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  1. I read the news of John Gabriel's death this morning from the (not so) reputable New York Post. I noted that they mentioned that he played the "controlling" doctor Seneca Beaulac which I found remarkable because I don't think that controlling was a defining characteristic on the character. Then, I looked at the wiki, and I found that they lifted the adjective from the one sentence character profile on the Ryan's Hope page. Anyway, I see that Seneca returned for the finale, but I was wondering if anyone remembers his exit storyline in 1985? Where did Seneca go and with whom did h
  2. I forgot that Ginny got pregnant with Rick Jr after the trial, but then again so did GH...
  3. In the synopsis Ginny's trial for the murder of DL Brock was dropped because the DA took note of Bobbi saying about how violent DL had been. Looking back, there was a lot of build up to Ginny's trial only for her to be set free rather quickly (they hired James Horan and it was one of Jake/Sam Behrens first stories), so I would guess it was planned to be a longer trial. I believe Ginny and Rick leave Port Charles as soon as the trial is over, so I don't think Chris Robinson got his wish.
  4. Linda/Gina and Robin/Gina are like two different characters each with their own strengths. For example, I didn't recall how fluid Gina's backstory was in the first year between the adoption of Brandon, her daughter Lily and this guy who I totally forgot I though Linda did well with Gina as a reluctant drug addict, because she played the manic versions of the character that made her vulnerable. On the other hand, I think Gina's relationship with Keith Timmons and Ethan Asher needed the stronger and more willful presence that Robin brought to the part.
  5. The new articles are up and there's a lot of sad news about the death of Charita Bauer. But, there's also disco. Peter Strong (aka Bob Georgia) loves to boogie and Speaking of disco and nightclub owners, an interesting tidbit about the loss of Kim Ulrich on ATWT I'm always amused at what they get wrong. Here, poor James Horan gets his name misprinted three time in the same article Then, there's this bold prediction about Dynasty And finally nobody seems to know who Laken's father is
  6. Ryan the Stripper's motivations are suspicious, which is odd for a show where most things are so obvious to the viewer. Does he really want to keep stripping? Why wouldn't he accept money from Sam, then take a loan from Culhane who is a complete stranger? I am willing to suspend disbelief about law schools that interview students one day, inform them of their acceptance and financial aid the next day, and then they start a week later, but I can't help but think this is all a con. Adam being in contention as chief of staff with only one competitor was a little bit harder to accep
  7. Agreed But, I don't want my main point to get lost. P&G did not stop producing soaps because they lost interest in the genre, or even because of low ratings. They stopped producing them, (and presumably are disinterested in digital distribution), because their consumer testing division was negligent in producing honest research about the safety of their products and once this was proven, civil lawsuits bankrupted the company and caused it to be broken up and sold off by corporate raiders. My main impetus for responding to this discussion is because every few month
  8. Without going too far into the weeds on consumer corporate history, you would have to ask who is "they"? P&G now exists as at least 15 different entities, raiders sold off parts of the company to numerous other owners. So there is no "they" in charge of P&G anymore and it would be like asking people in charge of selling toothpaste to develop a strategy to sell spaceship parts (which P&G also produced at one time).
  9. I guess it bares repeating that asking P&G to stream soaps from their archive is like asking GM to remake the Oldsmobile. The company got out of soap production not because of ratings or disinterest. According to Alecia Swasy's book Soap Opera: the inside story of Proctor & Gamble, (which I encourage everyone to read) lawsuits over faulty testing of consumer products created such huge loses in revenue that it took down the company. Toxic shock from tampons, not poorly written characters or insipid plots, caused the company to be insolvent. Since the 1990's P&G produc
  10. I noted earlier this year that it would be reductive to attribute SB's failure to thrive solely on the creatives in charge. First, it debuted against the first week of the 1984 Summer Olympics on ABC which were a huge ratings draw. The premiere episode is lavish and provocative, but most people were watching track and field in Los Angeles rather than soaps set in Santa Barbara. We've all experienced that if a soap isn't established as a habit among viewers, then it will never survive, and SB lost the opportunity to be habit forming because so many people were drawn elsewhere.
  11. I think Paula Irvine was a charming actress who was well cast as a scrappy young ingenue. My problem was that Lily never made sense as a character. Gina's original backstory was that she adopted Brandon because her husband was older and it was assumed that he had fertility issues. Then, Lily comes along with questionable motives (was she a grifter?, was she a believer?, was she manipulated by others?, it was never clear). She leaves and is never heard from again for years, then de-SORASed and re-retconned into existence. I guess after Summer and Mac they had exhausted siblings for Gina. H
  12. Thankfully, unlike Robyn's hats, Karen didn't get cut out of the pictures this time
  13. Here's my theory (based on absolutely no evidence, but when did that stop anyone on the internet), the story notes that she co-produced Big Shot with her own production company and she recently changed podcast networks to iheart radio. So, I think: (1) she found out that producing less than 10 episodes of reality TV is not that difficult to do on your own, she can sell it and keep all of the profits for herself, (2) MGM was recently acquired by Amazon which may effect the distribution of her show to Netflix, (3) iheart media already owns a lot o
  14. I was thinking about your question and, if anything, Eileen was typecast at Kelly. Both Y&R Ashley Abbott and SB Kelly Capwell gave off major Jan Brady, middle daughter, vibes, so I think it made sense. Again, I think it was the plotline. Cruz could have gone on for a year or two without a love interest and still have been a viable character as a crime solving moral compass. Having him escape the law, (without his younger kids), in order to save his previously unknown daughter was a major character assassination. If you think about other soap super couples splits, like thos
  15. I feel like this has been adjudicated thousands of times within this thread, but here's my take. Carrington is my favorite Kelly, and hindsight is 20/20, but if you think about that time, Eileen Davidson was on the number one soap opera, in one of the most popular couplings, so it stands to reason that if they wanted to replace Marcy, two months after she left, and pair Kelly with Cruz, then hiring Eileen makes sense. Although, admittedly, Terry Lester's hiring did not improve ratings, and production incompetence regarding his contract renewal lead to his departure, but that was u
  16. The "Cruz and Eden Show" was a fairly short period of SB. Cruz and Eden were married in 1988, when there was a lot of focus on them as a couple, and all of those dumb stories about being kidnapped on an island and having visions of their wedding place (I mean even Sophia knew about Pebble Beach, are we to assume that Eden never took a vacation up the California coast?) By 1990, Marcy was pregnant, which necessitated a maternity leave. Then, she took time to work on her primetime movie, then left for good in August 1991. During this period the show worked hard to buoy Julia, Kell
  17. Congratulations Maybe one day we'll learn the secret of how a university student from Melbourne came into a collection of mid-western US newspaper soap opera summaries from 37 years ago. I hope it includes time travel, an evil twin, and a fascination with old video store advertisements.
  18. As the kids say, "I was today years old when I learned that" I am shocked! I never put it together that Catlin was Jeanne's son and not Fred's, I had always assumed Fred was the one catting around with bastards strewn here, there, and everywhere. I guess Blaine had a bit of Jeanne in her all along...
  19. The pacing is definitely odd. They burned through Alexis and Jeff's divorce, the sale of the soccer team, Fallon's ownership of the access roads, and Dom living in the house all in one episode. I was certain that either Dom's mother was not really dead, or she had some other document that would save the Carringtons, but it looks like she's just dead. On the other hand, Fallen had essentially the same story as last week, doubts about running the dynasty, then pulling out a win at the last moment. Her future with Blake was telegraphed so obviously that only a person who
  20. I agree that Catlin was brought in as a love interest for Sally, and to further her antagonism with the Love family, but not to further the Ewing clan as a legacy family. Sally was the central character, and plotwise, she needed a romantic ally. I also think it is credit to MPK, that unlike audience reactions to her contemporaries of Lily at ATWT or Cricket at Y&R, there was very little criticism of her "taking over the show." I wonder if Blaine mentioned other family members when she was first introduced on the dude ranch? Did she just work there, or was it meant to be her
  21. now that's a party The expansion feels especially odd given the failure of Somerset. It seems like history foretold that you couldn't bifurcate the plot in order to extend the time. The 90 minute episodes feel like too much chocolate fudge, yummy at first but it quickly becomes too much of a good thing. It is interesting from a programming perspective that NBC always struggled getting a third hour of soaps off the ground. It feels almost prehistoric to consider how hard the networks worked to stop people form switching the dial. However, someone recently mentioned t
  22. I wonder if our reactions to the 90 minutes episodes are also biased by the lens of hindsight and the experience of watching streaming series today? We have all gotten used to faster paced stories with shorter scenes and more plot development. My understanding of the longer episodes was that it was supposed to allow the audience to languish in the relationships that we liked to watch. We liked Iris and Vivian, so now rather than a single scene once a week, we saw them for 4-5 scenes per week. For me, the problem was that Bay City became too large as the cast grew too
  23. Luann seemed like she knew that saying the word angry would be triggering, and she tried to avoid it, but then she became too impulsive. What I like about Eboni is that she's not averse to drinking with the girls. She constantly has a glass of booze in her hands and she's fun when she's a bit tipsy. I was concerned that after last season they would all try to be teetotalers, but Ramona, Sonja, and Eboni are shooting 'em back for the rest of the girls. I really enjoyed Sonja, From her delusions about men to her new face, she is always entertaining. I appreciated when
  24. It's ironic that Catlin came to Bay City to connect with his half siblings Larry and Blaine, but they both left town soon after he arrived
  25. They did not get a good bye scene. But, did you know that there was behind the scenes acrimony between the actors in the roles?
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