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  1. @Tyro & @Marissa Gallant Thank you so much for filling in the details about the baby switch Wow, it really was egregious! Not only did she deprive her one of her grandchildren of the benefits of a good education and a relationship with his siblings, but she watched Warren get everything that Brick was denied. It is a shame that Judith Anderson's poor health truncated that story because it could have been mined for years. Given Minx's disappointment at Warren's lack of motivation when he was a lifeguard, as well as his gambling addiction which cost her the mansion, there could have been so much drama derived from a Brick vs Warren rivalry. As I recall there was a brief period when Warren was concerned that Brick was stealing from Minx because he found the check that she gave Brick, but I would have enjoyed seeing so much more made of their relationship.
  2. Wait, if Lionel didn't know until 1985, then how did Minx know in 1961 when she switched the babies?
  3. I've been watching episodes on YT as they've been posted. It is a little difficult to keep track because there seems to be no order or schedule for how they are released. For awhile it seemed as if they were only uploading the episodes where Owen modeled shirtless in Nick's office. One thing that is remarkable about the first year is that Ridge and Thorne are totally carefree. They're constantly in tennis gear or speedos and they experience no conflicts. All over LA, the Logans, Spencers, Eric and Stephanie are all concerned about something, but those boys are just smiling the days away. It is amazing that they became the central figures for so many years, because they have no other problems than trying to remain faithful to some of the prettiest women in town. I wonder if some of the animus that Brad Bell gets online is because people project that his life was as easy as Ridge?
  4. To be fair, Brick wasn't biologically related to Brandon. He was the child of Channing and Santana. Regardless of being switched at birth, it was still Channing, not Brick, that slept with Santana. EDIT: I read your post again and realized that Katie would have been related to Brandon because she was Channing's bio Mom - got it. Although, I don't know if Brandon knew that he was adopted at the time of Brick's wedding, so it may have been confusing. I agree that Minx should have faced more fallout from the baby switch. But, I am still left wondering if there was a scene where CC reacted to the whole thing, or was he incapacitated at the time of the revelation?
  5. In hindsight, as much as I am charmed by Finn, she seems poorly cast in the role of Sierra. Not only was she anglicized in role as the daughter of Latin American revolutionary, but she also lacked the sex appeal to be in a believable triangle with Emily Stewart and Tonio. The haircut was iconic, but it strained credulity that Tonio would be torn between her and Emily based on appearance. She could have been the step-child of Martin Guest, or Lucinda's niece, and the story would have played out the same way with Craig. One hopes that in the current culture an audience would be a bit more vocal about the casting of women from Latin American as played by Finn Carter, Cali Timmons, or Kristina Wagner
  6. It make more sense that they were on the yacht, rather than on the beach. It would be impossible for a little girl to see what was happening on the boat from shore, because a yacht that size would need to be miles from the beach in order to sail. Although, one does wonder how they boarded the yacht without anyone knowing they were present? Did Minx's baby switch prove that you can fool Mother Nature? As for the characterization of the site as fanfic, I think we can forgive anyone for forgetting the details of a plot from almost 40 years ago. It is still a great collection of magazine stories and character profiles, and I value the entertainment it provides.
  7. While the French site's translation is still amusingly over dramatic, I really enjoyed their new thoughtful article about the day of Sophia's disappearance. It put into perspective all of the information that was derived from the event during SB's history, and where all of the major players were at the time of the event. I'm so glad that they keep updating the site, it is a great resource that I find myself reading at once a month. http://santabarbara-online.com/Sophiadeath.htm
  8. I recall an interesting detail from Eight Years in Another World was that Paul Rauch owned a vacation home in St. Croix, so the establishing shots used for the Chromo-key, and the later remote during Janice's story, were also a way to write off his vacation home as a business expense on his taxes.
  9. Wow, Minx's baby switching scheme seems even less logical and more malicious now that I realized it was random. Setting aside how she could have known for sure that Channing Jr was Lionel's biological son, (or how she got into the maternity ward, or how she knew that she would later be able to contact her grandson), by switching him with the Wallace baby, without providing any financial support to the parents, just so that he wouldn't be raised in Capwell household she deprived him of a good education and all of the benefits of growing up with wealth. On the other hand, seeing what a bastard Channing became, perhaps she was wise to want her grandson to be reared in a less caustic environment.
  10. Was Brick randomly switched with the baby next to him or did the Wallaces know that Brick had been switched? If so, what was their motivation for keeping it a secret from him? Do you think Minx secretly dyed Channing's hair blond his entire life, or were they just lucky that he looked so much like his non-biological siblings? Also, did CC ever know that Brandon wasn't his biological grandson (because he was not related to either Channing nor Brick)? I know he maintained a relationship with Brandon, so I wonder if anyone ever told him the truth? I guess Santana told Brandon that he was adopted one of the many times that she tried to kidnap him, but I also wonder if either of them ever knew that Channing was a faux Capwell? It's just interesting that Brandon's maternity was mined for stories several times over the years, but his paternity got swept under the rug once everyone forgot that Brick existed.
  11. Can we discuss the legal and economic realities of Port Charles mobsters? Example #1, Frank Smith - The Smith Organization was shown to be involved in classic mob activities including money laundering and gun running. However, Luke stole Franks's black book from his office on Founder's Day. It does not take a legal scholar to know that stolen evidence is inadmissible at trial. Then, Luke "decoded" the book to find gold bouillon hidden in a statue. Correct me if I am wrong, but, while hiding gold in a statue is not a smart investment strategy, there is nothing inherently illegal about the practice. So, how did this bring down Frank's mob? Admittedly, Frank hired hitmen to kill Luke which would be cause for prosecution, but the stolen evidence would undoubtedly effect that case because the prosecution could not provide evidence of motive. Example #2 Sonny Corinthos. So, we know that Sonny is an ethical mobster because he refuses to engage in selling drugs or guns. Thus, most of his operation is involved in the importation of coffee through the port of Port Charles. Presumably, because it is illegal, he is importing coffee but not paying tariffs on the import. I googled it and the tariff for coffee is 0.3464% of the cost. So, even it was being illegally imported, nobody would be saving much on the cost of the coffee bean. The other logical flaw in this business plan would be finding a buyer. Large coffeehouses would not buy non-tariffed good because they have to report their sales to the IRS. Smaller chains could not buy enough coffee to support the import, warehousing, and transport of the goods (as everyone who has ever bought coffee beans knows, they go bad after a short shelf life). So, how is this considered mafia tactics? They don't charge local business for protection. They don't engage in racketeering or gambling. Where's the organized crime here versus just a company with a very flawed infrastructure?
  12. Pretty dress and headgear, but perhaps we need another thread for worst wedding photo (ie crazy eyes)? Remember the days when we got amused by how often Erica Kane had been married? Now, it is standard operation procedure for a female character i their 40s to have been married at least three times.
  13. Yes, my phone autocorrects to my least favorite Jones brother
  14. Setting aside the rape for a moment, Luke's motives to flip on the mob were also only logical if the writers were trying to rehabilitate the character. Luke came to town with a history of mob connections. He benefited from the mob's involvement with the disco, and it wasn't as if he was an entertainment entreprenour who suddenly had to pay for mob protection, he worked at the disco in hopes of moving up in the organization. So, to suddenly gain a conscience and try to bring down the mob seemed to come out of nowhere. The murder of Tony and his forced marriage to Jennifer were further motives to want revenge. However, the Luke who arrived in Port Charles originally did not have the morals to want bring the mob to justice. I could understand if Luke wanted to kill Frank, but it seemed implausible that he would work with legal authorities to get him arrested.
  15. One imagines that behind the scenes, once production knew that Kin Shriner was not going to re-sign his contract, they knew that there was only one direction for the story.
  16. Do you mean at what point between the rape and going on the run did they make the decision to put all of their proverbial eggs in Luke's basket? Because certainly the entire year between the left-handed boy and the ice princess was an attempt to give Luke rooting value.
  17. While we're playing "what if" - how about if Phyllis Blake admitted to a wartime affair with the Count which resulted in the conception of Gina? Ms. Blake's backstory was very fluid, so anything was possible. And it would have made the rivalry between Gina's Jeans and Armonti Industries even more personal. For those who deride Tori, I have lamented before that a missed opportunity was exploring Sophia as an aging former starlet compared to Tori who was on the final crest of stardom. I was delighted to hear that @Marissa Gallant found scenes where Sophia exerted her dominance. However, it would have been great to see more interactions between the two once Tori became an addict and tried to ruin Eden's happiness, in the style of Valley of the Dolls, when Helen Lawson tells the younger Neely that Broadway "doesn't go for booze and dope. Now get out of my way, I've got a man waiting for me." I think there was so much drama to mine out of a woman who once drove men mad, but now was aging and fighting with her daughter for the attention of a the gigolos in town. Ladies at home who felt left out of the culture of 1980s working women would have eaten that stuff up with a spoon. As for Haley, there is that terrible form of soap justice where Haley was punished by becoming a victim of sexual assault. However, what I think was unexplored with that character was her motivation for joining the environmentalists in the first place. Haley was always a very ethical young woman, but I am interested in her more radical side. I know the bomb was written as a mistake, but I wonder what drew her to such extreme beliefs? How did she become such an easy mark for the environmentalists? There has to be a difference between someone who politically opposes off-shore drilling versus those who would resort to violence to make their case, and I still don't know what drove Haley toward those who held such extreme ideas.
  18. Thanks @titan1978 & @Franko for sharing your memories about Laura's letter. It seems as if it was an attempt to rehabilitate Luke. Yet, for as much credit as Gloria Monty gets as a producer, it would have been impossible for her to coordinate the writing team to create a scenario that changed the minds of the audience who watched the scenes created by directing team on the original night at disco. The contrast of the music, the lighting, and the youthful quiver of Genie's voice was impactful, even before the invention of YT which allowed viewers to replay it on demand. It would have been too farfetched for Laura to suddenly admit that she falsely accused Luke of assault, or played any part in incited her assault, after we watched her say "no." In my opinion this is why Lucky's rejection of Luke when he found about the rape was so much more impactful the Guiding Light's scenes of Holly forgiving Roger for raping her.
  19. First of all, I agree that the Count was benevolent, he adopted war orphans and left his money to Sophia,so he couldn't be that bad. It must have been Marcello's PTSD delusions from the war that causes them to keep Sophia in Italy. The obvious choice would be Joe Mascolo, given his history of being cast as both landed gentry on DAYS and an Italian on B&B. However, give SB's tendency to cast former primetime TV stars, I have some other choices. 1. Tony Franciosa, suave, Italian, a little older than CC, and could definitely give him a run for his money 2. Vince Edwards, Dr. Ben Casey from the 60s, heroic, strong, but could probably still be sexy into the 80s, I like the idea of having Sophia going for a more established man, while CC was still trying to sew his wild oats with younger gals 3. A wild card, Jed Allen's former DAYS co-star Joseph Gallison, there was always a bit of suspicious mystery to Neil, that Joe could bring to The Count, his grey hair made him look older than he really was, and given that he was a former lead on AW, there had to be something charismatic about the actor that NBC execs liked
  20. Wasn't Marcello adopted, or at least cared for, by Count Armonti after his parents died? So I always assumed when Marcello picked up Sophia they just went back to his dad's house. Years ago, the young Hans Ruyker (his real name) lived in the Netherlands, surrounded by his family. And this is during World War II that he loses his parents. At ten years old, the young Hans attends the slaughter of his parents by the Nazis, on May 20, 1944. We really do not know how the drama happened, but Hans rejects the responsibility of the death of his parents on the shoulders of a young officer of the American Air Force : Channing Creighton Capwell. Because Hans' parents lodged this American soldier. At the end of the war, years are passing by for the young Hans. He leaves for Italy in an orphanage. There, Count Armonti, having not been able to have a heir, decides to adopt him. And that is how Hans Ruyker becomes Marcello Armonti. Years later, a link with the past of Marcello could have been established with Katrina Ruyker. There's some irony in Marcello hating CC his whole life, and then CC clears it up and everyone is like, oh OK, got it... As for how Marcello got from the Netherlands to the Amalfi coast that I do not recall, but one assumes that the sites were specified so that nobody assumed Hans was a Nazi.
  21. It is an odd timeline, because she fell off of Lionel's boat in 1969, and was believed dead. Sometime after that she wound up in Italy with the Count. Then, in 1979, at Channing's 18th birthday party, she returned to try to kill Lionel, but mistakenly shot Channing. And at that time she was actually, kidnapped/rescued by Marcello and returned to Italy for treatment of the shock of killing her son. So, there is some room for discussion about her conscientiousness of guilt over leaving her children from the decade of 1969 to 1979, given that she recovered from amnesia long enough to recall hating Lionel and had the freedom to return to Santa Barbara to plot his demise. Although, I agree that she was not of sound mind enough from 1979 to 1984 to say that she actually abandoned Eden, Kelly, and Ted.
  22. EDIT to my previous post, according to the production IG, they are going to use guest "panels" starting Monday In the interim, the popular daytime program will start airing original shows on Monday ... "with an exciting lineup of guest hosts and panels to be announced shortly."
  23. We covered this in 2019 and so, with all due, I think you might have the sequence a bit off. Roberta and Roscoe were dating, (they wed in 1994 three years after they left SB). In 1991, Roscoe had a huge argument with Conboy, including a letter that was "leaked" to the soap press. Roscoe left the show (June 11,1991), and Roberta followed suit (July 19, 1991). The character of Quinn/Robert was written off. Flame continued for a short bit after the recast. She was paired in an unpopular coupling with ex-priest Michael that seemed like an attempt to rehabilitate the character. Nobody could say that the SB writers in 1990 didn't see the character's value because she got her own set and an entire family built around her. It seems like an unfortunate BTS story that torpedoed that story, because the show was certainly invested in the plot, until the Dobson's returned, and tried to revert Kelly back to her Princess Bride days and she lost all of the smarts she gained during her relationship with Robert/Quinn/Craig.
  24. Are they showing repeats of repeats at this point? Did she do enough shows in studio last year for them to repeat? I guess she's only been off since August when she wished death on Britney's family, but I wonder what they're broadcasting and if they'll try guest hosts again?
  25. Wendy Williams will not return to her daytime talk show on Monday https://pagesix.com/2021/10/12/wendy-williams-will-not-return-to-talk-show-next-week/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons
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