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  1. It’s amazing. I didn’t realize how little I cared about the show until she was gone. I came back to watch nuAdam for a bit, but the Lola propping, Adam suddenly being evil again while ignoring that he totally changed under Hartley, bringing back MS when Gina was great in the role, all just added up to me not caring about the show at all. Mishael has a presence onscreen that most actors on the soaps these days could only dream of. I hope they treat her right.
  2. https://people.com/tv/rhoa-star-kenya-moore-and-husband-marc-daly-split-after-2-years-of-marriage/?utm_source=people.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=social-button-sharing Well she got her baby lol. And probably secured herself another season after that.
  3. Madison was great and then they ruined her and killed her off. Total waste of SJB.
  4. I'm so happy about this. I'll finally have a reason to tune back in. God I hope she and MS have the same chemistry that she had with Gina as Phyllis if the show does plan to keep that friendship. I'm also super excited to her back in scenes with Peter Bergman, they had such a natural and easy friendship chemistry.
  5. Eileen was damaged goods by the time she left. I don't really see anyone clamoring for a return. I did love her her first season though.
  6. Lol I just came here to post that!! Karen handled her swiftly and effortlessly. It’s been amazing to see Karen’s evolution on the show. She’s easily my favorite on the show.
  7. Definitely a sight for sore eyes. I’ll be watching.
  8. Get this gorgeous man on the main show! I mean we wouldn't see him till what Fall next year? But still.
  9. Last night was the first time I was really annoyed with Kelly. Yes she’s moving the drama along but if I had gone on that trip I would’ve been so damn annoyed being there with her. She was so [!@#$%^&*] immature and obnoxious.
  10. Lol Eileen has NEVER forgiven LVP for asking about the affair 😂😂
  11. RHOC Jesus it didn’t take long for Gina to turn on Emily.
  12. Quad the fraud strikes again. I don’t even love to hate Quad, I just want her to go away.
  13. Or she got the raise she should’ve gotten in the first place.
  14. Ryan Murphy would absolutely go off the rails with a longer episode order.
  15. Lol Robyn made like one comment and Karen shut her all the way down.
  16. The show was highly watchable when Sonny and the mob was sidelined. But something switched before Ron left and Sonny became lead again, and Michael stopped hating Sonny.
  17. That was a highly satisfying reunion. The Potomac ladies absolutely delivered. I’m just so happy people are calling out Ashley for the gold digger she is. And uh that preview where they talk about Michael grabbing the producers ass too!!
  18. I thought the ho stuff was like 2 seasons ago with Jackie saying she heard she was a build a ho.
  19. The ladies being so upset over pictures being taken at a [!@#$%^&*] charity event was next level stupid. Clearly none of their dumbasses have ever been to a charity event. I hate that they basically forced her off the show. And Jennifer didn't even say anything bad about Evelyn's daughter if she said anything about her in the first place. Wasn't the rumor was that Shaunice was running the household? How is that talking [!@#$%^&*] about your daughter? I'm so ready for Cece to stand up for herself against Evelyn. Thank god they closed the door on Tami. She was offering nothing and clearly didn't want to be on the show anymore. She'll be back though.
  20. Does Ciara know Julie is her aunt? It’s always weird to me when she calls her grandmother. I mean I know Julie is married to her grandfather, I dunno grandmother just sounds weird.
  21. Would you say I can just skip season 1??
  22. Holy [!@#$%^&*] that’s rough. I’ve been told to give it a shot so I might finally do it.
  23. I'm okay with the girls being divided this year since it finally gives Mariah some allies so she's not on an island alone. Even when she had Lisa Nicole, the other ladies didn't like her so she still felt disconnected. Speaking of Lisa Nicole, I would take her back in a heartbeat over Conetessa's lame ass.
  24. Woooow! I’d be pissed too if I was her. Now we know why they didn’t invite her to the reunion.
  25. I loved that they did a real time fast forward! I haven’t seen the shows do that before. I’m really hoping the ladies FINALLY realize after this season, Gizelle is a friend to NO ONE. Karen even thanked that ass.hole in her speech and she still came for her. She’s a miserable cow.
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