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  1. I actually binge watched the last 12 episodes or so and didn't actually hate the show. I enjoy Eve wanting to go after Ben, as she should. The only thing I don't really enjoy is that Eve and Jack are randomly hardcore racists. And Chandler Massey sucks.
  2. Where is all this money coming from?! They couldn't even give Mishael a raise after 4 years.
  3. They didn't really make a huge deal out of it. She got out and literally I want to say the same day she came home, Neil died.
  4. Lily is no longer in jail. She moved away however.
  5. I’m really confused. Can Nick suddenly not mention all of Adam’s past deeds? Like the man kidnapped his baby and gave it to another woman.
  6. What? How did I miss this? This board has had some characters.
  7. Hopefully he's the next Rosales off the canvas.
  8. I think you're right. Chloe denied it and claimed it was some random dudes. I don't know if a DNA test was ever run.
  9. I wonder whatever happened to him. Always enjoyed him as a poster.
  10. OMG NOOO Not the Brenda laugh that she did so much when she came back. I remember we used to all post this one picture of it constantly. Ahh seems so long ago now.
  11. I also never understood why they would keep her out of the loop and force her to grieve while also keeping her away from her grandchild and last tie to her "dead" daughter.
  12. Totally agree. Though I do wish they'd leave Tinsley alone. Why do they care so much about her finances? Doesn't Tinsley's family have money and didn't she run her own company? Dorinda continues to look like an ass. Every time Bethenny mentions Dennis, I cringe. Especially this story about him pulling her down. I hope she really does stop mentioning him. It comes off disingenuous.
  13. I’m getting caught up on Days and good god Chandler is awful. His character is supposedly dying and he’s happy as a clam just smirking away. It’s hard to buy into the scenes because he’s so awful while everyone else is trying.
  14. Bingo. I wouldn't bat an eye, I just want her back.
  15. Camille came PACKING. Those fools were not expecting it at all and she never lost her cool. That was an epic takedown.
  16. Ugh I liked Avery when she was feisty but not when her storyline became baking. Snooze.
  17. She legit had zero reason to turn on Monique. Why would you want to impress Gizelle?
  18. I guess that's how it will look with MS back as Phyllis. Even though there was an age gap between GT and MM, they still looked believable as peers and had a great easy chemistry as besties.
  19. I wonder if Mishael will have any chemistry with Michelle Stafford. I loved the Hillary and Phyllis relationship.
  20. I’m literally amazed every episode at just how quick the women move on, it really is a testament to the perfect cast.
  21. So I clearly missed more on this board than on the show 😂
  22. RHONY Dorinda Dorinda Dorinda. You’re now mad that Luann got over someone else being awful to her faster than your drunken attack that started because she asked how your margarita was? And Ramona and Sonja look awful as dog owners. I hope when Coco dies it completely destroys Ramona and people make fun of her. If my friends acted like those as.sholes when my dog died, we wouldn’t be friends.
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