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  1. Getting caught up on the show now. Always fun to see Gabi get taken down. I actually like the character as the young villainess on canvas. I will never not be shocked that Bill Hayes is freaking 94 years old and is still so sharp and vibrant. Loved the flashbacks. Crazy DAYS has this treasure trove of classic footage that we barely ever see and that is just sitting in a vault.
  2. I do believe I saw pictures of Danielle from the reunion so we should get to see her.
  3. Apparently the show cut all the flashbacks for Caroline's funeral. I would've like to have seen Ron's original funeral for Caroline.
  4. I haven’t watched yet but that’s bullshit that she turned on Danielle for Danielle telling the truth. I really thought it was going to be Danielle’s fault like she did some usual crazy Danielle [!@#$%^&*].
  5. Did we even know how good we had it in 2010?
  6. So ridiculous. We’re gonna forget they’re leaving by the time their last day rolls around.
  7. The Daniel propping ran me off the show for a while. It was absurd. I wouldn't have minded if it became a true quad with Eli/Lani/Gabi/JJ again. I think the whole crew works well together.
  8. Someone in the Days audience must be eating up this Ciara and Ben stuff or Ron truly just doesn't give a f.uck about how awful it is. Isn;t JJ right in the middle of this Lani/Eli/Gabi storyline? Why are they just abruptly writing him out?
  9. It was absurd to me that they actually made Eve look like the bad guy for hating Ben for murdering her daughter. Ciara was actually a bitch to her like it was justified. That is the type of writing that makes it impossible to root for this pairing.
  10. Chad: He killed three people. Ciara: He's different now. Can Ciara and Ben go to General Hospital and get hit by stray bullets in a mob shootout? Just wait till Will gets out of prison and tells Chad that Ben is his new best friend. I'm so annoyed they had Chad relent and give Ben a pass. This show is so ridiculous. Did we know Eli's mom was showing up?
  11. Gabi's disbelief at Hope being Princess Gina and Steve being Stefano was hilarious and actually makes sense. We're so conditioned to the stupid stuff on these shows, that it's great when a character reacts like a normal human being would. When did Hope get a chance to dye her hair. I don't recall seeing the blonde streak during this whole story.
  12. It feels like Garcelle was merely a diversity and name hire. We have literally heard NOTHING about her.
  13. What's been going on this week? Genuinely curious.
  14. They finally had Shawn call his damn sister about their mom.
  15. My viewing has been spotty so I've actually missed most of her pop ins. I did see when she and Rafe slept together while he was broken up with Hope, but that's about it.
  16. I’m just happy to see Ali is taping. I miss Sami. It makes no sense that she nor Lucas have visited their son in prison.
  17. He looks great that way. I wonder why soaps are so adverse to the younger men having facial hair. I’m 31 and most of my guy friends all have beards or facial hair and still look young.
  18. I was just about to mention, I'm happy for the bedroom sets at some of the houses and apartments now because for the longest time everyone had sex on the couch in the living rooms that everyone used.
  19. It’s gonna be worse, it’s gonna be mommy Ashley. There is nothing I care less to see than housewives with babies.
  20. The fact that we still don’t have the Potomac trailer is maddening! RHONY and Potomac really go hand in hand as the top of the mountain. They're clearly still trying to figure out how to make BH interesting considering there was not a peep of info about the show until the end of the year when desperate Brandi was brought in.
  21. I’m in total agreement. Ciara is a useless character as long as Ben is on canvas.
  22. I would love it. And bring back Chloe and Phillip as well. I'd also have Lucas back permanently.
  23. Thank god. The fact that Chandler got to stay this long smirking his way through every scene. And Wilson having ZERO chemistry. Later dudes.
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