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  1. Thank you. These episodes bring back a lot of memories.
  2. I don't think so... because he is showing episodes then are farther along than we have. There is something wrong with charging for the episodes though!! Just my opinion. Hi gang... here are some more episodes that start a little late. 307,308,310,314,317,318,320,322, 324.
  3. Hello everyone! I started the list where the show cuts in late. So far it's 253,254,255,256,258,259,260,261, 264,265,266,268,272,275. More to come!!
  4. Totally agree, something is better than nothing!
  5. This what a lot of people have been saying. It was season 3 &4 that has big cuts and the tracking was horrible. I'm going to start to go through season 2 tomorrow and see where it starts late.
  6. I have to go through the ones that are missing the beginning. It will.take awhile. As I recall, the tracking was way off for most of the season 3 and 4 episodes.
  7. Some of those episodes too started a minute late sometimes as well. It would be great to get those in a nicer quality.
  8. You are wonderful!!! A big THANK YOU!!!!
  9. A HUGE THANK YOU to the people who are adding more episodes. The episodes from 1991 just keep coming!!!
  10. Thanks so much!! I am looking forward to the 2000-2004!!
  11. Amen!! Totally agree about 2019. Personally, I enjoy the "classic" episodes.
  12. I hope to have 1999 in English.( I don't understand German.) Thanks to everyone who is uploading!
  13. Thanks. IMO, 1999 was the BEST!! The show was on fire!!
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