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  1. Definitely down for a JKJ return. I like to pretend the JPL recast never happened.
  2. I must've missed that. How the hell did he survive this time when I believe Andre or Tony even found his body after Hope and Rafe dumped him.
  3. I really enjoyed the return episode. Some interesting things going on. I really like the show in general though.
  4. Omg Heather Lindell!! She was awesome as the recast Jan. I would've liked for her to continue on the show.
  5. Yeah I was wondering if we’d even see Buffie telling her like it was something she could share. That was a dick move.
  6. Marc has absolutely no interest in Kenya at all. I don’t even like Kenya and felt bad for her. I can’t even imagine them actually as a couple.
  7. Eva is such a bore and a try hard. I don't know why she was given a peach again.
  8. This looks good. Think I’ll start watching daily again for a bit.
  9. God Hotel was AWFUL. Anytime I see praise for Hotel or Gaga’s terrible acting I roll my eyes so far in the back of my head, I fear they may get stuck.
  10. John and Marlena gave Jack the hourglass. It was a whole discussion in the episode.
  11. Good lord have you guys seen this about Monique?? https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/tv/rhop-monique-samuels-charged-with-second-degree-assault-candiace-dillard/amp/
  12. I actually have enjoyed the absurdity of this season as well. And finally some more familiar faces have shown up.
  13. Omg I’m soooo jealous you actually got to meet her!!!
  14. Having Shaunie around really is a buzz kill, because you just know if someone checks her they’re not gonna be on the show anymore. It’s bull.
  15. I saw her back in May and it was so fun!
  16. I don’t think it’s happened in the episode yet. Thanks!
  17. Watching live today for the Time Jump, anyone else?
  18. You know it’s gonna be cheesy as hell. I’m watching just to see the stupidity.
  19. Who didn’t see this coming. Those dumbasses in the cast really thought the viewers wanted to watch them all get dressed up to compliment each other for 20 episodes? I was surprised Camille accepted after how they targeted her last year for defending Vanderpump.
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