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  1. Is our put upon hero allowed to do that anymore? Oh wait he did that not too long ago I think when the thugs coming after Jake showed up right?
  2. I had never seen Olivia before the classics began airing and after seeing how integral she was for so many years, it makes no sense she hasn’t been on the canvas.
  3. This is her proving Denise forced sex on her? 🙄
  4. I really enjoyed the aftermath of the explosion, I wish they hadn’t made it look like the explosion was only in the hallway when it happened and then suddenly everyone is under rubble. But I do like how they filmed things.
  5. I don’t Kristian sounded bitter or like a brat at all.
  6. That scene at Kyle’s house with Brandi May be the phoniest, most staged, poorly acted scene in Housewife history. Throw most of this cast away immediately.
  7. To echo others, I didn’t grow up on Y&R and only actually got into it in the last 14 years or so I LOVE these classics. I love the acting, the music, the closeups. This is a show I wish I would’ve watched before it became the show that I got into.
  8. It's just crazy to me that Ciara's wedding to the serial killer is the only one that got the grand wedding treatment.
  9. Like I knew it was coming but I was SO annoyed at Will for getting upset at Sami for not being a fan of the man who tried to kill him.
  10. Wait Vivian’s dead? Or is this is how she escapes prison time?
  11. Nooo not ChiChi. I always loved her. I wish she had waited a little longer to do AllStars.
  12. It immediately feels like DOOL when Sami is around and on a tear. The scene with her, Lucas, and Allie was fantastic. Lumi was always her best pairing to me.
  13. He always looked ridiculous when they had him in the same suits that Tyler Christopher wore. If they dressed him like when he was Johnny Zacchara he could work as a DiMera.
  14. The show is going to be really weird without Hope.
  15. I really enjoyed the Lucas/Sami/Allie scenes today. For some reason it wasn’t registering to me that Will and Allie actually share both parents and weren’t half siblings even though I actually knew it.
  16. I actually felt really bad for both Sami and Gabi today. I never once considered a twin for Stefan so I was actually shocked. But at least Jake doesn’t come with the raping Abby baggage. I never got over that. I will never tire of Sami vs. Nicole.
  17. Hartley was so so good as Adam and the character evolved. Of course they undid all of that when they brought in Gossman for some reason.
  18. I just got to the end of the episode. She totally had me convinced when I posted! She was phenomenal! They really had me hooked. The soaps never do that anymore.
  19. Omg I didn’t realize Victor’s mom was so down and dirty daaaaamn. Fantastic actress.
  20. I totally forgot about the Gwens on Passions. I much preferred Natalie to Liza, all day everyday. Natalie also looked much more the part of Andrea Evans daughter once Andrea took over as whatever the mom’s name was.
  21. I hated her Kelly in the final stent, I admit to never seeing her original run, because she played her like a linebacker on a football team. She was so butch lol
  22. I don’t even remember what the reasoning was but then they brought on a guy that looked like he was the same age as Jack and Ashley as a recast, it was ridiculous.
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