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  1. The show was highly watchable when Sonny and the mob was sidelined. But something switched before Ron left and Sonny became lead again, and Michael stopped hating Sonny.
  2. That was a highly satisfying reunion. The Potomac ladies absolutely delivered. I’m just so happy people are calling out Ashley for the gold digger she is. And uh that preview where they talk about Michael grabbing the producers ass too!!
  3. I thought the ho stuff was like 2 seasons ago with Jackie saying she heard she was a build a ho.
  4. The ladies being so upset over pictures being taken at a [!@#$%^&*] charity event was next level stupid. Clearly none of their dumbasses have ever been to a charity event. I hate that they basically forced her off the show. And Jennifer didn't even say anything bad about Evelyn's daughter if she said anything about her in the first place. Wasn't the rumor was that Shaunice was running the household? How is that talking [!@#$%^&*] about your daughter? I'm so ready for Cece to stand up for herself against Evelyn. Thank god they closed the door on Tami. She was offering nothing and clearly didn't want to be on the show anymore. She'll be back though.
  5. Does Ciara know Julie is her aunt? It’s always weird to me when she calls her grandmother. I mean I know Julie is married to her grandfather, I dunno grandmother just sounds weird.
  6. Would you say I can just skip season 1??
  7. Holy [!@#$%^&*] that’s rough. I’ve been told to give it a shot so I might finally do it.
  8. I'm okay with the girls being divided this year since it finally gives Mariah some allies so she's not on an island alone. Even when she had Lisa Nicole, the other ladies didn't like her so she still felt disconnected. Speaking of Lisa Nicole, I would take her back in a heartbeat over Conetessa's lame ass.
  9. Woooow! I’d be pissed too if I was her. Now we know why they didn’t invite her to the reunion.
  10. I loved that they did a real time fast forward! I haven’t seen the shows do that before. I’m really hoping the ladies FINALLY realize after this season, Gizelle is a friend to NO ONE. Karen even thanked that ass.hole in her speech and she still came for her. She’s a miserable cow.
  11. Why is Tami even in the opening for the show. She’s literally missed multiple episodes and clearly doesn’t want to be on the show anymore. I thought Evelyn was a !@#$%^&*] when she was confronted about not actually being friends with Jackie.
  12. Yes mam! Let’s hope it actually stays on Sundays the whole season this time around.
  13. Agree with everything you said. Overall I’d say we got a pretty good premiere. Interesting to see the ladies divided into two camps now.
  14. She is a monster without a loyal bone in her body. I wish she would just admit she doesn’t like Karen and be done with it.
  15. What in the world 😂😂
  16. YESSSS. They’re not letting Michael or Ashley off the hook!!
  17. Pray this is the end of the Rosales.
  18. One thing I don’t miss at all about this show is MB’s “acting.” It’s laughsble that he’s still getting a paycheck.
  19. Regarding OC. It’s amazing how Shannon and Tamra have spun this to be Vicki’s fault when we all clearly saw Tamra say the train. Vicki just did one of her empty threats, Tamra put this out there. And with Vicki just being a friend of, we’re not getting anything from her as she’s being thrown under the bus.
  20. I watched today’s episode and I swear I just saw Julie in this same story. Color me shocked at how restrained Robin Strasser cake across as Vivian. I actually didn’t hate it.
  21. RHOC So when do we get the divorce announcement from Emily and Shane. He clearly isn't into her and this is what happens when you marry a guy who proposed to you on GChat. I wish I cared though but I don't like Emily. Still don't care about Gina's struggles or her happiness that Shannon finally likes her.
  22. RHOP Gizelle’s overhyped phony concern over Katie was just stupid. The front desk wasn’t even dealing with her foolishness and just flat out told her to ask the damn team that was with the housewives. I was totally team Karen on everything she said to Ashley. We clearly hear the cameraman telling Michael don’t do that. Charges being dropped doesn’t mean [!@#$%^&*]. People get away with stuff all the damn time.
  23. About damn time. She is a terrible cast member that half the time didn’t even want to be there. She’s also the reason the show just turned into 20 minutes of the ladies complimenting each other’s outfits ad nauseam.
  24. Just finished the reunion for season 4 of Beverly. I legit don’t get what Brandi wants from Lisa? She clearly wanted to take her down, but then cried because Ken and Lisa cut her out? She says she feels her relationship with Lisa was all strategic but then says Lisa was there for her? She’s a walking contradiction and i have no sympathy for her or her tears. I thought Joyce once again did a great job holding her own. It really is a shame they didn’t bring her back but it’s clear they didn’t want someone that had no problem giving it to Brandi and Yolanda. They really didn’t focus on Carlton at all outside of her feud with Kyle which is surprising given how much focus she got during the season. Yolanda seems perfectly healthy so knowing the munchausen season is coming, I’ll be curious to see when her health “takes a turn.”
  25. So dumb. If Loise wasn’t available, just don’t bring her back. This recasting major long term characters has to stop.
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