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really? She vanishes? We're in October 2007 episodes here in Canada and she's just started flurting with Norris

She has not been seen in 2008, i still think this is a better year then last year on Corrie, despite that Ken, Blanche and Deirdre are underused, there has been a lot of Gail & Audrey. But as for Emily, Eileen Derbyshire is so underused!......

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We just got Sarah and Jason's wedding on today's omnibus on CBC -- fantastic drama! David is such a creepy character, he's great. Loved his suicide attempt and unfolding drama.

aww, I like Doreen. I loved her calling Emily so she would wave at Sarah & Jason on their way to the church, and their throwing flower pedals over them when they got back. So cute!

Carla = best new character of the last 12 months. She's like a black panther!

I love Carla

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Carla is something. It's great watching her torment the weaker characters, particularly Maria.

Tonight's episode was fantastic. Janice distracting Audrey with an impression of Edith Piaf that caused her to drive into a tree. :lol: That's the kind of sentence you can't write for another other soap.

Just a couple of clips to throw my 2 cents into the thread.

First from a couple of months ago when Theresa took offense at a party nextdoor and dragged Rosie out by her hair:

And my favourite Corrie catfight ever between Gail and Eileen when Sarah found out Todd was gay.

" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

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Okay, would someone be kind enough to let me know when this episode aired? I'm about to watch it and I'd like to find some summaries from the period so I can have a clue what's going on.

It's from around 1997. I wish I could remember what was going on but the stories are all a haze. I know it's from after the arrival of Brian Park as EP because Judy is arguing with Gary about the garage and this relates to her mother Joyce being killed. Joyce was one of the first characters Park killed off. It's also the start of Don Brennan's obsession with bringing down Mike Baldwin -- the scene's played pretty low key in the cafe but he ends up driving Alma into the canal and blowing himself up in an attempt to kill Mike.

The new mechanic at the garage has been in a few US series recently like Ghost Whisperer.

Every single Corrie clip I see, I hate Gail more and more. Can that old bitch just die off already?

I enjoy watching her because she's just so weird. Sally's another one I can't get enough of for the same reason.


The ginger one whose first line is "You dirty bitch"? :lol: She's Theresa Morton. The Mortons move in to Charlie's house after Tracy kills him. They really didn't take off but they're currently in the middle of a leaving storyline involving Theresa's return (having walked out on the family years before).

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