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  1. I’m loving all the girls coming for her. I recently got caught up on Atlanta and she has somehow become even more narcissistic than before. I enjoy Shamari’s drunken antics.
  2. Hopefully this actor is a little more awake than the other one. He’s definitely more attractive.
  3. I wanted to add I also never cared for the Tara character so I’m fine with her death. Really I haven’t had a problem with most of the deaths on this show outside of Glenn. But honestly Glenn was so far from the character that I loved by the time he died, I didn’t care that much either.
  4. I haven’t seen this week’s episodes but I liked TC as Stefan as well. I missed most of his time on the show because I refused to watch another Ron DID love story, but I think he had good chemistry with Nadia and Camilla. The character is unfortunately a mess. I never got the feeling he was checked out.
  5. They were featured much more when Hillary was alive.
  6. I really enjoyed Hartley in the role. But Adam isn’t needed.
  7. I don't even know why we couldn't just end it on the wedding. Like you said it was easily the best episode of the season. I do hope we're not getting set up for Denise to have an awful second season. I haven't loved a Housewife this much on their first season since probably Eileen, but Denise I think is even more down to earth than Eileen honestly. I don't want her ever to get a glam squad and buy into all of that crap.
  8. So another BH episode down and another episode where I fall more in love with Denise. She is just so refreshing among this cast of women. Did anyone else hear Rinna say with zero self-awareness at all that Lisa Vanderpump is obsessed with HER?! The same woman who mentions LVP in every single episode and every single scene. I almost fell over.
  9. I actually like Jazmin, I’m not sure why she’s not a full time cast member. Overall I am enjoying the show though quite a bit and it’s different enough from the Atlanta show. I do wonder if Asha ended up with her role on Days. I mean we obviously won’t see it until 2020 regardless.
  10. Henry was awful and he’s basically the cause of everything that has now happened.
  11. The one on AMC/OLTL actually got me into both Soaps.
  12. It’d be awesome if Josh just reversed it completely by some sort of soapy means. I don’t understand why Marla is being totally wasted.
  13. I honestly didn’t realize how much of my investment in the show revolved around Hilary until she was gone. Not to mention Dina and Ashley as well.
  14. I totally forgot Brandon was taking over. I enjoyed Tyler and Nadia together.
  15. Honestly just my feeling from these first few episodes, we’re in for a good Sonja season.
  16. Omg now I’m gonna have to rewatch and compare.
  17. Arturo was the one Rosales clan member I disliked the least and now they’ve rewritten it so that he cheated on Abby with Mia. Way to go Josh, way to go 🙄
  18. Even if it's just as a tribute as themselves and not their characters, I could not be more excited to see Victoria Rowell and Mishael. I miss Hilary so much. The show is just not that interesting to me these days. I didn't realize how attached I was to the character and how big of a hole her absence would actually leave.
  19. Omg those were amazing. I don't even feel like talking about BH so I'm gonna jump straight to New York. Ramona Singer is an [!@#$%^&*]. Like I've always known it, but I still get shocked every season when she shows what an unrepentant [!@#$%^&*] she is. Dorinda is an [!@#$%^&*] as well and a narcissist. Bethenny and the Dennis talk is a little off for me. One minute she's saying her would be fiancee, the next she's telling Dorinda they were actually engaged? And now the relief efforts are about Dennis? But now she's going to go on a date three weeks after he died? I hate to say it, but I'm ready to move on past Dennis. It's not giving me the warm and fuzzies about Bethenny. Sonja continues to be a treasure. She was great this episode. Barbara I will say fits in perfectly with the cast. All the shows need to add people that are actually friends with the cast. She's been able to jump right in without any of the awkward feeling out process. I'm thoroughly confused why they decided to not give her an apple if she's going to be featured as much as the other Housewives. Really confused by that.
  20. I’m really far behind but i tuned in today and heard some really interesting music during the Jack and Kerry scenes. Is that one of the classic cues you guys were talking about? It was so interesting sounding.
  21. It looks like stank ass Charisse finally got the boot too!
  22. When I tell you my body is ready. It will be a perfect pallot cleanser after this atrocious Atlanta season.
  23. I just saw it on Instagram and it is EVERYTHING. Ya know I was actually thinking something similar about the angle she’s being filmed at in her confessionals as well. I’m gonna have to look at some old footage and see if it’s noticeable at all.
  24. I figured my fellow Housewife lovers would enjoy this crossover gem from instagram 😂😂😂
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