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  1. February's MVP Discuss Max Gail's seamless addition as Mike Corbin was one of the better castings in a while.
  2. Soap Hoppers

    Nicholas Pryor: Young Doctor Malone : Ernie Cooper 1959 The Brighter Day : Rex Stern 1960-61 The Secret Storm : Johnny Ellis 1962-63 The Doctors : Beekeeper's Son July 3, 1963 Search For Tomorrow : ????? 1963 Another World : Tom Baxter 1964 As The World Turns : 1965 The Nurses : Ken Alexander 1965-67 Love is a Many Splendored Thing : Paul Bradley 1967 All My Children : Linc Tyler 1971-72 The Edge of Night : Joel Gantry 1973-74 Dallas : Nathan Billings 1985 Dynasty : Dr. Maurice Boland 1985 The Colbys : Dr. Maurice Boland 1985 Falcon Crest : Ben Crawley 1987 Picket Fences : Moriarty 1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 :Chancellor Milton Arnold 1993-97 Picket Fences : David Robinson 1994 Party of Five : Eugene Bennett 1995-96 General Hospital : Victor Collins 1997-03 Port Charles : Victor Collins 1997-03 Nashville : Sam Boone 2014 not quite a soap... Eight is Enough :Jeffrey Trout 1979-81 Hart of Dixie : Dr. Harley Wilkes 2011
  3. Soap Hoppers

    + Irving Allen Lee
  4. Soap Hoppers

    Nice list, five of them I was thinking of posting last night.
  5. Soap Hoppers

    DENISE ALEXANDER RADIO I know I have some radio appearances, but I have to look her up in my radio cast book, TELEVISION THE CLEAR HORIZON Lois Adams 1960 BEN JERROD Emily Sanders 1963 GENERAL HOSPITAL Lorna Hill 1963 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Susan Hunter Martin Peters 1966-73 GENERAL HOSPITAL Lesley Williams Faulkner Webber Webber 1973-84; 1996-09;(occasional); 2013; 2017 HOTEL Gail McClain 1984 ANOTHER WORLD Mary Callahan McKinnon (LaSalle) McKinnon 1986-89 SUNSET BEACH Sister Beatrice 1997-98 THE INN Lois 2013 CLARICE BLACKBURN LOVE OF LIFE Nurse Unknown Year College Dean Unknown Year THE DOCTORS Theodora Van Allen 1966 DARK SHADOWS Mrs. Sarah Johnson 1966-70 Abigail Collins 1968 Minerva Trask 1969 THE SECRET STORM Mary Lou ____ Northcote 1970 WHERE THE HEART IS Amy Snowden 1973 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Hattie Fredericks 1973-74 AS THE WORLD TURNS Nurse Marion Connelly 1976-78 GUIDING LIGHT Administrator Edith Spurrier 1987-88; 1992 (I believe she made occasional appearances in between 1988-92) Okay, @Paul Raven @Faulkner and anyone else, who's next?
  6. Soap Hoppers

    JOHN O'HURLEY THE EDGE OF NIGHT Gregory Schaeffer 1983-84 LOVING Jonathon Matalaine 1984-85 Keith Laine 1984-86 AS THE WORLD TURNS Douglas Prescott 1988 ALL MY CHILDREN James Prescott 1988-89 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dr. James Grainger 1989-90 SANTA BARBARA Stephen Slade 1990-91 GENERAL HOSPITAL Greg Bennett 1992 VALLEY OF THE DOLLS Allen Cooper 1994 SISTERS Pizza Guy 1995 MELROSE PLACE John Marshall 1996 SUNSET BEACH Pete (Host of Wheel of Misfortune) 1999 ALL MY CHILDREN Kit Sterling 2011 DEVIOUS MAIDS Dr. Christopher Neff 2015 RON HARPER WHERE THE HEART IS Steve Prescott 1973 LOVE OF LIFE Andrew Marriott 1976-80 ANOTHER WORLD Taylor Halloway 1980 CAPITOL Jarrett Morgan/Baxter McCandless 1985-87 LOVING Charles Hartman 1988 GENERATIONS Peter Whitmore 1990-91 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Mickey Garwood 1993 MELROSE PLACE Pilot 1995 GORDON THOMSON HIGH HOPES Mike Stewart, Junior 1978 RYAN'S HOPE Professor Aristotle Benedict-White 1981 DYNASTY Michael Torrance/Adam Carrington 1982-89 GLITTER Kate's Ex-Lover 1985 THE COLBYS Adam Carrington 1985-86 SANTA BARBARA Mason Capwell 1990-93 FAMILY PASSIONS Mathias Haller 1993 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Mr. Parrish 1997 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Patrick Baker 1997 SUNSET BEACH A.J. Deschanel 1998-99 PASSIONS Agent Hal Freeman 2000 GROSSE POINT Dr. Evangelista 2001 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Walter Kent 2009 DeVANITY Preston Regis 2013-14
  7. Soap Hoppers

    SUSAN SEAFORTH HAYES GENERAL HOSPITAL Dorothy Bradley 1963 THE YOUNG MARRIEDS Carol West 1965-66 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Julie Olson Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams 1968-84; 1990-93; 1994; 1996; 1999-Present (occasional until about 2013 or so....) THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Joanna Manning Fenmore 1984-89; 2005; 2006; 2010 SUNSET BEACH District Attorney Patricia Steele 1999 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Joanna Manning Fenmore 2003 VENICE, THE SERIES Mrs. Preston 2011-12 BILLY WARLOCK GENERAL HOSPITAL Guy on the Pier Year Unknown CAPITOL Ricky Driscoll 1984-85 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Frankie Von Leuschner Brady 1986-88; 1990-91; 2005-06; 2010 GENERAL HOSPITAL Alan James (A.J. ) Quartermaine Junior 1997-2003;2005 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Ben Hollander 2007-08 AS THE WORLD TURNS Anthony Blackthorne 2010 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Ross Rayburn 2010
  8. Soap Hoppers

    GWYN GILLISS LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Young Secretary Unknown Year THE GUIDING LIGHT Patti Sue Cosgrove 1978 ALL MY CHILDREN Ann Tyler St.Cyr Davis Martin Martin 1979-81 GUIDING LIGHT Maevis Llewellyn 1982-83 AS THE WORLD TURNS Sondra Davis 1984-85 RYAN'S HOPE Elizabeth Maxwell ONE LIFE TO LIVE Sergeant Betty DeSalvo 1987 GUIDING LIGHT Edwina Forrester 1987-88 RYAN'S HOPE Melissa Malcolm 1988 ANOTHER WORLD Unknown Role 1991 LOVING Lysette Grummond 1992 GUIDING LIGHT Blair Van Houten 1994-97
  9. Soap Hoppers

    JAMES DOUGLAS PEYTON PLACE Steven Cord 1965-69 ANOTHER WORLD Eliot Carrington 1972-74 AS THE WORLD TURNS Grant Colman 1974-81; 1988-89; 1993; 1994-95 THE DOCTORS Philip Manning 1982 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Desmond Aldrich 1984 PEYTON PLACE: THE NEXT GENERATION Steven Cord 1985 (Miniseries) ONE LIFE TO LIVE Dr. Marcus Polk 1985-87 RITA LLOYD THE EDGE OF NIGHT Toby Marshall 1962-63 FLAME IN THE WIND/A TIME FOR US Leslie Farrell 1964 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Jessica Webster 1967 LOVE OF LIFE Gloria Madden 1974 THE GUIDING LIGHT Lucille Wexler 1978-80 LOVING Millicent Whitehead 1984 ALL MY CHILDREN Lucinda (society matron) 1985? AS THE WORLD TURNS Edwina ___ Walsh Cabot 1992-93 (I believe she appeared occasionally past 1993)
  10. Soap Hoppers

    MARIANN AALDA ANOTHER WORLD Diner 1977 L'Auberge Extra 1977 Nurse 1977 AS THE WORLD TURNS Probably a magazine misprint, Ms.Aalda didn't mention a role when we messaged, however it was in a Who's Who magazine I had. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Detective Delores, Ed Hall's first date after Carla July 1979 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Didi Bannister Stoner, attorney 1979-84 GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Grace Battles 1990-91 MODELS, INC Janet Johnson 1994 SUNSET BEACH Lena ____ Hart 1998-99 MILLETTE ALEXANDER MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role Between 1954 and 1958 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Gail Armstrong 1958-59 FROM THESE ROOTS Gloria Saxon 1961 THE DOCTORS Government Official's wife "And Not To Be" 6/10/1963 THE DOCTORS Dr. Maggie Hansen Fielding Van Allen (Temporary) July 1964 AS THE WORLD TURNS Nurse Sylvia Hill Suker 1964-66 OUR PRIVATE WORLD Nurse Sylvia Hill 1965 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Laura Hathaway Hillyer 1966-67; 1968 Julie Jamison Hubbard Hillyer 1967-68 THE GUIDING LIGHT Dr. Sara McInytyre Gantry Werner Blackford Thorpe 1969-1983
  11. Soap Hoppers

    I thought so, I've been searching through my Y&R notes, I couldn't remember if he was a delivery person, bartender, or waiter. Thanks, I'll add it in! I'm going to see if I have a character name and then I'll add him in. I know you are a fan of his!
  12. Soap Hoppers

    RADIO ROAD OF LIFE Unknown Role 1959 @amybrickwallace @jam6242 Here's Patrick Horgan as Captain Harry. I don't have a last name though. I only watched this episode so far.
  13. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    I have him on Edge of Night as well. He was Willard Benner in 1957, a prisoner/gunsmith.
  14. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    As some of you know, I have been amassing cast lists for the soaps for many years. I figured that it doesn't do much good having all of this information and not sharing it. So this thread is for anyone that's curious about the cast members of past soaps. If anyone comes across any information I don't have, let me know, and I'll add it. If any of my information is wrong, please let me know. I'll add a little trivia here and there among the lists. Anyone's input is welcome, and I hope that there will be some new information some of you didn't know. So far these shows have been posted (9/13/17) LOVE OF LIFE (1) UPDATED PAGE 38 LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING (P 1&2) UPDATED PAGE 38 MISS SUSAN (2) THE SEEKING HEART (2) THESE ARE MY CHILDREN (2) RITUALS (UNAIRED PILOT) (3) RITUALS (3) SOMERSET (3-4) FULL CIRCLE (4) UPDATED PAGE 38 KITTY FOYLE (4) UPDATED PAGE 41 SCARLETT HILL (4) RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE (4) UPDATED PAGE 38 THE CLEAR HORIZON (4) UPDATED PAGE 38 CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE (4) MORNING STAR (4) NEVER TOO YOUNG (4) THE O'NEILLS (4) ONE MAN'S/ONE WOMAN'S EXPERIENCE (4) PARADISE BAY (4) UPDATED (39) TEXAS (5) BEN JERROD (5) THE BENNETTS (5) CONFIDENTIAL FOR MEN/WOMEN (5) A DATE WITH LIFE (5) UPDATED PAGE 38 THE EGG AND I (5) UPDATED PAGE 38 FAIRMEADOWS, USA (5) UPDATED PAGE 38 THE WORLD OF MR. SWEENEY (5) UPDATED PAGE 38 THE WAY OF THE WORLD (5) WHERE THE HEART IS (5) UPDATED PAGE 41 FOLLOW YOUR HEART (6) FOR BETTER OR WORST (6) UPDATE (41) FARAWAY HILL (6) THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS (6) A WOMAN WITH A PAST (6) A WOMAN TO REMEMBER (6) THE VERDICT IS YOURS (6) THE BEST OF EVERYTHING (6) UPDATED (41) A WORLD APART (6) THE DOCTORS (6-8) HOTEL COSMOPOLITAN (10) HIDDEN FACES (10) PORTIA FACES LIFE/THE INNER FLAME (10) THE YOUNG MARRIEDS (11) updated (41) A TIME TO LIVE (11) updated (40) A NEW DAY IN EDEN (11) GOLDEN WINDOWS (12) UPDATED PAGE 38 THE GREATEST GIFT (12) MOMENT OF TRUTH (12) HOUSE ON HIGH STREET (12) UPDATED PAGE 39 HIGH HOPES (12) UPDATED PAGE 39 YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE (12) LOVERS AND FRIENDS/FOR RICHER-FOR POORER (14) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (15-16) THE SECRET STORM (17-18) updated page 38 MODERN ROMANCES (21) DOCTOR HUDSON' SECRET JOURNAL (21) LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE ROBERTS (22) BRIGHT PROMISE (23) OUR PRIVATE WORLD (29) THE CATLINS (30) UPDATED PAGE 38 HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE (34) AS THE WORLD TURNS (STARTING 37) TODAY IS OURS (40) FROM THESE ROOTS (40) updated (41) FIRST LOVE (40) updated (41) THE NURSES (41) ROAD OF LIFE (41) ROAD TO REALITY (41) as more are added, I'll include them
  15. Soap Hoppers

    Tune in Tomorrow for.... Denise Alexander Gwynn Gilliss Susan Seaforth Hayes Billy Warlock Gordon Thomson John O'Hurley Millette Alexander Ron Harper James Douglas Clarice Blackburn Rita Lloyd
  16. Soap Hoppers

    LEIGH J. McCLOSKEY EXECUTIVE SUITE Brian Walling 1976-77 DALLAS Dr. Mitch Cooper 1979-82; 1985; 1988 HOTEL Hank Miller 1983 Lou Valentine 1985 Joel Shubert 1986 SANTA BARBARA Dr. Zack Kelton 1988-89 District Attorney Ethan Asher 1989-90 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Michael Baranski 1992 Damian Smith 1993-96 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dr. Kurt Costner 1996-97; 2013 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Bigelowe 1999 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Drake Faraday 2000 JOSEPH MASCOLO FROM THESE ROOTS Jack Lander 1961 THE DOCTORS Unknown Character "A Heart is a Boy's Need" 5/20/63 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Tutano 1968 THE DOCTORS Police Officer 1969 WHERE THE HEART IS Ed Lucas 1973 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Count Stefano DiMera 1982-85; 1988; 1993-2001; 2007-17 SANTA BARBARA Carlo Alvarez 1985 GENERAL HOSPITAL Nicholas Van Buren "Domino" 1989-90 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Massimo Marone 2001-06
  17. Soap Hoppers

    JOHN REILLY AS THE WORLD TURNS Dr. Dan Stewart 1974-76 NUMBER 96 Chick Weldon 1980 THE HAMPTONS Jay Mortimer 1983 DALLAS Roy Ralston 1983-84 PAPER DOLLS Jake Larner 1984 DYNASTY J.J. Dominique's manager 1984 GENERAL HOSPITAL Sean Donely 1984-95, 2008; 2013 PACIFIC PALISADES Preston Bentley 1997 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Bill Taylor 1997 SUNSET BEACH Del Douglas 1997-99 MELROSE PLACE Mack McBride 1999 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Marquis de la Cienega 2001 PASSIONS Alistair Crane 2005-06; 2007-08 GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT Sean Donely 2008 THE BAY Mortimer 2012
  18. Soap Hoppers

    ANNA STUART THE DOCTORS Dr. Toni Ferra Powers Stewart Powers 1971-77 GENERAL HOSPITAL Dr. Gina Dante Lansing 1977-78 GUIDING LIGHT Vanessa Chamberlain 1981 ANOTHER WORLD Donna Love Hutchins Hudson Hudson Cory 1983-86; 1989-90; 1991-93; 1993-99 AS THE WORLD TURNS Donna Love 1999-2002 occasional ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Gretel) Rae Cummings Buchanon (temporary) 2002 ALL MY CHILDREN Mary Greenlee Smythe 2002-05; 2009 MARY K. WELLS THE EDGE OF NIGHT Cynthia Unknown Year MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role 1954 THE GREATEST GIFT Lillian 1954 or 1955 LOVE OF LIFE Ellie Hughes Crown 1955-56 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Ellie Fitzgibbons 1957 Sergeant Helen Killbourn 1957 AS THE WORLD TURNS Louise Cole 1958 THE BRIGHTER DAY Sandy Dennis 1960-61 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Louise Grimsley Capice 1961-69 THE SECRET STORM Nola Hollister 1971 RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE Hannah Cord 1972-74
  19. Soap Hoppers

    ROD ARRANTS THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Jeff, Katherine's "stable boy-toy" 1974 ANOTHER WORLD Austin Cushing 1977 LOVERS AND FRIENDS/FOR RICHER,FOR POORER Austin Cushing 1977-78 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Travis Sentell 1978-84 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Police Chief Richard Cates 1985 DALLAS Andre Schumann (hired killer) 1985 HOTEL Clark 1986 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Man in Airport Series Finale 1986 FALCON CREST Henderson Maxwell III THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dr. Steven Lassiter 1987-88 JACQUELINE COURTNEY LOVE OF LIFE Unknown Role Unknown Year THE SECRET STORM Amy Ames childhood foil/rival Unknown Year THE EDGE OF NIGHT Kitty DeMarco 1958 Viola Smith 1961 OUR FIVE DAUGHTERS Ann Lee 1962 THE DOCTORS Julie Connors 1963 ANOTHER WORLD Alice Matthews Frame Gordon 1964-70; 1971-75; 1984-85; 1989 ONE LIFE TO LIVE Pat Ashley Kendall Brewster Lord 1975-83 Maggie Ashley 1979 LOVING Diane Winston (madam) 1987-88
  20. Soap Hoppers

    MARLA ADAMS THE SECRET STORM Belle Clemens Keefer____ Britton Kincaed 1968-74 GENERAL HOSPITAL Miss O'Neill 1978 FILTHY RICH Muffy Newkirk 1982 CAPITOL Myrna___ Clegg 1983 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dina ____ Abbott Mergeron Bloodworth 1983-86; 1991; 1996; 1998; 2008; 2017-Present GENERAL HOSPITAL Mildred Deal 1988 GENERATIONS Helen ____ Mullen 1989-90 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Beth Henderson Logan 1990-91 SISTERS Madeline Brady 1992 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Dr. Claire McIntyre 1999 GRANT ALEKSANDER GUIDING LIGHT Philip Spaulding 1982-84; 1986-91; 1996-2004; 2008-09 CAPITOL D.J. Phillips 1986 ALL MY CHILDREN Alec McIntyre 1993-96 TAINTED DREAMS Adam Clark 2014-16
  21. Soap Hoppers

    BRUCE GRAY LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING Aaron Keith Unknown Year STRANGE PARADISE Tim Stanton 1969 SOMERSET Warren Parker 1974 ALL MY CHILDREN Wyatt Coles 1975 HIGH HOPES Neal Chapman 1978 THE EDGE OF NIGHT Owen Madison 1979-80 DALLAS Alan Cosby 1981 FLAMINGO ROAD Eudora's Doctor 1981 KNOT'S LANDING Senator Riker 1982 EMERALD POINT N.A.S. Admiral Goddard 1983 FOR LOVE AND HONOR Major Nordoff 1983 DYNASTY Liam Farley 1984 KNOT'S LANDING Attorney 1984 T. J. Escott 1984 THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Mark Wilcox 1986 DALLAS Brian 1986 GENERAL HOSPITAL George Blythe 1987 SANTA BARBARA Dr. Glass 1987 THE COLBYS David Soames 1987 FALCON CREST Andrew Price 1989 GENERATIONS Philip Webb 1989 SANTA BARBARA Dr. Winter 1990 BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Bob Gordon 1990 SISTERS Wesley Picard 1991 DALLAS David Stanley 1991 Richard Mertz 1991 PICKET FENCES Mr. Fenn 1993 MELROSE PLACE Matt's Doctor 1995 Tom 1997 BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 Craig Ramming 1997 PASSIONS Judge J. E. Reilley 2005 THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Judge Morrison 2006 not quite a soap, but...... QUEER AS FOLK George Shickel 2002 GREGORY BEECROFT THE GUIDING LIGHT Tony Reardon 1981-85 Tom Reardon 1983-84 (FB) AS THE WORLD TURNS Brock Lombard 1989-90 GENERAL HOSPITAL Jonathon Paget 1990

    http://www.dailymotion.com/phanta773 You can find most of the series (minus the first 70, which were not syndicated). I'm not sure if Chandler is in any of them, but it's the best site for AL.
  23. Soap Hoppers

    DOUBLE CHECKING DATES, DUE UP TODAY.... Mary K. Wells Marla Adams Grant Aleksander Joe Mascolo Greg Beecroft Anna Stuart Rod Arrants Leigh J. McCloskey Jacqueline Courtney Bruce Gray John Reilley
  24. Soap Hoppers

    Susan Seaforth Hayes Denise Alexander Jacqueline Courtney Bruce Gray I'll pick eleven tomorrow and the rest on Thursday. @amybrickwallace oops- typo, my sausage fingers hit the 3...
  25. Soap Hoppers

    VIRGINIA DWYER RADIO FRONT PAGE FARRELL Sally Farrell between 1941-56 HOUSEBOAT HANNAH Ellen Smith between 1936-41 SECOND HUSBAND Unknown Role between 1936-46 (MARY NOBLE) BACKSTAGE WIFE Doris Dee between 1935-59 JOYCE JORDAN,M.D. Diane Ogden between 1938-55 AUNT JENNY'S REAL LIFE STORIES Unknown Role between 1937-56 TELEVISION ROAD OF LIFE Jocelyn McLeod Brent 1954 THE SECRET STORM Jane Andrews Curtis Edwards 1955-56 YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Tracey Adams Bannister Malone 1958-59 THE GUIDING LIGHT Ruth Jannings Holden1959-61 AS THE WORLD TURNS Janice Turner Whipple Hughes 1962 THE DOCTORS Unknown Character 1963 or 1964 ANOTHER WORLD Mary ___ Matthews 1964-75