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  1. This actually annoys me. I loved Hillary and Mishael as an actress, but giving me crumbs isn’t going to make me watch regularly.
  2. You have got to be kidding me. I want to be excited but it just pisses me off again that they let Mishael go.
  3. Okay so that was hilarious.
  4. All true. All true. No lies detected. Side note I actually miss Taylor. I feel like the original cast had waaaaaay better chemistry than the current crew. It feels like a totally different show in these early seasons. Whereas New York still feels like New York and always has.
  5. I was trying to explain to my friend that I totally get where LVP is coming from. Why in god's name would anyone want to be friends with someone that they think is a liar and is lying to their face at this moment and is flat out telling them I think you're a liar. My conversation would've been a helluva lot shorter than the one they had. Messy Camille is back and I'm here for it. Also I'm currently watching season 2 of RHOBH as well and I remember now, why I originally disliked Kyle. She and Kim were awful to Brandi for no reason at all. And she also stole Kim's goddamn house. She basically admitted it and Kim described the whole situation. I knew I disliked Kyle for more than just being a shitty friend to LVP.
  6. Tyler and Lily was such a missed opportunity. They had great chemistry.
  7. I'm totally in agreement with you. I like that the NY cast actually knows each other and has for ages. Hell the women that met on the show have been doing this for 10-11 years together at this point.
  8. Jesus Christ, we’re going to jump straight into Nicole crying. Kill me now.
  9. One complaint I have is Sharon hearing the news offscreen. With Neil’s death, they’re finally acknowledging Dru’s existence by name and they were close. Because they wanted to erase Dru they stopped having Neil and Sharon interact which was stupid. Sharon Case though was another cast member who looked truly upset during the funeral.
  10. Man these funeral scenes are rough. Most of the actors don’t seem like they’re acting at all, just raw emotion for someone they loved. This has to be surreal for them. When Shemar broke down, I lost it. CK also broke my heart. Not gonna lie. just finished the episode. I’m emotionally spent.
  11. Potomac opening is out. Gizelle FINALLY stopped talking about being the word on the street and they actually gave the ladies a new opening finally.
  12. Brooklyn and Yvie in Snatch Game was one of the worst performances I've ever seen. Silky didn't make me laugh because I don't follow TS Madison so it just seemed like Silky being Silky who I loathe.
  13. Ugh that would be soooo amazing. Now I'm going to be sad that it's not going to happen.
  14. One thing I will say about yesterday's episode, Kyle is a douche. He totally used Summer. I want her to get revenge and I don't even like summer. But she's better than that walking coma Lola, who at first couldn't accept a purse but can now be a mistress and accept necklaces.
  15. It’s amazing how all of their conversations literally revolve around LVP. They are SO hungry to gang up on her and are seemingly baffled she has no interest in that.
  16. Hilary and Dru are alive being kept on machines and that’s why Neil kept disappearing.
  17. So that hit harder than I thought. Great choice having no dialogue. I actually got chills as Devon first walked up to Lily.
  18. I need Silky to go. Like yesterday. Latrice Royale you are NOT boo.
  19. I was shocked, but maybe this tragedy healed old wounds or they made up ages ago and no one knew lol
  20. There's pictures of them together in the April spoilers thread.
  21. Kenyagate legit doesn't make any sense. If Nene is that pressed to end a friendship over someone inviting their other friend to THEIR event, then that friendship didn't mean [!@#$%^&*] to her to begin with. I also despise Erika. Her better than everyone attitude is so f.ucking grating. And the fact that the other Housewives like drool over her makes it and her even worse. Not to mention her ridiculous anger issues when anyone slightly says anything negative to or about her. Hate her.
  22. Oh god these pictures have me about to cry in my office. This is going to be so hard to watch when I get off from work.
  23. Nicole was my favorite when I first started watching. She was snarky, funny, liked to drink martinis, and had great antagonistic chemistry with Sami and Kate. Then somewhere along the way, they decided to strip her of ALL OF THAT. I don't know who cries more, Maggie or Nicole? Daniel ruined both characters.
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