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  1. I actually not minding scheming Phyllis, at least she’s actually doing something now.
  2. Eboni trying to ice out Bershan is such bullshit.
  3. I thought was pretty freaking stupid of them even if everyone knows the foregone conclusion of the story.
  4. Why the hell is Nu-Claire so high up for the year?!
  5. Literally that scene was so creepy as opposed to the romantic thing that Ron thought it was. A serial killer kidnapping a woman…I just can’t. Oh you know he’s on the next plane to Africa. An interesting DiMera in the young scene could be so so good.
  6. If you ignored the Ben stuff today it was actually a good episode. I loved Nicole getting her revenge today especially with what a prick EJ was to her. I’ve always hated his treatment of Nicole when he’s not interested in her so it was great. I’m also happy with the increase of Phillip and Lucas scenes together lately, now get Kate in their with her sons. If I was Theo I would cuss out both Allie and Claire especially Claire, that was such bull. I need Theo to not run back off to South Africa and embrace his inner DiMera.
  7. This is such Bull. I hate Ben and I hate Claire. I’m only watching the Sami/Lucas/EJ/Phillip/Nicole stories. Are they chem testing Belle and EJ?
  8. I hope she is. She’s a real find. I love her chemistry with Nate.
  9. It really is amazing that Victoria is essentially one of the richest people in town if not the richest outside of Victor and Devon, and THAT is her house.
  10. I loved loved loved Chad getting to be smug towards Ben. It's just ridiculous that he and Abby are essentially the only two people in town that can hate Ben because Ciara browbeat the rest of town into submission until they were all convinced that Ben is the greatest former serial killer on the planet.
  11. I love Theo's hair down like that, I wish he wore it that way more and that we actually saw he and Ciara together instead of constantly in endless scenes talking about Ben.
  12. I do not believe a single word out of Erika’s mouth at this point.
  13. Erika wondering where the money is like Tom didn’t deposit 20 million into her company
  14. We literally watched him onscreen brutally murder these people. And medication somehow fixed him and all is forgiven. It’s absurd. And all this trying to compare Ben/Ciara to Bo/Hope and John/Marlena give me a break. At this point just move Theo in with the DiMeras.
  15. Today with all of the Ben worship was borderline unwatchable. How many more excuses will they make for Hope being gone now that her is daughter is alive and well.
  16. I really didn’t need 10 minutes of Sharon and Adam flashbacks..yuck. I sincerely hope the show keeps Imani now that this storyline has ended. She’s really great and definitely has chemistry with Nate.
  17. EJ is also my favorite Nicole pairing. I hate that it kept ending for Brady and Sami coming in. They were played as equals most of the time when he was actually interested in her.
  18. Wendy’s hard on for Mia is making sure I still don’t like her.
  19. I like it more than his hair on the show.
  20. It was interesting how warm they were with each other. I honestly don’t even remember any Belle and EJ scenes.
  21. I think I can comfortably say I like nu-EJ.
  22. Very excited for this week. Lots of good things in motion.
  23. Just going by this clip I’m unclear why they’re going so hard on Mia if Karen is cool. Obviously all of this can change when the episode airs.
  24. Oh shiiiiit. We got a new feud.
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