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  1. Welp. They down BAD! I just hope they get it right next season. This is the first Real Housewives in America to not have a reunion. RHONY used to be the gold standard. If they’re smart they’ll keep Bershan and just act like it didn’t happen.
  2. Re: Bethenny speaking up now, she said she stopped following Bravo since she quit RHONY. She unfollowed everyone involved with Bravo and has distanced herself so she didn’t know this Erika story was as big as it was until an intern pitched it for her show. We also have to keep in mind what Tom was doing was an open secret for years. Everybody knew, but nobody had the power to stop him since he had so much support from the California Bar, judges etc.
  3. Sutton’s ring killed me lol! She isn’t lying about no longer being scared of Erika bc that is sure to piss her off.
  4. I do think it would be hilarious to have Marlena running around town telling everyone’s business lol. The one person you should be able to trust with your deepest darkest secrets!
  5. I think Marlena will be heavily involved and may also be possessed, but I don’t think she’ll be the main one. I just hope whoever they pick isn’t too young. Meaning I don’t want it to be Allie or one of the young adults. If she were a more important character I’d love to see it be Belle.
  6. I was stunned to learn that was her exit. It seemed so sudden that I didn’t realize it wasn’t part of the story. Will be curious to see who else gets struck down by the vaccine mandate.
  7. With Back To the Cul De Sac I was happy with the range of characters they got back. Even though it was only a cameo filmed after production had ended, having Nicollette Sheridan was vital so I'm glad that happened. It was also nice to see characters like Diana and Ginger after so long. I could've done without Anne (maybe sub her for Lilimae) and more Olivia, but overall it was fine. I do wonder what the original Ann Marcus script would've been like.
  8. My biggest takeaway from this is that Peacock would be smart to commission a real spin off for Will and Sonny. I would create it with the intention of being a standalone spin off, not limited series and give them like 10 episodes with a budget to allow them a more primetime look. I think that would be a big success for them.
  9. I love nuJordan personally and hope she doesn't die. With GH it's weird because the Black characters do get screentime, but I feel like they don't have any agency. Their stories tend to be so minor and have NO impact on the overall show.
  10. There's a man on youtube with a page called Obsolete Video and I think if anybody could find it, it's him. He's posted an impossible to find 70s Y&R episode and he's posted color closing credits from the 70s soaps, that haven't been available in anything other than B&W kinescope. As he buys collections I feel he could uncover something.
  11. Before I get to Nene, I want to say that Jennie clip was impressive! I love when a housewife has a story to tell and an interesting life. To me that’s just as important as what drama she may bring. Now those pictures and everything I’ve seen from Gregg’s homecoming celebration brought tears to my eyes. It was so nice to see everybody support Nene despite past issues with her or each other. To see KENYA there blew my mind. Cynthia and Kandi were out of town, but Kandi posted a beautiful tribute. I know it may be asking a lot, but Gregg was such a unifying force on the show that I hope his passing brings Nene closer with her cast mates. I don’t want Bravo to exploit her by bringing her back, but I hope that this can move them in a positive direction in their personal lives.
  12. Looks like another boring, uneventful season for Salt Lake City! JUST KIDDING! That looks better than I thought! I knew they were filming, but it looks like they got much more footage than we expected. I can’t wait to watch that episode! Lord it looks good! As for the tag lines, I love Mary’s tagline. Lisa’s is obnoxious but fun. The rest I can take or leave. I cannot wait for Sunday! I hope the ratings give what they need to give.
  13. I'm still watching, but my early reaction is that the production values are very good. Not quite primetime, but you can tell enough money has been poured in to elevate things. I wish the main show looked this good. We also don't have the tiny sets of the main show. It looks really good so on that front they were successful. The one thing I question right now is centering so much of the plot on Princess Gina/Hope unless Kristen Alfonso is a surprise guest. Especially considering you're bringing back so many people, if a lapsed viewer is tuning in, they'll expect her. It plays in a way that you could be a lapsed viewer and still be fine.From the beginning you can tell it's a very specific story.
  14. I have had Peacock since it started and I don't mind the app. I know some have complained about it, but it seems pretty easy to me and I like how easy it is to find stuff. They break things up into so many categories and constantly add to it so you can find new stuff. I just found a new TV Movie section which I'm excited about. As for other soaps and streaming, I do agree with you. Peacock is still new and looking for something that works for them so if this does well I could see them continuing to develop Days spin-offs, perhaps a true spin-off and not limited series and I can also see them digging into classic episodes. When they added the housewives that also went well for them and they started adding more Housewives related content very quickly. I hope the same happens for Days. Now the most obvious show that needs a spin-off IMO is B&B. Brad owns the show and he has already made Forrester International a thing without even trying. While that would be the most obvious spin-off, it just shocks me he hasn't attempted anything since he has such a hold on that show. As popular as it is overseas a limited series spin-off would likely do very well for him.
  15. Peacock did all this promo only to mess up the release. The one positive I'll say is that this is the first time I've seen people asking about a show on Peacock lol. Hopefully that is a good sign for viewer interest.
  16. Ashley doesn't even look like she had a baby so not only is it a dirty read, but it's a lazy one as well. I have always wanted to like Candiace but she doesn't understand how to read people when it isn't that serious. She goes too deep and there's no way I'd want to be friends with someone who will do you like that.
  17. Both of those shows have been discussed in the Primetime Soaps thread.
  18. I don't want Bryton with Melissa Ordway, who cannot act, but I support it only because it makes no sense Devon would give Abby his child. At least if they end up together he can be a father to his son. Also very worried about whatever B&B is going to do with Paris. I like that they've been writing for Paris and I think Diamond White is great, but there is no winning if Finn cheats on Steffy with Finn. Steffy is the star of the show and that would ruin the character of Paris and write her into a corner. I hope it doesn't go beyond Steffy misunderstanding their friendship.
  19. I wouldn't mind a Knots Landing reboot starring Nicollette Sheridan, but the quality you know would be subpar. I think the premise of Knots is easily adaptable and would be successful. Falcon Crest is also dying for a darker reboot or remake. As for daytime soaps, I think the P&G soaps could be on Lifetime or Hallmark doing movies centered on certain characters and they'd have success with that. Or limited series. I'm not sure at this point I'd bring them back full time.
  20. I loved Kevin Schmidt in the role, but Robert Adamson despite being good looking was boring as hell and never could've been a leading man. He also worked with various writing regimes so I don't buy the excuses. I've been very confused why people are shocked by this. I'm glad they're giving Noah another go because the character should be around. The new guy looks good so I'm hoping he's a good actor.
  21. Imagine being at Kathy Hilton's house having the best dining experience of your life and choosing to fight. I have never liked Erika and this made me cross over to hate. What a hateful, cold and selfish demon. She's always been cold, but her actions in the face of this are bizarre. She is a sick, sick woman and Kyle and Rinna in particular are fools to side with her. This is disgusting. What was done to Sutton at that dinner infuriated me. This is clearly planned and calculated behind the scenes to attack Sutton and make her the villain. @DaytimeFanyou are absolutely correct that they miscalculated how the audience would react and planned accordingly.
  22. Honestly I feel he is a lifer. If they were going to do anything they would’ve done it by now. I suspected that Susan Dansby would’ve been promoted, but when that didn’t happen that told me to just give up on Y&R getting better. It’s been so long since Y&R has been watchable that I’ve given up on it. It’s sad because it’s my personal favorite. Also sad that the other three you can see are at least trying while the #1 soap languishes.
  23. @Liberty CityWith SSM I thought her Y&R kept improving. As she said, she was hired over a weekend with no bible written. I don’t know any writer than can inherit a bad show with no stories and hit the ground running. I think overtime her Y&R got better as she learned about the show in the modern day. I liked how she wrote the characters and I loved the people she choose to write off. The fact that we now have Kevin, Chelsea and Chloe back is a shame since it took so long to get rid of them in the first place. I would’ve either given Sussman more time or added someone to the team.
  24. Even if Jamey ended up being the worst HW Y&R ever had (and I don’t think he would be), for me it would still be worth it to see what a Black mind could do for a soap with such a huge Black audience. Based on who he brought to Ambitions, it wouldn’t be outrageous to think a Susan Dansby or Michele Val Jean would be his Co-HW and I’m sure they’d make magic.
  25. In soap circles I felt like his reputation is what drove a lot of the dividing opinions. I didn’t notice the same on social media or other boards that didn’t know him. In fact, there was a big outcry when it was canceled from non-soap areas. The show also found another life on Starz which led to more calls for it not to be canceled. I definitely think Oprah acted too fast on that one.
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