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  1. I just wish Mariah would stop giving Quad so much energy. It just gives Quad more ammunition to play the victim. Contessa is really acting like she’s looking for a divorce.
  2. Finally watched RHOC. I loved that woman that stood up to Kelly, Braunwyn, and Braunwyn’s mom who is so damn desperate for attention.
  3. The Beverly Hills women would never let themselves get this real again.
  4. Why should people stop pointing out Chandler’s awful smirking?
  5. Yeah but they’ll be around for another year so it doesn’t matter.
  6. At least the show isn’t pink anymore. That was awful.
  7. It really should’ve been Katie but the show completely did her dirty.
  8. Is it weird that I don’t want a new housewife?
  9. I’m currently on season 6. I can’t get enough of it. It’s literally taken precedence over everything else I try to watch. It’s just so well written and acted. My only gripe is that they let The Freak be a super villain for so long and that literally everyone ignored the warnings about how manipulative she could be.
  10. Currently I’ve been very into Wentworth on Netflix. It’s set in a women’s prison like Orange is the New Black but not as fluffy at all.
  11. Lord have mercy, Potomac even delivers the goods while filming in contrast to BH where we’ve heard nothing except the recent chatter that the producers aren’t happy with those boring hos.
  12. I never thought I’d be happy to see her but I am.
  13. I thought Mishael coming back would get me back to regularly watching but her introduction and the character in general has been terrible.
  14. You’ve nailed this perfectly. They got rid of Lisa and now they’re trying to do a everyone gets along season which they would have to be morons to think that’s what anyone wants to see. I don’t care what it says about me as a viewer, but these friendships are so phony I have no interest in watching them get along.
  15. If Ric came back, I’d watch. He was always my favorite.
  16. That was a lot. I don’t think I liked it lol. I’m gay and it made me uncomfortable 😂😂 Gina still sucks.
  17. Taylor and Faye would be an amazing to spark considering we’re about to get a season of the ladies complimenting each others outfits.
  18. Phyllis didn’t even acknowledge that she has the same face as her dead best friend.
  19. RHOC Pretty uneventful episode, but still enjoyable. I was shocked that I enjoyed seeing Jesus Jugs but it’s probablh cause she’s free of that sloth Jim. God he’s up there as an all time worst Househusband. Gina at this point is looking for reasons to not like Emily. Have we ever seen someone turn on their Besty this fast before? It’s clear she’s just trying to keep her place on the show secure by aligning with Tamra and Shannon and to a lesser extent Vicki. I can’t see how they don’t give Vicki her orange back next season. It just feels like RHOC when she’s around. Braunwyn should’ve just been a friend of.
  20. So Stafford’s Phyllis sees a woman with the exact same face as her dead best friend and there’s zero reaction. I already had had my fears that Stanford wouldn’t have the same chemistry with Mishael as Gina did, but the writers didn’t even try to acknowledge the relationship between Hillary and Phyllis. Boooooo
  21. These bitches are complete and utter hypocrites. OG hasn’t laid hands on a single person. Evelyn has hit people, chased people down, thrown [!@#$%^&*] at people but now they’re scared of OG because she doesn’t back down to that ho. It was hilarious that after OG pulled the real receipts, the girls suddenly decided to spin the story from OG lying to now OG is a home wrecker. Give me a goddamn break. And now on the reunion Evelyn says she won’t share the stage with someone taunting her with her abuser, the same abuser she decided to get receipts from. Dumb bitch.
  22. Gosh I would love to see some young Hope vs Julie.
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