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  1. Gotta check for those dates I have some 2008 and 2009
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know I got some episodes of Y&R from 2005 and I was wondering if anyone wants Ted to see them
  3. Which videos are his on archive.org
  4. Does anyone have any Y&R episodes from 2009 I am looking for the following dates if anyone has them you can dm me 2-2-09 4-23-09 4-24-09 4-27-09 4-28-09 4-29-09 4-30-09 5-1-09 5-8-09 5-11-09 5-12-09 5-13-09
  5. I so agree with you tbh it's not fair I can also Find DOOL From half of 1984 full year of 1985 till now on YouTube Omg really
  6. I so agree with you but I guess Sony doesn't care bc they remove Y&R off YouTube bc of copyright I would most definitely pay if they put every episode of Y&R from 1973 to the end of 2009
  7. Does anyone have any episodes of Y&R from 2003, 2004, few from 2005, few from 2008, few from 2009
  8. What's the forum called I'd love to join it
  9. Does anyone have any Episodes of Y&R from 2000-2004 I want some from 2001 when Tricia shoots Ryan and is admitted to the psychiatric hospital, I also want episodes that has Kevin from 2003 him burning down Gina's and him in jail and in the hospital
  10. @Y&R21395 do you have any more Y&R Episodes from 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  11. Hello does anyone have any Y&R episodes from the Week of August 6th 2007, August 14th 2007, September 21st 2007, November 1st 2007
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