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  1. @Franko Although Toyzz is playing at the Cock N' Bull. I would rather take advantage of the $25 six video and VCR rental special at Crazy Jake's followed by the $5.95 two plate special at Hickory House. Also, I always thought John Bolger was related to Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz), just like Gregg Marx was related to Groucho? Am I imagining it or wasn't he in an Oz related photo shoot for SOW? Given that Pat Falken Smith was hired twice more at GH after Ryan's Hope, DAYS, and GL fired her, hope springs eternal in daytime (Oy, those weekly summaries of RH's Pru are pai
  2. From Feb 1985 Who would let Sandy the gigolo-turned-jounalist become a hospital administrator? Did he slash the budget by suggesting the doctors perform surgery shirtless? This guy wasn't smart enough to figure out who fathered his own daughter, how was he going to manage a medical center?
  3. OK, but did Theresa Rebecca (or Regina) run away or was she kidnapped because I still don't understand why her father didn't recognize her?
  4. It is funny that you should mention their chemistry because according to this article about his casting the chemistry was a key component to Bolger being cast
  5. Today's Tumblr posts include a fun story about Joan Crawford actually slapping Ken Kerchieval when she subbed for her daughter Christina on Secret Storm. Along with this bit of casting news Those were different times when soap fans didn't bat an eye that the same year Kristina Wagner was cast as Aztec princess Felicia, we got Finn Carter playing South American Sierra, and five years later Cali Timmons was hired as the daughter of Mac Cory and Maria Hernandez DeSilva. Obviously, some people living in South America may have pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. However
  6. I totally misread this as being about the statue of Mac not wearing pants and Beverly didn't notice it, but now it makes more sense...
  7. Thanks @jam6242 OLTL Viki with a split personality is very cool The AW Virginia Dwyer caption about job security is amusingly ironic and Meg Ryan looks like her head was shaved for cranial surgery
  8. I don't know which is weirder, the afro on the lady in the Morning Star ad, or the idea that woman in the Paradise Bay ad played her guitar like a stand up bass?
  9. I was a very casual SFT viewer. I watched the live episode, the flood, and final weeks just because of the hype. My questions are about TR: Was she kidnapped and then ran away?. Because it never made sense to me why Lloyd wouldn't recognize her at first sight. How old was she supposed to be during the circus story (why wasn't she in school)? Did all of her other siblings share the same parents? Didn't Estelle live in Europe? Was she present to raise Lloyd's other kids? Did any of Lloyd's kids work in his company?
  10. It is remarkable that Deidre Hall is only four years younger than Susan Seaforth Hayes, but on screen they seemed a generation apart. By the time Marlena got together with Don, Julie had been married multiple times, had a grown son, and a grandson. Considering that Julie and Doug went on their world tour in 1984, Marlena stayed younger and more viable as a leading character for much longer, relatively speaking
  11. Poor Trista was another Evans family fatality due to a serial killer. No wonder her parents stayed in Colorado for Marlena's many weddings, Salem is too dangerous for the Evans family He just retired this year
  12. I just researched the LA Times archive and one other tip off that the protest was fake is that it was covered by our local "wacky weatherman" Fritz Coleman rather than an actual reporter and Fritz appeared in a cameo as a reporter on Days the next week.
  13. BTW I still remember the local news here in LA covering "the protest" of fans who thought Marlena had died. If you see the video now, the protest signs are totally fake, and protestors amounted to five random extras walking in a very orderly circle in front of the local NBC station rather that the studio where Days was filmed. It was a classic publicity stunt. Also, one of the most offensive parts of the Sam/Marlena switch was the portrayal of the sanitarium. Not only was the drug abuse treatment center also a residential center for people with dangerous mental illnesses, but th
  14. Speaking of naming your kid after your evil twin, how about Shane Donovan's son Andrew IV who was officially named after Shane's father, Andrew II, but also shared the name of Shane's evil twin Drew aka Andrew III? The story of Shane's evil twin was even worse given the proximity in timing to the story of his ex-lover Gillian (Eve's mother) who had an evil twin Grace. Which of course was just a few years after the revelation that Tony had an evil twin Andre. The third time it happened you would expect at least one Salemite to ask if the suspect had a twin. But, after
  15. The one concession to that story was, (as I recall), Sam cancelled most of Marlena's patients so she didn't have to do therapy or pretend to remember their histories. That was one of the red flags of how she got caught because people around hospital began to wonder why Dr. Evans was cancelling so many of her appointments.
  16. This is probably too picky of a point, (although that's never stopped me before), but DOOL also tends to overlook the idea that their hospital is attached to a university, hence the name University Hospital. First, a teaching hospital is unlikely to have so many rich doctors, in fact many doctors leave university based placements early in their career in order to make a better salary. I know Greg and Neil had a private practice, but the others docs should be much more middle class. Second, none of the doctors seem to be burdened by teaching duties. Nobody does round
  17. Even though Neil had an ever evolving backstory, from his time in South America with the Forenza family to his fathering of Sarah, "imposter Neil" was especially convoluted when you consider that Neil was a doctor in the 1970's and 80's. Much like when OLTL Marco Dane impersonated his brother the doctor, or even when Samantha impersonated Marlena, pretending to be a medical professional before WebMD and Google seems like an unlikely feat to pull off.
  18. Neil was such an intriguing ne'er-do-well from the "Cass Winthrop School of Charming Cads", guys who had sketchy morals, but were never really evil. I liked him with Linda and Phyllis. His triangle with Liz and Marie was not great, (Marie was such a snooze that one failed to see her as a romantic rival to Liz). And later being cuckolded by Carlo was a blow to the character's fate. It is a shame that he was never paired with Anna, they would have been a formidable pair. When Sarah returned was there mention if Neil was still alive? Naming her baby after Micky was kind of a Neil erasure fr
  19. I thought the hysterectomy was when she became pregnant after her affair with Chris Kositchek and Phyllis was the one who considered suicide because Neil wanted her to abort their child
  20. Amusingly, Leslie Jordan told the same tale about Mary Frann when he was on UK Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, and the message boards of that show were equally as defensive of Ms. Frann as those on this thread today. https://filmboards.com/board/p/2313004/ Meanwhile, I went back to read about her character Amanda on DOOL. Within a two year span she had a brain tumor and a hysterectomy. It is no wonder she left Salem, next they would have taken a limb (lol). It was interesting to read the origins of Neil and Don, two male characters that have always been interchangeable in my
  21. I'm already mourning the idea that we'll not like Sutton by the end of this season
  22. I was thinking about Susan Martin and her parallels to Cathy Craig on OLTL. They were romantic rivals to lead characters who turned into tragic heroines due to the death of their babies. Only to end their stories (played by recasts) chasing men who did not want them. Which in turn led me to vague recollections of Dr Greg Peters, his wife Amanda, and this tidbit that Deidre Hall told about her first day on DOOL when she was on the Kelly Clarkson Show Which in turn made me to recall that Lesley Jordan said this week on Watch What Happens that Mary Frann wa
  23. With all due respect, this is my pet peeve when it comes to audience responses of gay storylines. It is all up to writing, directing, and producing. Even the most wooden, (but handsome), actor would seem sexually alluring with the right lighting, music, and scenery. While it would be good for the cause to hire more gay actors to play gay parts, we want out gay actors, not people who are don't take pride in being gay. The opposite logic makes no sense. Did anyone say that Maureen Garrett's sex scenes with Michael Zaslow were any less "intensely horny" because the actress was a l
  24. Maybe I'm just getting too old but, while I loved the chorus of Lucky, I couldn't understand 40% of the words in the verses the girls wrote. I feel like what made Read U Wrote U a cultural phenomenon was the ability to sing along, now with the sound mixing, and lack of closeups when they perform, it is impossible to decipher what the heck they are talking about. Also, why is it that every time they're given a challenge to write lyrics, they always focus on the topic of winning the crown, rather than other humorous takes on the theme of the chorus? From what I could understand onl
  25. Belle's coat seems to be key, and I don't think they're the same size I'm still guessing Ava
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