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  1. Luann came out of this looking like a racist ass.hole.
  2. Lol lord I missed that. They’re not even trying anymore.
  3. The amount of business that takes place in Society and in the Grand Phoenix lobby of all places, is so stupid. They really should've kept Jack's Jabot office instead of the tiny boardroom.
  4. Wow they kept Greg Vaughn returning a surprise. And Johnny’s home! I assume Sidney will be as well.
  5. Where’s the summer promo? For some reason no one posts the promos anymore. nevermind I found it.
  6. It’s quite shocking
  7. The first time they did two seasons back to back I was all about it but now I’m totally burnt out.
  8. So no one is EVER going to figure out Sarah is not with Rex?
  9. I love Kathy Hilton. Period. The end of the episode was not a good look at all for Sutton. RHONJ Joe and Marge are clearly still lying about hearing the rumor.
  10. Wow that’s a fall from grace.
  11. That is the perfect description of Kathy. It’s clear Kyle is the boring sister.
  12. Agree with all of this. Teresa seeing that made me die, I loved it.
  13. I’m enjoying the show as well. The lack of Ben probably has a lot to do with it.
  14. I’ve never gotten Tripp either. He’s dull as all get out.
  15. I can’t stand Leah. She’s really messing up my enjoyment of the show. And now this campaign against Heather.
  16. Yeah I thought she was great season 5 and then downhill from There.
  17. It is ABSURD that there’s been zero Lily and Moses scenes.
  18. Rinna trying to backtrack on completely ruining her friendship with Denise for the show.
  19. Leah is extremely calculated and she was clearly already planting the seeds to run Heather off the show just from her talking heads last episode. I can’t stand her.
  20. I’m just happy everyone knows about Kristen now. Hopefully the dangling Sarah plot gets taken care of as well. Still not sure why Rex hasn’t told ANYONE that Sarah never left with him. I guess his parents never call him.
  21. Lol god they really be lazy sometimes for no damn reason.
  22. I agree the current Kyle looks nothing like an Abbott to me, never has.
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