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  1. I was also shocked they’re already filming the reunion. It doesn’t even feel like they’ve been back that long. New York is one I’m fine with a longer season because I enjoy the dynamic between the women.
  2. I’m all for Eve getting revenge on the guy who murdered her daughter. And Hope was a terrible commissioner anyway.
  3. Fans complain about the Rosales clan, so they get rid of two but then decide we need the Mom 🙄🙄
  4. Count me in as a fan of Nu-Adam. I also like that he actually looks like Nick and Victoria’s younger brother. What I don’t like is that I recall the Newman’s all kind of being okay with Adam by the time Hartley’s Adam got blown up, but now they’re acting like those few years never happened. I also enjoy Nu-Nate. He actually has presence and charisma onscreen. The previous Nate was the cure for insomnia.
  5. Lisa is in a complete lose lose situation with the women. They refuse to believe her so what is she supposed to do?
  6. I’m kind of confused right now. When Hartley was in the role of Adam, I thought all the Newman’s stopped hating him. What changed? It’s like they’ve erased the Hartley period and are only focusing on the Muhney and latter Engen periods of the character.
  7. This was another boring episode of RHOBH. An episode focused that much on Erika is not interesting and this cast simply doesn't have the same chemistry as the earlier seasons. They're trying so hard to show that they're all such great friends and there's not an ounce of chemistry there. Season 1 Camille is back in full force which I love but she's totally alienating herself by talking [!@#$%^&*] about literally everyone. I want her to get her diamond back but I feel like she won't want to face the music and just quits.
  8. You build Cersei up to be this awful evil woman who has it coming and she gets a romantic death with her brother/lover? That was my only real let down. I’ve always loved Cersei but I wanted her to go out in a big way.
  9. I found this episode way better than the Battle of Winterfell.
  10. I don’t watch consistently enough for the comings and going’s to truly effect me. I came back for Kate Mansi as Abby and then lost interest again once she left. I also like Flynn as Chad. Weeping Nicole will test my love of them though if she’s still crying when they return.
  11. Yes Season 1 Camille, get your diamond back!
  12. Omg that's right. I was totally watching at that time too. Ugh I don't watch GH anymore but I miss Ric so much. He was my favorite. I hated that he could never get a real happy ending with Liz.
  13. I like Chad and Abby so I'm happy. I actually lost interest again once they left.
  14. Is it bad that I forgot she was ever on GH. I really was racking my brain trying to figure out who she played. Who are her parents? What were her stories, i'm seriously at a loss.
  15. I just hope she's not so whacky. I really enjoy Thaao, so I'm excited he's back. I really wish they'd stop killing him off.
  16. The cringiest scene in the history of Housewives. You don’t even want this spoiled for you.
  17. Omg that ending. I couldn’t handle it, I don’t even know what to say about it. Man Luann really is anti-Bethenny this season and I’m unclear why. I thought whatever issues they had, they’d moved on from.
  18. See i read a different article where he was cool with it. Interesting...
  19. We’ve seen more Camille this season than Erika. The diamond should’ve been given to her instead.
  20. This actually annoys me. I loved Hillary and Mishael as an actress, but giving me crumbs isn’t going to make me watch regularly.
  21. You have got to be kidding me. I want to be excited but it just pisses me off again that they let Mishael go.
  22. Okay so that was hilarious.
  23. All true. All true. No lies detected. Side note I actually miss Taylor. I feel like the original cast had waaaaaay better chemistry than the current crew. It feels like a totally different show in these early seasons. Whereas New York still feels like New York and always has.
  24. I was trying to explain to my friend that I totally get where LVP is coming from. Why in god's name would anyone want to be friends with someone that they think is a liar and is lying to their face at this moment and is flat out telling them I think you're a liar. My conversation would've been a helluva lot shorter than the one they had. Messy Camille is back and I'm here for it. Also I'm currently watching season 2 of RHOBH as well and I remember now, why I originally disliked Kyle. She and Kim were awful to Brandi for no reason at all. And she also stole Kim's goddamn house. She basically admitted it and Kim described the whole situation. I knew I disliked Kyle for more than just being a shitty friend to LVP.
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