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  1. I also believed Yolanda was faking it. The problem with the LVP take downs is they expected the audience to care about a bunch of [!@#$%^&*] that happened off camera that could not be proven and it always felt like a gang up so LVP ended up looking sympathetic to the audience.
  2. Days is fine, I’m sure they’re close to filming Christmas by now if they haven’t already.
  3. I fast forwarded the Ben and Ciara and Will and Ben scenes. This made me die laughing as Ciara walked into the hospital room Princess Gina: Hope’s other child, I almost forgot she even existed. And then Gina made fun of her for aiding and abetting a serial killer. Of course Ciara ignored that part as usual. So the writers are now even acknowledging that they didn’t have Hope’s freaking daughter that lives in the same damn town as her, part of the Princess Gina story AT ALL.
  4. I mean the connection is literally RIGHT there. He’s an idiot.
  5. Will literally should hate Ben as much as Eve, Chad, and Abby. But Ron is such a terrible f.ucking writer, he thinks this is good [!@#$%^&*]. No one in their right mind wants to see Will be best friends with the man we watched strangle him.
  6. Yes. To this day Eve, who is now off canvas, is the only person who can truly hate Ben and call him out and the town made her look like an a.sshole for doing so.
  7. How did Orpheus leave this most recent time? I do like the twist of Evan being his son.
  8. They already had Chad let him stay on the grounds of DiMansion for a night instead of calling the cops 🙄
  9. Jesus Christ Rafe just apologized to Ben. This show can’t help themselves.
  10. Ahhh i totally missed that. I’m often doing other things while watching Days.
  11. It wasn't that long ago that they were beating GH on occasion. This is sad.
  12. Can someone explain why Chad is now hearing Steveano's voice in his head like a crazy person? Did I miss something? Thank god Kate is no longer in a hotel or the Brady Pub.
  13. Does Eileen just not want to be full time? I feel like every time I check in on the show Ashley's in the episode anyway. I still hate that they gave Dina Alzheimers instead of blaming what was happening to her on Graham. Marla Adams can still perform at a high level, killing Dina off is a waste. What is the point of Kevin and Chloe? Kyle/Lola/Summer/Theo is an awful quad. And it's crazy, when I was last watching regularly Lola and Kyle was one of the reasons I gave up on the show and now suddenly they aren't each others one true loves? Kyle could barely stomach Summer. Can they please recast Chance again. How did this guy get cast in the first place?
  14. Jordan was never my favorite but Vinessa was talented and they really didn’t have to recast.
  15. Wow, he was a fantastic actor.
  16. You already know she won’t care. She didn’t even notice she was gone.
  17. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a lot of stories, this is not one of them.
  18. Thank god today was a break from the Ben story. I was barely hanging on. Nice beat to have Jennifer tell Kate about Bill's death. Weird to have Abby and JJ just stay in South Africa. Is Kate Mansi leaving again? Thank god KA's vacation is finally over. It was getting ridiculous that we had zero movement on the Gina front. How nice of the jail to continue giving her a change of clothes. Is Brandon Beemer on recurring now? I hope Shawn sticks around. And we need Belle and Claire back in town as well.
  19. How convenient for Ben that he had the slowest execution in history and there will be no consequences for Ciara breaking into a prison with a gun. Will and Sonny being excited about Ben's execution being stopped will never not be ridiculous.
  20. The Ben propping is reminding of me of the Sonny and Jason propping on GH, which I had to drop. I couldn’t take it any longer. As you said, Daniel at least wasn’t a murderer. Every single character in the Ben story looks like a damn moron and the writers actually wrote this sh.it expecting the audience to eat it up because RSW is attractive. Ciara and Ben need to leave town for a very long time. Claire needs to be brought back and be the young Horton/Brady/Kiriakis connection on the show.
  21. Why did Ben's execution take so long. They injected the first drug and people were still at the house arguing with Evan. This story is just so bad. Everyone talking about Evan being a murderer as though Ben wasn't a serial killer just a few years ago. It's not like it's been 20 years since he was going around strangling people. The show is acting as though the current audience wasn't watching when Ben was on his pretty graphic kill streak. And Ciara running around with a gun at a prison, and not a single guard stopped her? Why do the writers have such contempt for their audience?
  22. This is the most accurate description of the character ever.
  23. All things Ben really are terrible and ruin the show. The fact that the writers just keep going full stop with it is absurd and there's nothing that can be done about it because of the stupid schedule. I honestly would watch the Steveano stuff over anymore Ben the Patron Saint of Salem bullshit.
  24. Sorry lol, she's just in my top 5 of least favorite Housewives.
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