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  1. Lord Erika’s stories are getting more and more outlandish. I’m wondering how pissed she was seeing these Dorit and Kyle scenes with the husbands.
  2. How does Sharon make any money with Crimson Lights? She has maybe two customers a day and one is usually Adam.
  3. That last paragraph is so good, that of course it’s not going to happen.
  4. Lord not Jack professing his love to Phyllis. How many times does she have to cheat on him for him to get it?
  5. I can’t believe she was dumb enough to write that.
  6. I think I like Sally and Adam. But all it will take is Sharon coming around and ruining the whole thing.
  7. Still getting caught up on Y&R. They literally brought Stitch back to ruin his character when no one was even thinking about him?! What the hell?
  8. I will say with my hatred of Rinna on RHOBH, I was pleasantly surprised to see her being Billie and not just Lisa Rinna.
  9. Just finished the first two episodes and loved them.
  10. Ben and Ciara are the most pointless couple on soaps today. They could be written off tomorrow and nothing would change on the show.
  11. Wait Devon is gonna cheat on Amanda basically a second time? Jesus Christ.
  12. Eileen IS Kristen to me, so if she only does Kristen on the Peacock miniseries and Stacy continues on the main show, I don’t care. I’ve missed her.
  13. This is why I’ve always hated Kyle. Tonight was the perfect highlight for it.
  14. I loved last night. It was a perfect way to end the season.
  15. Ben and Claire topping the rankings for the year is awful.
  16. RA was pretty bland as Noah and the one time I watched him fired up it was laughably bad.
  17. I’m so glad they had Johnny have a REAL reaction to Ben calling Allie. When was the last time someone mentioned Ben also strangled Will, and now his whole family acts like it never happened. I fast forwarded all of the Ben and Ciara wedding scenes because I will never accept all of these characters loving Ben.
  18. This will NEVER get old. It was one of the few times I’ve ever watched Bold live and I was rewarded with this.
  19. Oh wow I loved his show Ambitions, hated that it was canceled.
  20. Looks like my fast forward button will continue to get lots of mileage with Ben and Ciara.
  21. Lord I’m like 15 episodes behind and y’all are not really making it seem like I missed anything
  22. I’m still 8 episodes behind but I will say Nu-EJ has won me over. I was never the biggest James Scott fan in the first place so maybe that’s why it hasn’t taken much.
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