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  1. The one on AMC/OLTL actually got me into both Soaps.
  2. It’d be awesome if Josh just reversed it completely by some sort of soapy means. I don’t understand why Marla is being totally wasted.
  3. I honestly didn’t realize how much of my investment in the show revolved around Hilary until she was gone. Not to mention Dina and Ashley as well.
  4. I totally forgot Brandon was taking over. I enjoyed Tyler and Nadia together.
  5. Honestly just my feeling from these first few episodes, we’re in for a good Sonja season.
  6. Omg now I’m gonna have to rewatch and compare.
  7. Arturo was the one Rosales clan member I disliked the least and now they’ve rewritten it so that he cheated on Abby with Mia. Way to go Josh, way to go 🙄
  8. Even if it's just as a tribute as themselves and not their characters, I could not be more excited to see Victoria Rowell and Mishael. I miss Hilary so much. The show is just not that interesting to me these days. I didn't realize how attached I was to the character and how big of a hole her absence would actually leave.
  9. Omg those were amazing. I don't even feel like talking about BH so I'm gonna jump straight to New York. Ramona Singer is an [!@#$%^&*]. Like I've always known it, but I still get shocked every season when she shows what an unrepentant [!@#$%^&*] she is. Dorinda is an [!@#$%^&*] as well and a narcissist. Bethenny and the Dennis talk is a little off for me. One minute she's saying her would be fiancee, the next she's telling Dorinda they were actually engaged? And now the relief efforts are about Dennis? But now she's going to go on a date three weeks after he died? I hate to say it, but I'm ready to move on past Dennis. It's not giving me the warm and fuzzies about Bethenny. Sonja continues to be a treasure. She was great this episode. Barbara I will say fits in perfectly with the cast. All the shows need to add people that are actually friends with the cast. She's been able to jump right in without any of the awkward feeling out process. I'm thoroughly confused why they decided to not give her an apple if she's going to be featured as much as the other Housewives. Really confused by that.
  10. I’m really far behind but i tuned in today and heard some really interesting music during the Jack and Kerry scenes. Is that one of the classic cues you guys were talking about? It was so interesting sounding.
  11. It looks like stank ass Charisse finally got the boot too!
  12. When I tell you my body is ready. It will be a perfect pallot cleanser after this atrocious Atlanta season.
  13. I just saw it on Instagram and it is EVERYTHING. Ya know I was actually thinking something similar about the angle she’s being filmed at in her confessionals as well. I’m gonna have to look at some old footage and see if it’s noticeable at all.
  14. I figured my fellow Housewife lovers would enjoy this crossover gem from instagram 😂😂😂
  15. Damnit I was hoping for your expertise on this one. I don’t even know when it happened. I’m shocked she’d go on camera with it looking this way. Surely she can’t be happy about it.
  16. NY Dorinda is f.ucking delusional. I don’t think there’s any other way to put it. She claims she’s apologized to Luann but when was that? She’s the only person on the planet that believes she didn’t heckle her. What the fu.ck happened to Ramona’s nose? Like one of her nostrils is completely collapsed and smushed in now. I like Bethennys investment property more than her actual Hamptons home. Another solid episode from the ladies.
  17. EXACTLY. I don't care if the whole town still tells Ben he's a serial killer, they SHOULD BE. He should never be accepted just because he's hot.
  18. The Beverly Hills cast cares too much about their images to ever talk about their real life scandals. Hell the producers didn't even mention the lady coming up to Dorit in the Bahamas. There's been no indication or preview that any of the lawsuits against Mauricio, Dorit and PK, or Tom will ever even make it to the show. They've got this LVP vs. Everyone story and that's all they care about it. It's so dumb. I'm excited for New York tonight. BH was pretty boring outside of the text messages. I realized I don't like most of the BH cast especially Kyle, so IDGAF about another one of her kids going to college. IDGAF about anything Lisa Rinna does. Erika is just there to help move the takedown along. Dorit is Dorit. I'm still amazed, that a dog ended up in a kill shelter and Dorit is somehow the world's biggest victim. I wish Camille had been in this episode to drop some more truths. She's the only one not kissing Dorit's ass or trying to take down Vanderpump. Something about Denise's man comes off kinda like a grifter to me.
  19. Anyone know which writer decided John was Marlenas one true love and not Roman? Was it JER?? Did Drake and Deidre really have more chemistry than Wayne and Deirdre?
  20. Has any writer ever explained why Don Craig was just completely written out of the show’s history?
  21. Why is Diana suddenly a crazy person? Did she get brought back to be killed off? It IS a Ron specialty. And why is Jack suddenly racist. Dear god they’re gonna make Jack so hated no ones going to care when he dies a 5th time. Also when did Claire become a complete villain?
  22. Kate needs her real son in town.
  23. I agree the show was still fantastic all the way to the end. One of my favorite series to rewatch to this day.
  24. I just have to mention Breaking Bad again as I just rewatched the whole series. It’s honestly perfect.
  25. It’s like 5 sizes too large.
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