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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    She should be heading up the Hortons with Julie and Doug (and Maggie if she shuts up the Daniel talk.....)
  2. Big Brother 19

    Josh was a big spoiled baby, but Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! he beat POS Paul WoooHooo!
  3. GH: Another Carly may return

    Until ValenVarni are out, Frnkles NinUgh, Kaka, Jillian and Finn-ish will continue to eat the show. Oy!!!!
  4. Anybody looking forward to new primetime series or old favorites this season? 

    1. Soapsuds


      The new series featuring Jason Ritter on ABC and the new sitcom by Linda Lavin on CBS plus the return of Will & Grace.

    2. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      I'm still anxiously waiting on the return of Deutschland. It feels like forever since the first series.

  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    “If you have a loved one,” Alderson urged during his initial treatments, “tell them you love them. If you have a friend, tell them you love them. That is all that matters in life. Trust me.” ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Eddie Alderson Returning to Hospital for Cancer Treatment But Promises: "I Got This" ABC.SOAPSINDEPTH.COM
  6. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    “If you have a loved one,” Alderson urged during his initial treatments, “tell them you love them. If you have a friend, tell them you love them. That is all that matters in life. Trust me.” ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Eddie Alderson Returning to Hospital for Cancer Treatment But Promises: "I Got This" ABC.SOAPSINDEPTH.COM
  7. 2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Both should be shown the door
  8. So Marcia Rodd is playing Graham's mother on Y&R. I haven't seen her in years.


  9. GH: OLTL alum added

    The coach, Tanaka from season 1 was the D'Archam guard who talked to Franko for half of last Monday(?)s episode.
  10. GH: OLTL alum added

    Between the guy from Glee's first season, Jessica Tuck (Who would be great as Sarah and Elizabeth's mother) and Tamara Braun, they should be concentrating on characters people want to see. Shelley's ratings are in the toilet, so do people count on her to get the show cancelled? Because she is impressing no one with this crap.
  11. GH: Another Carly may return

    I doubt Altman even knows who Sarah Webber is, much less would think to cast her. It'll just be another random creation. That's how ValenVarni like it.
  12. GH: Another Carly may return

    Good grief, can't they just cast some characters the audience want back? More characters for "Tale of Two Jasons." and Frankles story. How about a Dr. Sarah Webber recast? The only regular female doctors are Monica and Obrecht, and Obrecht doesn't work there anymore. Monica is hardly on
  13. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    THE DOCTORS 4/17/63 Student Nurse ...Jocelyn Somers RH,DOOL,TD Experienced Nurse...Beulah Garrick EON, GL, OLTL, AMC May 17, 1963 "The Halloween Mask" Amy Marshall...?? Roy Marshall...??? Dr. Wellman...??? Dr. Jerry Chandler...Richard Roat May 27, 1963 Virginia Carter...Judy Lewis Daughter Carter... Patricia Jenkins June 3, 1963 The Disembodied Voice" ?????... Hugh Reilley ????... Archie Smith June 4, 1963 "Death is a Constant Bell-Ringer" ??? Vera Allen AW SFT FTR, O'N ??? Beverly Owen AW, ATWT June 5, 1963 "A Doctor In Spite of Herself" ????...Jane Hamilton June 10, 1963 "...And Not to Be" Government Official... John MacKay Government Official's Wife ...Millette Alexander OPW, ATWT, EON, GL, TN, MR, FTR June 12, 1963 "The Count of Ten" Ellie Gordon...Bernadette Hale Gus Gordon...???? Moxie Regan...????? June 13,1963 Carol Carter...Diana Muldaur ???... Chet London June 24, 1963 "The Bride Wore White" NurseJudy Jarvis .... Gretchen Walther SS, SFT, HF, LOL, EON, ATWT, AMC, TD Trevor McLean... Larry Douglas Dr. William Scott...Jock Gaynor June 26, 1963 A Darn Good Sport" Lillian Clark.....Sherry Britton ????...... William Hawley June 27, 1963..."The Heart Broken Husband" Ed Sanders....Bob O'Connell DS, RH Mrs. Sanders... Margaret Barker EON, LOL, L&F, AW, SS Trudi Sanders ...Wendy Winters July 1, 1963 "The Runaway President" Corporate President... James Pritchett ????????????...Ellen Newquist July 2, 1963 "Woman Against Fear" Husband ...Ralph Stantley SOM Wife...Barbara Berjer AMC, AW, ATWT, GL, HF, EON. FTR July 3, 1963 "Beware the Bee" Widowed Mother Louise Buckley Son with Allergy...Nicholas Pryor AMC, AW, ATWT, LIAMST, EON, TN, YDM, SS, PC, GH, SFT, TBD, Po5, DYN, FC, DAL, COLBYS, SIS, DYN, BH90210 ????? Leslie (Ann) Warren DH July 4, 1963 "Heart and Soul" (Missionary) John McCloud...Frank Schoefield DOOL, DS, FITW, SFT, EON,SOM, OFD, SS Daughter McCloud... Susan Morse Dr. Frank Dickson...Craig Huebing FTR, GH Dr. Jerry Chandler...Richard Roat July 5, 1963... "Two in the Twilight" Poisoned Wife...Aileen Poe Paranoid Husband...Lance Cunard
  14. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    As some of you know, I have been amassing cast lists for the soaps for many years. I figured that it doesn't do much good having all of this information and not sharing it. So this thread is for anyone that's curious about the cast members of past soaps. If anyone comes across any information I don't have, let me know, and I'll add it. If any of my information is wrong, please let me know. I'll add a little trivia here and there among the lists. Anyone's input is welcome, and I hope that there will be some new information some of you didn't know. So far these shows have been posted (9/13/17) LOVE OF LIFE (1) LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING (P 1&2) MISS SUSAN (2) THE SEEKING HEART (2) THESE ARE MY CHILDREN (2) RITUALS (UNAIRED PILOT) (3) RITUALS (3) SOMERSET (3-4) FULL CIRCLE (4) KITTY FOYLE (4) SCARLETT HILL (4) RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE (4) THE CLEAR HORIZON (4) CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE (4) MORNING STAR (4) NEVER TOO YOUNG (4) THE O'NEILLS (4) ONE MAN'S/ONE WOMAN'S EXPERIENCE (4) PARADISE BAY (4) TEXAS (5) BEN JERROD (5) THE BENNETTS (5) CONFIDENTIAL FOR MEN/WOMEN (5) A DATE WITH LIFE (5) THE EGG AND I (5) FAIRMEADOWS, USA (5) THE WORLD OF MR. SWEENEY (5) THE WAY OF THE WORLD (5) WHERE THE HEART IS (5) FOLLOW YOUR HEART (6) FOR BETTER OR WORST (6) FARAWAY HILL (6) THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS (6) A WOMAN WITH A PAST (6) A WOMAN TO REMEMBER (6) THE VERDICT IS YOURS (6) THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (6) A WORLD APART (6) THE DOCTORS (6-8) HOTEL COSMOPOLITAN (10) HIDDEN FACES (10) PORTIA FACES LIFE/THE INNER FLAME (10) THE YOUNG MARRIEDS (11) A TIME TO LIVE (11) A NEW DAY IN EDEN (11) GOLDEN WINDOWS (12) THE GREATEST GIFT (12) MOMENT OF TRUTH (12) HOUSE ON HIGH STREET (12) HIGH HOPES (12) YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE (12) LOVERS AND FRIENDS/FOR RICHER-FOR POORER (14) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (15-16) THE SECRET STORM (17-18) MODERN ROMANCES (21) DOCTOR HUDSON' SECRET JOURNAL (21) LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE ROBERTS (22) BRIGHT PROMISE (23) OUR PRIVATE WORLD (29) THE CATLINS (30) HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE (34) as more are added, I'll include them
  15. OLTL Tribute Thread

    The only thing about Kim Zimmer's Echo was the mess she made of Clint and Viki's marriage She used scuba gear to fake her death. No "scuba story"
  16. The View

    Today was Jed's last day I didn't always agree with her, but she brought an energy to the show.
  17. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    THE DOCTORS Pete, the owner of Pete's Restaurant will soon be portrayed by Raul Davila... formerly Hector Santos of AMC , GL and OLTL From Jane Marsh... Also, a bit more information about the April 17, 1963, episode with Jocelyn Sommers and Beulah Garrick. A student nurse (Jocelyn Somers), within two weeks of graduation, is accused of negligence by an experienced nurse (Beulah Garrick). Dr. Chandler agrees with the judgment until he realizes the pressures to which the student is being subjected. From Jane Marsh Found some more information about the episodes for the week of November 4, 1963. November 4, 1963 (Mon.) "From This Day Forward" (5-part) Guest stars: Alex Canaan, Eugenia Rawls, and Rosemary Forsyth. Frank Terry(Alex Canaan) and his fiancée, accompanied by Frank’s mother, come to Hope Hospital for blood tests prior to their marriage. From the greeting given Mrs. Terry(Eugenia Rawls) by Dr. Powers, Susan(Rosemary Forsyth) realizes she is concealing ill health from Frank. November 5, 1963 (Tues.) Dr. Chandler reports his suspicions of Terry’s condition to Dr. Powers. Susan tells Terry she suspects his mother is ill. November 6, 1963 (Wed.) Frank forces his mother to consent to an operation, but refuses to allow the doctors to complete his own diagnosis by definitive tests. November 7, 1963 (Thurs.) Frank collapses at football practice and is brought to the emergency ward of Hope Hospital. Alex Canaan went on to play Tony Douglas on Another World(front across from Jacqueline Courtney, next to Gaye Huston, also pictured, actor Joe Bennett) Rosemary Forsyth also appeared as Dr. Laura Horton on Days, Dr. Martha James on GH and the original Dominic (Sophia Wayne Capwell) on Santa Barbara On Dallas she was Ann McFadden, and she was on Providence and Ally McBeal as well. Eugenia Rawls was known for playing Tallulah Bankhead on Broadway, but appeared in soaps as ATWT's Grace Burton, and a role in 87, on Love of Life she was Elaine Harris, , Road to Reality as Margaret, and roles on GL. She was Mrs. Rosetti on primetime's The Nurses. THE STONE MAIDEN WEEK OF 8/5/63 A Matisse Sculpture, a troubled boy with a severed artery, a troubled mother and an angry father set the stage for this week long drama. Dr. Jerry Chandler...Richard Roat Dr. Matt Powers... James Pritchett Dr. Maggie Fielding...Ann Williams Charles Heyworth...Court Benson Mrs. Heyworth...Joan Wetmore Jimmy Heyworth... George Linjeris Jimmy Heyworth's girlfriend...Mia Farrow "Lost and Found." (5-part) Guest stars: Rex Thompson (Mike Powers), Billie Lou Watt, and Sindee Anne Richards (Jennie) with promise she will be home for her birthday. September 2, 1963 (Mon.) Dr. Powers learns that his son has left boarding school and came to the hospital. In the clinic, a little girl won’t undergo examination until after her birthday party. September 3, 1963 (Tues.) Dr. Powers gets Mike a job in the hospital as an orderly. Jennie is hospitalized. September 4, 1963 (Wed.) Dr. Powers finds fault with Mike’s work. X-rays show Jennie is seriously ill and can’t go home. September 6, 1963 (Fri.) Dr. Powers has a surprise for Jennie. Copied/pasted from Jane Marsh's post Sindee Richards (the original Penny as Jennie), Billie Lou Watt (assuming she's Jennie's mother) (EON, SFT, FTR, LOL, LOVING), Rex Thompson (Mike Powers-- SOMERSET)) "Eight Hours For Emily" The first of the week long stories... Week of July 22, 1963. Emily Croft (Abby Lewis) is brought to Hope Memorial in serious condition, but she insists on attending her daughter Helen's(Wynne Miller) wedding, Dr. Jerry Chandler (Richard Roat) and the staff try to keep her absence from newly appointed Chief of Staff, Dr. Matt Powers(James Pritchett). At risk are Dr. Chandler's career and Emily Croft's life. Chaplain Sam Shafer...Fred J. Scollay Dr. Elizabeth Hayes... Margot Moser Dr. Maggie Hansen Fielding...Ann Williams Jock Gaynor has left the cast as Dr. William Scott. +3
  18. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Maree always looks fantastic!
  19. The Doctors

    I'd like to see them, YRBB!
  20. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    THE DOCTORS Captain Zebulon Kirk.....Roy Cooper 74-75 (formerly Dr. Gordon Mayther, TD, LIAMST, Beacon Hill, EON) Captain that found Mike Powers.
  21. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    THE DOCTORS "The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong" Week of October 7, 1963. Thanks to Jeff Cooper's TV Guide info... Monday--An unconscious man (Swanson-portrayed by Paul Lipson) is brought into Hope after a street fight with Danny Boy Delaney (John Karlen famous as Willie Loomis on DS, LIAMST,AW, Cagney and Lacey). Tuesday--Fran (Penny Fuller-EON, AMC, etc...) is not permitted to see Brian Delaney Wednesday--Fran offers to donate blood Thursday--Delaney asks Fran for a divorce. Friday-- Swanson tells why he was attacked. Regular cast...James Pritchett as Dr. Matt Powers ... Ann Williams as Dr. Maggie Hansen Fielding ...Richard Roat as Dr. Jerry Chandler ...Fred J. Scollay as Chaplain Sam Shafer
  22. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I liked the scenes, but Lucas had no business yelling at Sonny and Paul. It's been two years since Will was "killed". Why shouldn't Sonny and Paul have a relationship? Especially since drunko has supported it. I don't get the point of his anger now? Or why anyone thinks it's overdue?