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  1. No problem, I came across this at complete random.
  2. I've never watched this show but this looks compelling. I'll have to try to catch a stream of this episode somewhere.
  3. Oh, how sad! People talk about Sun-Ra and P-Funk, but no one can look at LaBelle and not think of Afrofuturism. And man, did they ever sound gooood! R.I.P. Ms. Dash Bennett was one of those actors that may not have been a household name, but had a memorable presence where you're sure you saw her in one of your favorite television shows. It seems she worked almost up to the very end. Bless.
  4. Reading your post, definitely gave me more food for thought. I'm now more inclined to believe that forays into streaming for traditional daytime soaps like Days may have more to do with an old soap wanting to be thought of as embracing innovation, while hoping to guide more viewers toward their network soap on NBC. Even if Beyond Salem truly takes off, I see network seeking to send use those gains and shepherd it toward network, rather than further investment in streaming. Speaking of streaming, the various talent guilds (SAG, WGA, DGA, etc.) definitely have rules and regulations regarding labor and compensation for the web, and it is more defined for series "television" than it is for movies, which only really started to take off in the advent of the pandemic. Contractual agreements are far more defined (as they were fought over and hammered out about two or three years ago) for series than for movies.
  5. Happy belated Birthday, by the way! I hope you can find some measure of pleasure in your special day.
  6. That ignore button can be pretty nifty.

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      I've blocked more than one or two but most were probably repeat/derivative accounts from posters who figured out they were blocked and decided to start new accounts, lol.

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      Yeah it's funny seeing my small list of 'ignored/blocked' ... seems to be the same person most of the time with one or two exceptions. 

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      @KMan101Kinda sad, when you really think about it.

  7. There is. Temporary Protected Status that was extended to some Haitians in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. If memory serves me correctly, it was extended, but it has only been for earthquake victims. Others who tried for asylum have mostly been rejected. People who have tried to migrate on account of financial hardship have also been rejected. It was all but completely impossible during the Trump years and those restrictive policies have mostly been held in place during this first year of the Biden presidency.
  8. Whip or no whip, it looks like slave catchers on horseback. Just horrendous.
  9. The question was more in line with whether this is the start of something or a one and done type of maneuver. IMO, it's too early to tell. It took about eight years for any of Netflix's seeded plans in television to come.m to pass, although it wasn't for lack of trying. I'm genuinely wondering whether daytime has any resemblance to primetime, or whether it is just too different to look at what happens in primetime as any sort of indicator. Since I first posted this, I thought of one really strong difference, which is the under-investment in non-service programming. If streaming is going to invest in anything daytime, it will probably be in game shows or service shows, not soaps. There are no Netflix or Apple TV+ waiting to produce any soap that resembles a traditional daytime soap. Hulu had a foray into this and we saw where that went. Initially, I was interested in hearing thoughts on this but I have thought better of my question. Daytime doesn't have the overall interest in investing for streaming and I don't see this changing for the foreseeable future. Daytime soaps don't seem to have much of a future worth investing in, tbh. Not the current model.
  10. Or just produce and have someone else do the hosting and moderating. It's been a year, lol, he won't improve.
  11. WTF??! I saw this on the morning news and it looked like something out of 12 Years A Slave!
  12. My wish list would have been to have someone like a Roger Newcomb produce a livestream podcast discussion, more similar to what Michael Fairman does, but with more room for spontaneity and candor, and have someone like Scott DeFreitas and Melanie Smith play moderator different episodes. Or even Hillary Bailey Smith. They could alternate moderating duty. Roger has produced indie award shows, so he can certainly string some decent clips together, while an alumni leads discussion. The Locker Room at its best has had some decent episodes but could be a lot better. The few times clips have been shown, they have been pretty poor quality, even when there have been clearer copies posted on YouTube. Puzzling. EDT. Auto-correct wants it to be "Locker", instead of "Locher". Oh well.
  13. It's not a surprise but it needs to stop. It's been decades. I don't think most people are aware that this has been happening.
  14. With J&J, which Rock jokingly referred to as the "food stamps" of vaccines. Since we know that breakthrough infections do exist, he should definitely take more caution with whom he spends his time with.
  15. Question: So when "Beyond Salem" inevitably gets a nomination for a Daytime Emmy (as every show connected to the network does), in whic category will it place? As it's a Peacock/NBC connected show with links to the ancillary broadcast television network, I assume they won't be shunned like the TOLN/PP soaps or placed into web soap ghettos, so will they be allowed to compete with the Y&R and GHs? Will Days end up competing against itself? Can a Days Of Our Lives that competes against itself still stand? Although I didn't watch the Primetime Emmy awards, I am reading that the streaming shows ruled the night and grabbed the most prestigious awards. Even though I know Daytime desperately wants to defend its "turf" on the TV dial, so did Primetime once upon a time. And since the standard and the bar are set much lower, it would only take two or three other shows to follow in the path of "Beyond Salem" to streaming to tip the balance. Thoughts? Is the Peacock based soap going to be a 'one and done'? Or will there be a micro version of what happened in the Primetime Emmys? Just wondering.
  16. Rock needs to stop hanging out with all those unvaccinated fools like Dave Chappelle and Kanye. Strength and healing to Chris though.
  17. Honestly, I would say the last time we ATWT got something truly worthwhile and great was the SoapClassics DVDs and streaming. So, course PGP/P&G/TeleNext or (whatever they choose to refer to themselves as today) had to put the kibosh on it. So great to see folks still supporting that toxicity with apparent zeal.
  18. Hacks gonna hack though. Sadly, it's been ages since ATWT fans have gotten truly any nice things.
  19. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. Why not select a pool of candidates from elsewhere, apart from the huge accounting and law firms?
  20. As quiet as it's kept, there are doctors who are defying the Texas abortion law and they are not at all keeping it a secret.
  21. I doubt any of us think he could be anything close to a journalist. It would just be good if the actors and writers could talk freely, uninterrupted before he switches topics. I wouldn't have even minded if occasionally he were to interject, to challenge something that was said, if there were a contradiction, but then, like others said, that would require that he do more than cursory research, be able to dig deeper. In any case, like I said, if there were a full year if clear quality, complete episodes from the mid 80s, I would be watching that channel, and wouldn't care what he does.
  22. Boy, that never stopped me when I used to watch this show, . You could be onto something though. Whenever I used to critique the show, someone would inevitably try to police my comments and be all over my a$s about how negative I was supposedly behaving. I do think the end result is that it stifles expression, ultimately causing people to think twice about posting their honest reactions because you just don't want the hassle from those one or two replies.
  23. What I have noticed on this board, in particular, is that resignations, firings and some type of casting or production shakeup seems to get more discussion than actual storylines. For me personally, I used to drop in more often for discussion about general and random topics, the kind that I didn't need to watch the actual show in order to discuss but, now I find myself venturing more into the classic threads. There's nothing of interest pertaining to this show, not even for random chitchat now.
  24. Just took a look at your post, @Soapsuds. Very succinct and pretty well said. Did someone in the replies actually refer to Hogan as a god?! I just can't with folks sometimes.
  25. He'd promptly ignore it as I'm sure he couldn't care less , but thanks for the compliment. To be honest, I'm not as interested in his YouTube channel as I would be in an archive of ATWT and GL episodes, similar to what has been done with the B&B and Y&R vault that was created. I'm pretty sure that vault is what led to the eventual upload of episodes of B&B "From The Beginning" on their YouTube channel.
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