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  1. Ratings for the week September 11-5, 2017
  2. Wonder Woman Movie

    I bought the Blu-ray yesterday and can't wait to watch it again. Also glad that Patt Jenkins is officially coming back. But they'll need to move the release date for the 2nd movie in December 2019 - it's one week before Star Wars. I say November 2019 - that should be enough space between the two movies.
  3. I also think Bloom is there to be the next HW in line if Shelly fails/ABC is unhappy.
  4. LATEST RATINGS: September 4-8, 2017

    Very surprised that the two hurricanes didn't have a negative impact. About 6-8 million people in Florida were without power and the ratings go up? I don't get it but glad to see the gains.
  5. Ratings for the week September 4-8, 2017
  6. That's awesome of Ryan to help us out like that. He really is a great guy. So just to make sure: August 14- D: Steven Williford; SW: Carolyn Culliton August 30- D: Grant A. Johnson; SW: David A. Levinson Correct?
  7. I thought ratings would fall big time due to Hurricane Henry and Houston being a top 5(?) market. We'll see how Irma impacts the numbers.
  8. Ratings for the week August 28 - September 1, 2017
  9. The Taylor Swift Thread

    The pre-chorus (Touch me, and you'll never be alone: love the meaning behind this lyric) and chorus (In the middle of the night, in my dreams / You should see the things we do, baby / In the middle of the night, in my dreams / I know I'm gonna be with you / So I take my time) are so good! But my favourite part is the second verse where Taylor raps: "But if I'm a thief then / He can join the heist / And we'll move to an island-and / He can be my jailer / Burton to this Taylor / Every lover known in comparison is a failure." Love the Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor reference because it fits with T-Swizzle's romantic history. Genius. Another part I really like is towards the last pre-chorus where it drops and goes silent for a split second before it kicks to an uptempo chorus "In the middle of the night......." I like this song a lot better than LWYMMD. That's two songs in a row now where she's trying new things. Girl is definitely not playing it safe. Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Leaps to No. 1 on Hot 100 With Top Streaming & Sales Week of 2017 Glad to see Despacito break One Sweet Day's record. That second verse is awesome.
  10. Ratings for the week August 21-25, 2017
  11. The Taylor Swift Thread

    That was really good! The chorus was sped up and the interpolation of "I'm Too Sexy" was replaced by Toxic's beats - that helped a lot because the chorus in "Look" is the biggest problem. Both videos were directed by Joseph Kahn so that was a nice tie-in. I only wish the video was in full size instead of the small phone screen.
  12. The Taylor Swift Thread

    New YouTube record with 43.2 million. Unbelievable. Very well deserved. It's her best one.
  13. The Taylor Swift Thread

    39 million views in 24 hours. Took down Adele's vevo record, took down Psy's Youtube Record, and there's a chance it took down Youtube's own Youtube record. The video possibly hit 40 million. We'll know the results when Youtube releases the stats. Insanity.
  14. The Taylor Swift Thread

    17 million as of this posting.....17 million in about 12 hours. Holy shit! It could hit 30+ million.
  15. The Taylor Swift Thread

    I'm in that boat. The song isn't even in my top 50. LOL I think this might be my favourite video of hers.