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  1. That's how I've been watching it lately. When people in the threads mention the climax of a story, I'll pop back in to see like I did for the mask reveal and then I wait for the next big Days event. I don't know if anything right now could get me to watch it daily.
  2. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. They cut Jill’s scenes last season but maybe it’ll be different without them having to appease Bethenny. God the more I think about how they allowed her to run the show the happier I am she is gone.
  3. That was Andre. Tony was on an island lol
  4. The thing is only part of the footage was added on. The camera guy absolutely was the one saying “don’t do that.” Everyone seems to ignore that part. Brandi figured Yolanda was going to be the new Queen and carry more clout than LVP, but she figured wrong. Yolanda was more concerned about pushing the Lyme disease narrative and not dealing with Brandi’s crazy.
  5. I've never seen someone handle Brandi so effortlessly as Joyce did to the point that Brandi ran off crying once, after starting the fight. It was great. I will say the seeds were planted very early on in Season 4 that Brandi would turn on LVP and she totally ignored all the signs. I'm not looking forward to the take down at all, even though Lisa has annoyed me this season with her blind loyalty to Trashy Brandi.
  6. So I’ve been watching season 4 of Beverly Hills the last two days and wow, I forgot that Brandi was literally just the definition of trash. Joyce was actually an amazing addition and I don’t understand why she wasn’t asked back the next season. Honestly if anyone ever finds themself wanting Brandi back, they should just watch this season. She sucks.
  7. I agree. I look forward to the reviews whenever I come in this thread!
  8. I thought the finale was okay. I would’ve liked a little more acknowledgment from the fall out between Pray Tell and Blanca’s family outside of just them saying they hadn’t seen each other in 8 months. Dare I say Ricky still has a little bit of something for Damon? Speaking of Damon, is it me or did this feel like his send off? Which kinda blows. It took awhile but I grew to appreciate him. I’m very curious where season 3 takes us.
  9. That show also proved why she worked a lot better in an ensemble. Like you said, her voice for an hour straight was a LOT.
  10. I actually didn’t dislike Hoppy. Honestly watching Bethenny Ever After started my extreme dislike of her. She was terrible to him and his family. I feel like he got used, and lost his [!@#$%^&*] once he realized she was only with him to get a baby.
  11. I hate that Bravo didn't air the most recent Melbourne. I haven't taken the time to find a link for it, but I really need to as I really loved that franchise. The guys from the Watch What Crappens Podcast were saying how amazing it would be if Gina from Melbourne came and replaced LVP on Beverly Hills. I would totally be down for that.
  12. What the hell happened to Joni? She just randomly stopped appearing, similar to Camille's friend DeeDee. I get attached to their real friends sometimes lol Was she being sarcastic or did she really just announce her marriage via a tweet?
  13. I might need to watch today and tomorrow's episodes.
  14. Lol so Billy at one time was able to not only move on with his life but also forgive Adam, but Adam coming back from the dead yet again has suddenly triggered DID for him? Can't say I'll be watching any of this.
  15. Lol I was laughing with my partner last night about how long it takes her to get her lines out. It may be campy as hell, but I can tell she had fun with the role so it still makes it entertaining for me. I really dislike Rondell and the actress who plays her. Wasn't expecting the investigator to get outted for having a full blown affair with her partner where she was contemplating leaving her husband. Yikes. I think they're done for good.
  16. I’m very okay with this. I’m happy for it to go back to an ensemble show and not Bethenny Frankel presents RHONY.
  17. That was so damn stupid. She’s such a narcissistic phony.
  18. [!@#$%^&*] Tami. But i don’t think we’ve ever agreed about her. The only one I like is Cici.
  19. Anyone keeping up with the show?
  20. For some reason it seems like Ashley is actually scared of Gizelle.
  21. I’m really enjoying the show every week. It’s over the top but also highly watchable.
  22. I found the first season to be much stronger. No one is projecting, it’s called having a different opinion. I would be pissed if someone that claims to love me and care about me, started [!@#$%^&*] my ex while smiling in my face.
  23. I thought Katie more than held her own against Ashley last night, that’s why Ashley had to start going low. I guess she thought Katie would just back down. As you guys have mentioned, Ashley didn’t even acknowledge when it was pointed out and then confirmed by Robyn that they all talked [!@#$%^&*].
  24. Of course Vyle Richards is at it again. She has no other storyline outside of her husbands lawsuit that she won’t talk about anyway, so naturally it was time to dust off her favorite one.
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