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  1. I feel like Liam has usurped the role of "the normal one" in the drama. But, why doesn't he have a job? And why are his relationships with all of the other characters so underdeveloped?
  2. I was reading the wiki on Fox Crane during lunch and I came to a realization; Passions was a show with very interesting characters, but horrible plots. Certainly, a lot happened in Harmony during the years Passions was on air. But, the pace was bizarre. A single day would last for weeks, a single discussion could last for days, and plots, characters, and sets would just disappear without explanation. However, the characters were unique and well rounded. Fox as a young, rich, playboy also discussed how his issues with being neglected by his mother caused him to obsess
  3. Isn't odd that Sienna and Mercedes had essentially the same thing going on? They're both being gaslit by younger women, and their men doubt them. It is weird to have a soap do two similar stories at once.
  4. In the SB universe timeline, how long was it between CC & Pamela's divorce, and CC & Sophia's wedding? Mason seems to be around 10 years older than Channing, (who had to be born in their first year of marriage if Sophia was pregnant by Lionel when they wed) so I would guess CC & Pamela had been divorced for 3-5 years. I know for suspension of disbelief purposes we shouldn't calculate the ages of the Capwell kids, but Elena would have to have been older than Channing or Eden, if Pamela was preggers when she left CC for Europe, correct? I also wonder what Pam
  5. That clip is like OLTL in an alternate universe, including Megan with recast Tina and Dorian all acting cordial toward each other. But, at least we know that Brenda hung around until August 1991. Do we think baby Steven inherited the Grande fortune? And did anyone else move into the Grande Mansion? That was a lovely set.
  6. This week's episode defied logic. The Carringtons live in a universe where J-Lo is still dating A-Rod, but there's no COVID? How did Fallon buy the roads surrounding the mansion, can a private citizen buy access to state funded streets? A reporter cancelled her story on Fallon because her family was too crazy, then rescheduled a live interview, the day before it aired, because she thought Fallon was just crazy enough? Why does Liam suddenly want to move out of the mansion, despite the fact that he has no viable means of support, which means they
  7. This intrigued me because I recalled Brenda leaving after the Michael Grande murder trial. She was involved with Larry, then had an affair with Dan (his son). Michael Grande wanted to be close to her baby, who had been switched by Gabrielle and Tina, and the baby was later reunited with Brenda. Michael got rid of Dan through a fake malpractice suit, and then married and drugged Brenda. Here's soap central synopsis of Brenda's exit Dan figured out that Michael had been drugging Brenda all along and rushed to Michael's home, where he found Brenda unconscious in the fo
  8. Ok, I think we can agree that the Daytime Emmys have always been a bit wanky. At this point, including the mid-1980s, they have not been broadcast as often as they have aired on TV. The nominations and voting are notoriously suspect, and more people probably viewed this forum's best and worst lists than watched the show when it was on The CW. There is zero evidence that it effects ratings and it is consistently the most low rent red carpet in celebrity magazines. This year's eye roll moment came from Tam'ron Hall who submitted as "informative talk show" and "informative talk sho
  9. Do we need to find a new term for the immature 40 year old's in Salem? Perhaps we could call it SOSEPAS (soap opera sluggish emotional & physical aging syndrome)? Why doesn't DAYS allow Sami, Nicole, Ava, Lucas, Shawn, Belle, and Brady to act like they're middle aged? Most of them have kids in their 20s. Shouldn't they be concerned about not having to live with their parents, settling down, or saving for retirement? Shouldn't Nicole or Sami lament their inability to maintain a stable relationship this late in life? Shouldn't Brady and Lucas worry about their virility given
  10. I appreciate that they are going to talk about Robyn's depression. Her symptoms of lethargy and anhendonia have been present in prior seasons but never addressed. RHOP lacks a sense of place. OC, NYC, BH, and Atlanta have personality as a geographical place, but Potomac remains a mystery. It is a suburb of DC, but only Wendy seems involved in politics, and they rarely enter the beltway. It lacks the small town gossip aura of Cota De Caza in OC, where everyone would be expected to know each other's business. And it doesn't have the aspirational aspects of BH (despite it being a
  11. I wonder if the sudden onset of EJ's exit story as a drug dealer, coupled with the later retcon of his demise, leads to the idea of DAYS being caught off guard by Mr. Scott's decision to quit? Certainly, Sami's exit felt more planned, due to the groundwork which had been laid for weeks prior to her exit, and Gabi was in place as a suitable replicate as the romantic, yet somewhat morally corrupt, heroine.
  12. I forgot how much the bar set shrunk after the bombing. The end of the bar almost reaches the door. It feels as if they played with the depth of that set a bit over the years because in the final episode when Maeve sings Danny Boy, I recall more of an entrance corridor and more room between the bar and the back window. Here it is 1976 (compare it to the prior clip) It is also always amusing to me that, (like Roger in this episode), nobody on a soap set can hear what is happening two feet away, unless they are obviously snooping on someone else.
  13. I think DAYS has actually done a good job at setting up the canvas for EJ's return. Obviously, he'll be a spanner in the Lucas/Sami relationship, but this time there is enough fan support for the reunion of those two characters that it makes that a viable triangle. Also, we have former lovers Nicole and Kate being single. Nicole tends to wallow as a character without a love interest, and Eric has been gone for nearly a year, so she needed something to do. BTW does anyone in Salem recall that Rafe and Kate dated? The emergence of Jake and Brady in business sets up so
  14. I think we need to differentiate between dropped and unresolved storylines. Deveney on B&B was really neither. It was an unusual story because it was so time limited and it had a distinct beginning, middle and end. Stephanie began making mysterious phone calls, it is established that she was conned into believing that Angela Forrester was alive, there's an accident, and the doctor and Deveney were apparently dead. Then, Deveney returned, vowed revenge on the Forrester brothers using the knowledge of the real unresolved story; Thorne's shooting of Ridge. However, before she
  15. So, I still like it and I am willing to follow along but I have a few nitpics. The primary issue may be true of soaps in general. From Fallon's agoraphobia, to Alexis's faux cousin, and Blake's pursuit of Krystal, the character's motives are so obviously telegraphed to the audience that the others in the scenes just seem dumb. How could Liam not tell that Fallon wasn't going on their honeymoon the second time she made an excuse to stay home? He's written a book analyzing Fallon, so why would he suddenly be so oblivious? Why would Jeff need face tracking software to tell that th
  16. This part of the plan amuses me in retrospect. I am willing to suspend disbelief that this was the plan of a 17 year old girl and her boyfriend, who had no prior scam experience. However, was Victoria expecting to be handed a large lottery style check? I think some ID, beyond wearing a similar wig, would be required for most bank transactions.
  17. I admired Dominique's ability to wiggle even while standing still and discussing mineral rights. Although, somebody needs to work on that lacefront, in 4k you could see her widowspeak and her hairline did not match. I also thought the mineral rights thing was very Dallas. No matter the size of the Carrington Manor, one doubts the neighbors in Buckhead would allow drilling. Which is how I predict Blake will rescue the house. Alexis will overspend on excavation and be forced to sell it back to Blake. They are doing an awful job of hiding Cristal's pregnancy. However, given th
  18. @Soaplover I'm left with some nagging questions to resolve. (1) Why did Andy and Jake have the last name of Harrison, if Max and Steve's last name was Holden (I'm guessing they shared the same mother, while Steve and Max shared a father)? Were all of the parents dead, or did any of them appear in Llandview? (2) Was the issue of Max being the son of Asa and Renee ever discussed while one of his siblings was in town? (3) Did both Steve Holden and Drew Ralston die in wedding cake related bomb incidents? (4) Was Al named after Gabrielle's father?
  19. I recall enjoying Andy, even though it meant retconning more siblings for Max Holden. It has been a long held pet peeve of my that writers defy logic by having characters come to a new town, then years later their long lost relatives happen to appear in the same small town, despite the fact that their family has no established roots in that city. Max lived in Argentina for years, why would his half-siblings from Texas try to find him in Llandview? That being said, Andy was an ingenue for her times. She was very late 90's in her aesthetic and character. The kind of girl who didn
  20. Admittedly I didn't watch the final two seasons, nor do I remember them with any detail. However, I was watching clips and it made me wonder about Alexis's housing during the series. I know she started living in her art studio on the grounds of the Carrington estate because it had been gifted to her by Blake. Then, (after she married Cecil?) she moved to her highrise apartment (penthouse?). I recognize the establishing shot as a condo building on Wilshire in Los Angeles. Finally, she appears to have moved into the hotel she owned. Here's my question - was that hotel the refurb
  21. Reading 1992, I forgot about Michael and Rachel's brief dalliance. Now that would have been a fun foursome later with Donna & Matthew and Rachel & Michael sparring and interacting.
  22. From today's LA Times which seems to contradict Page Six https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2021-05-13/what-the-end-of-ellen-says-about-the-changing-tv-business Several TV executives familiar with the matter said Telepictures has no plans to hold onto its “Ellen” time periods with a new show this time around, even though it was well-known inside the company that DeGeneres intended to leave at the end of her three-year contract. It's a very end-of-an era analysis which reminds me of when Passions went off of NBC and there was no soap sc
  23. I think there are a variety of "missed opportunities" when it came to John Hudson as a character. First, despite the build up there was really not a lot of animosity between John and Michael. I cannot think of a memorable fight, there was no backstory to support a rivalry, and they never seemed to differ on moral or ethical issues. Second, it was odd that Michael had three long lost children, (Marly, Vicky, and Nick) while John had none. A recently arrived older kid for John would have made more sense given that he was missing for so many years. By the time Michael found out about Nick it
  24. https://www.passionspodcast.com/ Very amusing recap of Passions from the beginning. A nice balance between appreciating the genre and making fun of the absurdity of this show in particular.
  25. I understand why it feels this way, but here's an interesting tidbit from the same article about Ms. Lazar's firing For better or for worse, it is a reminder that Cruz and Eden emerged out of audience support. It is further evidence that whatever the original plans/bible were for SB were re-written and re-thought. Which may be why re-watching the first year feels like a mess, with tangents, huge events with no consequences, and dropped storylines all over the place.
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