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  1. Watching that episode I felt like I got more out of the non-Lorie/Leslie Brooks than others. This is the first episode I got a sense of who Chris and Peggy are and I actually liked both. I wish we could get like a solid week of Y&R from the 70s so we could get a feel of it. It seems like such a different animal than it became. In fact, each decade has a distinct feel to it. Also love whenever we get to see the Brooks home which looks just like the Forrester mansion.
  2. I never liked Charisse. I found her the main weak link in season one. Had Katie not had issues with her husband I feel they would've kept her. She was good that season and gave a lot at the reunion.
  3. The thing is, they DID have story. Clearly Jack and Lauren were going to be paired and Michael was getting good screentime with Kevin and Adam. I thought this all had potential and was dropped. As for Billy, I wonder if it was more popular on JT than expected. Either that or not wanting to have another scandal so soon after the Phyllis switch.
  4. They need to let Tami out of whatever kinda contract they have her in. It's clear she's been forced to remain probably using options on her contract. She just got announced for a series regular gig on a Hulu show AND a recurring role on Octavia Spencer's new Apple TV show. It's insane how well her acting career is going! Im happy because she's been grinding in smaller roles for years. Here's a link to the announcement: https://deadline.com/2019/09/ms-pat-comedy-pilot-cast-tami-roman-series-regular-1202729511/
  5. Sony is still there so this doesn’t mean there will be breathing room, just that Sony’s vision will be what goes since CBS won’t have someone to counter what they want.
  6. Things like the Lola/Rosales mandate will be gone, but Sony isn't gonna just let them have at it. If anything this gives Sony more power going forward since they won't have someone at CBS who cares to fight them. I know in the past I've heard of them fighting over the new HW. I believe CBS was trying to get Kay Alden/Sally Sussman when Pratt was hired, but JFP went over the heads to Sony and got Pratt. I may not be 100% on that but I know there were similar fights like that. Also, with LML and MAB.
  7. When this happened at ABC they canceled two soaps which should say it all LOL. Not having someone there dedicated to soaps makes it easier to look at their budgets and want to replace them with cheap talk shows. GH has managed to stick around somehow, but there seems to be the opposite of what Angelica was accused of in terms of interfering with the show. For years nothing has happened on GH. The show has good scripts, a good (extremely large cast) and is watchable, but the storylines a dull and rarely go anywhere. It's just kinda moving along slowly, but you can tell there is nobody focused on making sure the show is good. Now if they had a good writer/producer in place it would be heaven being able to write in peace, but the team they have is just so bad.
  8. Both things can be true. She did lots of good things, but also did lots of bad things and the bad has been outweighing the good lately. Throw in the fact that she isn't going to be replaced and it's certainly troubling regardless of what you think of her personally considering what happened when other networks did the same thing.
  9. I'm still chugging along in March 1992 and it's getting frustrating to see how progressive the stories are compared to what they air today. Everything is so tepid now that I feel it could be aired on one of those christian networks. It's crazy that we have a soap and there isn't one Sheila-esque character. Back then you have Sheila, Jill, Katherine, at times Nikki and Lauren all as varying degrees of vixen. All are rootable and complex and being a vixen doesn't mean you're evil, but it's allowed. With the men they don't have to be warm and fuzzy honorable people. Ryan is a horny dick sleeping with Nina because Victoria (WHO IS SIXTEEN!) doesn't want to have sex with him. Brad is married to Traci but spending all his time with Ashley and about to have an affair with Lauren. Hell even John is dating three women at one time and that's fine! I feel like this is realistic and also gives you a chance to see characters interact before settling on a couple. Right now you wouldn't dare have a character like Lauren who is written more like a male character in terms of her sexual appetite and habit of sleeping around. I just finished the episode where Nina and Ryan slept together and that surprised me. I first met Nina when (to quote Jill) she had "let herself go" and was depressed because Ryan was cheating on her with Tricia. For one, the character is so different in these episodes in general, but I didn't expect them to meet and sleep together so soon! I believe Ryan and Victoria get married first so I figured we'd have time before Nina and Ryan met. Now I'm curious to see how this entire story is gonna go because I absolutely wasn't expecting this. Also, I never liked the thought of Blade because of his horrible name, but bringing him on through Drucilla was genius. She's so likable that I like him by extension of him helping her. She is such an aspirational character and it warms my heart seeing how he believes in her talent and truly wants to make her successful. Another point I've reached is the horrible second Nathan recast. I liked the first and third Nathan's but this guy comes off too angry and has no chemistry with anybody. I can't wait until he's gone.
  10. I always wanted Shenaz to come on as Ravi's sister! He was one of the most promising newcomers and he did wonders for softening Ashley. Bringing on a family member for him would've been easy because the audience liked him. Then when you bring up Raul it's another no brainer. There are various latino characters they could've created a family out of with real connections. As you mention, Raul and Brittany were reintroduced already, then you have Isabella and lord knows the show is overdue for a villainess so bringing her back and giving her a family could've been a viable story. Another option in that regard is to pull a Mamie and give Mrs. Martinez or Miguel a family as they did when they gave Mamie two nieces. I'd personally say Miguel would make more sense as he's more recognizable to viewers and you'd be able to tie those family members in with the Newman's. New familes on soaps are hard, but CAN be done, they just didn't do it right with the Rosales.
  11. @DramatistDreamer I agree with everything you said. They're in the past. It's sad that as I've been rewatching Y&R from 1989 and currently in 1992, the stories are more fresh that what you see today. There are no vixens, no sex, everything is just tepid nowadays on soaps. When you compare it to primetime and cable there is no way they'll keep up at this rate.
  12. I see lots of people upset about her exit and while I get that, it reminds me of a story from years back. Do y'all remember when the network research was leaked to one of the soap mags after Shemar quit? It showed that the show lost either 1 or 2 million viewers when he exited and the network did research to see why. The saw that is was the black audience they were losing so they brought back Victoria Rowell and added lots of black characters. Look at what's happened today and tell me if Angelica did anything like that. The answer is no. Kristoff's send off is the only thing that got them a ratings bump. Granted it wasn't huge, but it was better than what they got for [!@#$%^&*]'s heavy promoted wedding. Instead of looking at that as a useful demographic they dumped those characters as soon as the week ended and Ana, a promising newcomer was fired. None of the black characters are mentioned in the fall preview. Also, when Victoria Rowell left in 2007 the ratings plummeted and she sealed LML's fate. As much as fans hated LML she did have good ratings when Rowell and the Winters family were her muses. My point is, Y&R historically has a large black fanbase that they've let slip away. If Angelica or another exec isn't going to address that I truly feel they'll never get their ratings back which is why IMO it doesn't matter. Black people are HUGE for tv and soap viewership yet they don't care anymore. I doubt the show will be canceled since it's #1, but what we're seeing is the beginning of the end. At best it'll be like GH with less interference but a generally tepid show. I don't expect the ratings to go up or stabilize. They'll just keep chugging along until someone either cancels the show or moves it to CBS All Access.
  13. Angelica McDaniel was horrible, as is Steve Kent, but I also don't think this is a positive move looking at what happened to ABC and considering the ratings. This is obviously a response to the ratings drop and will follow with budget cuts to Y&R. Writing has been on the wall that we're just riding things out anyway so I can't be too upset.
  14. I have watched all 4 episodes now, commercial free on Hulu so I can focus and this is terrible. I'm gonna keep watching since there's only two episodes to go, but such a wasted opportunity. I love Shannon's persona on the show but she'd hardly appeared for 4 episodes now! She's one of the most popular cast members so that's baffling. I also hate that when they discuss a reboot they act like the show ended with them in high school. They've so confused as to what the characters would be doing as if we didnt see them as adults living their lives.
  15. That's definitely interesting! I had no idea about them having any involvement in Halloween 4. I think it was definitely a missed opportunity to never feature them. Lindsay could've easily been Rachel. Speaking of Rachel, her death in part 5 was a nightmare. It's not like they had another final girl so I'm not sure why they didn't keep her. The biggest missed opportunity for me with Halloween is not doing the original Halloween 2 with Laurie living in that sky rise. It would've been such a unique location for a slasher flick. I always wished we had gotten to see that.
  16. I hope the Erika rumor is true. I like her overall, but her past two years were tiresome. She never had anything going on. Personally I feel Kathryn and Eileen deserved to stay more than she did. They had interesting lives and actually did stuff.
  17. Carlton's dislike of Kyle just cracked me up. Kyle had been so tiresome in the previous seasons that it was hard to feel bad for her. I loved that even the slightest thing would get Carlton up in arms. I literally could not stop laughing watching their feud! Also with Schaena, it's hard for me to be upset with LVP over that because she was clearly a main cast member on Vanderpump Rules and they needed to crossover to boost that show. I feel that was 100% production and Lisa had to go along with it.
  18. Jess Walton as Jill Abbott is my personal favorite. She came in as a hugely popular frontburner character played by two well received actresses (Brenda Dickson and Deborah Adair). I feel she helped the character grow and added tons of depth to the point that you didn't miss her predecessors and made it seem like she'd been there from day one. Brenda Epperson was also fantastic as Ashley Abbott and is my personal favorite in the role. In general Y&R is very good at recasts.
  19. I’m so confused...Denise Richards was randomly off contract for a month and came back?
  20. Bryton has 59 episodes for 8 months of work and Mark Grossman has 64 for *3 and a half* months. Despite liking him, you can’t convince me it makes any sense to give ANY new actor that much screentime. I bet he’ll end in the top ten despite missing so much of the year.
  21. I'm really excited for these and I'm happy Kyle Richards is back as Lindsay! I know some are upset that they're bringing these characters back, but it makes sense in the context that only the original Halloween and the 2018 sequel exist. Haddonfield is a small town. In the original Halloween not many people actually died and murders happen everywhere and it doesn't cause everybody to leave town. Considering the big gap in the murders it's logical that those kids would've remained in the city and married and raised kids there as well. While Michael didn't necessarily return for Laurie bc of the sister angle, she did put a target on her entire family's back by pursuing him in the last movie, so I could see him showing interest in Lindsay and Tommy as unfinished business since they were at the scenes of his original murders. I'm very curious what story they'll go with! I also love that they're treating it like an event film after the success of the last one. I love that they're filming two sequels back to back. I feel that will help with quality control. Especially with Halloween, you always have a good sequel followed by a really bad one (4 to 5 or H20 to Resurrection) because the entire creative team is replaced and nobody is on the same page. I hope these two movies are plotted out in a way that makes sense for a trilogy. Now the biggest worry is that I don't want spoilers!! This is so unique since you have such high volume of people that die in slasher films so I don't want actors, etc. slipping up and revealing that they appear in both or only one film.
  22. Devon will get airtime only bc of a white character trying to steal his fortune. Whether that is Chance or someone else, said white character will end up becoming a lead and Devon will go back to once a week when the introduction story is over. That is BS but on brand and 100% what I think will happen.
  23. Kyle just got announced for Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween! Considering how successful the one last year was, it’s a pretty big deal they kept her. They recast the role of her male co-star with Anthony Michael Hall. They’re filming two sequels back to back to form a trilogy but I doubt they’ll say who is appearing in the final film because that would be spoilers. I’m happy she’ll have something to talk about other than Kim or LVP! A true success of her own. Thank god lol. Article: https://halloweenmovies.com/little-lindsey-wallace-wont-know-what-hit-her/
  24. Not interested in the other girl, but FINALLY a black housewife! I've always loved Garcelle as an actress. She has a class and glamour that I hope translates to her real life. Also interesting that she is still a working actress with legit roles not D list like Rinna or Richards who people try to act like are a big deal. I find it so telling that Bravo announced this before filming began. That's how the overseas HWs shows do, but Bravo usually waits til the last minute to confirm anything. I think this is to combat the negative press of LVP leaving and Teddi returning.
  25. I just rewatched that and I agree. Her downfall was totally bizarre. Had she not turned on LVP she'd still be on the show right now. It reminded me of Jill Zarin and Bethenny because the downfall of their friendship was so contrived. LVP and Ken were ride or die with Brandi! I will never be able to understand that. It's weird. Katie posted that the footage of Michael with the butt grabbing was doctored and after that she didn't get invited to the reunion, *but* she was right and Andy even apologized for the footage on WWHL and explained that the voice heard WASN'T the cameraman. Monique backed Katie's claims up, but obviously she was an official housewife so she didn't get punished.
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