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  1. Tonight's debate was a whole lot more coherent and substantive (still some questions that the moderators failed to ask though), probably because there was about 1/2 of the candidates on the stage that were there previously. Also some protesters interrupted Joe Biden just as he was answering one of his the final questions.
  2. Crackle is free and ad-supported, by the way. It is sort of on the tier of ad-supported streamers like Tubi and Pluto.
  3. I think I may be wrong about that. Now the rumor is that Osaka's team just started to follow Wim Fissette on social media. This is the end-of the-season madness period. How could I have forgotten how wild the Challenger circuit can be?
  4. Apparently Osaka has reunited with Baijin and Kiki had some pointed thoughts about it that she posted. Not even an hour ago, I was just musing about the possibility of a Sloane Stephens/Kamau Murray/Monica Puig retread. Looks like I may have been right. Or NOT.
  5. More tennis-related news incoming- Jeremy Chardy and his wife Susan are l'expecting.
  6. So apparently, Osaka split from her coach? There's a tasteless joke to be made about the Osaka team waiting for the next Williams Sister castoff but-😅
  7. The Trump administration is really out here putting people's lives in danger.
  8. that's been going on for years, no? Isn't she now involved with the Spanish Tennis Federation? All of the court surfaces, even grass are now so slow that it's become a baseliner's paradise. No doubt, Kim Clijsters observed this and believes that even Wimbledon will be much more accommodating to her game. Speaking of what's old becoming new again- Darren Cahill and Simona are reunited, but did they ever leave? I got the distinct impression that he was still coaching her, even from the commentary booth.
  9. Since this thread has kind of morphed into a general discussion on streaming, I thought that this was as good as anywhere to post this. AppleTV and the raft of other upcoming streamers must find this news a bit unsettling.
  10. Can fellow mother and former Belgian nemesis Justine Henin be far behind?
  11. During Josh's previous writing stint with Y&R, I remember he claimed that he was going to strengthen and build up Sharon (who had been debased by the previous regime) and surround it with a love story in the middle (which sounded dubious to begin with) and it turned out to be one gigantic mess. He's never known how to write Sharon. She's botched many things but one can't blame Angelica McD for everything.
  12. Welcome to the boards. I try to be a lot more cordial usually, but from time to time I get a little ornery when folks only seem to show up to remind us to be civil to people who are part of a system that would never return the civility and break every rule of engagement in the process. It gets more than a little tiresome. I actually once heard someone telling people not to 'fat-shame' Trump when he called a woman "Miss Piggy" for months. Civility is not supposed to be a one-way street.
  13. I must have the source/poster blocked because I'm not seeing all the posts. Oh well. Trump has his children working in the White House, so can we all stop looking at this White House/administration as being like any of the others? Trump Inc. has 'crossed the rubicon' concerning normal standards so why should his administration and family get treated with kid gloves? This administration locks children in cages, allows toddlers to sit in their own soiled diapers for days, not hours and refuses to give badly needed feminine hygiene products to teenage girls. So I have to RME at the "standards police" now trying to lecture anyone about how children are discussed when the Trump WH continues to tear children away from their parents/families. Vulnerable children who are fleeing violence and violent acts of nature like hurricanes (do those people read and care about the young girl who was just separated from her parents coming off a plane to Miami from the Bahamas, where their home was destroyed by hurricane Dorian). People trying to "shame" people over Trump kids can take that wagging finger of disapproval elsewhere because like other posters mentioned when the insults were hurled at the Obama daughters (during the worst of the fight again the ACA), Republicans, right-wingers et al. didn't care. Suddenly they care? GMAB. Go somewhere else with that! I didn't want to post a rant today but honestly, why is anyone pretending that this WH of vipers adheres to any normal standards of decorum or engagement. It makes me want to quote that infamous Michael Jordan quote.
  14. Either that or he believes that Melania's side piece at Saks has a lot of explaining to do.
  15. It's still a loss but that margin of victory for Bishop was mighty small. Just saying. In uneasy financial markets, this is interesting. I doubt it will be accepted but it is causing consternation in the U.K. about GB's autonomy in the wake of #BrexitShambles.
  16. By the way, Bolton is now saying he resigned first, lol. A mess!
  17. ^^Trump Inc. needs to be asking Queen if they can borrow use of "Another One Bites The Dust" because that is definitely the theme song of this administration. Is there any other presidential administration with this type of turnover??? In a first term?? As for the pomp and ceremony happening in the House of Commons, if you've ever been to one of England's most "prestigious" institutions, this bizarre spectacle is pretty much par for the course. I once spent some time at Cambridge University, chock full of bizarre traditions and spectacle. The other day, I had to remind my mother that this was the country that once ruled about a 1/4 of the world's population at one time, where she was born and raised, being one of those populations. All my mother could do was shake her head. Yeah, pretty hard to fathom now.
  18. ^^That is good to hear. Speaking of soap alumni from the Alphabet network- Sean Blakemore (Shawn Butler, GH) can be seen in the new Brad Pitt movie Ad Astra.
  19. Which is why that oft-used argument about budgets being the sole reason why daytime soaps are so lackluster always seemed to be a bit dubious. What determines the quality starts out on the page 1st. Bill Bell Sr. knew that. Notice also, how subtle the music cues are. The dialogue is what is the centerpiece of those scenes, everything else is aesthetics.
  20. That tableau of everyone standing outside the hospital room as Jennifer was wheeled off to surgery was very poignant. The episode hardly seemed like just a half-hour, it didn't feel rushed, the detail was laid out and the dialogue took its time. It's easy to see how someone could become engrossed in the story. Because the dialogue and the story takes its time to unfold, a viewer actually has something tangible to hold onto and there's no avoidance of tough material. I'm glad I got to see it. Courtney Simon in that Search For Tomorrow ad, boy, she really became a part of the P&G universe even earlier than I could have ever known. Does Dove still make dishwashing soap? I only think of them as a bath soap now.
  21. There's nothing really to process. BoJo is scum who decades ago planted the seeds that would bloom and foment chaos and discord from his editorial perch at a tabloid newspaper. In looking so small, he is reaping exactly what he has sown. He's truly shameless, so I don't expect him to feel at all chastened, he will just carry on with his destructive plans. Feeling sorry for him is a complete waste of time. My sympathies are with the children whose food insecurity will only worsen or the average person (who didn't vote for Leaving the E.U.) who won't know where to get their medicine, their groceries and will find their lives disrupted because of the perilous state of things with the single market being swept away. My sympathies are with the immigrants who spent damn near all their lives helping to build England, only to have their citizenship denied because they were lied to and told that they could enter as Commonwealth citizens on their parents passports, only to be discarded like garbage (I know he wasn't PM when this happened but he was still a member of the party and fomented anti-immigrant sentiment for well over two decades). Boris Johnson is trash, f*ck him. A thrashing (politically and physically) is the least he deserves. When your own brother abandons you and your political party out of disgust, you don't deserve anybody's sympathy. Speaking of those who don't deserve our sympathy, This certainly couldn't have been unexpected but I guess it's news?
  22. Nadal has violated that rule many more times than he has actually been caught. Tennis is very selective about who they punish and it makes them look ridiculous as an organization. You have people who bash holes into umpires' chairs and pretending to fire guns getting smaller fines than players swiping at a blade of glass. Also, how is it determined that CSN was giving 'not enough effort'? How is that determined? You have verbal abuse warnings for some...fine, but let it be in a language or slang that an official isn't familiar with and the offender gets absolutely no warning, even if everybody heard it. Pundits still complain about grunting as though it is solely a women's tennis issue when, at this point there are just as many male players who grunt (and loudly) during matches. When the shot clock rule was introduced, I was one of those who dismissed it. One, I really thought the effect would be negligible on the actual running time of the match (surface speeds, balls, etc. are far more important factors, imo) and I just didn't care and third, like many other of tennis' rules, many players who are often habitual offenders would find a way around it anyway. Now that the shot clock rule is here and in effect, however, I think that either tennis needs to apply and enforce it, equally and judiciously or just get rid of the rule altogether. Tennis as a sport looks ridiculous nowadays.
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