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  1. This week’s pose was the worst of the series and the very definition of filler Emmy-baiting bull.
  2. Unfortunately due to the ratings doing well this season, Bravo will probably keep this cast despite it seeming like the viewers pretty much hate most of the cast. I legit don't like anyone in the cast outside of Camille. I may watch the first episode of the next season if I hear of any significant cast changes, but another full season of this group of phonies I just don't see me being able to handle.
  3. Thank god. He's easily been one of her worst chemistry-free pairings.
  4. So you're saying it's a coincidence that most of these "lurkers" all have the same strange avatars? Give me a break.
  5. Part 2 wasn't much better than part 1 which was awful. At least Andy asked decent questions. Erika blatantly lied about her husband's lawsuit, which I found amusing. It was also interesting how much disdain this cast seems to have for the fans of BH because the season didn't turn out in their favor. I guess they figured the majority would turn on Vanderpump, but that was a miscalculation because Dorit isn't a likeable victim or even well liked at all by the audience and Teddi's lies kept making her look like an idiot. I still find it hilarious that Teddi never once spoke with Vanderpump about this take down of Dorit, and Andy really called her out on her lies. Rinna only slightly acknowledged that she clearly has an eating disorder but still didn't really accept it. I still remember the scene where she and her daughters shared the smallest plate of pasta on the planet as though that was a meal. I'm also confused why she's seated next to Andy after really doing nothing this season. Kyle is loving every single dig she's gotten to throw at Vanderpump. It makes all her talk about missing her and wishing things were different to be so fucki.ng phony and hollow.
  6. Haven't seen last week or this week's episode yet, but he seemed to disappear after their break up.
  7. Is Damon the young one kicked out by his parents? It's a shame I binge watched the whole first season and most of this season and his name has never stuck for me.
  8. If only Anna wasn't written as a nut job anymore.
  9. None of that Kyle and Lola [!@#$%^&*] sounds interesting but I also fast forward all of their scenes now anyway.
  10. I don’t care particularly for either actor. And Pray Tell was an [!@#$%^&*] to Candy the entire show but somehow got the most emotional moments in her episode. It rang false.
  11. I deleted the last two weeks’ worth of episodes as nothing is truly grabbing me right now. I worked from home today and watched just cause it was on.
  12. I think the Bravo app posts full episodes the next day.
  13. RHOP Ashley needs to fire whoever styled her most recent talking head, holy sh.it. And she’s desperately trying to switch the narrative away from Michael but she’s so inauthentic and phony. Not a single tear came down her face in that scene with her mom.
  14. If this thread hadn’t been bumped I would’ve been totally surprised.
  15. My ex and I developed a drinking game for this show. Anytime someone says Mother, you have to drink.
  16. No I totally get that a lot of the friendships only exist during filming. Hell all you have to do is watch the Beverly finale when they cut to six months later, it was clear none of those bitches were hanging out in the off season.
  17. I mean I get that but like I said Carole was a really good actress as she actually seemed quite fond of Tinsley and Tinsley seemed genuinely shocked that Carole didn’t actually consider them friends.
  18. Yeah Bethenny was all over the internet last year when Cookie died. She's just a hypocrite. In other news, Potomac apparently brought in 1.6 million viewers this past week. I love that they’re ratings are continuing to climb. They’re having a hell of a season and deserve it.
  19. My only issue with Caroles statement is I recall seeing her on vacation with Tinsley though outside of the show with Scott and Adam. I guess they didn’t have fun? I honestly believed they had a genuine friendship. Carole was a good actress. And a Tinsley seemed genuinely hurt and surprised to find out they weren’t friends at that reunion.
  20. Got into this show recently. I pretty much like most of the characters except for Pray Tell and the young dancer that I can never remember the name of.
  21. See I'm the opposite. I found Bethenny insufferable. It's the reunions that really make the show sometimes feel like it should be called Bethenny's Real Housewives of New York because she has to comment on literally EVERYTHING.
  22. Very entertaining part 2 for New York. Ramona still didn't really accept much responsibility for being liar multiple times this season, but I dunno what else we could've expected from her. I still can't figure out why these women care so much about Tinsley's money. It's weird to be that interested in someone else's finances that clearly comes from money. I felt bad for her that she even had to explain it to them and they still didn't care. Tinsley even called it out, she's not giving them the answers that they want so they don't accept them.
  23. I enjoy JT as Billy. I don’t want Miller back.
  24. I want whatever Andy is smoking if he considers the current RHOBH cast an All Star cast. Next season is going to be awful if he doesn't switch some things up.
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