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  1. Wonderful news! This was one of the many things Trump did as an attack on the functioning of government itself.
  2. That's true. It seems like once again America is the weak link.
  3. The Antitrust Division of the DOJ was gutted under Trump and is still being staffed up. It still doesn't have a confirmed head. In fact Republicans have made a point of slow-walking all of the hearings for DOJ nominees. People have to stop thinking of Merrick Garland like he's Dumbledore. The DOJ was purposely torn to shreds and, frankly, it's amazing that Garland has been able to do what he's done in the time he has. Also, breaking up Facebook will need to be a global effort. FB's corruption is a global phenomenon. Australia seems to be stepping up to the plate: https://gizmodo.com/facebook-users-liable-for-all-comments-under-their-post-1847633797. Other countries will need to follow.
  4. No. But my mom lives in his district. It's been sad watching my hometown go from center-right to a full blown MAGA toilet but at least I knew her rep was sane. I don't blame him. He's been getting constant death threats. I shudder to think of who will replace him.
  5. It would've been nice if that reporter had followed up by naming names but she works for Politico so of course she's garbage. The Reps were Scott Peters, Kurt Schrader, and Kathleen Rice.
  6. McGowan is pretty much the left's version of Mike Lindell. She's obviously unhinged and in need of help but for some reason no one is willing or capable of getting through to her.
  7. People like Willis are constantly obsessed with how politics makes them feel. This is nothing but one big reality show to him.
  8. Nice! That was elegant. I'm thrilled to see one of these terrorists finally get a sentence they deserve.
  9. I see the far left tearing their hair out and screaming about nuking the filibuster and packing the court. Fortunately I'm also seeing people remind these idiots that they did this to themselves in 2016.
  10. Debbie Morgan was kind of amazing on the latest ep of the Fantasy Island reboot.


    1. marceline




    2. DemetriKane


      imma have to check this out.

    3. ChitHappens


      Did did a great job.  Fun to watch.  I notice it was directed by Kimberly McCullough.  

  11. James Clyburn telling Our Revolution protesters to stop wasting everyone's time is my new favorite thing.
  12. The media disconnect on Afghanistan and Biden is stunning to watch. It's a giant example of how Twitter isn't real life.
  13. Let's revisit Afghanistan polling in a week.
  14. I'm finally watching the first season of the Roseanne reboot, before it became The Conners.

    It's...trying really hard.

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    2. dragonflies
    3. KMan101


      It was a rusty start IIRC. 

    4. DRW50


      I watched that on Dailymotion around the time of Roseanne's firing. If I remember correctly Roseanne (the person) finally started to become comfortable oncamera again in the last few episodes, and the writing also started to improve. Still, I don't think the show would still be on if she had stayed - just too toxic. 

  15. It's been amazing to watch the disconnect between the GOP/press and the American people. You can tell they had a very simple and predictable narrative. This was supposed to be Biden's Katrina. It was supposed to be the crisis that finally brought him down. You could see the Cilizzas and Scarboroughs salivating at the thought. But the truth is 1.) America hasn't cared about Afghanistan in years except when people can use it as a slogan and 2.) Americans, especially veterans, trust Joe Biden.
  16. Yep. The people who disagree with Biden on withdrawal are livid because they know this speech is going to land.
  17. I give it days. The press thinks this is going to move the needle on Biden but I think the polling will show that most Americans support leaving. I've been looking at Facebook pages for my local media. That's where you can find the thoughts of every yokel in town. Left leaners think we have our own Taliban to deal with and right leaners just don't give a damn about anyone else. There's a lot of hot takes about Afghanistan: What Was it All For? but the only real Biden hate is coming from MAGA trolls. I think he's going to weather this okay.
  18. I just added Tubi to my Roku. Thanks for the heads-up!
  19. Family courts are going to see a LOT of QAnon fallout over the next few years in the form of divorces and custody battles.
  20. When I said on another site that I didn't care about Cuomo, I got accused of supporting him and being a rape apologist. When the truth is that I simply have no opinion of him whatsoever. As for his accusers, after watching the left try to MeToo Biden TWICE (once with Lucy Flories then again with that crackpot Tara Reade, I decided that I'm not interested in anymore "resign now!" freakouts from people on the left.
  21. It's basically two-weeks notice. I imagine there's a lot of work to be done to transfer power.
  22. YouTube served up this clip to me. It reminded me of just how much I hated the baby switch storyline. I hate most baby switch storylines. I'll always hate how Bianca only got one slap. We should've had a good five minutes of Biance beating Babe with a lead pipe.
  23. It doesn't have to be town hall meetings. It could be protests inside and outside local offices. But I think the focus during this recess should be on Labor Day parades. Even with COVID these parades are still going to happen and politicians will show up for photo ops. Liberal and progressive voters would do well to organize around that. Which is why people need to show up to their offices.
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