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  1. Phyllis will do something illegal that involves a violation of Sally's rights under the 4th Amendment. As a hotel owner, she is so unprofessional. Her nickname should be Snoopy instead of Red. I wouldn't wanna be a guest in that place. The Grand Phoenix is worse than LA's Cecil Hotel-- a haunted building that was the scene of several murders and inspired a season of American Horror Story.
  2. I tried watching this show. I thought it was ok except for Ridge. I just don't care for his gruff voice. It's not suitable for daytime.
  3. This show is really starting to tick me off. They'll drop a bomb at the end of an episode. You expect them to deal with the fallout in the next episode and they don't. Sally tells Summer that Bill Spencer can ruin your life or whatever and we don't even get to hear Summer reacting to this the day after. Faith shows Sharon the Shadam picture and they don't even show Sharon trying to lie her way out of it in the next episode. They always drop these major shockers on us and then they abandon those scenes altogether. It's like lazy writing.
  4. I really would like to know what will happen to Chelsea and the actress who plays her but there are no spoilers for March. Someone said Melissa Claire Egan is leaving the show. If Chelsea recovers from the stroke, then they would need to recast the part.
  5. I just started a subreddit for Shemar Moore. He is perfection.
  6. I can't wait to see which actor gets cast as Ashland Locke. It would be interesting to see Kyle in a dog fight with a man as powerful as Victor.
  7. I think Donny's departure had more to do with his political leanings and social media posts than his acting ability. The way it was written into the show was so maudlin and dated. It's 2021, not 1996. Should've sent an email or a video clip.
  8. I predict that Faith will self harm or try to kill herself because of how Nick and Sharon are ganging up on her and not allowing her to see her friends. Then she will end up in a psych ward and maybe her character will be written off. Then she will reappear 5 years later, played by an older actress (SORAS).
  9. SON is a much better forum than soap central. There is an off-topic forum because our lives don't revolve around soaps 24/7 especially those of us who have jobs. The mods at soap central were always removing my threads for no reason. That's why I don't waste my time there anymore.
  10. Chance is just finding out now that Abby is what society used to call "damaged goods." It's probably not a nice thing to say, but it is what it is. That's what happens when you marry someone who was already married. Abby needs to stop being such a whiner and welcome the idea of a surrogate. If gay men can have children, then anyone can. I just realized that none of the women on this show over 18 are virgins. Only Faith is a virgin and she's still a kid.
  11. I think it would make more sense to organize the forums this way instead of lumping them all together in Discuss the Soaps. Just my 2 cents.
  12. I wish Nate would sue Devon for ruining his career. He is never gonna be able to perform a surgery again.
  13. I read at a soap news website that Christel Khalil turned down a contract 8 years ago because she refused to be paired with a black man romantically. I wasn't surprised. She doesn't date black men in real life either. That explains why Lily Winters has never had a black boyfriend.
  14. I have never liked Lily because she's so stuckup. She doesn't date black men on the show or in real life.
  15. Sharon Osbourne needs to be fired from The Talk. She is a terrible person. She was rude to Marie Osmond. She said some very nasty things about Susan Boyle, too. She also called Mother Teresa a c***. Who does that? What an evil, heartless woman that Sharon is!!!
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