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  1. In the absence of updates from Soaps of Yesterday, I took to The Soap Opera Saga Tumblr for this week's clips (also I wanted to refocus the thread on gossip, not just GL). Some GH tea that I never knew She told Variety before Gloria Monty? I'm sure that did not go over well backstage. Meanwhile her co-stars were like, "don't let the door hit you on the way out..." Given the popular lore about how Monty saved GH and grew the ratings (which is indisputable), it is interesting to note how quickly they fell off Your guess is as good as m
  2. Question: In the GH of 2021 is Livvie Locke still Kevin's daughter? I know they revisited the Caleb story with Lucy, but does Kevin ever reference his daughter? To borrow from the comics, is Port Charles considered cannon, or did it occur in an alternate universe?
  3. For me it was the endless permutations of the romantic quadrangles (Lucy, Kevin, Eve, & Scotty/Ian, and Alison, Livvy, Rafe & Caleb). They ping ponged back and forth, in and out of each other's bedrooms, reciting lovey dovey dialogue that was only sped up by the chapter format. I also found Michael Easton and Brian Gaskill to being very unappealing, with their brooding personalities, beaded chokers, and bad haircuts, so the idea that those two engaging young women fought over these shlubs (who had to resort to magic to maintain their attraction) turned me off.
  4. As humorously evidenced by Mac disguising his voice to help Rachel when she was blind. How did we think it was romantic that one's former wife would be so mistrustful of his willingness to show compassion when she had been through the trauma that he had to fake an accent for her to accept his assistance?
  5. Your post inspired me to read up on Jill's history, as well as Billy, Cane, and Chance. In retrospect Jill is kind of like Y&R's version of DAYS John Black, her backstory has become so convoluted that it is hard to determine her motivation. Jill started out as social climber who wanted more from life than her mother experienced. So, she kept trading up until she married John, but then learned that money and status could not satisfy her cravings for lust and sexual attention. However, once she was in her late 40s and found out that she was either a Chancellor or a Fenmore all
  6. In hindsight, was Mac a low key jerk? He cheated on Rachel with both Janice and the woman who left her panties in his limo while he and Rachel were dating. He cheated on his first wife Iris's mother/adopted mother/woman she believed was her mother. He blurted out that thing about Amanda being his first "real" daughter. He fought Rachel for custody, and the post above was the first time I ever heard that he offered her the Cory Mansion in the divorce. In 2021 would we think of Mac as a guy who was stuck in an eternal mid-life crisis?
  7. That was another time, but I would hope today most writers and network executives would reject those types of portrayals of craven bisexual men as not the types of representation that we are looking for in soaps; which is why I would also not look forward to triangulated bisexual stories, the association of bisexuality and adultery is neither empowering nor respectful.
  8. Like most I want more LGBTQIA representation. However there are some practical limitations, beyond the need for more LGBTQIA writers and producers, in order to tell modern stories. Hollyoaks is a perfect example of these issues. Problem #1: While there are a lot of gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, the small population, coupled with being set in a tiny village, means that they've all dated each other in some permutation. There's a joke in West Hollywood that by 30 everyone has already dated everyone else in town yet, in Hollyoaks it is actually true. Character
  9. From Rachel to Victoria and Felicia most women in Bay City tempered their inner bitch for the love of a good man. It is my least liked soap trope, (and not specific to AW necessarily), but I don't think most writers feel that a female character can sustain if she is unlikable. Speaking of Rachel, and where she lived with Ada, I recall watching an episode from the early 1980's when Mac and Rachel were fighting over custody of the kids. Ada visited Rachel in an apartment to discuss the supervised visitation issues that were being fought for in the divorce. At that time, Rachel was
  10. Totally agree. I remember watching Rachel and Mac's double wedding with Blaine and Sandy, and Felicia was very unsympathetic. She was bullying Julia and making catty remarks. Very unlike how she was later written.
  11. DAYS Phillip brings to mind a type of character that soap writers in general struggle to write; the rich nice guy/prince charming type. Loving’s Jack, AMC’s Chuck, (as well as Greg and Cliff) Capital’s Tyler, and to some degree GH’s Jax were all good guys that were in triangles with either a good girl and a bad girl, or a poor girl and guy from her old neighborhood. But what they all lacked was a personality. I don’t think it was just their portrayals, I think the writing for those characters lacked humor or well-rounded sensibility. When Lujack wooed Beth always from Phillip on GL there was
  12. Isn't Basic Black a division of Alamain Industries? If I remember the novelizations correctly (A Stirring in Salem & A Secret in Salem which didn't actually take place in Salem, and don't seem to be cannon given that there is an unmentioned offspring), Basic Black was just one part of the overall Alamain Empire focusing on fashion.
  13. Not to go too far into the weeds on the AW analogy, but the Bayview Courts apartments on Another World was another attempt at trying to tie twentysomething characters together based on living in a communal space rather than within a family unit (very Melrose Place). However, even in the 90's, it would have been rare for a rich woman like Sydney Chase to live in the same building as an editor's assistant like Ally. And I don't know many municipal building officials would allow a permit for a new drop-in clinic to be next door to a dive bar. In retrospect, perhaps the writers of Th
  14. Does that mean Lindsay Hartley doesn't really read scripts in her hot tub with then-boyfriend Jason Shane Scott in a speedo?
  15. I just randomly remembered that Dorian's sister Melinda and her ex-lover David Rinaldi (not Vickers) were both pianists. I don't recall any mention made of the coincidence, and given that David/Cassie were retconed into Dorian history it was probably not planned. However, it would have been an interesting introduction if Dorian mentioned that she met David through her sister. Melinda was hospitalized in the asylum in 1981, and David was introduced in 1983, but I guess given the changes in writers and producers it was a lifetime apart.
  16. One of the many dropped threads from the syndicated show Rituals was that the Chapins owned a football team. At one point Taylor was low in funds so the team had to move into the mansion and Lacey (Philece Sampler) the PE teacher at the college did aerobics with them. Also, Asa Buchanan owned a football team at point on OLTL and Mimi King was one of the cheerleaders (around the time of the cultural phenomenon of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders).
  17. then, of course this happened I'm guessing PFS aced every executive interview to get the job, and then couldn't manage the office politics, because I've never heard of anyone who had such short tenures at so many shows...
  18. Although between the generically named "Men's Line" and anachronistic "Brash & Sassy" they needed a stronger marketing department. And, how many makeup lines produce their own photography ads in-house? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Christy Turlington wasn't being shot by her uncle in the basement of the Calvin Klein building.
  19. Wouldn't this whole Vinny situation be the perfect opportunity for Brooke Logan to remember her career in laboratory science? At the very least she should know how to interpret a validate a test result!
  20. The internet may have phased the need for private investigators, but we'll always need experts to remember the real backstory on these boards - thanks for your contribution - but I still don't know what they do at Newman to get so rich...
  21. The Feds always make hyperbolic statements like those about Jen. Selling bad customer listings is not the same as stealing and seems difficult to prove. A simple re-watch of Glengarry Glen Ross would demonstrate how companies buy bad listings all the time to try to make sales. Someone would have to be able to show receipts that Jen knew the lists were faulty and sold them anyway. However, the fact that she and her assistant were actually arrested is shocking! Andy noted that they are currently filming. So, it will be a schadenfreude-fest to watch the reactions of the other w
  22. In the beginning, everyone on soaps had an understandable career; doctor, lawyer, homemaker, occasional blue collar worker. Then, in the 1980's everyone in soaps got rich. I know some people hate business stories, my opinion is that they are often useful as a backdrop for Romeo/Juliet sagas and revenge plots. Yet, I was scratching my head about how some of these companies created generational wealth? AMC - Chandler Enterprises: Adam came to town as a media magnate. He financed the movie based on Erica's autobiography, owned the local tv station, and later acquired the print mag
  23. It could never truly be the worst because that distinction will forever be held by Guiding Light's final theme "Only Love" with the horrible lyric Everybody wants truth Everybody wants hope Everybody clings to sex like soap on a rope
  24. I like the mid century pencil illustrations the best, even though the shading makes it look like every actress could cut a steak with those sharp cheekbones
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