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  1. Interesting wrinkle having Abby start to lose her mind again the day Stefan pops up.
  2. This is a fantastic scene. Jeanne and Brenda had amazing chemistry.
  3. They would be the perfect Patriarch/Matriarchs for the DiMera family, especially a sane version of the DiMeras.
  4. It's gotta be Corday right? Doesn't Thaao get killed off every few years endlessly.
  5. I'm upset Tony and Anna are gone again. I don't know why it's so hard for the writers to let the Dimera's be a full family. It doesn't always to be just two siblings on the show, and Tony and Anna just fit.
  6. Thank you guys for the well wishes. I don't plan to leave my house yet even if these businesses are opening up. I refuse to be in that first wave of stupid people.
  7. I’m in Georgia and most everyone I know is in absolute shock that our governor is already starting to open things up Friday and Monday. He’s literally trying to kill us. I pray that he’s actually right and things are good but i highly doubt it.
  8. Kate's family is actually my favorite on the show. I absolutely hate when they have her in town alone. Her kids mean the world to her and help round out the character.
  9. I’m hoping it’s only temporary and they eventually revisit the family. It actually would be nice to turn Orpheus’ family into the next pariahs in town. The DiMeras have sort of normalized now with Kristen being partially sane and Tony/Chad being normal. And the last we saw off Stefan he was no longer obsessed with mentally ill women, even though I’d be okay not bringing him back. Poor random character created out of the blue.
  10. It was one of the things that made sane Kristen work for me. And they kept it up very briefly when Lani was against Gabi, but now nothing.
  11. I’m actually here for Kristen’s war path, but I would like some acknowledgement of the Lani/Kristen friendship while she’s going through this.
  12. I’m loving Britt from GH as Evan’s no nonsense lawyer! Sucks it was only super short term. She’s perfect in the role. Oh shi.t she just revealed she's his sister!!! I can’t believe Sarah stealing the baby was completely dropped for a few days. Who the f.uck thought you completely ignore your clear A. story for this Justin/Kayla/Steve triangle. And it sure didn’t take mr. reformed Ben long to start trying to strangle people again 🙄
  13. I much preferred Cassie and Rex as DiMera's. There wasn't really much time with them left on the show to even establish the family bond with Kate and Roman, and then they were barely mentioned once they left.
  14. You're right, any other legacy character would've worked. He could still interact with everyone, but him as Rex is just...no.
  15. I like Lowder but I don’t see Rex at all with him in the role. I agree he should’ve just been a new character.
  16. Of course he won’t acknowledge that they took away everything that made season 2 one of the most epic seasons in Housewives history.
  17. The fact that Sonja never wakes up with a hangover is astounding to me and I’m so jealous. She made the entire episode.
  18. The man he freaking killed in cold blood at that.
  19. Did I read you guys correctly, Valentin is no longer a Cassadine? What happened?
  20. I had to be reminded that RHOBH premieres tonight.
  21. Who does Contessa have dirt on? I don’t even buy her “marriage issues.”
  22. Sister Circle got canceled lol. Watch Quad suddenly care about the cast again.
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