palestine, I have no problem critiquing both them and Omar's past remarks, which I believe often straddled the line of ancient antisemitic dogwhistles pre-dating her lifetime. I don't believe Omar is an antisemite, but I believe she's occasionally used antisemitic language that dates back to at least the turn of the century. I'm not okay with that. That being said, I feel she is a gifted activist with a strong voice who has the potential to become a very effective politician - or to flame out completely. Either way, I feel the attacks against her by the right wing are vile and dangerous and that she should be protected. I can feel many things at once. And yes, I have had dumb kids who think they're lefter than me try to tell me I "cosigned" Omar's death threats by taking exception to her past behavior, well before those attacks began. I'd never do that and I find the current attacks on her repulsive.
  2. It sounds like that case was a shitshow - the phone data deleted, the prosecutor and family unable to keep their stories straight. It's a shame because Spacey is clearly guilty of all that and more.
  3. Lynn Herring (Lucy, GH/PC) just told Soapcentral that DOOL called her about a (new) role the day ABC cancelled PC in 2003. She was upset about the cancellation and chose to retire to her ranch with Wayne Northrop. My suspicion: They wanted her for Bonnie Lockhart.
  4. It's a marketing crutch I think very lazy sites often lean into more than most of the studios (except Sony with Ghostbusters 2016 - oof). Like Vulture trying to rebrand the Lion King live-action film as "Beyonce Presents: The Lion King" simply bc the kids writing there worship Beyonce. Then the movie comes out and flops (critically, at least). Linda Hamilton looks amazing and I am happy she is being recognized as the heart of this franchise. Mackenzie Davis is also an excellent actress. I hope the movie turns out better than the leaks make it sound. The trailer was also not great.
  5. The test screening leaks make this sound terrible, but I'll go to any Terminator featuring Linda Hamilton.
  6. Yeah, Lea Salonga was already well-known or becoming well-known on Broadway during her ATWT run. I was impressed they'd gotten her, and wished they'd hung on to her. Since John appears obsessed with the Caseys this week it bears mentioning that Billy Magnussen is becoming a major star. Joseph Cross is a very in-demand character actor and now apparently director. But Peter Vack I only know from the video game Bully, in which he was the memorable voice and character model of the lead, well, bully. (NYC soap vets regularly do voice work for Rockstar Games BTW, including Robert Bogue and the late? Doris Belack - a young Connor Paolo went from OLTL to Bully as well.) I had no idea Vack was ever on the soaps and have never seen him since.
  7. There's not going to be secession.
  8. Amazingly enough, Trump's latest vile statements about the Dem freshmen have gotten real traction and caused many major outlets to call him racist. I have no idea why this is suddenly the clincher. He did the House a real favor.
  9. I vaguely recall his presence, but Joseph Cross did basically nothing on ATWT AFAIK. He was one of the last of the kid Caseys, rarely seen and even more rarely heard. I know him as a brilliant (and cute) adult character actor. He's in a ton of stuff, including Milk and David Fincher's Mindhunter.
  10. Vee

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    This was already posted.
  11. As I said, he just did them a favor:
  12. I thought you didn't even watch the show, Khan!
  13. John, you just make stuff up off the top of your head when you get excited. He was filming regularly at that time. It was a creative change.
  14. Vee

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    It's funny you should mention that bc I rewatched that the other day and thought about just this topic. I think Meryl's work in the (flawed, but decent) Manchurian Candidate remake - especially the scene above - was one of her last sharp performances before she descended into playing campy, somewhat anesthetized images of herself for almost a decade. Playing "Meryl Streep being Meryl Streep" by way of dreamy, snarky Miranda from Devil Wears Prada because an industry unto itself. In MC she is on point and on fire - I think the inspiration there was George W. Bush cohort Karen Hughes, among others. I don't think she came back from that til The Post, where she was unafraid to be 1) vulnerable again and 2) weak or frustrating for a portion of the film, as opposed to the cliche Meryl Streep post-2000s image of the dragon lady/dry wit madam. She did a great job in that film, and too few saw it. I hear she's good on BLL but I have yet to watch the show.
  15. After some decent strides for several months from her, AOC's crew is fùcking up again. If she's smart (and she isn't always) she'll disassociate herself from this and from her CoS who just reignited the Sharice Davids thing.
  16. The increasingly ubiquitous Mckenna Grace (ex-Faith, Y&R) looks to be channeling Harold Ramis' Egon on the set of the new Ghostbusters with Jason and Ivan Reitman, Carrie Coon and Finn Wolfhard.
  17. Vee

    HBO: Big Little Lies

    This doesn't surprise me. I never believed HBO was ready to allow a director as unconventional as Andrea Arnold (who's brilliant - see Red Road, with Kate Dickie, among other things) tackle this. Vallée is also brilliant, but he and Arnold are different.
  18. Originally Billy Clyde was supposed to be Celia's father, or so he claimed. They filmed the scenes but cut them pending a rewrite.
  19. Will should never have been tamed after the E.J. thing. But doing it with DID or a medical condition is not the answer.
  20. On AMC 2.0 David and Angie got even closer, and Jesse (who became semi-estranged from Angie due to a cover-up while trying to save Cassandra; it was another lie on top of a long list of lies from Jesse at the end of the ABC run) grew deeply insecure about their connection. It was gonna happen, dammit! And IMO it had to come in part from Agnes. She was allegedly heavily involved in the final months on the network, which is when I think Angie gave David an impassioned speech about his being a good man. She was then also involved at Hulu, where I think there was initially a complete writing team turnover. Except for her.
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