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  1. JANE CAMERON THE EDGE OF NIGHT Melanie 1984 ANOTHER WORLD Nancy McGowan 1984-87; 1989; 1993 Bradley Bliss THE EDGE OF NIGHT Eve Kendall Secretary, Vincent Kayle 1984 Frank Maxwell GENERAL HOSPITAL Commissioner Dan Rooney 1978-89 OUR MAN HIGGINS Duncan MacRoberts 1962-63 THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS Colonel Garroway 1967-68 THE FELONY SQUAD Captain Frank Nye 1966-68 Patricia Barry DAYS OF OUR LIVES Addie Horton Olson Williams 1971-74
  2. Courtesy of @Paul Raven THE WAY OF THE WORLD JANUARY 3, 1955-OCTOBER 7, 1955 NBC LOCATION UNKNOWN Linda Porter...Gloria Louis hostess Gloria Louis, as Linda Porter, is permanent hostess for a new daytime drama series, with dramatized stories presented in from 6 to 15 episodes each, according to the length required to tell each story. Each story will have a different cast. Claire... ???...knew everything Cynthia...???...married to Walt Fred...????...brother Cynthia Walt...???...married to Cynthia Russian...Lilia Skala Jan3 In Defense of Eve Peterson - by Harry Junkin Host "Linda Porter" introduces the current story which revolves around the life of an actress, Eve, who is attempting to hide the fact that she is slowly losing her hearing. The only person aware of her predicament is her mother. In this episode, Eve tells her mother about some embarrassing moments she's had because of her inability to hear well. Her mother thinks it will be much easier on her daughter if she just tells the truth to her husband, Lyle. Eve, however, is afraid that if she tells him about her condition it will ruin both of their careers since they work as partners on stage. Meanwhile, Lyle senses that Eve is hiding something from him and asks his mother-in-law to help him find out the truth. Dir by Frederic Carr; Cast Eve Peterson Claudia Morgan Lyle Philip Reed Rhoden Streeter, Ethel Everett, Leora Thatcher, Sydney Smith, Milo Beulton, Jack Arthur; Jan 17 by Stephen de Baun Cast Jerome Courtland, Helen Auerbach, Santos Ortega, Jack Orrison, John Craven; 24 Jan thru 10 Feb starting Thu - The Bewitched Spinster by Nelia Gardner White Cast Edna Best, Dean Harens, Vera Allen, Vaughn Taylor, Patricia Wheel. Ann d'Autremont, Vinton Hayworth, Santos Ortega. Jane Alexander, Bish Alexander, Joe Latham, Natalie Hall, Joe Hammond, Judson Rees Feb 11 I for Isabel by Irving Elman Cast Meg Mundy, Addison Powell. Beverly Lunsford. Joseph Fallon Feb 21 Starting Tue for 10 days: by Melia Gardner White, Cast Kathleen Maguire, Howard Smith, Coe Norton, Mar 8 thru Mar 16 by Levis Terry & Joe Fates Smith Cast Phyllis Kirk, Richard Derr, Vera Allen, John Baby Mar 17 thru Mar 25 by Lewis Graham Cast Dorothy Sands, Joan Hotchkis, Violet Homing, Jean Carson, Bert Freed, Bill Lipton, Gladys Thornton, Bernard Tone April 4 by Anne Howard Bailey Cast William Prince. Lori March Katherine Raht, Emily Lawrence , Laurence Hugo April 25 by Harry Junkin (5 episodes) Cast Edna Best, Sara Marshall, Bill Tabbert, Meg Mundy, Kathleen Maguire , William Prince, Claudia Morgan, Paul McGrath May 2 (10 episodes) by Melia Gardner White Cast Kathleen Maguire, Gloria Stroock, Margaret Hamilton, Anne Shoemaker, Andrew Duggan, Eric Fleming, Beverly Lunsford May 16 by George Lefferts Cast Mariska Eva Gabor, Whitfield Connor, Millicent Brower, Viola Roache, Rudy Weiss May 23 by Everett W. Meade Cast Georgann Johnson, Lauren Gilbert, Lin McCarthy, Doris Smith, Dorrit Kelton, Jane Seymour, Logan Field, Geoffrey Bryant; May 30 by Geraldine Merken Cast Joe Maross, Margaret Feury, Malcolm Beggs, Reba Tassell, Ed Bryce, Peggy Lobbin, Susan Willis, John Keating; June 6(10 episodes) by Harry Junkin Cast Peggy Maurer, Michael Higgins, Chief of Detectives Jay Barney, Bart Burns, Hollis Irving, Addison Powell, Frederick Norlock, Sydney Smith June 20 by Reginald Lawrence and Therese Lewis Cast Jerome Courtland, Tom Poston, Jean Sullivan, Geoffrey Bryant June 27 by Harry Junkin cast Wayne Morris, Judith Parrish, Natalie Trundy, Vinton Hayworth, Katherine Raht, Alice Yourman July 1 (10 episodes thru 7/15) Forbidden Dreams by Lawrence Williams Cast Paula Graves Gena Rowlands, Mark Roberts, Charles Baxter, Leora Thatcher, Jack Orrison, Nell Harrison July 25 M thru F - (5 episodes) by Walter Black & William Mendrek Cast Louise Allbritton, Phil Meeder, Rock Rogers, Lawrence Fletcher, Frank Downing Aug 1 Come Alive - (0) by George Oppenheimer & Robert Sinclair(10 episodes) cast Anne Burr, Adrian Bayan, Addison Powell, Chester Stratton, Ethel Remey, Frederic Norlock; Aug 14 M thru 7 - Miss Emory by William Kendall Clarke Cast Dorothy Hart, Joe Maross, Melinda Markey, Donald Hayden 22 August Deep Down Inside Me - by Reita Lambert Cast Geraldine Brooks, Lamont Johnson, Dean Harens, Carol Goodner, Harry Bannister; Sept 5 One Day More - by George Bradshaw, Cast Stewart Bradley, Stephen Pluta, Ruth Warrick, Susan Willis, Judith Parrish, Lynn Pearson, David Doyle, Les Damon, Larry Kerr, Lilia Skala, John Graham, Justine Johnson Sept 19 by William Kendall Clarke Cast Nancy Rennick, Phil Meeder, House Jameson Sept 26 Rebound by William Kendall Clarke Cast Philip Meeder, House Jameson, Nancy Rennick, Peggy Allenby, Michael Galloway, Mary K. Wells, Frank M. Thomas, Helen Seamon, Mark Miller; Oct 3 by Nelia Gardner White cast Constance Ford - Cass ,Coe Norton - John Story revolves around the life of a young woman, Cass, who has been dedicating her time to destroying the career of an attorney, John, who caused her friend Lucy to lose custody of her child. Cass believes that John is just out to promote himself and not interested in serving justice. In this episode, however, Cass realizes that she has been wrong about John when she learns that Lucy had been involved with a known criminal and that John is attempting to put this man behind bars. Unfortunately, a store owner, Tom, is withholding importance evidence from John that is crucial to his case. Tom tells Cass that he refused to help John after hearing what a horrible person he was from Cass herself. Cass realizes that she must remedy the situation before John loses his case and a criminal goes free because of her mixed-up feelings. Meanwhile, Tom's current sweetheart, Olivia, arrives at Cass's shop to apologize for her immature behavior towards Cass.
  3. A Thread to discover information about 2 1950s Anthology shows. Information provided by @Paul Raven A DATE WITH LIFE OCTOBER 10,1955-JUNE 29,1956 NBC BAY CITY Laura Appleby...???????? Jim Bradley...Logan Field 10/10/55-11/11/55 Tom Bradley...Mark Roberts 11/11/1955-6/29/56 Organist ... Billy Nalle A Date With Life Logan Field as Jim Bradley, editor of the Bay City News, daily newspaper for Bay City, will appear in every episode, introducing each and playing an active part in each. Episodes will be based on the stories that lie behind local items in the newspaper reporting the activities of the city. Mark Roberts replaced Logan Field as lead character Nov 14 1955 and appeared in all subsequent stories. I would assume actors in different stories were playing the same characters Oct 10 11 Nov 1955 Laurie Dayton Barbara Britton, Fred (Anthony)Eisley, John Gibson, Irene Hubbard, Ilene Walker, Al Burdick, Bernard Grant, Cliff Hall , Ross Martin ??? 14 Nov 15 Dec 1955 Cast Ann Marlin Barbara O'Neill, Billy Redfield, Don Hastings, Dolores Sutton, George O. Petrie, Eleanor Phelps, Charles Fenman, Sheila Copelan, Clement Fowler The House on the Hill Dec 18 1955 - Jan 20 1956 Cast Leona Powers, Marian Russell, Lin McCarthy, Leora Thatcher, Frances Helm, Lawrence Hugo, Warren Parker, Bruce Gordon, Gordon Peters. The Tom Bradley Story Jan 23 - Feb 27 Cast Georgann Johnson, Lois Wilson, Ann Deere, Mary Alice Moore, Adrian Bayan, Steve Chase, Bernard Grant, Gordon Peters, Billy Redfield, Dolores Sutton, Irene Hubbard, Leona Powers, Marian Russel, Susan Halloran, Jay Barney, Ted Chapman, Eva Condon, Ben Yaffee The Doctor's Wife was the story presented March 2 - April 6 1956 Cast Shepperd Strudwick, Tom Gorman, Dorothy Stinette, Cameron Andrews, Doug Rutherford, Housewife/Writer Ann Loring, Natalie Trundy, Goergann Johnson, Leona Powers, Marian Russell, Gordon Peters, Susan Halloran, Ella Dayton The Witness April 9 - May 4 1956 Cast Jennifer the teacher +David June Dayton, David + Jennifer Dean Harens, Irene Moore , Eric Sinclair , Barbara Joyce, Kathleen Comegys, Mel Ruick Spring Fashions May 7 - June1 1956 Cast Neva Patterson, Joe Maross, Phyllis Hill, Joanna Roos, Rod Hendrickson, Dolores Sutton, Jimmy Rogers, Marian Russell, Vera Allen, Jennifer June Dayton, Georgann Johnson, Barbara Townsend, Gordon Peters, Monica Lovett, Irene Hubbard ?? June 4 - 29 1956 Cast Susan Halloran, Georgann Johnson, Peter Fernandez, Henry Lascoe, Bride Pat Sully, Stanja Lowe Lois Wilson, Lawrence Weber, Sam Jarvis, Ann Dera
  4. Thanks to @jam6242 and @Paul Raven HOUSE ON HIGH STREET SEPTEMBER 28, 1959-FEBRUARY 5, 1960 NBC HIGH STREET Parole Officer John Collier...Phillip Abbott Judge James Gehring...Judge James Gehring Dr. Harris B. Peck...Dr. Harris B. Peck Psychiatrist First script written by Jim Elward Collier tries to find out why a 16-year old boy from a good family steals a car. Alma Evans Enid Markey David Evans Clay Hall 16 year old car thief Leo Evans Donald Madden Marion Evans Dorothy Rice Nancy O'Donnell Frances Heflin Policeman William Cottrell Court Officer Shaun Dooley "A Man Who Thought with his Hands." Judge George W. Smyth presiding Gilbert Parker ??????????? Jane ____ Parker Louise Latham Johnny Parker Anthony Alda Lloyd Parker Duke Farley Catherine Parker ____ Ursula Stevens Violence erupts between a husband and a wife after 22 years of marriage. Jane Collier (Louise Latham), after being hit several times by her husband Lloyd (Duke Farley), a former professional boxer, wants him imprisoned. Collier's interviews with the couple, their married daughter, Catherine (Ursula Stevens), and their two sons, sheds light on why the parents have grown apart, and reveal how their older son, Johnny (Alan Alda), has contributed to the rift. Other Storylines: A story of a polio-stricken Italian father (Daniel Rubinate) ?????????? Daniel Rubinate A runaway girl joins a gang and gets involved in a criminal case. A husband strikes back against his nagging wife and her attempts to reform him. A woman leaves her husband when he "insists" on reliving his year in a concentration camp. A young American artist is charged with assault and battery of his young French wife. A young couple brings their marital difficulties to Domestic Relations Court. A teenager slays his step-father with a supposedly unloaded shotgun. Disagreement between an orphaned brother and sister over running their family, which includes to younger children, leads to a stabbing. A disagreement between an orphaned brother and sister running their family, which includes two younger children, erupts into a serious fight--and a stabbing--that brings the older children to court. 19 year-old Maria Schiller has had most of the responsibility for keeping the family together since the death of her parents and she resents her brother's bossiness and assumed role as "head of the family." In this, the third of four parts, 17 year-old Matthew ultimately admits to caseworker John Collier (Abbott) that his efforts in business haven't been too successful. Matthew Schiller -Keir Dullea Maria Schiller ???????? The 13-year old son of a successful doctor stabs another youth in a fight. Actors reported to have appeared: ...Martin Balsam... ...Patricia Bosworth... Lilyan Chauvin ...Irene Dailey.. Leora Dana Sylvia Davis 2/1960 ...Clarence Derwent week of 8/5/59 ...Bennye Gatteys..week of 12/21/59 ...Lynn Loring.. ....Horace McMahon...week of 12/21/59 ...Anne Meacham... ...Kay Medford... ...Sylvia Miles... ...Jan Miner.... week of Dec. 21, 1959 ...Laurie Peters...week of 8/5/59 ...Frances Sternhagen...
  5. Courtesy of @jam6242 and @Paul Raven FOR BETTER OR WORSE JUNE 29,1959-JUNE 24, 1960 CBS U.S.C. Host Jim Bannon Counselor: Dr. James A. Peterson The Case of the Childish Bride (The Case of Jane and Russell) Bess mother of the bride Grace Albertson Carl father of the bride Frank Albertson Chris Jane's Date ??????????? Gertrude Jane's Aunt ??????????? George Jane's dead uncle ????????????? Jane the Bride Dyan Cannon Russell the Groom Ronald Foster Story of a young girl who periodically falls in love and finally decides on marriage, much to the disappointment of her parents. Subsequently, the carefree girl finds making a success of marriage is not as easy as she had imagined. Title Unknown A marriage is threatened when a husband and wife differ over the importance of a home. The Case of Mike and Linda Mike William Redfield Linda Peggy McCay Maggie Nugent ??????????? A study of a childless marriage. A successful businessman refuses to accept the responsibilities, obligations, and sacrifices of fatherhood. Linda has a revealing encounter with Maggie Nugent. The Case of Roger and Edna Roger ????????\ Edna ???????????? Roger's Daughter ????????? A woman feels she must fight the memory of her husband's deceased first wife to gain the love and acceptance of her husband and step-daughter. The Case of Fred and Claire Fred ????? Claire ???????????? Betty ???????????? Problems of a woman forced to choose between career and family. Betty reveals Claire's true colors. About a later episode starring June Vincent Other actors that are reported to have appeared........ Barry Cahill Marge Redmond June Walker Beverly Tyler also: Mother-in-law...Frances Mercer Spanish Girl... Marianna Hill
  6. Thanks to the intrepid researcher, @jam6242....... CONFIDENTIAL FOR WOMEN MARCH 28,1966-JULY 8, 1966 ABC Narrator Jane Wyatt Commentator Dr. Theodore Isaac Rubin Love After Marriage Week of 3/28/1966 Henry Fellowes James Daly Helen ___ Fellowes Neva Patterson Laura Fellowes daughter Eliane Nadeau Charlie (brother of Helen) Harry Bellaver Martha, twice divorced mother of two, seeing Henry Kim Hunter Ellie Martha's daughter Marya Zimmet JoAnn Martha's daughter Jennifer West The Divorcee Week of 4/4/1966 Ruth recently divorced Nancy Malone Mike recently divorced Joe Campanella Ruth's Son Johnny Desmond The Age Old Problem Week of 4/11/1966 Barney Fowler Arthur O'Connell older widower that had to move in with his daughter Mae Willis Frances Fuller longtime friend of Barney's--- he begs her to marry him so he can get out of his daughter's home. The Unfaithful Wife Week of 4/18/1966 Sid Wallace Simon Oakland Irene ___ Wallace Barbara Barrie The Married Bachelor Week of 4/25/1966 Andy Fisher Darrin McGavin has affairs because he's bored in his marriage Gail ___ Fisher Elizabeth Allen decides to let Andy go Unknown Title Week of 5/2/1966 George Joe Maross desires success in career that puts his family in danger Amy Dolores Sutton The Jealous Woman Week of 5/9/1966 Unknown Role Nan Martin her jealousy may destroy her marriage The Unwed Mother Week of 5/16/1966 Susan Durell Sheree North Susan must decide between keeping a baby by a questionable man, aborting it, all while finally meeting a good man. The Rebellious Teenager Week of 5/23/1966 Laurie Stanton Merrie Spaeth A young girl who leaves what she considers a stifling existence in a small town, leaves to search for her identity in NYC. Laurie finds herself in the subterranean world of Greenwich Village, meeting for the first time the many-faceted people who live and work in a large city. Laurie, confused and often discouraged, but reminded of the protected and provincial life she once led, must finally decide whether to remain in NYC, or return to her parents. The Ugly Duckling Week of 5/30/1966 Eve Zina Bethune Eileen Brennan Madeline Sherwood Jeffrey Lynn A plain-looking and insecure girl is concerned about her social life. She is convinced that she's an ugly duckling. Other actors reportedly cast: Murray Hamilton Louise Latham
  7. LISA CANNING GENERAL HOSPITAL Nurse Meg Lawson Davis 1993-?94 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Adrienne Markham 2004-05 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Chanel 2009 HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS Julie Calvin 2012 MISTRESSES Prosecutor 2016 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Dr. Joyce Griffith 2020 P.S. I LUV U Dori 1991-92 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 1996-99 DELON de METZ THE BOLD AN THE BEAUTIFUL Zende Forrester 2020- ZOO Sam Parker 2017 WENDY MONIZ GUIDING LIGHT Dinah Morgan Marler Thorpe Jessup Mallet Lewis 1995-99 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Mayor Kathleen Finn 2011 and..... NASH BRIDGES Inspector Rachel McCabe 2000-01 THE GUARDIAN Louisa "Lulu" Archer 2001-04 BIG SHOTS Stacey Walker 2007 DAMAGES Jill Burnham 2009-10 BETRAYAL Elaine McAllister 2013-14 KINGDOM Roxanne 2016 PURE GENIUS Julianna Wallace 2016-17 HOUSE OF CARDS Laura Moretti 2016-17 YELLOWSTONE Governor Lynelle Perry 2018-Present TANNER NOVLAN THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan 2020- MOHAWK GIRLS Midas 2016-17 ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO Gregory Manes 2020
  8. @DramatistDreamer Robert Newman did a few months on GH before moving on to a month and a half on SB.Santa Barbara: 4/22/86-5/30/86 per the SB site. ROBERT NEWMAN THE GUIDING LIGHT Joshua Lewis 1981-84; 1986-91; 1993-2009 GENERAL HOSPITAL Prescott Harrell 1985 SANTA BARBARA Kirk Cranston Lee 1986 GUIDING LIGHT Anniversary Special Reverend John Ruthledge/Arthur Peterson 2007 VENICE THE SERIES Richard 2013-16; 2019
  9. FIRST LOVE JULY 5, 1954- DECEMBER 30, 1955 NBC HARRISON Quentin Andrews ... Frederic Downs boss Zack Garth Brown ... Eric Dressler Priscilla "Petey" Cummings ... Rita Fredricks Jack Doyle ... Court Benson Chuck Gibson ... Humphrey Davis Leona Gilbert ... Nancy Pollock landlady Peggy ___ Gordon ... Henrietta Moore Phil Gordon ... Joseph Warren Wallace Grant... Richard Keith ... Henry Stanton Laurie Kennedy James ... Patricia Barry , Matthew James ... Paul McGrath Zack James ... Tod Andrews ... Val Dufour Doris Kennedy Peggy Allenby Judge Kennedy ... Howard Smith Mike Kennedy ... John Dutra Paul Kennedy ... Melville Ruick Amy _____ ___McKee ... Rosemary Prinz District Attorney Bruce McKee ... Jay Barney Jenny McKee ... Barbara Myers Tony Morgan ... Peter Cookson Sam Morrison ... Hal Currier Jim Taylor ... Alan Stevenson Ruth ___ Taylor ... Scottie MacGregor Blair ... Harry Holcombe Chris ... Frank Thomas Dave ... Bob Courtleigh David ... Dean Harens Diana... Patricia Wheel ... Glenda ... Jan Miner "Madge the Manicurist" Harriet ... Shirley O'Hara Packy... Ray Brown, Jr. ???? Ronald Dawson 1955 ???? ... Len Wayland
  10. Martin Blaine ONE LIFE TO LIVE District Attorney Leverett Palmer early 1970s Edgar Stehli FROM THESE ROOTS Judge Tompkins (temporary) 6-7/1958 NEVA PATTERSON MODERN ROMANCES: Unknown Role week of 2/28/1955 "Susan's Mother Unknown Role week of 19/31/1955 "?" Unknown Role week of 4/23/1956 "?" Dolores week of 9/16/1957 "The Tangled Web" Unknown Role week of 5/6/1957 "The First Million" A DATE WITH LIFE Unknown Role 5/7-6/1/ 1956 THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES Nurse Casselli 1963 Carrie Hayes 1963; 1965 CONFIDENTIAL FOR WOMEN Helen Fellowes week of 3/28/1966 "Love After Marriage" MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN Pat's Mother 1976 Mrs. Welch 1977 DYNASTY Ms. Pomeroy 1983 BERRENGERS Ilene 1985 HOTEL Mrs. Atwood 1986 and..... THE GOVERNOR AND J.J. Maggie McLeod 1969-70 NICHOLS Ma Ketcham 19971-72 DOC ELLIOTT Margaret "Mags" Brimble 1973-74 FAMILY Marge Raymond 1976 THE WALTONS Aunt Kate Grover Daly 1979 V Mrs. Eleanor DuPres 1983 V: THE FINAL BATTLE Mrs. Eleanor Dupres 1984 WEBSTER Emily Calder-Young 1984-85 SAINT ELSEWHERE Marguerite Spooner 1987 PEYTON LIST AS THE WORLD TURNS Lucy Montgomery 2001-05 ONE TREE HILL Solars 2006 90210 Lindsey Beckwith 2012 BLOOD AND OIL Emma undegren 2015 WINDFALL Tally Reida 2006 DAYBREAK Ava 2006 BIG SHOTS Cameron Collingsworth 2007-08 FLASHFORWARD Nicole Kirby 2009-10 SMALLVILLE Lucy Lane 2005; 2010 MAD MEN Jane Siegel Sterling 2008-10; 2012-13 THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Cara Coburn 2013-14 THE FLASH Lisa Snart/ Golden Gilder 2015 FREQUENCY Raimy Sullivan 2016-17 COLONY Amy Leonard 2018 GOTHAM Ivy Pepper "Poison IvY" 2018-19 STAR TREK: PICARD Lieutenant Narissa Rizzo 2020 CHARMED Nadia 2020
  11. I will enjoy seeing the Avants, Zende and Carter, but crypt keeper Zoe can be recast or written off. Now would be a good time for Liam and Hope to go work at the Paris office of Spencer Publications and Forrester International. With a visit from Wyatt and Flo for a long vacay.........
  12. Y&R should have jumped on CH when Bummer returned. She could have brought some chutzpah to the role.
  13. THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS DECEMBER 6, 1980-JANUARY 24, 1981 MIDLAND HEIGHTS Etta ___ Borman Bea Silvern Max Borman Gordon Clark Burt Carroll Lorenzo Lamas Hilda ____ Carroll K Callan Micki Carroll Melora Hardin Clay Cole Michael Prince Serena ___ Costin Erica Yohn Eric Dexter Fred Weiss Lucy __ Dexter Jenny O'Hara Anne Dulles Doran Clark Helen Millington Dulles Kathleen Widdoes John Grey Jim Youngs Mike Grey Christopher Stone Nancy ___ Grey Arlene Golonka Julie Hammond Denise Nicholas Mrs. Harris Toni Sawyer Fran ___ Hilliard Marie Masters Mark Hudson Bill Thornbury (80-81) Robin Strand Henry Johnson Peter Hobbs Tracey Johnson Laura Johnson Dr. Loy Stephen McNally Guy Millington Jordan Christopher Margaret ___ Millington Martha Scott Calvin Richardson Mark Pinter Lisa Rogers Linda Hamilton Dr. Sims Donegan Smith Karen Weaver Lee Chamberlin Danny Welsh Stephen Manley Professor Nathan Welsh Robert Hogan Teddy Welsh Daniel Zippi Dorothy ___ Wheeler Bibi Besch Holly Wheeler (Pilot) Linda Grovenor Marilyn Jones Martin Wheeler William Jordan Mrs. Wolf Ann Nelson Al Jonathan Prince Chris Lisa Alpert Jesus Henry Darrow Sue Irene Arreaga Madame Zeena Zohra Lampert Carnie Martin Beck High School Student Stan Wells Sheriff Fred Pinkard @GymnastGuy If the scripts contain any other cast information, let me know and I can add it in. Welcome to SON.
  14. KING'S CROSSING JANUARY 16, 1982-FEBRUARY 27, 1982 KING'S CROSSING Patrick Allison David Cohn Jillian Beauchamp Doran Clark (young Jillian) Heather Hobbs Louisa _____ Beauchamp Beatrice Straight Dr. Bloom Donegan Smith Willa Bristol Dorothy Meyer Barbara Daniels Royce Wallace Robert Garrett Brian Patrick Clarke Sam Garrett Mitchell Ryan Brian Gumshore Tom Poston Carol ___ Hadary Stephanie Braxton Professor Jonathan Hadary Michael Zaslow Mimi Hadary Bridgette Anderson Carey Hollister Marilyn Jones (Young Carey) Dyan Hobday Lauren Hollister Linda Hamilton (Young Lauren) Elizabeth Hoy Nan Beauchamp Hollister Mary Frann Paul Hollister Bradford Dillman Mark Horowitz Rick Stuart Julie Hudson Rona Edwards Billy McCall Daniel Zippi Josh McCall (?)Harry Northrup Richard Jaeckel Jeff Newman Martin Donavan Miriam __ Pozen Jean Kane Dr. Rivkin Earl Boen Robert Stein Robert Stoneman Ray Walker Jeff Corey Donna Jennifer Parsons Jackie Sands Hall Jed Ed Call Les Randy Rudy Max Phil Leeds Acto Tom Virtue Customer Lance Rosen Movie Theater Guy Edward Lupinsky Principal Archie Lang Salesgirl Allyce Beasley Sheriff John Karlen Students Tim Maier Julie Dolan ??????????? Jack Fletcher Brian Matthews Lucy Lynn Norris Noel P. Scott D.W.Wright THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS DECEMBER 6, 1980-JANUARY 24, 1981 MIDLAND HEIGHTS Etta ___ Borman Bea Silvern Max Borman Gordon Clark Burt Carroll Lorenzo Lamas Hilda ____ Carroll K Callan Micki Carroll Melora Hardin Clay Cole Michael Prince Serena ___ Costin Erica Yohn Eric Dexter Fred Weiss Lucy __ Dexter Jenny O'Hara Anne Dulles Doran Clark Helen Millington Dulles Kathleen Widdoes John Grey Jim Youngs Mike Grey Christopher Stone Nancy ___ Grey Arlene Golonka Julie Hammond Denise Nicholas Mrs. Harris Toni Sawyer Fran ___ Hilliard Marie Masters Mark Hudson Bill Thornbury (80-81) Robin Strand Henry Johnson Peter Hobbs Tracey Johnson Laura Johnson Dr. Loy Stephen McNally Guy Millington Jordan Christopher Margaret ___ Millington Martha Scott Calvin Richardson Mark Pinter Lisa Rogers Linda Hamilton Dr. Sims Donegan Smith Karen Weaver Lee Chamberlin Danny Welsh Stephen Manley Professor Nathan Welsh Robert Hogan Teddy Welsh Daniel Zippi Dorothy ___ Wheeler Bibi Besch Holly Wheeler (Pilot) Linda Grovenor Marilyn Jones Martin Wheeler William Jordan Mrs. Wolf Ann Nelson Al Jonathan Prince Chris Lisa Alpert Jesus Henry Darrow Sue Irene Arreaga Madame Zeena Zohra Lampert Carnie Martin Beck High School Student Stan Wells Sheriff Fred Pinkard
  15. Helen Shields BY KATHLEEN NORRIS "Josselyn's Wife" Kathy Josselyn 2/10/1941 THE O'NEILLS Eileen Turner 1941 ROSE OF MY DREAMS Amy Carpenter Devon 1939 STELLA DALLAS Christine Morgan "Man-hater" 1949 YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Vic Greenfield 1948 Sarah Burton AS THE TWIG IS BENT Laura Andrews WE LOVE AND LEARN Laura Andrews Amzie Strickland MARY NOBLE, BACKSTAGE WIFE Nurse Clark 1951 OUR GAL SUNDAY Erica Dorn 1945
  16. Was her first daytime role Love is a Many Splendored Thing, or did she have any small roles in daytime prior to Laura? If so on what shows?
  17. Mandel Kramer LORENZO JONES Jackson VERA LOCKWOOD MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN Sister Theresa 1977 LOVE OF LIFE Mama Gaspero 1979 RYAN'S HOPE Marian "Schultzy" Schultz 1980-82 HOMEFRONT Violinist 1993 PORT CHARLES Eleni __ Kanelos 1998-99
  18. Dolores Gillen WHEN A GIRL MARRIES Hope Davis Eloise Kummer JUDY AND JANE Jane Lee Marvin Miller WOMAN FROM NOWHERE Announcer Amzie Strickland BIG SISTER Amber Douglas Parkhirst THIS IS NORA DRAKE David Brown Daniel J. Travanti and.... ADAM John Walsh 1983 Charme Allen AS THE TWIG IS BENT Mother Carlton Scott McKay MARRIAGE FOR TWO Roger Hoyt Mildred Clinton AS THE WORLD TURNS Mrs. Briggs, Joyce's Landlady 1/80 per @jam6242 Charita Bauer ORPHANS OF DIVORCE Penelope THE PARKER FAMILY Dolores the teenage Siren Sylvia Sidney PRETTY KITTY KELLY Sylvia Sidney Christopher Durham GLITTER Health Spa Instructor (provided "special" services") 1984 Alan Coates per FB..... LOVE OF LIFE Extra 1977 Marcia McCabe LOVE OF LIFE Extra 1977 Marcia McCabe Alan is one of my very best friends!! We met on the set of Love of life doing extra work in 1977( he was Elizabeth Kemp’s boyfriend ) and that started a 40 plus year friendship!! We have thanksgiving together every year and I am very thankful for Alan!!
  19. BURR DeBENNING SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Dr. Nick Hunter 1965-66 THE SURVIVORS Sam Thomas 1969 KNOTS LANDING Neal Henning 1982 HOTEL Karl 1983 SANTA BARBARA Ed Thompson 1988 FALCON CREST Freddy Darrow 1988 AND.... LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE Dr. Asa T. Logan FATHER MURPHY Paul Garrett 1981-83
  20. RON RANDELL RADIO MADAME X Unknown Role TELEVISION LOVERS AND FRIENDS/FOR RICHER,FOR POORER Richard Cushing 1977 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Wilcox 1980 GENERAL HOSPITAL John Kane 1982 and..... THE VISE Host 1954-55 O.S.S. Captain Frank Hawthorn 1957-58 BILL MOREY FLAMINGO ROAD Dr. Charlie Austin 1981-82 KNOTS LANDING Matthew Pierce 1986 SANTA BARBARA Judge Bramwell 1988 DALLAS Judge 1981 Leo Wakefield 1984-85; 1987-88 BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 Jacob Denzel 1990 THE WALTONS Mr. Jareth 1980 TUCKER'S WITCH Lieutenant Sean Fisk 1982-83 CIVIL WARS Judge Buscaino 1991-92 THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW Oscar 1993-96 BEGGARS AND CHOOSERS Emory Luddin 1999-2000
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