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  1. The Politics Thread

    CA seems to be the launching pad of quite a few clever tactics these days. Have you seen their ideas on how to get around the repeal of the Net Neutrality rule? A year or two ago, I had been reading about some pilot programs in Brooklyn, NY that were constructing community-run Intranets and I wonder if this is an idea that they may end up expanding, in defiance of the Net Neutrality repeal. The thing is, the people who can potentially come up with ways around the government's repeal are often more skilled, focused and dedicated than the ones in the government enforcing the repeal. We'll see how this all shapes out.
  2. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah, I was in on that part (I initiated the Mal/Scott comparison) but hadn't given a thought about Mariah's role in this storyline. It all seems to be an extension of the dismal sex trafficking story.
  3. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Oh okay, I guess I wasn't in on that discussion, LOL.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Well, look at the stats of Long Island, NY and you will see that they got the biggest FU and I'd say that the majority of the L.I./Westchester NY area were Trump supporters. I don't feel sorry for them one bit though. Meanwhile, Great Britain's "Leave" ways are coming back to bite them hard. Exodus of Foreign Workers Leaves British Employers in the Lurch
  5. The Politics Thread

    If passed, most of the homeowners who will be negatively impacted by this Poison Pill Tax Bill will be on the East Coast, particularly the Northeast. There are CA homeowners and homeowners in Texas will be negatively affected as well. I just saw a list of the 11 most negatively affected cities/regions by passage of the tax bill and let's just say that those Trumpists in Long Island, NY will be most unhappy with that list.
  6. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    At this point, Mariah's part in this story is the least of this story line's problems. Their first problem is the fact that Sharon and Abby are both clinging to Scott, a human bot, in the first place. The looks (although it is a soap opera) are secondary to the fact that he's got no personality to speak of, no charisma and very little charm. He's not even able to pull off a "lovable cad" like 80s Jack Abbott or Tad Marting (AMC), he's just a cad that I wish I didn't have to see as much of. This is a huge stumbling block to the entertainment value of the story. Most of the scenes between Sharon and Scott, Sharon looks like she's acting alone in the scene. Abby and Scott are on more equal footing but that's not saying much to me. Abby displays far more chemistry in her scenes with Victoria. Sure, it's all combative chemistry but chemistry nonetheless.
  7. The View

    Well, according to Kathy Griffin, isn't Andy Cohen also a Republican? Griffin had some hard things to say about Cohen (as well as Harvey Levin of TMZ). I don't watch any of his shows but Griffin seems to have a point about how Cohen basically makes the lion-share of his money from his exploitation of women, including Black women.
  8. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    That seems practical. Entertaining? That's an entirely different story.
  9. The Politics Thread

    Unfortunately since the use of bots and misinformation clearly had an impact during the 2016 election, it is quickly becoming the "go to" tactic, particularly for rabid Trumpists. I don't know how civic engagement will recover after this administration.
  10. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    Since this is the case of a political candidate, not Hollywood, I posted the article in the Politics thread. It is an interesting article because it involves a woman who drops out of a Congressional race after a sexual harassment allegation surfaces. Apparently, she blames the Democratic Congressional Committee for its 'zero tolerance policy' for her withdrawal from the race. Here's the link to the thread where I posted it. https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/topic/28724-the-politics-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1547465
  11. The Politics Thread

    A candidate has decided to end her Congressional quest after sexual harassment allegations had surfaced. Apparently she blames the Democratic Congressional Committee's 'zero tolerance policy' for dropping out of the race. Accused of Sexual Harassment, Andrea Ramsey Ends Kansas Congressional Run
  12. The Politics Thread

    Is this going to be similar to Trump's bogus election fraud commission or just one big pyramid scheme/donation black hole/slush fund?
  13. The Politics Thread

    By the way, people know that Tillerson has done a complete 180 on North Korea, right? Just as I knew he would. This administration has no coherent policy, the words that they vomit out are cheap, as their word means absolutely nothing. One thing you can rely upon, is that Trump Inc. will hurl insults and start another food with one of the government's own agencies--he's back to the FBI now. This is the man we're all supposed to regard with civility? Ha!
  14. The Politics Thread

    There are some truly awful people in this country. I'm also reminded of the insults and conspiracy theories that the Newtown families have had to endure. It's all so disgusting thinking about how these people are being treated. They cannot even get to try to mourn in peace and try to put their lives back together!
  15. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    Pro? These sound like arguments from those who are against Net Neutrality, those that are in favor of doing away with it.
  16. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    I'm not sure whether this is still up on Wikipedia but
  17. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I mean, Ashley was a CEO all of three days, it's freakin' ridiculous!
  18. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Even TEB can vamp it up every now and then and make things interesting. I say, bring back Carmine out of witness protection!
  19. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    It may have well fit on one sheet of paper! Because at the rate he's going, he's burning through storyline like nobody's business.
  20. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    CNET gives a summary of the yesterday's vote at the FCC as well as gives a prediction on what we can expect from the gutting of the Net Neutrality rule.
  21. Courts gut Net neutrality laws

    Yeah, I've been reading quite a bit lately about fake comments on the FCC's website, all in support of undoing Net Neutrality. With this lying administration, should this surprise anyone?
  22. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    It would be ironic if Nikki goes to jail for fraud when she's avoided jail time for multiple killings in the past. Her jail stay would last as long as Ashley's tenure as CEO but still...
  23. The Politics Thread

    Susan Sarandon is getting her ass dragged all over Twitter. The catalyst? A "Thank You" tweet to African Americans for the special election results in Alabama. God, what a tone-deaf person she is! The sub-tweets are a scream though!
  24. Y&R December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Nikki's gonna be identified in the Panama Papers (or the Paradise Papers), LOL. I have to say that I don't hate the recaps at the beginning of each episode. They don't really add anything but I don't hate them. Nick has great chemistry with all of his of his onscreen kids (I'm even including Mariah in this). I can say that much. He's a natural as a father. Although I appreciate the great scenework between MM and PB, I don't like the micromanaging of Hilary's show by Jack. I was never fond of the whole GC Buzz/Hilary Hour mess but the one thing I did appreciate was the fact that it became her show. Now it seems like she's complying with orders. It's kind of obvious that MY has no idea what to do with Nick and Billy. For now, Nick's an activist but it seems like Billy is totally useless these days. When is Jill returning? Maybe he can take some time away until she returns. He's not needed. Those Scott/Sharon scenes were all SC. That last scene in the living room with Sharon on the verge of tears felt like good soap but then here comes Scott and his robotic speak to puncture that feeling of nostalgia. First Sharon's gold lamé dress, now Victoria's one-shoulder cranberry poof dress. This wardrobe dept. is going for 80s big glamour yet missing the mark but it is 1980s, all right.