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  1. It still amazes me how we can remember storylines from 30 years ago. I don't think anyone will remember the current show 30 years from now. It's unrecognizable.
  2. They are all in the vault. The folder that says German is German/English. Download the video and switch the audio track to 2.
  3. I try to. This was literally my junior high and high school years
  4. EXACTLY! And the early 90's were fantastic. I personally can't stand Eric and Brooke. I am just not going to rewatch them. I couldn't stand them 30 years ago and I can't stand them now.
  5. That explains it. I thought Videoland was like Netflix and whole seasons were put up. Thanks
  6. I still wonder why the Dutch site can't put full seasons up at once.
  7. AMEN! And no offense to Amy" but these episodes are clearer and the audio is better.
  8. I personally think it is too soon. Oh well! I think that there were only a handful of episodes that are "classics".
  9. Thank you so much to whomever is putting the 1990 episodes in the vault! Does anyone have episode 746? Thanks
  10. The next episode is in the vault. Once again, many THANKS.
  11. Brad was only the head writer. Bill and Lee Bell were still the executive producers. Tracey Bregman was even talking about this a couple of weeks ago when talking about the Catalina episode that Bill was seriously considering making the show an hour then.
  12. I would like to meet Susan and John. I have read a few interviews when they talk about one another. John called Susan his other wife. Susan said she loved John and called him my sweetheart. I guess after working for 25 years you really get to know one another really well.
  13. It sounds like the show was a HUGE hit.
  14. I can't imagine the show being that so many years behind. I guess you were right about not reading the spoilers on the way internet. NOTHING would have been a surprise.
  15. I always wondered what B&B would be like if it went to an hour. Bill Bell was thinking about it. I think that was the time when he brought Lauren Fenmore over from Y&R. The whole Catalina Island storyline and the getting involved with Eric. She was there for a few years in the 90's.
  16. I always wondered why the show was so successful in Europe. That totally makes sense, Communism fell and it was like a whole new world. The former Communist countries got the American shows. I am so old, I was only 13 when that happened. The success of all the soaps was that there wasn't any internet I think. I remember having to read the spoilers from the magazines.
  17. You are so right!Classic episodes are before 2010.
  18. So true- I never did like the new haircut. I realize it was because Susan was sick, but it wasn't the same.
  19. It really seems like the show is brand new. I even noticed in January 2013, when Susan and Ronn were gone,- Brad changed the way the credits were. From 1987 until then the first credits were to the creators, RIP Bill and Lee Bell. The last credit was the executive producer. Then in January 2013, it flipped. I think this was his way of saying it's not my parents show anymore.
  20. It just got so campy. The only really good storyline was Stephanie's abuse storyline.
  21. I love 2004. IMO that was really the last great year. In 2005, things just got cazy.
  22. I have been trying for awhile to get the 14 day free period. The problem is you have to put your credit card # to start the trial. Using a VPN, I don't feel safe doing that. The wonderful person just added another episode, so we are all caught up.
  23. I just checked the vault. A huge THANK YOU to whoever put in episodes 751-754.
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