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  1. I’ve been watching all day, this was such a good show. They could’ve just dropped the Salahis.
  2. This has been an awful season for Kyle already and we’re not even at the half way mark. They anointed Kyle queen and everyone is doing everything in their power to make her pay for it. I love it. Its actually pathetic how much they’ve talked about and shown LVP, considering how hard they worked to get her off the show.
  3. I totally missed this. Is this thing on Demand and is it worth watching?
  4. Ciara trying so hard to force her family to accept her with the serial killer is so no annoying. I'm glad Victor stuck to his guns and didn't give his blessing. What the hell did Ciara think was going to happen? Oh god I spoke too soon, he gave in just so she would stay at Titan. I hate Ciara so much. I love Gabi so much.
  5. Watched the Atlanta reunion. Kenya and Nene are the exact same person. Neither one of them accepts any sort of accountability for anything they do. It's exhausting. I guess the Porsha and Kenya relationship is over. Oh well. Kenya wouldn't even admit that she was shady then as well. And Kenya claiming everything she does is fun shade is just bullsh.it. God I can't stand her.
  6. I just saw that and laughed. Rafe loves to be on that high horse while ignoring his own family history. I don't like new Zoey at all. And it's a shame they've already basically made Orpheus' family a non-starter. There were brief glimpses of them becoming a semi viable family in town but they killed that pretty quickly. I wasn't disturbed by Maggie's suicide attempt and it actually made sense to me.
  7. I also enjoyed Hollywood. I was waiting for it to completely off the rails like a usual Murphy show but it didn’t.
  8. I loved this show it’s first season and fell off I think around season 3 or so. The show just couldn’t recapture the magic of the first season. Sucks that Fox didn’t even give them a proper finale.
  9. Which means she’ll probably die
  10. They absolutely would unfortunately.
  11. I also was completely turned off by Kyle by the end of season 1, the limo scene solidified it for me.
  12. I couldn’t agree with this more.
  13. Watching the attic fight episode and I must say I know some people say she's had a lot work done, I believe Sharon Case very much still looks like herself 22 years ago. Camryn Grimes as a child though is blowing my mind. And wooow Sharon is PRESSED about Grace. Is this before Nick and Sharon started cheating all the time? These classics have allowed me to see Christian LeBlanc before he started hamming it up. When was the last time Nikki's sister was mentioned? They basically act like she has no family outside of the one wiith Victor. Okay so the attic fight might be the most absurd and perfect thing I've ever seen.
  14. I'm just happy my girl Jaida got her top 4 or 3 slot. I hope she turns it out.
  15. So the show never truly saw them as a super couple I’m assuming. Weren’t Victor and Nikki usually like broken up when they were with others outside of the Ashley affair and I think I read Nikki slept with Jack around the same time?
  16. Kyle has never been equipped to be queen, and I hope she’s realizing that now. And Teddi suddenly being against gang ups 🙄
  17. So is Nick and Sharon’s entire history just built on cheating on each other? I started watching when Nick was with Phyllis so I had assumed that was the first time one of them cheated. Boy does it seem I was wrong.
  18. Oh this is such good news!!! I'm currently watching the 2002 episode. First off what t he hell was that opening theme lol, is that the famous porn intro? And jesus everyone is blonde blonde blonde. Why did Ashley have such a terrible wig on? Did Traci ever have issues with Ashley being married to her ex husband? Why is Sharon so fidgety this episode, same with Nick? Is this one of those periods where they're cheating on each other? I just love seeing how checked in Eric Braeden used to be. I can only assume he just doesn't give a shi.t about the writing anymore.
  19. I will say the show is doing a really nice job of showing Gabi's desperation to get Stefan back and Jake having a realistic reaction to someone desperately wishing he was someone he has no recollection of being when he has his own life and memories as Jake and none as Stefan. Very nice. And now they have Gabi with a syringe, so it's going to make her look even more guilty when it comes to Abby.
  20. Kyle is continuing to show her ass this season and I'm so happy because the fan backlash has been delicious. I guess she thought she could steamroll through Denise and Denise wasn't having it. For some reason Kyle has already decided to be anti-Denise this season, and Denise isn't here for it.
  21. This new set is terrible. I guess the old one was too big or they tore it down. I will never support them. No matter how much the show tries to push them. My eyes rolled so far back in my head. Bo would NEVER support them.
  22. Rinna doesn’t have a loyal bone in her body.
  23. Mike's finally dying? Jesus.
  24. Whoa I wasn't expecting to Xander to actually be honest with Maggie. I'm also very happy the show fixed the super harsh bright lighting they were using for a few days there. The show still always looks better when it's nighttime though. I'm totally all in on the baby switch storyline and Lani helping Kristen.
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