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  1. Recently someone posted scenes from Kelli Maroney's turn as Tina prior to Andrea's 1984 return to role which I'm sure are searchable. Of course, Kelli turned out to be a poor fit for the role. However, your musing about Tina being present for the darker phases of the plot reminded me of those scenes. When Kelly/Tina first returned it was explained that she was working on an advanced business/marketing degree at UCLA during her time in Los Angeles. Bo noted that Asa was keen to make Tina his right-hand-man because Chuck had recently left the company. Obviously, that entire thread was dropp
  2. It's just so fun to feel the suspense about a soap again that I am going to ride the wave and try avoid spoilers
  3. My reasoning for Culhane was that we didn't see any of the rest of the family, and surely they would attend the funeral of either Jeff or Steven...
  4. It is undoubtedly less, because current budgets also have to account for licensing fees to Sony. By contrast, NBC paid New World to license SB at 30% of the rate that Sony gets today. So, the networks used to make more money through ad revenue then they do today because (just as a gross example) they used have a 30/70 split with New World (in NBC's favor because of the relative demand for distribution), versus a 60/40 split in Sony's favor today, because growing means of distribution through streaming has reduced the power of the networks. Last year's Dateline articles about the
  5. Evan was the guy touring the flooded church with the wedding planner (who conveniently told the whole event strategy of a "gold package" wedding to a stranger she had never met before) at the end of the season premiere? It is total soap logic that Fallon, daughter of Alexis, would trust superstition over sabotage as the cause of events.
  6. At risk of repeating myself, I just ran some numbers on the cancelled soap thread that were interesting. Santa Barbara debuted with an estimated production cost of $30 million for the 110 episodes produced in 1984 (it debuted in August). Which is the equivalent of $76 million in 2021 with inflation. DAYS entire production budget for 2020 was $26 million, meaning that they tried to produce almost 188 shows at 1/3 of the cost of SB in its first year (equal to how much SB spent only on sets). It is no wonder it is so dark in Horton Square, they can only afford to put on 33% of the lights.
  7. To quote Casablanca, "it's still same old story" - actors fired for cost then trying to find some causal meaning when interviewed by the press... Maybe the Dobsons were short sighted jerks, despite years in the business, or maybe they spent too much money making the floors in the Capwell atrium look like tile to afford such a large cast, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.
  8. Can we take bets who is in the coffin? Liam is too obvious. I'm going with Culhane because Fallon's grief over her past lover will cause Liam to become jealous.
  9. I only dipped in and out of the prior seasons, but I will continue this year. Also, a Lachie Buchanan fan, but Station 19 isn't for me, so this is a good excuse to watch him. Plus the EW article mentioned that he's going back to the strip club, so that's a plus. I don't mind the speed because it is only an hour a week, so they have lots to get through. Fans often wish that old soaps would get replayed on streaming, but I just watched an old season of Dallas, and at 29 episodes per year that plot dragged by today's standards. I don't know if it was Culhane or Je
  10. I'm not good at mind reading, but from this article, it seems as if everyone freaked out at the initial low ratings (remember it debuted against an extremely popular summer Olympics games on ABC, and CBS was showing great success with the expansion of Price is Right), given the expense of the show (they built a new sound stage and the hand painted flooring in the Capwell atrium alone cost over $100,000 to make it look like tile but still be quiet enough for production) so like most decisions made to please the masses, they got rid of the outliers, which in this case meant the Latinx cast.
  11. Here's the only mention of Ruben's exit that I could find from the Tumblr Soaps of Yesterday's 1984 posts I find not only the Rosa/Mason relationship a missed opportunity, but also Santana as the Cinderella step-sister to Eden and Kelly, subsequent Santanas always played up the Brandon and Cruz angles, but I wanted more exploration of her motives based on growing up in the same house but with different privileges and an in-tact family. Did she resent Mason's devotion to Rosa? How did she feel about Kelly? Her upbringing seems to have been overlooked in order to make her in
  12. It is a smart move. NBC-U already has a contract with the Critic's Choice Awards which they show on E!. So, my prediction is the next move will be to move Critic's Choice to the network, give it a red carpet, and the Globes go the way of the Cable Ace Awards
  13. I feel like Roseanne Rosanadana getting all my "facts" wrong today. This make more sense. Was Keith the DA at the time? Because, he always perverted justice when it came to the Capwells and I stand by my assumption that anyone would have believed Kelly acted in self-defense. Just so I wasn't 100% wrong, I went back and checked and Joe apparently did work-study with the custodial staff to pay for tuition at Kelly's private school (who had apparently didn't do background checks when they hired former gigolo Peter Flint as their physics teacher). Warren referenced the issue wit
  14. Notoriously, I have the worst gaydar in the world, but did anyone else just learn that Keith Hamilton Cobb (AMC Noah) came out ten years ago? EDIT @Faulkner 's comment made me look further into the story and the info appears to be false from the actor himself - so I guess my gaydar isn't as far off as I thought - moral of the story, don't believe everything you see on Tiktok and from his own blog http://keithhamiltoncobb.com/site/arrogance-ignorance-and-a-little-innocence-and-reports-of-ones-homosexuality-can-end-up-being-greatly-exaggerated/
  15. I went back to look at the Cass and Steve iterations of the house. It is amusing that wall color and fabric prints changed, but none of the subsequent owners ever rearranged the furniture. Blaine, Jordan, Steve, and Cass all kept their respective sofas in exactly the same place.
  16. OK, I watched the season finale last year and then the season premiere last night, and I am kind of hooked on the campy charm of this reboot. Although I still need to reference the original characters in my head in order to "translate" the current cast, Dynasty is a great example of using a reboot to correct the past. Melrose Place, 90210, and the Dallas reboot proved that nobody cares about new characters in our old shows. Recasting Fallon was a huge production error in the original, but this time the series is able to give her center stage and focus on her as the most interesti
  17. watson71 Contract Members 504 posts Members Posted May 6, 2019 (edited) About the only thing Corrine Jacker did correctly at AW in 1982 was integrate Bay City with African American characters. While their storylines were standard soap fare, the casting of the African American characters was top notch from 1982-84: Quinn Harding (Petronia Paley) and her brother Ed (H
  18. I recalled that back in October this promo caused some debate about whether or not Steve Frame was the richest man in Bay City (specifically if he was richer than Mac). Well, I was reading the 1981 weekly summaries (really enjoyed the Jordan Scott mystery, Jamie's drug addiction, and the Pat/Cecile rivalry - really disliked Jerry's sudden psychosis, Leigh & Sally, Rick & Marianne, and Mitch's inexplicably sudden exit). Anyway here's a detail that caught my eye NOVEMBER 16-20, 1981 James accepted Steve after Steve revealed his identity to all at a posh win
  19. Today I re-watched the ep where Kelly pushes Dylan out of the window. It is a particularly odd story that doesn't age well. First, Dylan was a threat to Kelly's safety. Others were aware of the threat, (including her brother-in-law and member of the police, Cruz) so the fact that SB police needed video evidence to believe that Kelly was not a murderer is unbelievable. Second, it was clearly an accident. Kelly was 30 lbs lighter than Dylan soaking wet, so there was no way that she could have actually thrown him out of a window. Third, it all occurred in a well occupied hotel, so the idea
  20. As much as I appreciate Janet's music, (I've seen her in concert twice), I get annoyed by her "silly" persona. Recently, she was on the Tonight Show and every story was told with a little girl giggle, similar to the voice that Britney and Paris Hilton affect. She tried to seem embarrassed to admit that she had an assistant and a nanny, as if a woman in her position wouldn't be assumed to have a staff of employees. We know from prior interviews that Janet can be bright and insightful. Part of her backstory is that she broke free from the family to pursue her own music. Yet, as
  21. We really don't know when in Dorian's timeline she learned of Addie's supposed death because she instantly recognized her as an adult when Blair introduced them. Just as we don't know who paid for her care, or why the Cramer parents were willing to treat Melinda's mental illness but not Addie's, or why Blair would blame Dorian and not her parents for her neglect?
  22. I am old enough to know that actors use social media to promote themselves and it is not always an honest representation of their real lives. However, several soap actors use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok in ways that really irritate me. I am not talking about actors who espouse opposing political views, because social media seems like the place where everyone should be free to express their unpopular opinions. I mean the preening narcissism that too many actors use to engage their fans. So, I figured that we must all have a list of actors that we "love to hate" on social media, I'll star
  23. This morning for no particular reason I was thinking about "The Cramer Women." While I always enjoyed their camaraderie, their backstories are completely convoluted retcons and were too often cribbed from each other. I can believe that Melinda had a child while she was institutionalized that became Kelly. But, why give her the exact same upbringing as Cassie? Both were secretly raised in European boarding schools, paid for by Dorian. Both came to Llandview and were immediately accepted as Cramers by everyone in town, without any questions. In retrospect, it gives Dorian motive
  24. Not a headline per se, but Sandy's prostitution story is straight of out of American Gigolo, including the female pimp and the associated murder story. American Gigolo was released 2/1/1980 and Sandy came to Bay City 1/19/81, so the connection is contemporary. BTW I just learned from AWHP that his name before Bay City was Alexander Sanderson, so his nickname could have been Sandy Sandy (lol)
  25. My favorite Housewives-ism is the beginning of every season, when they haven't seen each other in months, they hug and agree to "move on." Followed by the obligatory confessional statement about forgiving, but not forgetting. Or, the effusive compliments every time one of them enters a room, regardless of how much trash they were just saying about each other.
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