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  1. @Taoboi The only reason I believe Braunwyn isn’t returning is because it’s leaked why Shannon is so mad at her at the reunion...Braunwyn allegedly offered Shannon’s 14 year old daughter coke. Even worse, Braunwyn isn’t denying it, instead claiming she doesn’t remember. I don’t see how you can come back from that. On the subject of production companies, they do impact the quality of the show. You can tell just looking at how some have handled Covid compared to others. New Jersey looks like a regular season and although it’s mostly home based, Dallas is pretty seamless as well.
  2. I’m catching up with December and January, finally in that first week of January. The show is still fantastic with the exception of this bizarre rape story. We all predicted that Charlie was the real rapist, but what is the point of this? He’s a good actor that fits in well and he’s Ava’s son. It just seems like a waste for a story that never should’ve been told in the first place. I’m just happy it looks like it’ll be over soon. One major unpopular opinion I have is that I *love* Kate with Jake. This is her best pairing since Roman and I don’t mind the age gap. I’m sick of older men
  3. Have y’all been paying attention to LVP? She isn’t letting the Vanderpump Rules delay slow her down at all. As we know, she has Vanderpump Dogs coming to Peacock and she recently got announced as a judge on Rebel Wilson’s dog grooming show for ABC. Then today people figured out she has yet another show, a talk show it seems coming to E! It’ll be a collection of dinner parties with different themes and a group of celebrity guests invited to Villa Rosa.
  4. That RHOA trailer says a lot. For one, I think we’re in for a much shorter season that we are used to. They have already cut so much footage to get to the group scenes and excitement, plus how u gonna release essentially a mid season promo after 5 episodes? If they don’t give us a retool for RHOA and OC I’m going to be furious. They have to get better with casting. I also think this is why Married to Medicine is being held so it can replace RHOA and keep sundays going until Potomac is ready.
  5. @Gray BunnyI believe they filled last Thursday or Friday and we have 13 regular episodes. Andy said this was the longest first season reunion. Heather also said she went crazy at the reunion and also that Mary talks a lot and they explain why she went MIA.
  6. Wendy should be on New York. If she’s willing to accept Miami as a friend, I’d offer her M O N E Y to be full time on New York. Great first reunion looks! Meredith is the only miss for me.
  7. Paris is such a bright spot of the show. I go out of my way to watch the episodes if I notice she’s in it. She reminds me of the original Felicia with the short hair and over the top fashion. I would love to see her on a soap that would really dig in and give her something meaty because she is so watchable! This is the type of fun newbie that you want.
  8. The RHONY with Covid I feel has to be Leah. I haven’t seen her with the ladies. Sonja, Luann and Ramona just filmed an event last week (which may have included others) and Ramona is filming today. Sonja is traveling so I don’t see it being her. RHONJ looks AMAZING! I had no intentions of watching, knew nothing about filming and hey blew me away! I cannot wait! Also, similar to Dallas it looks like they’ll handle Covid very well. RHOD - I was shocked that it’s only week two and the ladies seem to be souring on Tiffany so quick. I feel like with Stephanie and Kameron I sense
  9. Any interviewer should do basic research so you have questions to ask. You could also post places like here and Daytime Royalty (or social media) asking for questions. It’s always annoying when he interviews people he isn’t familiar with bc he goes through the motions and doesn’t do follow up because he doesn’t care.
  10. A B&B/Y&R crossover should be more meaningful and high stakes than this. I’m just gonna say it: Summer and Kyle are boring characters. The show has pushed them, but they are both dull. In addition, Sally is the last B&B character that makes sense to cross over. There is no need for her type on the show so she’s coming in as an unnecessary addition from the jump. So many B&B characters I could see making sense in Genoa City and having an impact, but Sally? On what planet? The best case for crossover was when Sheila returned to B&B. They could’ve gotten a lot of m
  11. Angie and Jesse’s return to AMC has to be one of the greatest of all time. To be gone for so long and fall back in so seamlessly was impressive. The promotional campaign, music used, location shooting and everything was fantastic. AMC was lucky to have them from that point on.
  12. I’m glad they pushed filming back instead of just going forward like they did with RHONY when Bethenny suddenly quit. They need new blood and had they just gone ahead with the same ladies minus Monique that wouldn’t have worked. The second half of season 5 proved that.
  13. I’ll admit I didn’t pay attention to it at first, but on second glance the placement and body language does seem to tell a story. It’ll be interesting to see if it pans out that way or if we’re just reading into it. I do find it pretty iconic that once again Kyle has a sister on the show and couldn’t be further away from her lol.
  14. Dallas gets an expanded 90 minute premiere tonight!
  15. Other fun emails were about how Sweeney and Scott wanted to be given a primetime spin off lol. Meanwhile they were trying to cancel Days at the same time.
  16. Remember when Sony’s emails got hacked? Well that included people involved with Days and the allegations in the email were about an actor being inappropriate with a costars daughter. Here is the email: https://wikileaks.org/sony/emails/emailid/209 Most of the leaked emails were involved Scott and Sweeney in terms of talent mentioned.
  17. Allegedly his exit had to do with sexual assault allegations and it’s been said James Scott cannot return. He has also said he wouldn’t consider it for any reason. For me it’s not that I feel EJ is vital, but they went through such lengths to bring him back and if Allison Sweeney is truly returning for at least a year then something needs to be done. It’s not fair to leave the character in limbo and eliminate any potential romance because EJ is hanging around.
  18. I don’t know that I agree. I thought Lesli Kay was fine and they didn’t give her any time to settle in the role. I don’t even think she had the chance at a story before they fired her. Didn’t she only get fired because she was pregnant? I just can’t remember her being given a real chance to succeed. At the time GH was so mob heavy as well. I just don’t think the writers wanted Lois. I’d be interested in seeing how they’d handle her return today now that they have more balance between the mob and other aspects of the show. Plus with Ned being a key character it could be interesting.
  19. See I think casting him is a good idea. He’s a good actor and the role of EJ could fit him better than Cane who was poorly written. With that said, once again he’s acting a fool which is making him undesirable to be cast. He did that constantly at Y&R micromanaging his role and now he’s trying to trick people into thinking he’s EJ? Why not see the suggestion and call your agent?
  20. I’m guessing Andy’s hope of getting the show on Peacock will come to fruition. I hope they stick with only bringing Adriana back and give us a strong cast. I don’t want them to lean too heavily into the past since season 3 was like 10 years ago. She could be a nice bridge.
  21. The Jamie Lyn Bauer return I’ll always be disappointed by because it was our last chance to get the Brooks family properly revived and it was terrible. They disregarded all of her history except the thing with Victor. Sticking her with that husband made no sense. Even back then they could’ve brought back Brooks or if you want to focus on Victor, then truly have them get back together. This is truly and forever will be one of the most odd returns I’ve ever seen. Especially when you consider the people writing wrote that character originally.
  22. Another one I’ll mention is Gina Tognoni as Kelly. She absolutely killed it on GL so it makes sense they’d bring her back, but the magic wasn’t there. Especially after Heather Tom left such a huge stamp on the role.
  23. Bryce was great in his return and brought some humanity back to the role. I felt this was similar to David Tom’s return where they punished the original actor for not being more like a recast, which is bizarre. It was almost as if they showed up to set and the show forgot they were coming and told them to wing it. You couldn’t get any essence of their characters. It was SUCH a waste. They could’ve easily used them to usher on Brooks. Hell, John McCook is right down the hall. They could’ve all three been used to introduce him.
  24. @CatI think Star would be great, but she wouldn’t last more than one season. She wouldn’t like the drama if Celebrity Apprentice is any indication.
  25. I was sure they wouldn’t marry Rey and Sharon. He is such a forgettable character and they don’t have chemistry. I can’t imagine they have much of a fan base either. This would’ve been the perfect time to have an accident put him in danger to end the wedding or have Adam or Nick interrupt it. Maybe he could’ve had a secret. Basically give us SOMETHING, but as always everything went according to plan and drama was averted again.
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