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  1. He mentions they had his resume on hand and put it back in their desk afterwards, so my guess is the "she" was casting director Judy Blye Wilson and the "he" was assistant casting director Bob Lambert. Not "execs" per se, but that's probably how they seemed to him at the time.
  2. I've wondered that as well. She had no obvious connection to any of the key players. I believe she and Francesca James were friends so maybe Francesca suggested her (and was thanked with a role). Although apparently McPherson was initially supposed to write the OLTL reboot.
  3. It's a shame Ginger Smith was never promoted to EP (on ABC). She was AMC's Frank Valentini (in terms of working their way up the production ranks). Listening to Lorraine Broderick talk about how the writers' room used to work at AMC, where there was not really any hierarchy and everyone was free to pitch ideas and they would stop to watch that day's episode so they could see what was/wasn't working and maybe see something percolating between actors they hadn't expected...if only the network had just left a writing team of Broderick and people like Hal Corley and Fred Johnson alone
  4. I thought she said Marj Dusay but I wasn't sure lol. Aside from a few errors, I was amazed how detailed her memory was of the story. She said she kept watching AMC after she left in '97. I can't imagine having to watch the dreck McTavish churned out in 1998 and know you were let go in favour of that. This was probably our one chance to get specific details on the original ending on ABC, but I realize that wasn't the purpose...
  5. He didn't feel the story was a realistic or rewarding way to bring Jesse back (I assume referring to the Rob Gardner/Papel/diamond in a stuffed elephant nonsense) and that, while the viewers seemed to like having Angie and Jesse back, given how significant Jesse's death was for the show, "we really shouldn't have gone there" and resurrected him.
  6. During the Guiding Light writers reunion, James Harmon Brown expressed some regret at having brought Jesse back from the dead on AMC, which surprised me as the Hubbard stuff was probably the one bright spot of E&B's tenure.
  7. Regarding Lorraine Broderick in 2010: When AMC was wrapping up, SOD did an interview with Broderick. In the next issue, in the "Things We Know But Shouldn't Tell You" section, it said that Broderick had in fact wanted the HW position in 2010 but that the network (i.e. Frons) didn't want her. Given that SOD had just spoken with Broderick, I think it's safe to assume that the source of that tidbit was Broderick herself.
  8. They won't rehire Dansby when they have Lynn Martin (unless they fire her). Can only have one black writer.
  9. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling that TC did in fact write the script, perhaps on a trial basis and then they didn't pick him up after his trial script(s). Thus him saying that Y&R didn't "hire" him, but I haven't seen him flat out say he didn't write it. It just seems like he tried to get a job there, they said "No thanks", and now he's trying to save face, going on about how how happy he is with his current gig. Or not.
  10. Gundaker also worked on the AMC/OLTL reboots (as did most of the ATWT production team). Putting aside Chris Goutman, ATWT had a great team of producers (Gundaker, Carole Shure, Sonia Blangiardo, etc).
  11. Noel Maxam's name is gone from Y&R credits, and former ATWT producer Vivian Gundaker is now a producer.
  12. AMC: Although his impact was not on-screen yet, I had a feeling of doom when, in his first interview, Brian Frons essentially said that the only characters that really interested him were Simone, Aidan, Maggie (at the time, all three had been on the show less than a year and were poorly-developed and pointless) and Greenlee, and that he hated everything else about the show. For me, the "What Women Want" episode that launched Fusion signaled the breaking of the show. When McTavish returned, she put some of the pieces back together for a while, but then smashed it to smithereens with the callou
  13. James Harmon Brown was listed as the SW for the Sept. 19th episode of Y&R.
  14. Didn't Nate inherit Neil's penthouse? Now Phyllis and/or Adam has it. I knew they wouldn't end up giving Nate that set...or any set for that matter.
  15. She may have taken it down but you can see it here: https://twitter.com/dylangreen44/status/1131238455684599809
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