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  1. I might check it out just to see Rick Hearst.
  2. Meryl Streep is everything and more. I despise her character but she’s doing amazing work. Madeline’s kids are the worst.
  3. Lol I already saw a meme on Instagram of Vicki saying that!
  4. You guys read the drama going on with Meghan and Jimmy Dad Jeans?? Anyone with eyes knew he wasn’t interested in her. She’ll get her check and leave now.
  5. Exactly! One of my friends was like, why didn’t Kyle just flat out say I didn’t appreciate you calling my sister a [!@#$%^&*]. Instead she just kept saying it was weird and trying to get Erika to agree. It was pathetic. And Teddi being so upset for her she was so ridiculous. She won’t fight a battle for LVP but she’ll gladly do Kyle’s bidding. 🙄
  6. The way everything went down with the swapping of actresses makes it extremely difficult for me to be excited about her return, not to mention GT making the character her own and likeable.
  7. Eileen fell to the double edged sword of Second Season Curse and coming for Vanderpump. Her first season she was absolutely the stand out. Hell with LVP gone, I actually wouldn’t mind her coming back as long as she was no longer fan girling over Erika. Did you watch New York yet? They proved once again why their cast doesn’t need to be touched at all.
  8. As has been pointed out, the NY ladies aren’t so super concerned about giving off a certain image whereas BH is all about their image now and dragging [!@#$%^&*] out forever. The NY ladies just feel more real. Even with Rinna being on the show the second longest now behind Kyle and Camille, I don’t feel anything genuine about the relationships the BH women have.
  9. Another very enjoyable New York. I actually felt bad for Luann. Bethenny’s antics don’t work on me.
  10. Well deserved. Last night was a snooze.
  11. No surprise without LVP and Camille around, the ladies turned on each other. I guess this is them trying to stir up drama on their own to see if they can keep the show afloat.
  12. Andy saying LVP is what made him actually want to do RHOBH probably eats Kyle up inside.
  13. I’ve finally come around to accepting that Justin Hartley’s Adam didn’t exist outside of the explosion, hell I think he only shared one scene with Sharon, and now I enjoy nuAdam as a better continuation of Muhney’s Adam.
  14. It's not realistic at all and it makes the characters look dumb and annoying. Anyone that wants to take care of my debts or buy me something nice is free to do so with no hesitation from me.
  15. I saw that. Clearly she’s a big fan of GT and grew close with her. Honestly this whole situation has to be awkward for a lot of the cast.
  16. Cindy was Bethenny’s replacement in season 4. She was awful. Season 7 definitely was my favorite cast and one of the best seasons of the show.
  17. Absolutely. Every time she doesn’t understand why one of Ben’s VICTIMS or in Eve’s case, mother of the victim, would still hate this man she just looks like a [!@#$%^&*] idiot. It’s terrible writing.
  18. Also a JM fan. Don’t get all the calls for recasting.
  19. I will say Abby and Nate do have chemistry. But I can’t see the show committing to them as they never do for Abby. I was also really into Abby/Tyler but we saw where that went. I’ m a few episodes behind and started fast forwarding a Mariah/Tessa scene and the soap gods blessed my fast forward finger with a Kyle/Lola scene. I could not be less interested in those two couples if I tried.
  20. I thought Rafe and Carrie actually had chemistry during that period when they were hooking up and working together.
  21. So let me get this straight. Ciara is mad at Eve for hating the man that killed her daughter? This backwards ass writing to prop Ben the serial killer. Rory is an idiot.
  22. GT really came into her own as Phyllis and was actually the first time i ever liked the character. I’m really dreading Giggly coming back especially she’s going to be doing that thing where she repeats her lines five times.
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