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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. So I’ve been reading up online and I think BH ladies really severely underestimated the viewing audience. There’s a few comments here and there supporting the takedown but the vast majority is all Vanderpump. Again I have to ask what the hell were they thinking. Vanderpump comes with built in sympathy from her brother dying not to mention Jiggy’s health issues. Sooo dumb.
  2. I literally could not believe the women were supporting Dorit for dumping a dog at a shelter. Like wtf did i just watch? And their plan is backfiring just like it does EVERY SEASON. I don’t know why Kyle keeps trying?
  3. Wow...these bitches have somehow made Dorit the victim?!? I can't believe it. Thank god Camille and Denise have brains. This take down was so damn obvious. Wow. Wow. Rinna is totally the new puppet master. I can't believe how obvious it is and these bitches are falling for it.
  4. Oh god I don’t think I’m ready for the hit job.
  5. It’s so thick headed of them. Is there this massive Rosales following we don’t know about?
  6. I’m right there with you. She’s adult Abby to me and I enjoy her.
  7. So I spent the weekend rewatching season 1 of Beverly Hills. What an awesome first season. Camille was an amazing villain. The show was so much more watchable before it became about taking down Vanderpump. I can’t wait to watch season 2 now. I miss the original cast. The new ladies just don’t do it for me and the chemistry isn’t there.
  8. I don’t even know if I’m prepared to rewatch from the beginning next month.
  9. What’s he been saying? It is so ridiculous. Next you’ll have Abby apologizing to Ben.
  10. I still can’t believe the lengths they are going to, to make Ben a viable character. He literally was a serial killer less than half a decade ago.
  11. Maybe she’ll wake up and realize GC is too tough for a girl with a complex about money and leave town for good. Her family will support her and leave as well never to be mentioned again.
  12. Jimmy Dad Jeans may be my favorite Househusband. My favorite moment was when they were walking into one of Shannon’s parties and they were nowhere near anyone and Meghan starts waving, and he’s like who are you even waving at?
  13. God why?! No one cares about Meghan unless Jimmy shows up looking completely disinterested in his wife.
  14. This this this. The cast is doing nothing but talking about Vanderpump in EVERY interview/article/social media post. The funny thing is, Vanderpump not filming and going on trips with a bunch of women she hates is the most real thing about the show.
  15. Reformed serial killer not bringing in the ratings?!
  16. She still looks like herself so the flashbacks weren’t jarring like they would be for some actresses on the other soaps Cough GH and Bold
  17. That doesn’t make a lick of sense at all.
  18. Wait is it time for Chad and Abby to leave already?!
  19. What a wonderful episode. I wonder why Nikki’s sister has been such an afterthought for the show?? The clips shown today show she was clearly a huge part of Nikki’s life and early story on the show. It’d be nice to see some family for her.
  20. Paul and Christine’s obsession with Victor annoyed me but I didn’t want him off the show. And certainly didn’t want Rey as his replacement.
  21. jordi vilasuso has been on AMC/DAYS/YR and I’ve hated him on them all.
  22. I can’t believe this is just to prop up Ben. This is ridiculous.
  23. Yes! They said John dated Diana 30 years ago and John did the math from Leo’s birth certificate. I can’t I just can’t.
  24. Wait are they trying to tell me Leo is THIRTY?!! This is that same crap Y&R tried pull with Riikart.
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