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  1. I hope to have 1999 in English.( I don't understand German.) Thanks to everyone who is uploading!
  2. Thanks. IMO, 1999 was the BEST!! The show was on fire!!
  3. Amen to that one! The show is not the same without Susan and even Ronn. It really is unrecognizable.
  4. I just go to YRVault twitter account. It's right there.
  5. There were also more soap operas when the first homeless storyline aired.(In my opinion, better) I sometimes thought the people who voted for the Emmys didn't like B&B because it was only a half hour.
  6. AMEN!! After 25 years, she became the show!!!
  7. SF was the BEST. There is a big whole in the show now that she's gone. ( I don't watch the show regularly now.) I was 13 when that storyline aired! I literally grew up with the show.
  8. WOW!! It's like Christmas morning. MANY THANKS!!
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