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  1. Have i missed something, but what the heck has happened to Edna?, i hope Shirley Stelfox isnt ill.
  2. Paula Tilbrook (the great battleaxe Betty), hasn`t been seen since 15 february, i do hope she is ok, miss her terrible=
  3. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/a204983/sheree-murphy-joins-hollyoaks-cast.html?imdb Maybe a bit late, to me Sheree Murphy has one of the most annoying voices that has seldom been heard on soaps.
  4. I Agree that Maggie Jones was great on Corrie as Blanche, but Emmerdale has it battleaxes as well, BETTY EAGLETON, if this woman where real it would be a nightmare to live ner her, and also Pearl and Edna are somewhat battleaxes.
  5. I just recently found out about Maggie Jones, my absolute favorite on the entire show, so sad, i really loved her, such a great actress. Rest in Peace..Maggie
  6. He is ok, according to me, nothing special, Amanda Donohue is a much better actress than him, anyone heard the rumors like me that his hair is actually a wig, that he wears on Emmerdale
  7. I Heard about Williams wife so sad, but i hadnt heard about Kym, so sad!......
  8. Samantha Seager (Jodie Morton), i think the reason she left was that she wanted to spend more time with her family something she didn`t feel she could on corrie. Maybe she lived far away from the studios?, who knows?...... It is funny that Kenneth Cope is coming back, his character Jed Stone was last seen in 1966, and know the actor who is born in 1931, is coming back, that really is long since he was on the show!.....
  9. I Dont mind seing Helen Worth as Gail, she is a bitch nowadays, but she been on the show for such a long time, so i dont mind seing her, her mother Audrey is also fun to see. Old? she is born in 1951, so she is younger than Deidre Hall for example, i really dont think 57 is that old!..... I Dont know why, but i think Sally is so boring, dont know why? What do you think about Deirdre and her Sally Spectra voice?....
  10. She has not been seen in 2008, i still think this is a better year then last year on Corrie, despite that Ken, Blanche and Deirdre are underused, there has been a lot of Gail & Audrey. But as for Emily, Eileen Derbyshire is so underused!......
  11. Who are your favorite characters? Mine Dot Mo Peggy Pat Shirley
  12. What happened with Doreen, she was on 51 Episodes last year, but none this year, has she been offically let go, anyone knows?....
  13. Clive Hornby (Jack Sugden), has died. The Actor who was on the soap from 1980, was the longest contract member on Emmerdale. Clive was 63 Years old. Rest in Peace!.... http://www.itv.com/Soaps/emmerdale/newsand...86/default.html
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