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  1. I remember years ago the late Bettina Bradbury shared some stories on FB about how vicious McTavish could be with the writers, including exploding at a scriptwriter when said writer's baby started crying during a teleconference, and screaming about her decision to adopt a baby. Once the meeting was over, all the other writers stayed on the call to make sure the writer was okay. She also fired Bradbury -- a veteran AMC scriptwriter -- because she complained that one of the breakdown writer's (Chip Hayes) breakdowns were lacking in detail/half-assed. McTavish accused her of thinking she was better than everyone else, proceeded to only assign her Chip Hayes breakdowns, and then fired her at the end of her next cycle.
  2. Thanks for all that. "The show was being trashed and it was unbearable". Indeed.
  3. ^^ Where did you find that? AMC's last great writing team. Within months I think everyone in that picture was gone and McTavish was back for her god-awful second stint. And thus began AMC's long decline.
  4. I believe it was Jill Larson who said the original finale was Six Feet Under-ish and provided a glimpse into the characters' futures. I wonder if the montage at the beginning of the episode where you see the births of various characters, and then those characters having kids of their own etc, was actually at the end of the original finale, and after showing the past and the present it would have moved into the future.
  5. Esta was let go because either Angela Shapiro or Felicia Behr didn't like her. Not sure which -- the reporting at the time was just that an ABC Daytime exec didn't like her. And TPTB were hoping that killing Gillian would help convince Cameron, who was complaining a lot at the time about his lack of airtime and making noise about leaving, to re-sign. He only extended for six months.
  6. Yup. Assuming she sticks around...which sounds like she is, per VR.
  7. Victoria Rowell mentions her on Twitter, saying she's a friend a hers and KSJ, and the second black writer in the show's history (she's actually the third).
  8. Doesn't sound like Mark is really involved much beyond letting them attach his name to it. And I'm glad about that.
  9. I'm guessing this story is something Susan Dansby pitched -- and JG will screw it up.
  10. He mentions they had his resume on hand and put it back in their desk afterwards, so my guess is the "she" was casting director Judy Blye Wilson and the "he" was assistant casting director Bob Lambert. Not "execs" per se, but that's probably how they seemed to him at the time.
  11. I've wondered that as well. She had no obvious connection to any of the key players. I believe she and Francesca James were friends so maybe Francesca suggested her (and was thanked with a role). Although apparently McPherson was initially supposed to write the OLTL reboot.
  12. It's a shame Ginger Smith was never promoted to EP (on ABC). She was AMC's Frank Valentini (in terms of working their way up the production ranks). Listening to Lorraine Broderick talk about how the writers' room used to work at AMC, where there was not really any hierarchy and everyone was free to pitch ideas and they would stop to watch that day's episode so they could see what was/wasn't working and maybe see something percolating between actors they hadn't expected...if only the network had just left a writing team of Broderick and people like Hal Corley and Fred Johnson alone, with Smith as EP....
  13. I thought she said Marj Dusay but I wasn't sure lol. Aside from a few errors, I was amazed how detailed her memory was of the story. She said she kept watching AMC after she left in '97. I can't imagine having to watch the dreck McTavish churned out in 1998 and know you were let go in favour of that. This was probably our one chance to get specific details on the original ending on ABC, but I realize that wasn't the purpose...
  14. He didn't feel the story was a realistic or rewarding way to bring Jesse back (I assume referring to the Rob Gardner/Papel/diamond in a stuffed elephant nonsense) and that, while the viewers seemed to like having Angie and Jesse back, given how significant Jesse's death was for the show, "we really shouldn't have gone there" and resurrected him.
  15. During the Guiding Light writers reunion, James Harmon Brown expressed some regret at having brought Jesse back from the dead on AMC, which surprised me as the Hubbard stuff was probably the one bright spot of E&B's tenure.
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