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  1. I remember I believe my mom may have watched All My Children when I was a child. I have distinct memories of knowing Erica Kane/Susan Lucci. I was really big into Dawson’s Creek and Savannah growing up which made the transition to soaps pretty easy. I started with Passions then moved onto Days. Slowly but surely I got into OLTL, AMC, and GH. Eventually I started watching Y&R with the occasional viewing of B&B but I just didn’t have time to watch that many soaps. I now only watch Y&R and DAYS, but mainly Y&R. I still have a soft spot for a lot of the Days characters, mainly the vets but the show just isn’t appointment viewing for me anymore. Lol Khan you’re better than that, it was clearly a joke.
  2. Why does Adam need half a billion dollars to start a new life? I’m enjoying nuAdam but it’s really starting to bug me that the growth he did under Justin Hartley is completely gone and ignored. I fast forward all Kyle/Lola and Sharon/Rey scenes.
  3. Because he does this regularly.
  4. NuNate has so much charisma. They definitely should have him bouncing around the whole canvas. He fits in really well too.
  5. So does that mean weepy-Nicole really did blow up?
  6. So we're back to evil Adam already...sheesh.
  7. As much as I like Jacks relationship with Adam, it doesn’t make a lick of sense considering what Adam did to Ashley. I don’t even think Jack acknowledges it.
  8. https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/23/luann-de-lesseps-rhony-avoids-jail-time-probation-violation-mimosas/ TMZ has the new conditions added to Luann's probation. She honestly should've gone to jail this time, but if she can't finish out probation with these new conditions THEY HAVE TO LOCK HER UP. Her whole treatment for this situation is such an insult to people who don't have the resources or privilege that Luann does.
  9. They already filmed the reunion so we’re good there. And now I’m reading she’s actually not going to jail.
  10. So maaaad, I had tickets for Countess and Friends next week!
  11. It's amazing that New York doesn't really have a story this season outside of Luann and Ramona being awful people but it's still so damn watchable. I know some don't like when they keep the same cast this long, but it works on this show. If the show were to end soon, I'd like for this to be the cast with maybe a return of Heather and Jill to cap it off.
  12. The hotel living on the soaps lately is killing me. Most of these characters are RICH and they can’t afford a mortgage and literally just live in a room with a bed and a bathroom.
  13. Just two regular folks, nothing to see here guys 😂😂
  14. I still can't get over Kyle's super bullsh!t story of how she found out LVP was taking a lie detector test. Like seriously, don't try and make the audience feel like idiots. We know the producers told you.
  15. I thought it was funny. But in today’s world everything makes you somethingphobic.
  16. Like I said. It doesn't matter what she says. They've made up their minds. Why would she want to be around them?
  17. You just summed it up for me perfectly. Kate is my absolute favorite Soap Mom and Lauren Koslow has been and is still one of the only reasons I still occasionally watch Days.
  18. I also wasn't clamoring for Adam to return especially without Hartley, who made the role viable, but I'm enjoying the writing thus far and the actor. We'll see how everything pans out once he gets his memories back and with Nick looking at those Chelsea texts we know she's next. Hopefully he has some chemistry with MCE.
  19. I was also shocked they’re already filming the reunion. It doesn’t even feel like they’ve been back that long. New York is one I’m fine with a longer season because I enjoy the dynamic between the women.
  20. I’m all for Eve getting revenge on the guy who murdered her daughter. And Hope was a terrible commissioner anyway.
  21. Fans complain about the Rosales clan, so they get rid of two but then decide we need the Mom 🙄🙄
  22. Count me in as a fan of Nu-Adam. I also like that he actually looks like Nick and Victoria’s younger brother. What I don’t like is that I recall the Newman’s all kind of being okay with Adam by the time Hartley’s Adam got blown up, but now they’re acting like those few years never happened. I also enjoy Nu-Nate. He actually has presence and charisma onscreen. The previous Nate was the cure for insomnia.
  23. Lisa is in a complete lose lose situation with the women. They refuse to believe her so what is she supposed to do?
  24. I’m kind of confused right now. When Hartley was in the role of Adam, I thought all the Newman’s stopped hating him. What changed? It’s like they’ve erased the Hartley period and are only focusing on the Muhney and latter Engen periods of the character.
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