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  1. It was October 1999. I don't know where to find episode numbers though.
  2. Thanks for all of your clips. Would you happen to have Eric and Stephanie's wedding from the hospital in 1999? I have been looking for it forever!(Or any other clips from the hospital.). THANKS AGAIN!!
  3. I remember Lane Davies too. I also think Sarah Ferguson, from Another World played Brooke for a few episodes.
  4. Thank you again for the 1990 episodes. I totally forgot Sherilyn Wolter made an appearance on B&B. Brian Patrick Clarke and her were reuniting. (They were both bon General Hospital.)
  5. That is EXACTLY why I never understood it at all. The marriage is ridiculous.
  6. I didn't even know Marek had a hidden link. I just thought it was gone.
  7. I forgot about the 88 strike until you mentioned it. I was 12 .
  8. I never knew either until I saw his name in the end credits. Bill Bell and James Reilly were really opposites.
  9. I am thoroughly enjoying watching the episodes from 1999. Out of curiosity, does anyone have Eric and Stephanie's wedding episodes from 1999? Thanks so much!
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