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  1. Neil Winters-Y&R Sharon Newman-Y&R Ciara Brady- Days
  2. I can’t believe the secret is already out. I enjoyed Amanda figuring out Nate has feelings for Elena, but then we immediately got the reveal. Too fast. Kyle did when he ran into Theo, but no the Abbott’s did not give two shits about Theo lol.
  3. Candiace as this put upon victim isn’t working at all. She’s already lost a lot of the goodwill she had been building up.
  4. You know what I forgot it's literally only been like a day since the rape was reported. Tripp not wanting to take the DNA test is so stupid.
  5. I don't know what Bravo was smoking when they got rid of the two most well known cast members of the show and continued with the B team. They should've rested OC until they could find an actual cast that pops. I still do not and will not ever understand how Emily and Gina are both on their third seasons. It is ABSURD.
  6. I thought Dallas was regularly sub-1 million. I don't recall them ever being neck in neck with OC. I'm not surprised the OC premiere did poorly. There have been so many people online saying they aren't watching this season because of the B Team and Racist Kelly Dodd. I am one of those people and did not watch at all, and didn't miss it.
  7. Seeing Eileen be so emotional made me tear up.
  8. I thought Kristian did great in the Ciara story especially with her remembering Zack. I do wish there was a proper exit storyline for her.
  9. Good god Kyle is absolute trash. Are we supposed to root for him with either Lola or Summer?
  10. It doesn’t make any logistical sense that no one has suggested to a freakin paternity test by now.
  11. They had so many options with the amnesia. But he got his memory back and basically only remembered Muhney’s Adam.
  12. Once the new guy came in, it was straight back to Muhney’s Adam. It was like everything with Hartley’s Adam didn’t happen.
  13. They’ve completely ignored Hartley’s time as Adam unfortunately.
  14. It was one of those rare totally in character moments on the show. No sugar coating.
  15. Of course they had Sharon still make excuses. I will never understand the Shadam fascination. That was the best part of Hartley’s Adam. He wasn’t in Sharon’s orbit AT ALL.
  16. Luann has given SO much to RHONY. She’s the unsung her of RHONY as far as I’m concerned. And yes Potomac was originally supposed to be a show about etiquette.
  17. I loved loved loved Ashley’s response to the article. It was perfectly in character. They got something right.
  18. Thank god Nikki isn’t wearing those wigs anymore. I’m still not used to the socially distant scenes. It just sucks the life out of an already lifeless show.
  19. All of the Hillary flashbacks got me back in my feels and also pissed me off again that they killed her off. Amanda is such a bland character and a waste of Mishael's talent.
  20. So I’m getting caught up on Y&R, and honestly the Devon/Amanda/Nate/Elena triangle is the only interesting story. It’s the only one that has any legs or movement.
  21. I can’t believe I like Ashley this season, it’s driving me insane. I have hated her with a passion for four seasons.
  22. I personally think both were wrong. But Candiace trying to play the helpless victim is eyerolling. Also eyerolling is Gizelle getting on her high horse. She’s been WAAAAAITING for Monique to screw up. Robyn acting like she hasn’t multiple times invaded someone’s personal space and talked about beating someone’s ass.
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