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  1. He was so determined to say that Kyle has been defending Lisa, which SHE HASN'T. It was infuriating. I was very disappointed with Camille this episode. She had done a good job of pointing out that this all started because of Dorit, but then once she was with all the mean girls she went in on LVP. Which is weird since I thought they were friends.
  2. I basically delete weeks at a time of episodes at this point.
  3. She is performing in Atlanta May 30th! So pumped to go.
  4. I was soooo disappointed to see Luann go full Countess this episode. It’s like I want to support her because Dorinda was wrong but now she’s being insufferable. GUESS WHO GOT TICKETS TO COUNTESS AND FRIENDS??? THIS GUY!!
  5. I honestly didn’t miss the character when she was gone but I enjoyed GT in the role, despite how much i hated the story of her cheating on Jack yet again and this time with his brother. I couldn’t imagine MS’ Phyllis having the awesome Phyllis and Hillary friendship that I loved.
  6. As would I. I’d dump the rest of the Rosales clan and pretend his family never actually came to GC.
  7. Uh what truth was revealed in the last episode? These ladies really are high as shi.t. Are they thinking they came off well? I'm so confused by the delusion.
  8. Ugh I grew to like him on DAYS, but I’ve never cared for Kevin.
  9. It's hilarious to me these women were sitting around upset that Lisa was actually doing something important instead of joining them for another gang up attack. Like what? They looked like idiots. And whoever decided Dorit, who the audience actually hates, should be the victim was clearly an idiot. You would actually need someone that is sympathetic for a take down like this to actually work. Why does Erika even care about all of this? And Rinna again who just last week stated Vanderpump is slightly obsessed with her, spends the episode talking about Vanderpump. I seriously can't recall a single scene this year of LVP even saying Rinna's name. It's crazy.
  10. Exactly. It'll be a cold day in hell before she takes any accountability.
  11. Well this is shocking news. Not really a fan of MS and thought GT did a great job owning the role and even making Phyllis likable at times, especially with the friendship with Hillary. I'll miss her.
  12. Omg I saw these on Instagram, absolutely loving it! Nene getting the dragging she deserves. And she called a woman who just had a baby fat, when Nene’s walking around the way she’s built. Narcissism at its finest.
  13. Ugh I meant to mention it earlier this week but Happy 9 year Anniversary to this amazing thread started by @Cheap21 on March 24, 2010!! I love discussing the shows with you guys and honestly spend more time in this thread than the soaps nowadays. You guys are all awesome! Thanks again to @Cheap21 for getting it all started. This thread is what made me even give the Housewives a shot. If Dorinda would take an ounce of accountability for the Heckling, this whole thing would be put to bed. She's in absolute denial and it's annoying to watch.
  14. Lol it really has become tradition. I hate it because I get excited about more Lauren and then poof she disappears again.
  15. I’m loving all the girls coming for her. I recently got caught up on Atlanta and she has somehow become even more narcissistic than before. I enjoy Shamari’s drunken antics.
  16. Hopefully this actor is a little more awake than the other one. He’s definitely more attractive.
  17. I wanted to add I also never cared for the Tara character so I’m fine with her death. Really I haven’t had a problem with most of the deaths on this show outside of Glenn. But honestly Glenn was so far from the character that I loved by the time he died, I didn’t care that much either.
  18. I haven’t seen this week’s episodes but I liked TC as Stefan as well. I missed most of his time on the show because I refused to watch another Ron DID love story, but I think he had good chemistry with Nadia and Camilla. The character is unfortunately a mess. I never got the feeling he was checked out.
  19. They were featured much more when Hillary was alive.
  20. I really enjoyed Hartley in the role. But Adam isn’t needed.
  21. I don't even know why we couldn't just end it on the wedding. Like you said it was easily the best episode of the season. I do hope we're not getting set up for Denise to have an awful second season. I haven't loved a Housewife this much on their first season since probably Eileen, but Denise I think is even more down to earth than Eileen honestly. I don't want her ever to get a glam squad and buy into all of that crap.
  22. So another BH episode down and another episode where I fall more in love with Denise. She is just so refreshing among this cast of women. Did anyone else hear Rinna say with zero self-awareness at all that Lisa Vanderpump is obsessed with HER?! The same woman who mentions LVP in every single episode and every single scene. I almost fell over.
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