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  1. Yes that was gone. Less exposition and more of the stories moving. This episode I feel focused more on the supporting cast and the preview for next week looks to develop some of the other supporting characters as well. It had a good balance. As much as I love Rondell and just looking at buzz I wouldn't be surprised if she takes on a bigger role in season two or the second half of season one if they haven't already filmed it. I can't see Givens remaining as the star.
  2. The actor who plays Titus is so good and sexy! I love him and Amara. They're definitely not the cookie cutter "good" couple you normally see. So far most of the main cast is fleshed out in a more nuanced way than your typical good and bad tropes. I found this episode better than the first. The first was a pilot so naturally it has a lot to set up, but the weekly shows seem like they'll be good. The only problem for me is Robin Givens. I tried to force myself to like and understand her but week two I'm not feeling it. She has moments, particularly with Brian White who plays her husband, but her acting is just BAD. This accent and bizarre line reading she does takes me out of the scenes. The dialogue is soapy and over the top yes, but good actors sell it. You can't be a Dynasty, Y&R or Dallas fan and not know that. Jamey said that so many people wanted that role but they saw Robin and knew she was Stephanie. I think that is a damn lie. They needed a name to anchor the show and she's probably the biggest name they could get. As time goes on I wonder if I'll grow to like her or if she'll truly settle in. Her role is too important to be played by such a and actor.
  3. This 2013 flashback is truly bizarre. I'm hoping most of these returns aren't full time. So much of the regular cast is languishing but Adam, one character, needs all of these returns?! So much investment in ONE character and one story.
  4. Camille calmly GATHERED Dorit and Teddi at dinner and didn't even break a sweat! That was pretty epic! She had that table SHOOK! I just wish she'd also mentioned Dorit getting chased in the Bahamas. The money issues don't just belong to PK. The preview for next week is literally centered around Camille and featuring Lisa Vanderpump. Camille isn't a housewife and LVP hasn't been on in weeks. They deserve a bonus for Carrying this entire season on their backs.
  5. That Lisa Vanderpump news is pretty devastating. Two immediate family members back to back is tough. It's a shame because she finally seemed happy again and from what I saw filming for Vanderpump Rules was going well. Now it's like she has to start over in terms of the healing process. To make matters worse, the reunion is filmed so we still have to go through weeks of them bashing her at the reunion, plus the final episodes. There was talk of her potentially doing a WWHL special to clear things up, but I highly doubt she'll want to do that now. In other news, it's heavily rumored around Twitter that Vicki is a Friend of the Housewives this season. I'm not sure where this rumor came from, but many of the reliable bloggers are stating that that's what they're hearing.
  6. I know many felt LML wrote Dru in a stereotypical way, but I disagree. I do think she's a great writer based on what she did on Homefront and Knots Landing, but the total control she had ruined things. When Kay Alden and Jack Smith were working with her the show was great. I LOVED that she gave Neil, Dru, Lily and Devon real storyline. It's crazy to go back and look at episode lists and see that they were truly frontburner and had so much screentime. Once Dru left that's when the ratings tanked and LML's fate was sealed. Had Victoria Rowell not left I imagine she could've remained much longer. Victoria Rowell was carrying the show at that time, which is why I'd love to see her return. With this talk of Hilary returning, I do think she'd give them a boost of screentime, but I still think overall they will be underserved. I don't know what this would mean for Elena. She hasn't been developed outside of Devon's love interest. No job, no friends. Ana according to Twitter scuddlebutt could potentially be written out, Jett was never meant to be more than a barely recurring character and Nate it's still up in the air there. It's a shame because when you look at how good the Adam story is, these characters could easily be providing a fabulous second A story that could balance the show and bring in a different demographic, but because they're black it just won't happen. Hell, even B&B found huge success with Karla Mosley. I'm not saying she's the greatest actress on earth, but she was POPULAR and ratings were hot, but they didn't care. They made her character transgender, turned her into a goody two shoes and stopped featuring her. Even when these black actors prove themselves to be valuable it's as if the show works even harder to minimize them.
  7. Isn't Chance in the witness protection program? If so it would make sense to he him. Hope they'd keep the same actor around. That could actually be interesting.
  8. Yes. It was also documented in her lawsuit that Brad Bell wanted to bring her to B&B as Dru or a new character and was then told they wouldn't allow it. I agree with some initial excitement over MM returning, but I also want Ana to have a story and VR back. These characters are some of the most interesting on the show. Just like you bring everybody back for Adam, boost these people and give them their due.
  9. I was thinking more big soap named tbh lol, but you can definitely see from the press tour that people love Robin Givens so it paid off in the end.
  10. I was interested based on Jamey, Susan Dansby and Michele Val Jean being involved and I wasn't disappointed. I'm going to watch again to get a better grasp but in first watch was much better than I expected based on trailers. I was disappointed we didn't get more big names or at least soapy names. Robin Givens also came off very poorly in the promos, but she was much better on the show. Essence Atkins was also great as was the actress playing Rondell and that white guy. I could see them making a nice couple. I felt this was edgy and modern but still classic soap. It gave me Dallas/Falcon Crest vibes. I also saw they'll have 18 episodes so I'm looking forward to seeing them flesh these characters out. I hope it does well so we can get more soapy content from this team. Who knows? Maybe it could lead to Dansby or Val Jean showrunning their own shows. I love seeing underdogs get a chance. Dansby and Val Jean don't get HW opportunities due to their race so it's nice after years of really well received work getting a primetime gig like this. Likewise Jamey probably would've been happy scriptwriting or being a bus boy at one of these soaps but never got an opportunity and no who knows where this will take him.
  11. I wish they'd kept playing the mystery of why Ana wanted to stay behind the scenes. I felt like they were taking it in a more interesting dramatic direction that could've centered on Ana more. They could've done a spin on the R Kelly scandal but instead it went nowhere.
  12. I'm watching the available episodes from 1989 and I'm at the end of April right now. It's such an interesting bunch of episodes. I thought of jumping ahead to 1990 when Dru and Neil arrived, but decided to check these out first and I was sold. I started around 1997 so this is fresh to me beyond a couple episodes here and there and researching. What I love about this era is that you can truly see the lush production values. They haven't gone on location that I remember, but the sets look so nice. You also have the classic music and directing that makes it look less like your typical daytime soap. I feel these episodes have aged really well. The big storylines are the George Rawlins murder mystery, Jill's desperation to keep Nina away from Phillip (I think he dies next month), Traci deciding what to do with newly returned Brad after his kidnapping and you have Leanne pulling one over on Victor and Ashley and Nikki teaming up to stop it. One of my earliest memories of Nikki is how she rarely left the ranch so I screamed when she told Nikki how sick she was of being cooped up on the ranch lol. Other things that have caught my eye: - Kay and Rex were cute. She's mellowed a bit except in the scenes with Jill. It's nice to see her in this stage. Also, Jess Walton officially owns the role at this point. - Christine *does* appear a lot, but she isn't always the center of her storylines. I wonder if this annoyed Terry Lester because of her connection to Jessica (who was married to John) which may have caused him to film with her often which led him to think she had taken over the show. Of course I could just be watching a period where she isn't so dominate. So far I see her supporting everybody elses stories. - Speaking of Terry Lester, he is still amazing even towards the end of his run. Whenever I see an episode with him it's a treat. He has sparkling chemistry with Brenda Epperson who remains a solid Ashley recast. She's different, but you don't doubt she's Ashley. I also love seeing Beth Maitland's Traci chased after by two men and her family actually being invested in her love life. It's sad contrasting it with the 80 year old bitty they write her as now. - A huge loss to the show are the supporting staff. Mamie, Douglas, Mitchell Sherman, Lynn, Esther, etc are all well drawn characters and they pop up just enough. Despite focusing on many of the same families and characters, everything seems more rich and realistic than it does now. It's weird seeing a Newman ranch with STAFF and actually difficult to get on. You'd think in 2019 it would have state of the art security, but 1989 is putting them to shame. ETA: I also wanted to mention the myth (IMO) that Y&R moved like molasses when Bill Bell wrote it. Yes it's true there are certain story threads that took years or decades to come to fruition, but that's true to life. It's not like he'd harp on something forever and then it would end on a whimper. Right now my biggest problem with the show isn't the cast or storylines, but the pacing. You have two major stories (Adam's return and Kyle/Lola) and everything else is lucky to muster one or two episodes a week. In these episodes he uses so much of the cast that I feel the plot moves along. I haven't yet seen one week where its the same story all week with no progression. Depending on the week Nina/Phillip/Jill/Kay may be featured more or the Rawlins murder or John/Jessica or Victor/Ashley/Leanne/Nikki. The show would benefit from this style of storytelling now.
  13. But they do have the young, they just don’t write for it. Charlie, Mattie and Reed all had potential. As do Mariah and Ana (not as a couple) but none have story. Summer/Kyle/Lola have potential as well but the writing has gotten so bland for them.
  14. I actually don't mind Victor's illness storyline. I hated Nikki's MS, but I think a story like this works for Victor because of Neil's recent passing and because he is so strong and powerful. Plus with his age it's realistic. Compared to how evil they always write Victor it's a welcome relief to see something different for a change. I'd much rather the family rally around his health than Adam. In general I'm still enjoying the show, but my god this Adam stuff is honestly worse than I could've imagined. AMAZING actor, but damn can he get a day off? As expected he has taken over the show. I still am wanting other storylines to be fleshed out more. Abby/Nate have potential, so do Traci/Cane, I enjoy Lauren with Jack and of course Elena/Devon could use a touch more focus. If they just took two days a week from Adam it would give those other stories (and others like something for Ana, Mariah and Tessa) a chance to develop as well.
  15. I hope Billy Miller's exit doesn't bring him back to Y&R. Billy Miller was okay at first, but became annoying very quickly and he sucked on GH. I thought David Tom (both runs) and Jason Thompson were the best Billy's.
  16. Kelly literally told her about this on the show and Kelly got bashed for it and nobody listened. She could’ve saved herself a lot of trouble had she at least looked into it. Looking back, that is pretty vile of him to keep this a secret for so many years.
  17. Oh had the response been different she would've had her own promo and a prime slot on The Talk. Now they're gonna have to use the word of mouth route lol. I still don't think Michelle has acknowledged that she's back at Y&R!
  18. They’re moving RHONY to Thursday’s as a lead in to Million Dollar Listing being on that night apparently. Also, shame we’re getting a mid season trailer already (means they’re going back to a short season), but this looks GOOD: Lastly, with RHOBH this week besides being really boring, it was very similar to Puppygate. I know LVP gets the manipulative title, but Rinna and Kyle are no different, but seem to get away with it a lot easier. This episode you got to see that with Kyle. She is obviously pissed at Lisa Rinna and IMO she is perfectly justified. Rinna was an [!@#$%^&*] to Kim out of nowhere over something you KNOW didn’t bother her, plus it was at Kyles daughters party, but why not just say that? The whole thing with Erika Jayne was just to get Erika fired up to join in with Kyle and Teddi to bash Rinna. They all dance around the subject and play these stupid games so I don’t understand how LVP got singled out for it.
  19. I agree to an extent, but seeing her in action and liking the way they’ve been writing Phyllis makes it easier. I feel like Tognoni has such a complete story arc at least.
  20. Okay that is certainly weird to see Adam and Phyllis in Nate and Neil's penthouse, but one thing I will say is that Michelle Stafford looks DAMN good. Just from the pictures I'm getting vibes of classic Phyllis. I loved Gina Tognoni, but if we're getting Michelle Stafford written in character I think she will shine and this *could* work. Those pictures definitely sold me.
  21. Oh my, Beverly Hills was really slow. Next season casting will be important. They need some bold new faces. This particular grouping there is no spark. Had Camille gone there would’ve been drama and Denise wouldn’t been nice but still there’s no star. They’re like a girl group with no lead singer.
  22. This is still so weird! Michelle Stafford still hasn't acknowledged the fact that she's going to Y&R even though we know she's filming. Y&R hasn't even done much to acknowledge this change. I doubt there will be much of a gap between the two actresses, but we still don't have a firm first airdate or any type of hype for her return. I wonder if they're shocked by the outpouring of support for Gina Tognoni and plan to ease into this.
  23. What he’s doing is very manipulative because he knows how his fans are. If he truly didn’t do anything he’d come right out and say that. Considering he’s been damn near blacklisted and actors have gone on record saying he was difficult to work with, why can’t he acknowledge ANY wrong doing, say he’s learned and move on? He could easily say “Oh I didn’t do X thing I was accused of, but I let my ego get the best of me and I was difficult to work with.” Anything, but instead he denies and keeps it vague because he knows his victims won’t speak out.
  24. I'm certainly happy, but surprised they doubled the $5,000 they wanted to make their documentary. Shows the power of soap fans! I hope it ends up being a well produced documentary.
  25. People said the ratings weren’t high enough for Neil’s service, but they did get a bump. I wonder if their ratings would be better if they’d followed up with story for their black characters. They proved they could get ratings time and time again. Especially for the lapsed viewers who tuned in I bet it was odd seeing them as the A story all week then immediately go back to once a week.
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