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  1. James Harmon Brown was listed as the SW for the Sept. 19th episode of Y&R.
  2. Didn't Nate inherit Neil's penthouse? Now Phyllis and/or Adam has it. I knew they wouldn't end up giving Nate that set...or any set for that matter.
  3. She may have taken it down but you can see it here: https://twitter.com/dylangreen44/status/1131238455684599809
  4. Based on a script that Eva LaRue posted it looks like Annie Compton is out at Y&R and Amanda Beall has been bumped up to co-HW/storyliner
  5. I have a (bad) feeling we are going to see fantasy sequences playing out the novel Traci is writing about Cane trying to win back Lily. So we will see Lily/CK in those. OR in Traci's imagination she will be the Lily character, and thus no need for CK. It's obvious people expressed a desire for more Traci in that CBS survey, but this sounds awful.
  6. It made me sad to see him described as just "An elderly Chappaqua man"
  7. While I'm no fan of hers, as I browsed through the ratings/demos from '93 to '96 I had to think "They shouldn't have fired McTavish".
  8. I have a feeling (and believe I read at one point) that McTavish was sort of living vicariously through Felicity LaFortune's Laurel, with Jack and Trevor fighting over her, etc. There was a strong physical resemblance...
  9. Anyone else notice something off with Michael/CLB's voice the last couple of episodes? It's almost like his lines have been dubbed over.
  10. Mal Young, SSM, John Fisher (producer), Kay Alden, possibly Tracey Thomson with the blocked face, Matthew Olsen (producer), Brent Boyd, Tony Morina (producer), Jimmy Freeman (producer), ?, Angelica McD, Steve Kent
  11. So Steve Kent thanked JFP for her contributions and wished her all the best in a statement....but I haven't seen anything from him about how "We're thrilled to have someone as accomplished as Mal Young ..blah blah blah". Has Sony actually uttered his name yet? And - if not - why not? Makes me wonder if he will be Head Writer as well and they are waiting until they can fire Pratt to do one big "Mal Young Named Executive Producer and Head Writer of 'The Young and the Restless'" press release. Or, does he have limited time to prove himself and, if he doesn't do so, he is out... so they are not making a big deal about his appointment?
  12. With his resume it's hard to imagine that he took a job as a staff producer with no promise of something bigger down the road. On the other hand, it's even harder to believe anyone overseeing soaps today is thinking even remotely outside the box. Maybe he is a "Consulting Producer" there to give his thoughts on story/character...in which case JFP will likely do as little with his input as she did with Harding Lemay's at AW and OLTL...
  13. Rebecca Taylor was listed as scriptwriter for today's Y&R (U.S.)
  14. Klein was also the writers' assistant at OLTL when Griffith was at OLTL (the first time).
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