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  1. Part 1 was absolutely infuriating. Seriously [!@#$%^&*] Rinna and Dorit. Was Erika on something? She couldn’t handle when the attention wasn’t on her. It was obnoxious.
  2. Garcelle desperately needs a real friend on this show. We saw her with her real friends last season and it was great. Finale was boring and no one has a storyline. She’s a liar and a fake. She just wanted Monique off the show.
  3. Lol no one is bullying you. You’re the weirdo who can’t help but bring up another message board constantly. Maybe you should go outside one day.
  4. It really is great for them. I bet they're loving it. I still can't get over Bill Hayes being 96 and still doing this well.
  5. Go back to Datalounge. You literally don’t have to post here.
  6. Sami actually has plenty of detractors in town and is allowed to be called on her sh.it. Ben literally murdered 4 people on screen, and if you dare mention it, you’re screamed at by Ciara or Marlena(the grandma of one of the victims) will tell you until she’s blue in the face that he’s cured. The show even went so far as to make one of his victims, his new best friend. It is god awful writing. The power of love is totally different than offensive propping of a serial killer.
  7. Bingo! God I wanted Mia to pop her.
  8. I always liked Nicole with EJ when he wasn’t treating her like trash but more like an equal.
  9. I’m loving the possession. I never saw the original so this is all fun for me.
  10. I remember Victor once called him out about Keemo subtly once a few years ago. I think I remember that. Didn’t mention him by name though.
  11. Not surprised one bit. She knew what was coming if she showed up.
  12. I actually will be sad to see Cynthia go. She actually feels like an OG despite coming in season 3.
  13. Ben is a serial killer that they want you to believe is a hero. Ciara badgered the Mother of one his victims and made her out to be a villain for wanting justice for her daughter. Ciara also brow beat her entire family into accepting a serial killer. Ben strangled Will and they made him best friends with the man. Ben is the most propped character since Daniel Jonas. Just to name a few things.
  14. Lord someone that actually likes Ben and Ciara. I’ve seen it all now.
  15. It’s about damn time the Sarah plot gets revisited. That has annoyed me for so long that no one in her family has noticed she’s not with Rex and Rex hasn’t told anyone she’s not with him.
  16. Lord Erika’s stories are getting more and more outlandish. I’m wondering how pissed she was seeing these Dorit and Kyle scenes with the husbands.
  17. How does Sharon make any money with Crimson Lights? She has maybe two customers a day and one is usually Adam.
  18. That last paragraph is so good, that of course it’s not going to happen.
  19. Lord not Jack professing his love to Phyllis. How many times does she have to cheat on him for him to get it?
  20. I can’t believe she was dumb enough to write that.
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