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  1. The Politics Thread

    I don't see much MSM media attention going to Hillary at all, I think they are desperately trying to ignore her right now. Her book signings and the stories of people camping out to be first in line for them, is almost a grass-roots effort that exists despite the obvious discomfort of media to highlight anything she does at this time. Bernie seems to dip in and out of the spotlight. The Universal coverage effort had a moment that has already seemingly receded into the background...for now. There's always a next time. Right now, Trumpists seem to be bracing and doling out recriminations against the Obama administration (or trying to) in preparation for furthering their "witchhunt" story. They seem to be ignoring the fact that Manafort has been under investigation since at least 2014 before he began to manage the Trump campaign. I guess they are determined not to let facts get in the way of a good ole fashion attempt at crafting a story of perceived victimization. This is an interesting video. I admit, it made me feel tense, in some sections but I guess some modest attempts are being made at comity, which is rare these days.
  2. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Point! I just don't see Mal changing the 'weak thirsty women' narrative to anything more progressive but I'm open to him surprising me. I hope he will.
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I've heard stories on this board about Frank Runyeon's ego but honestly, ATWT could have used a well-written story about Steve's release from prison 20 years later and what would he do, in terms of mending fences with his family? I would've pretended that entire Dani/Craig trash had never happened (which would be easy for me since I had taken a break from watching and didn't see any of it) or was some fever dream of Steve's while he was in prison, sick from contaminated water or hallucinating from a prison hunger-strike over conditions in the prison. Written with consideration, it could've been a compelling story. Also, I wouldn't have expected Runyeon to have the same ego after so many years of having been off the show and no longer being considered a pivotal character. That scene between Sierra and Lily and then the scene Sierra and a broken Lucinda were intense on a level that soaps don't do anymore. Even when it was revealed that Lily and Sierra were not blood related, their phone conversation showed how much of a bond had truly been formed between the two-- especially as Sierra advises Lily against making the same mistake she did by running away and not facing the hurt head-on. It's actually a small miracle that Sierra was able to forgive Lucinda for trying to doom Sierra and Craig's relationship. Oh, the interesting triad (or triangle) of Lisa, Bob and Kim! Hey, it worked though and just as important, it put them all in the same room for that all important phone call from Tom. That's efficient storytelling.
  4. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    B&S has one employee who kinda works in the lab... sometimes. The only place where I see more than three non-related individuals engaging in what can be considered 'work' is at Hilary's gossip show. Honestly, I don't know why folks are eager to run Hilary out of town, she's employing more people than practically all of the corporations in GC!
  5. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I still watch a few times per week (online, of course). It used to be fun to dissect storylines and see if/how I could come up with something better for existing or imagined stories, even when the show was bad but it hardly seems worth it now. I got tired of people assuming that any critical thinking meant that you wanted to tank the show. I also got tired of trolls who want to pick fights at every turn for whatever reason. I just got tired, LOL.
  6. The View

    I know I haven't watched The View in years but guys, come on, everybody knows that Page Six is part of the New York Post, a right leaning gossip rag owned by Rupert Murdoch. Consider the source. I remember the days that The New York Post used to call my house begging me to subscribe to their trashy newspaper. "No thanks, I can't stand your paper", I promptly informed them and hung up. Anyone who believes that Murdoch and his paper doesn't have an agenda here, is flying blind.
  7. The Politics Thread

  8. The Tennis Thread

    The NextGen finals will be experimenting with complete electric line-calling, meaning no lines-people at all. 'HAWK-EYE LIVE' SET TO LAUNCH AT NEXT GEN ATP FINALS
  9. The Politics Thread

    Yeah, I think it's a valid argument but like @Juliajms I want to hear the thoughts of people in advocacy. I've never called another state myself but I wonder whether lots of people did during the last healthcare replacement bill attempt and whether that was effective in helping to tank the attempt (or not). Speaking of health, there's an article (I admit, I have yet to read it) whose headline mentions that insurers are now restricting less addictive painkillers due to costs. Very concerning especially seeing how much of the country currently battles an opiod epidemic.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Came across this thread and wonder what you all think of what he's saying? Valid argument or not?
  11. The Politics Thread

    So now, Trump is apparently trying to avoid withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord? This could've avoided had he exercised some common sense and just stayed in. This is an administration that clearly doesn't know what it's doing.
  12. The Politics Thread

    Mueller has now hired investigators specializing in money laundering for this Russia investigation. Admittedly, I haven't listened to this yet but I plan to give this a listen.
  13. The Politics Thread

    Follow up on that unsettling story about the mysterious illness that befell some American diplomats in Cuba. Castro’s denial: Personal assurance clouds probe of attacks
  14. The Politics Thread

    He shakes her hand and then tells her to "Go sit down"?
  15. The Politics Thread

    Apparently this is the 15th time they've launched a missile...THIS YEAR! That is more than any other time. I believe this, without a doubt. I was just talking to someone last week and we were discussing that between 1996-2000 was the last time the U.S. was anywhere close to full employment and the last time that many of us felt that our economic mobility was truly rising because greater job mobility always appeared within reach. The end of the Clinton years was when some of us just got out into the workforce, getting our first 'real' jobs. We hoped it would always be this way, then the recession hit in '01. Since the smaller recession of 2001 (made worse by 9/11 for those of us who lived in NYC at the time) and then the larger recession in 2007 (which many felt years prior), the economy has never gotten back to those pre-2001 levels. 2009-2016 were spent clawing out of the deep economic hole of the recession and growth has been anemic ever since. Also, the 'gig economy' has taken root and so many have had to resort to freelance work (myself included). As for AA, it's like that old saying "When white America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia". To most Blacks living and working in America, this report will come as no surprise, we've been feeling it all along.
  16. The Tennis Thread

    Interesting, insightful post by Kyrgios where , IMO, he is very honest about where his is in regards to his attitude toward tennis. THE BATTLE RAGING INSIDE ME
  17. The Politics Thread

    I saw the headline about the activity at the known test site but some days I honestly get so weary, I don't bother reading the entire article. It's not often but lately it's been happening more and more. A 21st century nuclear arms race...is all we need right now. If there was a sigh emoticon, I would've used that. Hey @GMac I hope you get your power back on soon.
  18. The Politics Thread

    North Korea launched another damn missile! It went right over Hokkaido, Japan before it landed in the Pacific Ocean!! This is nuts, it has to be some sort of record for the most launches in such a short period of time!
  19. 32 years ago, The Golden Girls premiered.


  20. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The two things that I have to credit the outgoing writing regime is that they've given the Sharon character more balance than she's had in almost a decade and they brought Dina back to the canvas, which has given other characters like Ashley and Jack and even Abby another layer. The business stories are flopping but they finally acknowledge that Y&R does benefit more from having them. My gripe with the silly sheet mask idea being the panacea for BNS's woes is similar to the gripes I had about the Fenmore's story- a lack of specificity. Remember, back in the day when Jabot raced to Japan to find that special plant that they could extract the botanical properties for one of their products? That was specific. Now, in contrast, the business stories feel vague with only an abstract notion of what the actual products are about. I mean, what is so hype about the sheet masks that separate it from, say...the Say Yes to Tomatoes mask available at CVS?
  21. The Politics Thread

    You and I are not the only ones to notice, it appears. Donald Trump Has Changed His Mind — a Heck of a Lot The GOP, though has other worries beside the fact that their leader is all over the place. GOP worries as state Dems outperform in special elections People call Trump a 'flip-flopper' but I think his administration tends to flop just a bit more than it flips. Trump FEMA Nominee Withdraws After NBC Questions on Falsified Records
  22. Martin Shkreli seems to be the living embodiment of an American Pyscho.

  23. The Politics Thread

    Trump has tried to deny making a deal with Pelosi and Schumer in a tweet, then proceeded to tweet the details of the non-deal that he is denying he made. There is something seriously wrong with this man.
  24. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Good for her! First of all, she penned a very well written open letter. It is well known that Woods 'likes 'em young' so I cannot fathom who wouldn't by now know that he's a predator. I don't know how many people remember a character named Rianna Miner on Y&R. The second actress to play the character is an actress named Alexis Thorpe, who was on the show between 2000-2002. She played a teenager to barely out of her teens, at the end of her run. Well, she dated James Woods! At the time she was 18. Receipts What's more disturbing is that if you search Alexis Thorpe and James Woods and look under Images (as I just did) you will find other women who are not Alexis but also described as "May-December" also on James Woods' arm, quite a few, in fact. The man has a clear pattern that looks more like a pathology at this point.