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  1. Literally she shared I believe ONE scene with Justin Hartley’s Adam. And it was nothing major. She was living her life not thinking about this man at all. Then the recast happens and suddenly they’re both obsessed again.
  2. Oh I saw those and I was pisssssed. I was actually in shock that Sharon made it about Mia. This hard on for Adam is AWFUL.
  3. So I’m finally getting caught up on the show. I’m about 7 episodes behind now, maybe less. If I were Rey, I would divorce the hell out of Sharon. They’ve been married a few months, she’s getting caught on camera kissing her ex and even after that refuses to stop seeing her ex for her husband. And then they had the god awful scene of Sharon telling Faith, oh ya know Adam isn’t all bad. Garbage. I’m just going to assume Devon/Elena are end game since they apparently can’t stop sleeping together. If Amanda ever finds out I just don’t see how she’d want to be with Devon.
  4. LOL I totally forgot about that. Man the writers don’t have a clue about the real world.
  5. Nothing about her interactions with the cast come off as authentic.
  6. I haaaate Latoya. She is the definition of thirsty and inorganic.
  7. GT’s Phyllis and Hilary. Truly loved that friendship.
  8. Why would Kate go from Jake to ol mush mouth?
  9. Kristian Alfonso as Princess Gina. I have no idea what the accent was supposed to be but it was baddd. Stephen Nichols as Stefano. Just terrible.
  10. So how are they going to handle the lingering thread of Hope being out of town, if her whole purpose was to find Ciara? Will she just return off screen? I will never accept the show making Marlena the surrogate mom of the man that killed her grandson, or that grandson coming back to life to be his killer’s best friend. Just stupid, stupid, stupid.
  11. And those of us who hated Kenya then, still do now. I will never see any appeal in her.
  12. I will never like nuClaire. There’s nothing the actress can do to change that, I’ve just accepted it. And this serial killer/Ciara psychic connection is just god awful. They’re immediately going back on my fast forward list. Jackee has been a wonderful addition to the show.
  13. That was absurd and she looked desperate and pathetic. All they’re doing is making me believe the rumors are true.
  14. It was an okay premiere but like you guys, it’s missing Mariah. I again have no idea why the producers dropped her again. Her dynamics with the whole cast could carry the season but nope.
  15. It’s nuts seeing two black women with the RHONY ladies. I’m so nervous about Ramona around black women.
  16. You’re f.ucking kidding me? So she’s raping Rex and cheating on Brady all in one.
  17. Wow the extended promo is TEN TIMES more interesting.
  18. Nah Ben can be a serial killer. The problem is making that serial killer a hero and anyone that has a problem with it, wrong.
  19. Happy to see the Jack and Xander friendship continue. But that promo was totally meh.
  20. The trio of Carly/Sonny/Jason are why I gave up GH years ago and from reading the threads each month, it sounds like nothing has changed. Carly under LW is so smug, loud, and insufferable.
  21. Exactly! Marge's hands aren't as clean as she wanted to present them to be and she definitely wasn't expecting her husband to be the one that blew up her spot like that.
  22. That is disturbing as hell. This has nothing to do with being a person of color. This woman is unhinged.
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