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  1. I actually recently rewatched all of New York and Dorinda has actually been a cu.nt starting with her first season when she freaked out on Heather for no reason at all.
  2. I think Sarah is just a terrible character that I don’t think any actress could salvage as currently written.
  3. I watched when Justin Hartley was Adam and I literally remember him sharing maybe one scene with Sharon. He didn’t even think about her at that time. All he wanted was Chelsea.
  4. Do we know why Chelsea turned on Adam? Before he got blown up she was madly in love with him way more than she ever loved Nick. Sure she was married when he came back to life but she had zero excitement about it. I swear they want us to believe that Justin Hartley’s Adam never existed.
  5. Brady and Rex need to team up and just beat the sh.it out of Eric. He’s literally the worst brother on the planet.
  6. So based off the spoilers someone posted on Facebook, my suspicions were correct. Pray Tell is trash and there’s clearly no bro code in the ballroom scene.
  7. Because I have zero interest in Emily or Gina, I felt like there was too much focus on them. Vicki was missed. Shannon seems legitimately happy. Tamra’s son is an idiot.
  8. Wait how did they explain Tony being alive?!
  9. Vicki is the O.C. She’s always been unapologetically Vicki and even when she’s awful, I just accept that it’s Vicki. She’s extremely watchable.
  10. I hope it’s not another case of Simone going off on Quad then feeling bad and apologizing later. I need these women to stop kissing that phony’s ass.
  11. https://people.com/tv/married-to-medicine-makes-a-diagnosis-of-drama-in-heated-season-7-trailer/ The ladies are back next month! Super pumped as I prefer this show to RHOA at this point.
  12. Did he die or leave town? I haven’t been watching the last few weeks.
  13. It doesn’t feel right without Vicki in the opening. Still believe it was a mistake to demote her. Gina looks awful and I’m still baffled she and Emily got two seasons.
  14. They really need to never do that. Ever. It’s so obvious she’s doing this to take the heat off Michael. I don’t recall her EVER mentioning a deadbeat Dad and how it effected her oh so much.
  15. It’s funny because despite Eve being racist now, I still completely supported/support her vendetta against Ben.
  16. I honestly get the feeling Bravo execs are only going to look at the ratings for this season and decide to keep this cast while maybe adding a friend or two. Despite all the negativity about the show from the fans, I think Bravo sees it as the fans were engaged so why fix things? The next few months should be interesting indeed.
  17. Spoilers ahead.... . . . . . .. . Was anyone else uncomfortable with them hinting at something about to start up between Pray Tell and Ricky? Why is Ricky such a ho? And that would be a terrible look for Pray Tell whom I already dislike immensely. One thing I dislike about this show is that the main cast rarely faces any consequences. They vandalized Frederica's house with a newscrew there and they didn't get arrested and Blanca got her shop back? Like what? Angel is playing with fire getting into the party scene now, and Ricky is too dumb to be the person to guide her. I feel like they're setting it up for her world to come crashing down as someone is bound to find out she's trans.
  18. It's crazy to see someone that complains so much about the only times his character is actually interesting.
  19. I actually liked him as Jason and moving away from the mob. I thought it was bull how everyone just dropped him when it was revealed he was Drew.
  20. There’s nothing rootable about the couple or Lola as a character.
  21. I really like the show. It’s soapier than most of the ones left on Daytime honestly.
  22. If Days won’t bring JKJ back as Phillip, I wouldn’t mind Jacob Young.
  23. It really does add to the show when it’s acknowledged that these are shows. Kyle absolutely would HATE having Brandi back. I think these women forget just how vile and dirty she is. She only has loyalty to herself.
  24. Wait is this Tony or Andre? And when did he come back?
  25. I’m watching season 3 right now and it’s kind of crazy to me that Brandi turned on Lisa. At this point in time, Lisa basically defends everything that she does and completely has her back in a way the other girls never would.
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