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  1. I beg to differ. Although I tried hard to find the source and failed, my memory from reading Soap World was that the Carrington family owned the newspaper. Arguably, by the time Eliot moved to Bay City he may have acquired his own source of wealth through the publication of his book. However, I also have a vague recollection that Eliot's family owned the newspaper and that is why he was considered to be a viable match for Iris. However, my initial point was that around the introduction of Blaine there was a lot of chatter about Mac's will. Brian wants Iris disinherited before their marriage. Mac offers to care for Jamie in his will, setting up the eventual struggle between Jamie and Sandy (I guess Alice's mishandling of Frame Construction voided Jamie's inheritance from that company). Also, Rachel expresses concern about Matthew being in the will. However, nobody seems to mention Dennis's rights of inheritance. Speaking of Blaine and her family, I read some gossip that Rick Porter (Larry Ewing) and Gail Browne (Clarice) clashed backstage. On the Soaps of Yesterday Tumblr there are stories of Rick's side hustles, such as selling adult novelties, but no mention of their relationship... (On a side note, it always makes me laugh to think about actors like Rick Porter, or OLTL Jeremy Slate (Chuck Wilson), or GL's Larry Gates (HB Lewis) living in New York while having to maintain the look and accent of cowboys from the ol' west.) I was also reading the AWHP summaries of Eliot's introduction and there was an interesting tidbit that Eliot ordered Louise to supervise Iris's visits with Dennis because her negligence almost led to Dennis being kidnapped. First, I think the Dennis/Iris dynamic was so inventive for the times. The contrast between Rachel/Jamie and Iris/Dennis was unique, and Iris's reaction to Dennis's rejection of her interestingly informed their dynamic throughout his development. Second, I find it amusing that kidnapping was in the news so much in the early 70's that it was a thread through so many soap stories. I'm sure it was inspired by the publication and TV movie of Anne Lindbergh's diaries about her baby's kidnapping, the Chowchilla Busnapping, and of course, later the character of Kit owed many plot points to the Patty Hearst story. It would be interesting to track how many plots were influenced by news stories of the time. Obviously, Iris's bugging of Eliot's suite happening at the same time as the Watergate hearings comes to mind, but I wonder if anyone can recall other plots that were lifted from current events?
  2. In reading this thread I was thinking about how Wentworth Tool & Die was truly the structural missed story opportunity. The idea of giving Pam her own power base was very smart. However, Wentworth going from a tool and die company to an oil company was not as smart. It negated various stories for Wenworth to mess with Ewing oil based on controlling the means of production. Upthread someone mentioned that Pam was always supposed to be more ambitious and business savvy than Bobby (which seems clearer in the pilot and the seasons before Jock's death). Imagine the conflict if Pam was able to use her own fortune to fight JR? Yet, putting Cliff in charge was dumb. Cliff should have maintained a moral opposition to both companies through his governmental positions. Messing with unions, property rights, and environmental stuff made more sense than having him suddenly in charge of an oil company and then being an easy target of JR's manipulation. Cliff became an idiot in business when he could have been an expert in legislation if he had stayed in his own lane. While the aforementioned Susan Howard story sours me on the actress, Donna's federal government power base also seemed like a missed source of plotlines. Ray was comparatively modern in his acceptance of Donna as both the more educated and powerful one in the marriage. Her job could have posed several threats to Ewing Oil and affected the Bobby/JR rivalry. However, by instantly saddling her with a dependent family and baby fever, most of her power got lost in the shuffle.
  3. There's not a lot of discussion about Dennis's inheritance from Mac (especially given the focus on Mac's will between Jamie and Sandy), do you think that was due to the fact that he it was assumed he would inherit the Carrington's family fortune?
  4. I guess we are supposed to assume that Elliott was held prisoner in Vietnam after he left Bay City in 1974, and before the fall of Saigon in 1975? Also, I assume that Dennis had no contact with Elliott between 1974 in Bay City and 1980 in Houston. I was reading AWHP about Iris's "nervous breakdown" In 1974 when she regressed to Dennis's birth and pleaded with Elliott to help give her baby a last name, then mistook Iris mistook her maid Louise for her mother and lamented that she left her. Iris: (about Dennis) "He'll grow up to hate me, just as everyone else does...All the nurses who came and went, those awful teachers in Switzerland, Daddy's lady friends...everyone stared at me because I wasn't as pretty as Mama..." Eliot: (STARING AT HER) "No one hates you, Iris." Iris: "I know you don't...but then we hardly know each other, do we? Come and look at my baby...His name is Dennis...Dennis...But I've got to find a last name for him, now...(ELIOT PUTS HIS HAND ON HERS. SHE SNATCHES HERS AWAY) "How dare you touch me! You're only nice to me because I'm rich..." (ELIOT RISES AND TURNS AWAY. LOUISE GOES TO IRIS) Louise: "Iris, it's time for your nap." Iris: "Can I take my baby with me?" Louise: "Of course you can. We'll put him in the bed with you...." Iris: "Good...Oh, Mama, why did you go away when I was born?" Some of which creates continuity issues for later stories, but it could always be attributed to Iris's "hysteria". Also, Dennis took such a dark turn in Houston, due to Paige, that it was shame that did not inform his later return to Bay City.
  5. Was Iris's marriage to Brian her longest on screen marriage during her first run on AW?
  6. One wonders if Savannah suffered from the same logistical problem as Twin Peaks, after the mystery of the first season was resolved there was less interest in the second season. Unlike Dallas or Knots, the show was initially so focused on a single plot that it did not allow for viewers to engage in long term stories. As I recall, the first season finale was great, but the second season was unable to sustain the hype (much like Dynasty after the Moldavian Massacre).
  7. I was just sitting here wondering if Joe Gallison (Dr. Neil Curtis) suffered from "Sarah Brown Syndrome"? An actor who was hired due to their popularity on another soap but didn't get the writing they deserved on their new show. Proof that an actor's likability is never enough if their character's story is not well told. Bill Matthews was charismatic and popular on AW, but while Neil should have been interesting (a gambling addicted doctor who may have been a doppelgänger) , he just wasn't that intriguing on screen. Neil was always a "b" story kind of guy. Although Joe's good looks made him appear like a leading man, to me, he was always a little stiff. As a result, unlike Don, when he disappeared from Salem, I hardly noticed. https://www.starnewsonline.com/article/NC/20151113/news/605048397/WM
  8. You're correct - I mixed up when Therese asked Mac to stand by Iris (I guess she didn't mention standing by Rachel as well) NOVEMBER 15 -19, 1976 Therese begged Mac and Keith to always stand by Iris. NOVEMBER 22 - 26, 1976 Therese died peacefully in Iris' garden. Mac left Rachel and was seduced by an eager Gwen and then a few years later... AUGUST 14 - 18, 1978 Mac returned to Bay City in time for the birth of his daughter. In honor of Mac's mother, Rachel named the baby Amanda. Mac confessed to a horrified Iris that she's not his biological daughter. Iris flipped and left town. DECEMBER 4 - 8, 1978 Janice Frame returned and went to work for Willis. However, I stand by my point that the initial impact of Iris finding out she was adopted set into motion a series of events that culminated in the Janice Frame saga. Iris would probably not have aligned with Kirk (who wanted to take over Cory) if she hadn't found her biological mother Sylvie. Mac's vulnerability at the office caused him to lean on Janice That led to her poisoning him, St. Croix, Mitch, and the birth of Matthew. I tend to admire stories that seamlessly merge into one another, rather than plots that appear out of thin air, and I would contend that the Iris adoption reveal was a key element in the evolution of that story. It was the backdrop that motivated Iris for the next two years, it effected her relationships with Brian and Philip (who cleverly also played a part in Janice's story because he suggested the book to Mac that contained the origin of Janice's scheme) and arguably set the stage for her exit to Texas. While I agree that the later retcon seemed unnecessary, we don't know how Iris's paternity would have effected her future relationship with an adult Amanda if Mac had survived beyond the anniversary party.
  9. It recalls when Marlena's possession story was interrupted for the OJ trial. Even though research suggests that the average viewer only tunes into a soap twice a week, it destroys the momentum. That being said, I saw that NBC promoted the fact that yesterday's episode was available online last night on twitter. Given the fact that all episodes are posted online it seems to negate the need to reschedule the airings.
  10. Also Joe was the janitor at Kelly's high school which is a little sketchy.
  11. Thanks, that's interesting to know. Also, it seems like a missed opportunity to not make Elizabeth and Sarah into Terri's daughters because there would have been less fan concern about her return. Although in writing that I realized that (a) their last name wouldn't have been Webber if Terri got married and had kids, and (b) Elizabeth wouldn't have had a connection to Audrey Hardy, if she wasn't her (step?) grandmother through Jeff. SO, never mind...
  12. Reading the weekly summaries also made me re-think the scene after Amanda was born when Iris finds out from Mac that she illegitimate. Like many, I've criticized that detail because (a) it seemed uncharacteristically cruel of Mac, (b) it affected the continuity of the Cory family history, and (c) it seemed unnecessary. However, I would argue from a new perspective given the context of the story because of the changes it put into place for upcoming stories. First of all, Amanda was born around the time of Iris's marriage to Brian Bancroft. Brian wanted Iris to voluntarily remove herself as Mac's heir prior to their marriage so that she would not be beholden to the Cory family fortune. Second, it set up a heartwarming scene for Therese Lemonte I always thought Therese died on Iris's terrace after her singing Bye-Bye Blackbird, but she actually survived to go to the hospital where she pleaded with Mac to set aside any differences with Iris. Third, by making Iris more vulnerable it set up the conflict between Rachel and Blaine. In the past, Iris would have been the one to steal from Cory to pay off Blaine. However, without access to the Cory funds, it fell to Rachel to embezzle one million dollars from Cory to give to Blaine, which caused a separation from Mac, which led to his relationship with Janice, which in turn led to St. Croix, Mitch, and the conception of Matthew. So, I think within the context of the time, Iris's illegitimacy makes more sense and served the story. Later it may have created more problems that needed correction, but for the moment that it was written, it had a purpose that drove the plot forward.
  13. I read this article about Latoya of RHOA and it got me thinking https://screenrant.com/housewives-atlanta-latoya-ali-abuse-claims-husband-adam/ 1. From watching the show I would never know that she was a Youtuber 2. There was no mention of the extent of the abuse in her relationship (which would have effected the way we viewed the gossip about an affair with the profit) 3. There was hardly any mention of her children, I had no idea she had four kids so young, and when everyone was complaining about Kenya bringing her baby, what was Latoya's take on that situation? 4. She clearly has a complicated history with alcohol that went unexplored Overall, I am much more interested in the Latoya from this article than I am about the one portrayed on the show.
  14. I think the closest we get to an answer comes the reporting of the time that was recently uploaded to The Soaps of Yesterday Tumblr. SB debuted just as ABC was broadcasting the very popular 1984 Summer Olympics and CBS had seen great success that summer in the expansion of The Price is Right to an hour, which in turn boosted the ratings for Y&R. As a result, SB was a ratings bust right out of gate. Coupled with the fact that it premiered as an hour soap, and NBC had gone so far as to build another sound stage for its production, they were hemorrhaging money. So, the network panicked and did what networks always did to solve a problem, they fired producers, writers, and actors. Casting was an issue from the beginning with Lloyd Bochner dropping out a week before the premiere (I never knew that Peter Marc Richman had to be edited into the pilot later due to Bochner's health). Marcy Walker was hired away from AMC without her character being in the original bible. Dame Judith Anderson as Minx was publicized in the original announcement for the show, but Nick Coster and Louise Sorel were last minute hires. So, planning was not a strong suit. As we know from retrospective interviews, network interference drove the Dobson's to be more and more resistant to consultation, and eventually they were locked out, sued the network, won a settlement, returned, got fired again, and finally NBC cancelled when another production company pitched a set of game shows that would cost less money.
  15. After reading the latest post from the 1975 thread, I started to think that Dr. Dave Gilchrist was kind of a jerk. He broke confidentiality by telling Michael Randolph that his twin sister Marianne was pregnant. Then, he told Rachel to acquiesce to Mac and tamper down her art career because she wasn't paying enough attention to her husband (later, he tried date Rachel when they divorced) . What do others remember about good ol' Dr. Dave? Also, Olive Gordon Randolph seemed to go from schemer to psycho in five minutes flat. One minute she's blackmailing half the town and the next she is burning down cabins. Was the turn as sudden as it reads? Was this contemporaneous with Lemay's departure as headwriter? Furthermore, I don't quite get the connection to Sally. Were Ray and Olive Sally's aunt and uncle because Ray's sister was Sally's mother? Was Ray's brother Charles also a character or was he only around for Beatrice's introduction as an overbearing mother? On the AW Homepage it mentions that Beatrice left Bay City to care for Ray's two other kids, but who was raising the boys when Ray and Olive were in town? It is ironic that Sally grew so close to Mac and Rachel, considering that Rachel was using to Beatrice to f%^& with Alice over Sally adoption, but I guess all is forgiven after a SORAS and a retconned baby.
  16. From the 1976 portion of the 1975 thread Jeff and Rick Webber had a sister?!? What happened to her? Also, in hindsight, wasn't silly that Rick was the hotter brother to Monica? I guess the heart wants what it wants, but Jeff was so much cuter.
  17. From Nurse Emily Benson to Dr Royal Dunning, and from Dr Fax Newman to Dr Taylor Benson, Bay City University Hospital had more than its share of crooks and psychopaths.
  18. Please no Connor, and mostly please don't ever let him sing again https://youtu.be/nZKrkpRa4EA?t=70
  19. I was reading the weekly synopses of the introduction to the character of Stuart Chandler and it got me thinking. I don't want to use the term "offensive" because I did not feel that way. However, in retrospect, it was not just politically incorrect, but also poorly written and acted. First, it seems like a choice that Stuart's "mental problems" were always obtuse. Was he psychotic? Well, there were no hallucinations or delusions. Did he have Autism? Well, he maintained romantic relationships with two women, which would suggest that he did not have delays in socialization, and he did not display any restrictive interests or repetitive movements. Was he intellectually deficient? Well he seemed capable of taking care of his adaptive skills such as cooking and cleaning himself. The lack of diagnosis seemed to be in the service of not having to advocate for any specific disease, but it left many open questions. Second, his portrayal as being cute and immature was disrespectful of people with brain injuries. Most men with brain injuries do not indicate their level of impairment by wearing crewneck sweaters. And men with structural damage to their cortex don't speak like little boys or want to play with toys. Writing and acting the character of Stuart as lovable because he seemed younger than his age was problematic. Could he consent to a sexual relationship with Marion given his level of functioning? Who knew, because it was so ill defined. As I recall AMC got accolades for the portrayal of Stuart and fans enjoyed his romances with Cindy and Marion. But, given my own experiences knowing people with head injuries, Autism, and chronic mental illness, it was just grossly out of touch. AMC tried again with the characters of Lily Montgomery and Jonathan Lavery but the acting in both cases was atrocious. Jonathan's miraculous recovery from a brain injury was worse than when soaps have people spontaneously walk after paralysis, or see after temporary blindness, because Jonathan inexplicably had to act as if he was still delayed in order to maintain his relationship, and then was found out when Jackson heard him speak "normally." On what planet would that be considered sensitive or tasteful story telling? I guess we should applaud the efforts to show intellectual diversity. However, when the only stories for people with disabilities are either about being abused or trying to find love, writers have missed the opportunity to mine the real dramas in the lives of people with neurological differences and their families.
  20. So, Sami and John think that Belle killed Charlie because they saw someone wearing her coat pull the trigger. While I would bet that someone stole Belle's coat, it begs the question of why John and Sami would find her coat to be so memorable that they instantly recognized it as her's?
  21. @Franko Although Toyzz is playing at the Cock N' Bull. I would rather take advantage of the $25 six video and VCR rental special at Crazy Jake's followed by the $5.95 two plate special at Hickory House. Also, I always thought John Bolger was related to Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz), just like Gregg Marx was related to Groucho? Am I imagining it or wasn't he in an Oz related photo shoot for SOW? Given that Pat Falken Smith was hired twice more at GH after Ryan's Hope, DAYS, and GL fired her, hope springs eternal in daytime (Oy, those weekly summaries of RH's Pru are painful to read) I'm going with Melissa (Lisa Trusel) because we're in the height of the Pete/Ivy triangle, and Kimberly (Patsy Pease) given that Shane just quit the ISA - also they both are most memorable as flaccid and colorless IMO
  22. From Feb 1985 Who would let Sandy the gigolo-turned-jounalist become a hospital administrator? Did he slash the budget by suggesting the doctors perform surgery shirtless? This guy wasn't smart enough to figure out who fathered his own daughter, how was he going to manage a medical center?
  23. OK, but did Theresa Rebecca (or Regina) run away or was she kidnapped because I still don't understand why her father didn't recognize her?
  24. It is funny that you should mention their chemistry because according to this article about his casting the chemistry was a key component to Bolger being cast
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