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  1. The Politics Thread

    That article, sadly is of no surprise to me. I remember a study done about a decade ago and the findings stated that the lighter the shade of one's skin, it was equivalent to akin to having an extra year of education, such was the high regard for a lighter complexion. The closer to white your skin, the higher the paycheck. Also, we also know that blacks get worse mortgage rates than whites, regardless of credit, finances. Studies have shown a white person with the same credit rating/history and income as a black person and the black person was still steered toward a more disadvantageous terms in their loan package.
  2. The Politics Thread

    That song was so bad! But Jr. ain't worth sh*t, so I guess that sounds about right.
  3. The Tennis Thread

    Roger and Nick were both in Chicago today to promote the U.S. edition of the Laver Cup.
  4. Y&R 45th Anniversary Spoilers

    I'm going to reserve judgement but yeah, I wish they'd get Tricia Cast, it would actually throw some scenes in Paul and Christine's direction as well as Jill and Esther (do they even plan to show Esther?). I am curious to see how Mac #2 will interact with Billy #1000 (LOL). Will it be awkward and incongruous or will they somehow manage to make it work?
  5. Apparently Aubrey O'Day from Diddy's/MTV's Making The Band and Celebrity Apprentice had an affair with Trump Jr.  Somebody's gonna be paying out a lot of money in that divorce settlement.

  6. The Politics Thread

  7. The Politics Thread

    This will come as no surprise to any of us but look at the number or trade agreements being signed and negotiated without the U.S. as countries look for alternatives to trade with the U.S. What stands out is just how instrumental Canada is becoming in quite a number of these trade agreements, which makes sense. ‘World Upside Down’: As Trump Pushes Tariffs, Latin America Links Up
  8. The Politics Thread

    I try to limit my reading/posting of Op-Ed pieces but this one caught my eye. From what I've observed from others and read I tend to agree with everything being expressed here except the part about Trump W.H. Inc. being committed to a lasting peace in the region. I don't believe Trump W.H. is committed to anything except burnishing their bankroll. Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds
  9. The Tennis Thread

    That was such an intense and entertaining match!! Those guys bring out the best in each other on court, and the worst in each other in temperament! I was glad to see someone who struggled with injuries and multiple surgeries, the way Juan did and manage to make it back as a competitor and win big! It is hard to believe that there won't be another title for Roger to win somewhere. There's literally another tournament around the corner, in a few days. Although I do wonder whether Juan will try for the famous "Sunshine Double". @Faulkner ESPN's online app actually streamed the trophy ceremony. I already watch online, this was how I found out. It's weird because I checked before the match began, and I swear, it wasn't on the schedule.
  10. The Tennis Thread

    Osaka did everything well today, except for that speech! Seriously though, it was nice to see and surprisingly, I felt pleased for Sascha, her coach. In other warm and fuzzy news.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Here's a concise documentary by Channel 4 on the origins of the Cambridge Analytica company and how they grabbed so much personal data from FB users.
  12. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Nia Long (Kat Speakes, GL) is one of the stars of the Netflix original movie Roxanne Roxanne.
  13. The Tennis Thread

    ESPN literally went on to list the myriad of coaches that Milos has had before the commentators then discussed the possibility of Milos either searching for the right fit and not afraid of change but not before one (Chris what's-his-name again) proposed that perhaps the problem rested with Milos himself and the possibility that Milos was a very deep thinker, perhaps too much so. Then Patrick suggests that Milos has a very "straightforward" game and shouldn't need to overthink anything. These guys are exhausting. I'm glad I don't often have to listen to them.
  14. The Tennis Thread

    They just started talking about how big he looks and mentioned an anecdote about how Ivanisevic had once talked about the ideal kg for Raonic and how he surely was heavier than that ideal now. Then Chris-what's-his-name mentioned that it must be difficult to carry that amount of weight around the court and expect to move quickly. Something like that.
  15. The Politics Thread

    It has gotten very minimal media coverage, which is a shame. I've read more about it on social media from those who knew the victims. It would be hard to believe that there wouldn't come a point that all of Trump's scheming wouldn't catch up to him.
  16. The Tennis Thread

    Basically ESPN commentators are saying that Milos is too fat to win this match?
  17. The Tennis Thread

    Borna is a talented albeit inconsistent player. I also suspect that he may follow his other Croatian compatriots (Majoli, Ivanisevic, Cilic) and sneak a major when you least expect it.
  18. The Tennis Thread

    Federer looks like he's starting to fight back now.
  19. The Tennis Thread

    Well, well, well Borna! This is quite a display of tennis!
  20. The Tennis Thread

    Except Kei doesn't have a disease. Kei is a 5"9" man struggling to compete with a Tour where the average player is over 6ft tall. At least Chang, in his day competed with people under 6ft (Agassi, McEnroe) but Chang, especially toward the end of career, struggled physically to keep up with a Tour that was being increasingly filled with taller and taller player. Kei has rarely had that luxury. Much like Rubin, their bodies, while appearing fragile, are actually being gradually worn down from having to compete against much bigger, stronger players. I actually think Venus has competed a lot more often (ailments and all) than Kei on their respective Tours. Meanwhile, The 20-21 year olds are definitely having their say this weekend! Coric is playing really aggressive and I'm enjoying seeing it!
  21. The Tennis Thread

    @FaulknerI don't think the Kei and Venus comparison works simply because when Venus was Kei's age she had already won majors and been #1 in the world. Kei and Chanda Rubin would be a better comparison (unless Kei gets to #1 and/or wins a major). As far as the Men's semis, oh look, they're having their matches during the day and not at night when it's blustery and cold AF. The WTA has some horrible negotiators as far as TV rights and court assignments, that's for sure.
  22. The Tennis Thread

    I'm a huge fan of hers (since the very beginning of her career). Never will you hear me claim that Vee has lost "it" or doesn't got it. But the conditions last night on court, weather-wise are are not ideal for someone with an autoimmune illness and fatigue is a very real part of Sjogren's. Venus will never complain or show when something bothers her, which is probably one of the reasons why I adore her but there were people in coats while the players are on court. Those conditions and a superslow court are not ideal for any big hitter but I'm proud of the way she competed but that one loss of serve to give back the break was the point of no return for the match. After nearly three hours, it is understandable.
  23. The Tennis Thread

    Are people really dragging Venus for battling for nearly 3 hours against a 20 year old while Simona got bageled by another 20 year old! Yes, Venus should've maintained that break in the third and I feel bitter about that but fatigue does things to the mind. What's Simona's excuse?? Years ago, I said Osaka had potential to be a Top 10 player and anytime she lost, I had people making fun of me. Now what? Hope she wins the tournament.