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  1. I can imagine some real-life RNs watching the Nurse's Ball and laughing their heads off. I wonder how much that yogurt company paid the producers for their advertising.
  2. I can't believe that Kristen/Victor scene. Like holy smokes!! Does this mean what I think it means? I googled John Aniston and couldn't find out for sure. I'm just trying not to post any spoilers here. In other news, I saw Kyle Lowder in a Dr Pepper commercial. That hair!! LOL
  3. I don't get to watch this show very often. Is Franco still on it?
  4. I like Roger Howarth. I just hate the characters he portrays. He played a professor in Gilmore Girls too (also unlikable). I think the roles he chooses says something about his personality. He must have a dark side. On the other hand, when someone plays a "goody-good" a lot of fans hate them too. Some viewers are drawn to villains like Stefano Dimera and James Stenbeck. They're the type who cheer for Darth Vader when they watch Star Wars. They admire the villain's strength, intelligence and conviction. The actors I am surprised have lasted so long in daytime are Deidre Hall, John Aniston (on Days for 3x longer than his daughter was on Friends), Josh Taylor, Eric Braeden, and Melody Thomas Scott. When an actor is successful in daytime, there is a natural tendency to progress to prime time or the big screen. Those people I mentioned have either bucked this trend or were offered high enough salaries to keep them in daytime.
  5. I love this show. I watched the whole season in January. It's too bad it ended after just one season. It was like a breath of fresh air.
  6. I'm glad that Kyle Lowder is back. He was always my favorite actor on Days. He's like a fitter, more improved version of Ryan Gosling
  7. I haven't been here in ages. I always liked Kristoff St John. He was a beautiful, talented man with so much class and a huge heart. I still can't believe I'm writing about him now in the past tense. I literally grew up watching this man on screen. When I lived away from home, the only thing that got me through my days was my show, Y&R. RIP sir. You will be missed. 🌷
  8. Aerosmith-- "Dude Looks Like a lady"
  9. Aerosmith-- "Dude Looks Like a lady"
  10. The Departed with Matt Damon and Leo Dicaprio. 2 hunks for the price of one... Can't beat that!!!!!
  11. The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black & Cameron Diaz. I liked it. I don't care if the critics hated it. They can eat grass. LOL
  12. The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift
  13. Cassanova with Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller. I loved it!
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