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  1. Theo wouldn’t stand a chance against Ben.
  2. The Phyllis/Jack proposal episode gave me some of the drama I was waiting for with Ashley/Traci/Brad/Colleen drama. I had asked in the Y&R Old articles thread if that had ever been an issue and I’m glad to see it was. Interesting seeing this episode and Ryan and Victoria are together. I had seen them as a couple in the 1991 episodes and this is ten years later. Peter Bergman sold the hell out of his love for Phyllis. I’ve really enjoyed the first Mac I’ve seen in these older episodes. When I was watching Cybill Shepherd’s daughter was playing her and was one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. And then there was another Mac who was so happy go lucky and dating JT, she seemed like a different character.
  3. Maybe because I’m only seeing him in these various classics they’re showing, but I feel like he should definitely still be on the show. I’ve never really been a fan of killing vets, especially ones connected to the entire canvas. And it annoys me that his character has been completely erased. When I started watching, Abby was young and played by that awful actress but Brad was her dad. Since then, it’s like he never raised her and she’s just full on Newman.
  4. Watching these older episodes, I totally understand now why people much prefer Heather Tom to Amelia. I’m watching the episode now where Kevin sets Gina’s on fire and it’s interesting hearing Neil talk about how much older Kevin is than Lily, because by the time I started watching the show was determined to make Kevin a peer of the 20 something’s when he was pushing 40 or older. And how the hell did his character come back from trying to burn Colleen alive? It’s also crazy how much younger this second Diane is compared to the original I’ve seen in previous episodes. The Winters may have the worst set on this show. Maybe it was being phased out when I started watching but my god it’s awful. Neil has worked at Jabot and Newman for years and THAT’S all he could afford?! What happened to the Gina character? She’s been in so many of these episodes and has never been mentioned since I started watching watching the show. Also even after hearing about Sharon and Nick’s history pre-Phyllis and watching the show since Phick were a thing, I still find myself wishing Sharon was back as a Newman.
  5. I’m still about 15 episodes behind on the classics and I’ve just reached Traci and Brad’s wedding. I had previously never seen Brenda Epperson as Ashley so it’s nice they’ve featured quite a few episodes with her. I love Eileen, but Brenda plays Ashley with such warmth. She just really seems like a really nice person. Not that Eileen doesn’t show it at times, but Brenda really just radiates this aura of warmth. I like it. Dina is also in this episode and the Abbott’s seem fine with her. I always found it strange when she returned a few years ago the show acted as though the kids had never made up with her and that she’d been gone from their lives for like 50 years. I still don’t get why Jack and Nikki live at the ranch. If I hated someone the way Jack does Victor, the last thing I’d want to do is sleep in his bed every night or live in his home. Mamie seems like such an important part of the Abbott family, crazy how I don’t think she’s ever been mentioned since I started watching the show back in like 06 or 07. Brad also seems way too interested in Ashley considering he’s marrying Traci.
  6. I thought it was really well done. I'll actually miss Tinsley. Dorinda was a c.unt all the way to the end.
  7. I’m excited to see any of the stuff from the 80’s. I wasn’t even born for pretty much every episode they’ve aired from the 80’s, if not all as I was in born in 88. I also don’t really go on YouTube to watch old episodes on my phone or computer, so being able to watch these episodes on my tv has been great.
  8. Why did Brad and Traci divorce?
  9. Thank you. I didn’t get into Y&R until sometime when Phick were already married. I’m loving all the actual episodes that are 15 years and older. I’ve never seen any of the replays people are complaining about so this has been great for me.
  10. For the viewers that were watching at the time, what was the overall consensus on Brad Carlton going from pool boy, to marrying not one but both Abbott daughters and also becoming a powerful executive? Was it a natural progression? Was Brad a popular character? By the time I started watching, Brad was sleeping with Sharon, had some crazy Jewish storyline, and then shortly after was killed off which i thought was strange for such a long running character. Also how did Traci feel about Ashley marrying her ex and father of her child? Thanks in advance.
  11. Tell that to DAYS. All Ciara and Ben do is make out and have sex
  12. Andy isn’t in charge of programming at Bravo anymore thankfully.
  13. Gosh it's so nice having Lucas back. He's actually always been one of my favorite characters on the show, and Lumi is what got me into Days but of course he was constantly made to be second fiddle to EJ and then Daniel. It's crazy, this is the first time Lucas has been home that we know of since WIll got out of prison and there was no mention of it. Are we to believe he's been back offscreen to see Will? I'm excited to see Kate with Allie after hearing Kate talk about their relationships. Kate without any family in town except Will who barely acknowledges her has been a bummer, so I'm excited they're filling out her family again. I've never enjoyed Rafe, but I do feel bad that he lost David.
  14. So now Ben is the authority on when people are well or not?! Omg I just got to that part, and that was f.uckin ABSURD. Nice twist with Emily' O Brien being Jake's ex they're looking for.
  15. Ciara really wanted Ben to ask freakin Will to be his best man? WHat is wrong with this show.
  16. I don’t know how much longer she can ride on as the actual master manipulator and never get called out. It’s quite tiresome honestly.
  17. It really does, but the great thing is outside of Allie, we know all of these characters and care about them.
  18. Thank you, I thought I remembered him being attacked down there and having to watch as the sh.it to trigger the Bombs caught fire.
  19. Omg yes Shawn, Belle, Claire! Allie is pregnant! I’m pumped for next week.
  20. I wish they’d take Ciara and Ben with them.
  21. This is absurd if true. Did they not make her enough of a villain for wanting justice for her murdered daughter last go round?
  22. Kyle definitely brought Brandi in to bring down Denise. It’s clear as f.ucking day.
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