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  1. Yeah Bethenny was all over the internet last year when Cookie died. She's just a hypocrite. In other news, Potomac apparently brought in 1.6 million viewers this past week. I love that they’re ratings are continuing to climb. They’re having a hell of a season and deserve it.
  2. My only issue with Caroles statement is I recall seeing her on vacation with Tinsley though outside of the show with Scott and Adam. I guess they didn’t have fun? I honestly believed they had a genuine friendship. Carole was a good actress. And a Tinsley seemed genuinely hurt and surprised to find out they weren’t friends at that reunion.
  3. Antoyne

    FX Pose

    Got into this show recently. I pretty much like most of the characters except for Pray Tell and the young dancer that I can never remember the name of.
  4. See I'm the opposite. I found Bethenny insufferable. It's the reunions that really make the show sometimes feel like it should be called Bethenny's Real Housewives of New York because she has to comment on literally EVERYTHING.
  5. Very entertaining part 2 for New York. Ramona still didn't really accept much responsibility for being liar multiple times this season, but I dunno what else we could've expected from her. I still can't figure out why these women care so much about Tinsley's money. It's weird to be that interested in someone else's finances that clearly comes from money. I felt bad for her that she even had to explain it to them and they still didn't care. Tinsley even called it out, she's not giving them the answers that they want so they don't accept them.
  6. I enjoy JT as Billy. I don’t want Miller back.
  7. I want whatever Andy is smoking if he considers the current RHOBH cast an All Star cast. Next season is going to be awful if he doesn't switch some things up.
  8. Yes! I actually really enjoyed it. Hopefully Jazmin is full time regardless of her husband not filming.
  9. I absolutely co-sign the Ashley takedown. Like I have zero sympathy at all for this bitch that has been the messiest one since season 1. Gizelle won’t go down until Robyn fully turns on her. I’m not sure why the others outside of Monique and Karen give her a pass but it has to be because they see how much Andy likes her.
  10. I remember that scene. I can’t remember if the show has even acknowledged that Adam wanted it.
  11. It was seriously the worst 1st part of a reunion ever.
  12. That was literally the worst part 1 I’ve ever seen of a reunion. If this is what this has to offer, this show is in more trouble than I previously already thought. Teddi still doesn’t make any sense on why she never spoke to Lisa directly.
  13. This has been my biggest complaint since they brought him back. They have completely erased the Adam that was played by Justin Hartley. He just randomly was evil again with no explanation as to why. And everyone hated him again, when he was actually cool with everyone before he got blown up.
  14. Katie May be my favorite person this season. It seems like she eats edibles before every scene and it’s AMAZING. “Cheers to fake bitches and grabbing asses.”
  15. I actually don’t mind Givens’ campy portrayal. I’m enjoying the show.
  16. Really enjoying the second season and Meryl is delicious as Mary Louise.
  17. Makes for getting through the show quicker. I typically fast forward Eric and Sarah scenes as well.
  18. Kenya ranks high on my list of most hated Housewives that I have no interest in watching.
  19. I refuse to believe Eve is the bad guy for hating the man that killed her daughter. The town all bending over backwards to praise Ben is pushing me away from the show just like the Abby/Stefan rapemance did.
  20. Camille came in hot and I was here for it. Yet again the episode turned into a bash Vanderpump session. If the only thing you have bonding you is a dislike you have for another woman, you don’t really have a friendship. I don’t buy it with these women at all. Bravo was clearly pissed at LVP. In the previews for the show, they made it seem like we’d get to see her scenes in full but they gave all of her scenes the flashback treatment. Way to sucker fans in to watch the finale.
  21. Crap I forgot it’s gotta be so bad that Lola has to leave forever too.
  22. I feel bad for Camille. It looks like she tries to put up a fight but she’s clearly going up against 5 other women who are upset that she wasn’t mad at Vanderpump.
  23. Hopefully it's such a deep dark secret that he feels he has to leave town forever.
  24. In Port Charles, it's not unrealistic at all for a killer to be roaming around town. That's most of the town.
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