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  1. I desperately hope they recast. I just don't enjoy anything she does. Amputee and plastic surgery on his face, but that's no longer acknowledged.
  2. RHOP Finally watched and Candiace's victim act just doesn't work at all. She's basically asking the audience to forget all of her past behavior because Monique pulled her hair. This whole pretending she's traumatized is just ridiculous. Why the f.uck does Wendy care so much? You would think Monique did something to her personally with the way she's acting. She really has added jack [!@#$%^&*] to the show and the season would've been fine without her. Robyn and Gizelle are more than happy to be Candiace's supporters so she wouldn't have needed We
  3. Winter promo looks great. But Ben being on the Horton tree is infuriating.
  4. I’m so pissed at the show. They had Gwen tell Rolf about why she hates Abby, but not the audience . The Kate and Jennifer scenes were great today, and I’m glad they mentioned Lucas.
  5. Wait Lucas is so unimportant that he got recast without a single announcement?!
  6. Brady sometimes appears to be older than Sami/Eric now, it’s ridiculous.
  7. Her looks have honestly never bothered me honestly. Maybe cause I watched Kirsten as Maxie longer than I did her as Belle because of when I got into soaps, I had no attachment to her Belle. Martha has essentially been my Belle and I’ve always enjoyed her. As you mentioned she also has fantastic chemistry with her family. Truly the canvas feels complete with Shawn and Belle and even Phillip in town. I’m ready for a Chloe return.
  8. I actually really enjoyed the Phillip and Belle affair and saw a fair bit of chemistry with MM and JKJ. But everything is subjective.
  9. Ramona with black women is going to be a sight to see.
  10. I legit don’t understand the point of bringing Theo on for like 4 episodes. This is exactly right!
  11. Man I miss Renee Jones/Lexie so much. And they wasted her for so long with Abe.
  12. Like I can just never get past recast Claire because she really is a new character under this actress. They can have her recite all of Claire's history every episode and it doesn't work, she's literally nothing like Keegan. She doesn't have the charm or energy that Keegan had. And like you said her parents are finally in town and it's under the recast.
  13. Oh man Clementine Ford was my first introduction to Mac and I was like...THIS can't be the character people raved about.
  14. Now THAT was a damn premiere episode. They knocked it out of the park. I’m not watching OC and Potomac should be winding down, this is perfect timing. They gave us more in their premiere than BH has in years. Hospital Smell gate is now my favorite feud ever.
  15. That is a great point, she actually feels like Abby this time. Her first run she was playing Abby in name only and all I could think about was having Mansi come back. Now I don't mind her at all.
  16. I think if CLB took off a few inches of hair he'd be set. It's just too long now, but the grey hair looks ten times better.
  17. As I see posts about these two a lot I wanted to share my top 2. Melissa Ordway Y&R- Abby Newman: Without fail, at least multiple times a month I see complaints about her portrayal along with the character of Abby. Honestly she's never bothered me and I like her so so much more than Emme Rylan, whose Abby was unwatchable to me. Joshua Morrow Y&R Nick Newman: This one always baffles me. I've seen calls for recasts and everything. I can't honestly see someone else playing Nick and his portrayal has never bothered me. I think he has excellent chemistry with his fa
  18. Happy about Diedre, but the fact that serial killer Ben is number 2 for the year. Give me a break.
  19. It's hard for me to care about Charlie because he's in a story with recast Claire, that I just don't think I'm ever going to warm up to. And spending a whole episode with recast Claire AND recast Theo. It was too much for me. I do like that LK is 67 and the show still portrays her as a sexy woman that is to be desired. I think it actually works that she's never been stuck in a supercoupling. I did like her back when she and John were a couple but that's been pretty much erased from history. I'm getting more used to Cady as Jennifer, but I still would prefer to have Mis
  20. My biggest issue is that Ron had the chance to plant the seeds for this during all of the other time jump reveals instead of just making up a new story to be created through flashbacks all these months later. It was well done but still annoys me lol
  21. This Jack and Kate thing is just so so random. Do Kate and Jack ever even share scenes together. It just seems like a reason to make Jack look like a bad guy again, as usual. Next step is death obviously. A lot of the emotional punch though is taken out of this storyline as Missy Reeves is currently gone and we have no history with Cady as Jennifer. They really threw Cady right into a big story. I will say Marci Miller is a lot more alive this go round than her first time as Abigail. Hopefully she keeps this fire throughout.
  22. Good god Wendy literally gets more grating by the episode. This cast really didn’t need her AT ALL.
  23. I’ve complained about it before but it bares repeating, the social distancing SUCKS. There has got to be a better way to film this safely without people standing a mile apart. Like please cut all the long shots where the distance is super noticeable and awkward.
  24. I never cared about Theo and neither did the show so this is no huge loss.
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