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  1. Its really stupid to recast Lucy just because of some off air behaviour. I dont get how the same country that can put some of the raunchiest stuff on TV can be so touchy when it comes to the personal lives of their tv personalities. You wouldnt see people fired over here for being in clubs, or being ... gasp ... offensive on a reality show. As for Ben ... the kid is a horrible actor. No question. I was enjoying his torturing of Louise and fighting with Jordan for what I suspect were different reasons than the show intended.
  2. She's totally not a loser. There's a bunch of layers with that character.
  3. The only thing it was lacking was this music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXV2u6pXA_g Seriously, it is so weird seeing Tanya Turner (or whatever they want to pretend to call her) on EE. It might help if Zoe Lucker wasnt playing this part with every mannerism she used to play Tanya, but through all her scenes it just felt weird. Like ... "what is she doing in this [[email protected]#$%^&*] part of town?" That said, I'll take Tanya in whatever form I can get!
  4. The kids do suck. The old guy is Ian Beale, who's the square whinny bitch. And AS IF you hate Shirley! Or Phil. Well, he's definitely not Todd Manning atleast. You need to go back and watch episodes from about 2 weeks ago to see Ben torturing his littler sister. Hillarious.
  5. I loved that he was being bullied (and chased through the square) by a pack of girls! ROFL. And his torture of his little sister with burning metal spoons and locking her in sheds all day was just hillarious because of what a horrible actor that kid is. His "angry" face is somewhere between The Hulk, and someone undergoing a brain aneurysm. I cannot stand Lucas. My fear is this prostitute murder reshoot will extend his stay.
  6. Its not like people fresh off making funeral arrangements or caring for loved ones in the hospital are going to sit down to Corrie, or any soaps, anyway.
  7. So is that why Lucas was freaking out at the plans to dig up the square garden?
  8. Im 2 weeks behind, but Im loving the ridiculousness of Ben torturing his new sister with hot spoons and sheds. That kid trying to act like Tony Soprano is the funniest thing I've ever seen.
  9. HD ... meh. The improvement is nothing to write home about if you'e been playing the SD eps on something that upconverts. The show already looked stunningly realistic to begin with.
  10. Yes but with that hair now ... OMG. and yes, I saw the dress. Im just at the wedding now. God what a bore these two weeks have been.
  11. One year later and it feels like bizarro world. Mercedes is having sex with Calvin, asking him to marry her. Cindy is married to Tony. Kris is dressing in mens clothing. Gilly looks like a grown up, while Josh looks like a muppet. WTF.
  12. I'm just starting back up again after not watching for a year. How the [[email protected]#$%^&*] does Lauren end up with Gaz?! And Steph with Gilly?
  13. I think they look great. And Albert Square is definitely more depressing.
  14. He messed up the continuity and sabotaged one of the core characters.
  15. Yes, Harding Lemay came in at the end and wrecked nearly everything. And Robert Costello and Ron Sproat both came on from Dark Shadows.
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