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  1. I noticed this a few days ago. It is waaaay too bright. Days looks its best and less cheap when it's dark and moody.
  2. Yeah Nicole telling Eric to keep the baby seemed waaaay OOC for her. Why would she go through the trouble of finding out the truth just to keep it a secret?
  3. Dare I say I felt bad for Stefano today as he was telling his kids goodbye.
  4. I’ve accepted Stacy as Kristen especially now that they’ve made Kristen sane, but I still can’t help myself wondering how Eileen would play this stuff especially with her history with the actors. Missed opportunity.
  5. Oh hell yeah the truth is coming out!!
  6. Who's the woman that's trying to poison Nikki??
  7. I can’t believe we’re getting Phyllis and Nick round 30.
  8. Dorinda went way too hard out of the gate. Why the f.uck does she care so much about Tinsley and Scott or where Tinsley’s money comes from?
  9. I saw her in the cast photo this year so hopefully she’s official this year.
  10. I just think back to seasons 5 and 6, which to me are highly underrated and very enjoyable. RHONY doesn’t need Bethenny as much as fans like to think.
  11. I’m just here for Jazmine.
  12. I agree with Luann and Ramona completely. I often called the show Bethenny Frankel’s Real Housewives of New York.
  13. Tom Pelphrey day a pretty significant role in Ozark season 3.
  14. I fast forwarded all of Ciara and Ben so today was actually pretty enjoyable episode. It seems like Days has changed their lighting again. Can we please keep Anna and Tony around?!
  15. The Kyle, Lola, Summer, Theo quad plus Mariah and Tessa are really the only unwatchable parts of the show for me. I basically fast forward them all after Suffering a little too much of them. I think Jack and Jill would be a fantastic match right now. There’s just an easiness between Jess and Peter that translates really well.
  16. She just fits as Abby. I love her presence on the show and it’s felt when she’s gone.
  17. Nene is absolutely right. How would this season be different if Eva wasn’t on it? It would make zero difference.
  18. Can’t see the images. Did she finally release the joggers?
  19. It's been really nice having Jill back so much as well.
  20. Happy to see some seeds be planted with Devon and Amanda..I saw a little of that old spark. Also warmed my heart to see Victor be nice to Sharon, the show totally decimated a once great relationship between the two.
  21. Why would she bring something up like that? Jesus Christ.
  22. What did NLG say? She deleted the message.
  23. They deaged Nicky to take Carly off canvas.
  24. I loved OG Brady and Nicole because I actually saw that story play out. EM and AZ just didn’t work the same for me and I preferred Nicole with EJ.
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