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  1. SALLY COMES AROUND Adam and Sally talked on the phone every single day, sometimes for hours at a time. It was surprising how much they had in common. After a hard week at work, Sally told Adam that she needed to get away. Then he invited her to his cabin by the lake. He picked her up on a Friday afternoon, and they drove to the property in his black Mercedes. “Thanks for inviting me to your cabin,” said Sally. “I haven’t been outside of Genoa City in months.” “You’re welcome. I need to create some new memories in that place. The last time I stayed there was
  2. MUSTANG SALLY Genoa City had an independent supermarket called Milo’s. It was the community’s best kept secret-- so secret that no one ever talked about it. Sally bought her groceries there once a week. She loved their deli and bakery. Everything was always so fresh and wholesome. She picked up her meat, bread, and vegetables for the weekend, which she paid for on her debit card. Then she left through the automatic doors and walked to her car in the parking lot. She drove a red Mustang that was still practically new. It was a smooth ride and very fuel-efficient. She was
  3. LAY DOWN SALLY A few days later, Sally’s hands were all but healed. She ditched the white gloves and began to look forward to summer. The season, not her arch enemy at work. On Friday night, she decided to go sunbathing in Chancellor Park. So she put on a green halter top and black lace-up shorts. She also packed a blanket, water bottle, and sunscreen. She found a nice quiet spot in the park and laid her blanket down in the grass. Then she turned onto her stomach and put on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. She lay there for a few minutes until she heard a familiar voice. “
  4. SALLY CINNAMON Two weeks, later, Sally was sitting in her usual spot at Crimson Lights. The bandages had come off, but her hands were still a bit sore from the burns. She wore white gloves in public, which made her look like a Southern Belle. Lauren had a spare iPhone and iPad that she gave to Sally after she found out about the accident. She promised to ease up on Sally’s duties until her hands were fully healed. Sally was sipping a light roast Colombian coffee and working away on her new iPad at her table on the terrace. Genoa City was feeling really hot these days, b
  5. SO SALLY CAN WAIT Sally was practically living out of her car since Phyllis ejected her from the Grand Phoenix. Her new apartment was only minimally furnished and in a shabby part of town, so she spent as little time there as possible. She had moved to Genoa City for a fresh start, but Summer ruined all that by going to LA and digging up dirt on her. Sally wasn’t perfect, but who was? Certainly not Summer. She decided to stop by Crimson Lights on her way to work. It was her favorite coffee shop in Genoa City. Once she tried their light roast coffee and gluten-free pastr
  6. This character seems to haunt me on a daily basis. It's not just her brilliant red hair, but also her energetic personality. She came from nothing. Her family wasn't rich. Her parents worked at a carnival, and they abandoned her. She never had anything handed to her. She had to work hard for everything she ever got. When she moved from LA to Genoa City, she actually reminded me of myself. I also had to move to a new city after I finished college. I was basically alone with no family, no friends, no nothing. It is hard being on your own and starting from scratch. I think this is why
  7. I always thought that Melissa Ordway was too old to play Abby. Abby was technically born in November 2000. Even with SORAS, it makes no sense to have a 38 year old portraying her. That is an 18 year gap.
  8. Nothing is stronger than love No wind, no rain, no hail When it's sent from up above True love will never fail Though hate would threaten to split This bond that people seem to share This love will forever sit In those dark shadows that lie there Love can build a bridge in due time It can move a mountain by a mile Love can bring out kindness from crime It can turn a frown into a smile Strength is often measured by force And wars are fought because of it But love can be mighty of course As long as you refuse to quit
  9. Is Lily Winters a businesswoman or a call girl? It's hard to tell these days. When did her character become such a trollop? The man is supposed to do the wooing, not the woman. Lily is just insecure and frightened to death of Victoria. That's why she always goes out of her way to impress a man who doesn't deserve her in the first place.
  10. Jack and Sally on the Young & Restless. He is old enough to be her dad. Peter Bergman is 36 years older than Courtney Hope. I wish the writers would ship Sally back to LA. She doesn't belong on this show at all. She keeps sabotaging herself. Her scenes with anyone are painful to watch.
  11. I hate how Phyllis acts so relaxed and cavalier after she practically ruined another woman's life. She really is a psychopath.
  12. Oh-- was there an awards show yesterday? I was too busy watching Season 9 of The Office.
  13. I hate Phyllis so much. I can't believe that despicable character is still on Y&R. She ruins this show. She's a clinically diagnosed psychopath who broke up several marriages and tried to kill 2 people. That's a lot worse than anything Sally ever did.
  14. I just watched today's Canadian episode. I kind of feel bad for Sally. I honestly believe that she's trying to be a better person, but old habits die hard. It's tough living away from home. I just wonder what she's gonna do next. I was in a similar situation 10 years ago. Maybe Gloria and Sally will become friends. Sally needs a motherly figure in her life right now. She literally has no one. I'm glad that Jack and Sally are done now. He was old enough to be her father. It was kinda creepy. What the heck did they have in common besides being human?
  15. I still wonder how Lily can live with herself knowing that she killed a woman who was loved by her husband and pregnant with his child. Her carelessness resulted 2 deaths, yet she still walks around GC with her nose in the air like nothing happened.
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