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  1. Another World

    In addition to Sally, keeping Nancy around would have also helped the balance. I'm surprised she didn't resurface on a regular basis, either with Jane Cameron or a recast. AW certainly wasn't shy about recasting in the '80s/early '90s even if most were unsuccessful.
  2. Y&R: Cane and Lily's twins Soras'd to teens

    Completely agree with everything in this post (well, I can't speak to the UK soaps but will assume that's correct). I know there isn't budget to bring in too many characters in the "in-between" years of childhood and late teens when it becomes supposedly easier to write but I think SORASing is generally lazy writing. There have been exceptions where it's worked and the age differences between parent and child aren't as jarring as this will be, but IMO that's more the exception than rule. I'll never forget 30-year old Betsy referring to 50-year old Ellen as "grandma" in the late '80s!
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Fair enough opinion, AMS, and I should clarify that I wasn't hoping to see a revival of a feud or a rehashing of anything that happened 20 years ago but trying to make a statement that there were a lot of characters with a lot of history still on the show but many were given very little to do in the last 9 months following the cancellation announcement.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I never watched GL until the end so can't really speak to it but I knew that there was SOME attempt to respect history -- at least back to the '80s so most fans who tuned in at the end could at least identify the characters. I'm one of those who thought the last several months of ATWT were a waste. I didn't need to see a turnstyle of characters or actors from the golden age but with as much time as it had to wrap things up, there was more than enough opportunity to acknowledge the history that made it successful. Instead what I saw was a last minute scramble to *pretend* there was a nod to the past but there really wasn't. There were, what, about 15 characters (not necessarily actors) who had been on the show for more than 20 years and I saw nothing that acknowledged the past except for the reunion of Lucinda and John. Meg was a vixenish spitfire in the '80s; in 2010 she's carted off to a mental hospital because of her obsession of some man (as I recall). Dusty and Craig were entirely different characters. No revisiting of the Kim-John, Kim-Susan, Bob-Lisa battles, or even more recent Barbara-Carly conflict. Instead it was make sure Katie had a man, Luke the Gay was unhappy, and window dress the rest. Sorry for the long rant. As unhappy I was with "my show" AW hooking up Rachel and Carl somewhere along the line, I appreciate what they did with their finale with only a few weeks notice. ATWT deserved better...and I wasn't even a loyal viewer.
  5. Another World

    I agree with Watson71. I thought Gabet did a very good job when she came on the show, portraying a sympathetic character but with an edge. I think Brittany as a character was a great interloper in the triangle because she was layered - not a villain, not sugary sweet. Others are more knowledgeable about the writing changes but that era of AW was all over the place. Brittany alternated between villain and victim, married off to Peter, who changed from nice guy to villain with a recast, Thomas Ian Griffith seemed to check out as Catlin (in my opinion) once Mary Page Keller left, so Gabet really wasn't given much to shine in as time went on. I actually liked her Melinda on OLTL although I never saw the other actresses in that role.
  6. Y&R: March 2017 Discussion Thread

    Even if it DID occur onscreen, you can't be sure it existed either. Writers seem to enjoy un-doing what we've seen before, assuming they acknowledge it happened at all.
  7. GH: Don Swayze joins the cast

    Buzz Stryker would be close to 80 years old and that's not an exaggeration. Don Galloway originated the role and he was in his 70s when he died several years ago. I would guess it's a different character.
  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I'm late to the discussions about Erin Torpey and whether Viki was a matriarch, but what it reminded me of (in my admittedly inconsistent viewing in the last several years) was how cold the relationship between Viki and Jessica was once Bree Williamson was in the role. There was little warmth between them, as there had been with Torpey or even with Melissa Archer as Natalie. I know the whole DID storyline was to put a wedge between them but I never saw that relationship really thaw. It was a huge disappointment to me at the end to see Viki's relationship with her children either strained or nonexistent except for Natalie. I liked both Natalie and Archer but really her existence as Viki's daughter shouldn't have happened. She already had unknowingly given birth to another child so she already filled that soap trope quota!
  9. Roman Brady, as played by Josh Taylor, hasn't been mentioned yet. I liked Wayne Northrop's Roman in the '80s, and even Drake Hogestyn's take (when he was Roman) didn't make me dislike the character, but Taylor has none of the characteristics or charisma of Roman. Another long ago one was MJ McKinnon on AW. Once Sally Spencer took over from Kathleen Layman, MJ became a much put-upon victim from what I saw. Again, an entirely different characterization. I like recasts when they maintain the character, but so many are simply rewritten to fit the supposed "strengths" of the recast. Howarth as Paul on ATWT is the best example of that.
  10. Another World

    I'm also enjoying the vintage AW clips from and thank you all of you who have pointed them out. Some of them are just brilliant in their simplicity and others pack a lot of emotion. I watched during the mid '80s, which was filled with some great actors and characters but not a lot of story. Victoria Wyndham had very little to do but seeing her in the 70s/early 80s really makes me realize how good she really is. And seeing the late 80s allows me to see how good Carmen Duncan is. I didn't see Beverlee McKinsey's years (except through the magic of YouTube) but I can see why Duncan lasted as long as she did.
  11. DAYS: Actress OUT!!!

    Completely agree. Plus it isn't like Charlotte Ross has been frozen in time. She's in her late 40s and looks it (and looks good) based on recent pictures I've seen. I don't see much age difference between the two women. Neither one looks young enough to be Charles Shaughnessy's daughter but since when has that been an issue in the soaps!
  12. Minor Characters You Remember

    On DAYS, I remember Eugene's cousin Letitia Bradford (played by Ruth Buzzi) in a handful of episodes. She had a pet lion, pet raven, flirted with Roman and maybe Abe (can't quite remember). I thought she clearly was there for some short-term comic relief so I was very surprised when she ended up as one of the Salem Slasher victims.
  13. Minor Characters You Remember

    As part of that storyline, I also remember Nurse Joyce Campbell, played by Sarah Nall. She was suspected of Royal Dunning's murder (& maybe David Thatcher's) to cover up that she ended up keeping and raising one of the babies who was going to be sold.
  14. Another World

    I thought Carmen Duncan did an excellent job in a role that was pretty iconic. It helped that Iris was gone a number of years. I think in retrospect it's good that a name actress wasn't brought in.
  15. Another World

    I thought that Sin Stalker storyline was dumb altogether. As far as Quinn and Maisie as victims, it was just an easy way to get rid of two 40ish actresses whose characters had no familial ties to anyone on the show, and add a little shock value. Regarding the McKinnons, I was surprised that they never tried recasting Ben. As I recall, Ben and Jake overlapped only a very short time (if at all) and that's when the McKinnon family was being positioned as a prominent one. The "good v bad" dynamic of the two of them could have been played out, with both eventually showing shades of gray.