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  1. I dont watch the main show so that must mean its really bad. Thanks
  2. I saw the first episode and this sh-t was terrible. When does Eileen show up as Kristen bc I'll skip to that
  3. Lisa celebrated her birthday yesterday and she only had one former housewife there....Joyce https://www.instagram.com/p/CT5Pg43BLqJ/
  4. WHY?? She isnt even married to medicine. She should stay in a friend role
  5. NY. This was the worst finale in RH history. I can’t believe they dragged this out
  6. Awwww, my thoughts go out to Gregg and that family RHOP UGH, Mia cant even be messy properly. She shouldnt have back pedeled so quickely. I hate that Bravo hyped up this episode as if it were going to be round 2 of Wendy going in on the GEBs and it ended so anticlimatic Preview for the rest of the season shows that we have more of Candiace crying with that damn folded tissue
  7. In the span of one episode, Dorit lost ALL the good will and fanfare she had garnered last season. In the words of Rinna:
  8. and of course Candiace was on the verge of tears with her folded tissue Onto BH...GARCELLE!
  9. I read that that thing is false and it better be. LuAnn needs to be a wife, not friend. Sonja too. My cast would be LuAnn Sonja Eboni Bershawn Ramona Tinsley Dorinda New wife/friend
  10. Dr. Wendy read the DOG SH-T out of Gizelle this episode. It was glorious to watch
  11. F-ck you Ramona. F--k you straight to hell
  12. I wish we could post IG on here. Here is Sutton as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde https://www.instagram.com/p/CSvqxvhnYp4/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=1bbd72f7-6a0a-4401-9ffb-63549ee63169
  13. She didnt whoop Gizelle's ass though so its not the same thing. Its just weirds. Prior to dragging Candiace, all of Monique's words were just empty threats. I dont think Wendy has crossed the line to hypocrisy yet at least not for this
  14. I dont see what Wendy does wrong in that scene. Good on her for calling out Gizelle!
  15. BREAKING NEWS....Falynn's pregnant! https://www.instagram.com/p/CSsASHjLAtD/
  16. The many lies and contradictions of Erika Jayne 1.Erika initially said Tom was being the "biggest baby in the world" about his car crash and that he had a broken ankle and was fine, later said he had a broken clavicle, shoulder, and ankle, was unconscious for 12 hours and found him but also that he called her. it's odd that she's coming in with such a different, more dramatic story than we saw on camera at the time of the accident. We even saw Tom only a couple episodes after the accident supposedly happened, working from home (despite his terrible, personality altering head injury) with no visible damage beyond the ankle (despite his broken shoulder and clavicle?). a. Erika adds this episode that there was a severe head injury as well. b. see the transcript here: [MEDIA=reddit]BravoRealHousewives/comments/owa0n8[/MEDIA] c. see how she previously described the accident here: [MEDIA=youtube]5m1EMG7dd68[/MEDIA] d. on Jenny McCarthy when asked about Tom's health after the accident: "He broke his ankle, he's fine, he had three pins. He healed up so well he broke the pins so he's good [He broke the pins!?] Yeah, the bones healed up so-he's kind of like...i don't know this man is kind of indestructible. He's 78 still running the firm. that is one feisty bastard. I am married to one feisty- watch at 29:38 [MEDIA=youtube]r_W1btnLwPo[/MEDIA] 2. Kyle and Mauricio discuss how Tom is "sharp" and a "young 82", Erika says that he has had a significant shift in his personality, decision making and who he is, and says THERE WAS SEVERE DECLINE (forgetting what they were talking about mid-conversation, repetition-repeating stories 10 times per day) since his accident THREE YEARS AGO 3. EDIT poor phrasing: Erika has repeatedly praised Tom for being kind and supportive of her successes, Erika now says that Tom was not supportive of her success. the reason why this is included is because it is a direct contradiction of how she used to praise him and their relationship. It seems fishy to constantly (in every interview i could find where Tom was mentioned) to emphasize his emotional support and then turn around and say that is the reason for your breakup. Typically, you don't brag about poor points in your relationship you find the elements of good in a person and embellish from there. a. Erika says: "it's great to have financial support, but having someone's emotional support is something that i wish i had more of growing up" After returning home from broadway b. Tom's reaction to Erika on Broadway: [MEDIA=youtube]oeOJORM8b8o[/MEDIA] c. Tom's reaction to XXXPENSIVE: RHOBH: Erika Doesn't Know Why People Are Worried About Her Marriage (Season 7, Episode 13) | Bravo d. Erika stating that he was very supportive of her joining RHOBH Erika Girardi on Joining #RHOBH e. Feb 7, 2021, says Tom is very supportive of her on housewives 5:13 Erika Jayne on Broadway! f. 2017, 14:21 The Inner Circle with Jenny McCarthy: Erika Jayne 4. Erika says [in regards to her and Tom's finances] "all of that is kept very far away from me. Tom was doing all of that. I wasn't privy to anything. It's not my business, i'm not a lawyer" Erika signed off on loan applications in 2019 for millions. A client of Tom's was paid from their personal joint accounts in excess of $200k Tonight she said it was all credit cards. If she ever needed cash she would just go and say I need some money and he would give it. So the $20 million dollar loan was what then? She had to sign, she had to have accounts, she had to GO TO THE BANK, and facilitate receiving it. 5. Asked on WWHL if Erika thought she should cut back on her glam squad since her husband Tom was being sued for a huge amount of money. Erika responded: "it's a lawsuit so I can't comment on it. And I pay my own bills so no I don't" [think i should cut back], also states this season that she had no access to her or her husband's finances. a. Erika Jayne Is Asked About Her Husband’s Lawsuit | RHOBH | WWHL b. I feel safe and I feel like i have a mentor. I have somebody who is really educated, right? And he's got a lot of experience. Whether I have a legal question or business question or anything i'm calling up T and i'm like Hey T, is it right that blah blah blah and he'll say yes, but Erika, think of this. In any contract I have i'm calling T. 6. On wwhl said she would be very upset if Tom cut her Erika Jayne budget (of approx 40k per month) but in a different WWHL says that she pays her own bills 7. Erika said she had "went to the bank for the first time in MARCH" and "did not know how to deposit" but previously her mother discussed how Erika would go to the bank to deposit any money she made. She also states that she never had a bank/debit/atm card. 8. Erika said that Tom completely cut her off in her Cabana, in La Quinta then states that Tom reaches out to her constantly begging for her back a. sub point: Erika also says she has had no contact/didn't pick up the calls but then discusses why he called. In the words of Kyle Richards: Who told you? How did you get the information? 9. Told Garcelle that there was no "third party" in her marriage, then says Tom had been cheating on her for years 10. Repeatedly has tried to dispel the "sugar baby" rep, is now leaning into this reputation saying she knew nothing of anything in her marriage. She also said in earlier seasons that Tom would constantly explain things to her about the law. 11. Erika stated that she did not know about the lawsuits but was subpeonaed first on May 28, and then on Sep 28 2020. 12. Said COVID allowed Tom and her to reconnect and spend hours talking, then claimed he was horrible to her. Not sure how him being horrible got them to reconnect 13. she also claimed that he’s been in mental decline for years, but then claims she always trusted him full with their estate and legal issues, rarely asked questions and signed documents that ostensibly he instructed her to sign. 14. Erika says "I just wish that all of this pain that he’s in would stop for him. Turn in the bar card, let’s work it out," but her reasoning for leaving him is that he is mean to her, how does turning in his bar card solve all her issues with him? oh wait 15. Erika says she never even knew the address of Tom's and her home in La Quinta. Kyle finds this in approximately one google search. 16. Tom is 81. The average male life expectancy is less than 70 years for men in the year Tom was born. Would she not start preparing to be able to care for herself? At the very least she has her own earnings. Tom also was in a very serious accident and in her talking heads said that she thought about having to run/take care of their household on her own 17. he said she tells her lawyer to tell his lawyer not to contact her. In the next sentence though she says she responds with baby I can’t talk to you or something to the effect, implying that she may have said that to him directly. 18. Tom says "Love you, miss you, come home, are you sure...?" [Erika] "I'm like stop, you have to stop, honey you need help." 19. Five days before filing for divorce, “I’m really content to let people be who they are because I like to be myself. That’s one of the things I love about Tom the most is he lets me be myself.” Why mention how much you love him at all? 20. Erika about her and Tom's relationship in 2017: "And when you are genuinely rooting for the other guy — you know Tom is very supportive of me and I am very supportive of him — and I think that's what makes it work. " Tom's supposed jealousy of Erika's success was one of the main reasonings behind why she is divorcing him 21. Erika states that she foud Tom unconscious after the car accident; she also says in the same story that he called her. In a previous scene [view point 1.2 above] she says to Mikey Minden that she received a phone call after getting back about his accident 22. Rinna: "did you see this morning they're saying he was hospitalized." Erika: "No, I didn't. What did it say?" Rinna: "said he was hospitalized and can't remember anything and that's why he didn't pay those people."Erika: "Yeah, I saw this morning but..." 23. Erika said "where am i going? where am i going to go?" as her reasoning for why she didn't leave Tom when she realized that he was having an affair. Apparently, this wasn't enough of a catalyst for her to leave, but Tom not hugging her back was a better, more legitimate reason to end their 20 year arrangement. 24. Erika said she never looked at Tom’s phone or his papers until AFTER Yolanda divorced David, which was in 2015 (announced) or 2017 (finalized). So earliest date of her looking at his phone is 2015. As we know, she posted those screenshots of the evidence of Tom’s affair where the screenshots were of Tom’s Nokia phone circa 2011 or earlier. in one of the cut scenes where Erika tells the women about Tom’s affair, Kyle (I think) asked her if it was a fling or a long term thing and Erika said she didn’t know. However the screen shots she shared showed text messages over a few months and she accused Tom of funding the woman’s plastic surgery and paying her Saks bill. So Erika would know it wasn’t just a fling. 25. I’ll add that he has been in a car accident that lead to a severe head injury and possible dementia three years ago. However, she invited all the girls over to a party FEATURING Tom at their home last year. He was telling stories of growing up, about movies & actors while not missing a beat. If he was a mean old man with dementia, how could he hide that whole night with cameras?! 26. Erika is on the Board of Directors for Girardi Financial, whilst claiming to have no involvement in any financials. 27. E: she said the reason she didnt answer toms calls was bc she needs be able to tell a judge she left on "this day" and never looked back.but on her divorce filings she purposefully left off a date of separation, choosing to enter "undecided" instead. 28. When they were all talking about the Scott/Amelia relationship, Rinna brought up the age difference, and in confessional Erika said age differences don't matter look how well it turned out for her (this is right before all the SHTF) 29. Erika stated that she has absolutely nothing to do with Tom's business and that she's not a lawyer his is his and hers is hers, then says that the lawyers Tom was working with called her to help, how uninvolved could she have been if his firm reached out to her 30. He's resisting everything. Still to this day. Or so i'm told. When I came home from Broadway we reconnected because we would eat dinner together every night, but things had definitely changed. He was changing rapidly, The calls i was getting from lawyers at his firm. One of his lawyers crying on the phone to me "we have to do something, we have to do something" 31. Erika says that there was a huge disconnect between them but they reconnected when she came home from broadway. this puts his decline and all of their issues within 6-9 months of her leaving. 32. S8 E12 19:46 She says she ordered a "brick phone"/"drug dealer phone" 33. Erika's tears. First they're black, now they're clear
  17. You are and I hope she got her ass dragged again
  18. Apparently Frank Catania confirmed that there was a physical altercation during filming. IA with this tweet and hope Marge got her ass beat. Its been a while since she was dragged
  19. LOL...there are some whole seasons where the entire season takes place over the course of 1-2 days. It feels like Passions. Its like this for the most part on his shows. If Loving you is Wrong was like that. He got better with pacing on the BET shows but he still drags. I do think The Oval and Sistas overall are better than the OWN shows. Those shows feel more primetime soap and less daytime
  20. I can buy it especially considering how hard Marge was going after Jennifer. She is vindictive enough. I dont think Bill is cheating but who knows what space they were in a decade ago. Whatever happened, they clearly moved past it so that doesnt matter
  21. Dont expect any payoffs to 90% of the storylines that are introduced. There was promise at first but it stalls and never recovers
  22. It doesnt even take place exclusively in ATL anymore. Too many scenes in LA, NY and South Carolina. I dont care for the new cast. I want the messy f--k sh-t from the past
  23. Mia and Alaska are feuding on social media. Team Mia on this one
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