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  1. Which is why I mentioned that Mal probably believes he is honoring the character by some strange reasoning, much in the same way he believed that he was honoring Hilary and Hevon fans by killing off the character. His mind operates on a very bizarre level.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Van Jones is...not very good at this journalism thing.
  3. Probably because the tile also says Fall Preview. I think I may be the one to blame for reviving this thread though, since I was referencing something that had been stated in this thread as with a prediction that I had made over the summer. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been shipped off to the archive section, lol. I remember that storyline. The B&B plot point seemed more plausible because by then we all knew that Stephanie was far more intelligent than Eric and it was believable that her father would've entrusted the running of company into her hands to let Eric focus on the creative side. It was a bit of a stretch but not beyond the realm of plausibility.
  4. The Politics Thread

  5. The Politics Thread

    The NYT can annoy me and I don't read them nearly as much as I used to (I used to consume the Sunday Times) but there are still some reporting that they are able to do well, when they don't get into their own way. Their local/New York City based reporting still rates pretty highly. There are a few stories, here and there, that you cannot find in other newspapers. So NYT still does some purpose for now.
  6. Did we all forget to mark the 88th anniversary of the Soap Opera?  It happened yesterday according to WLS.


    1. DRW50


      Soaps were so important to people back then, helping millions with the pain and toil of an uncertain life. I wish that people in the industry knew even today soaps could have that power. We need them more than ever. 

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Yes, me too. 

      Even when the genre was at its height, the execs behind the production companies did little to promote the art of the daytime drama, other than as a cash cow.  

      The people in the industry have been actively diminishing their own product for about a good twenty years now.  

  7. Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    If you search twitter for Mal Young, this is what you'll find.
  8. The Politics Thread

    This time instead of risky loans made to homeowners, it is risky loans made to struggling companies. And with the weakening of Dodd-Frank, there are again, little protections if and when this C.L.O. situation implodes.
  9. The Tennis Thread

    People are complaining about the slow Singapore court. Some have been calling it quicksand, which is a name that I've used consistently to describe Singaporean courts over the past two years.
  10. The Politics Thread

    I agree that many of Bernie's problems stemmed from the fact that he was only familiar with Vermont style politics but I'm not sure that Bernie himself recognized this fact. He certainly didn't acknowledge it, even when he was advised that this was the case. He had no experience governing in a place as diverse as NYC but that didn't stop him from running to Brooklyn in an effort to boost his NYC credentials during the primary campaign to tout Brooklyn as instrumental to shaping him as the person he became in his life. Aside from that, Bernie just made numerous faux pas on the campaign trail and became caustic when he got cited for them. For instance, calling black people in the South 'low information voters' certainly didn't help his case. Instead of truly acknowledging how his comments could be taken, he insisted that others just didn't understand the spirit in which he uttered those words. He never went much deeper than that though, just seemed to barrel along. Bernie seemed unwilling to listen to the concerns of voters of color, insisting his ideology was best. He came off as a brittle, inflexible unable to adapt know-it-all. Hillary, on the other hand, during her campaign, spent an hour at a nationally known hip hop radio station and acknowledged her past foibles, especially the super-predator comment, which she apologized for. She acknowledged how hurtful those words would come off. She also made a fair point that many black churches and community organizations, whose leaders were exasperated by the devastation of the crack crisis on their families and neighborhoods, took a tougher, less forgiving stance and she opted to fall in line with them. (FWIW, I think those church and community leaders hoped that law enforcement would treat the crack crisis the way they now treat the opioid crisis--with a degree of humanity but soon realized that the people would be much harsher toward their communities, arresting and jailing addicts for long sentences, wreaking even greater devastation in families and communities, but that's another story for another post). At the heart of the matter between Hillary and Obama is that fact that both are pragmatic people. The emnity stemmed from their two "camps" rather than the two of them. It was pretty well known that some key Obama campaign staff disliked Hillary but except for maybe Bill (who had his own issues), I don't think there was animosity from Hillary's key campaign staff. People forget that Hillary spent time in the Senate where she was used to quickly putting aside ego to build consensus. And I do think that Obama was genuine in wanting to build that "team of rivals" and believed that Hillary would be a great fit in his cabinet. FWIW, even considering his remarks in their 2008 Democratic debate where Obama seemed to hesitate and then say "Oh you're likeable enough, Hillary", I honestly think that Obama really didn't think Hillary's 'likeability factor' should matter. He no doubt, recognized that people's impressions could often be skewed, some people certainly had negative feelings about his wife Michelle (remember that hideous cover of The New Yorker?) so he knew that the likeability metric was pretty superficial. I propose that that was of no consequence to him, he wanted a capable, reasonable person he could work with, even if she was tough and I suspect that he knew he'd find that in Hillary.
  11. Netflix: Luke Cage

    Someone said that this may have to do with Disney's plans to launch their own streaming service. The second season was a bit disappointing to me but I still thought it merited a third season, so I wouldn't be surprised if a Luke Cage series is re-launched on a new Disney streaming service. Iron Fist and Luke Cage are both canceled, will Jessica Jones be next?
  12. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Julianne Moore is in the Bronx today as a volunteer for a youth anti-violence march/rally.
  13. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Also, I'm just flat out dubious about Mal's ability to write a story like that. Maybe if there's a movie he could steal the full script from.
  14. Maybe it won't be so hard for the Rosales family to slide into that core family spot, after all.
  15. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Y&R made a mistake in not opting to bring Leanna Love back, even for a brief storyline arc to mark the anniversay of Ruthless or when Victor was trying to have his memoir written by Scott.
  16. The Politics Thread

    There are few things that tickle the GOP's funnybone more than jokes about collusion, corruption and treason. Yucking it up.
  17. I remember way back when (when I was still coming up with ideas for this show), I proposed the idea of Jack and Ashley (when Billy took over Jabot) having their own cosmetic startup where they managed to scoop up some proprietary patents, but then had to partner with Jill and CI on the formulas associated with Jabot's old Men's Line since Jill had managed to put controlling stake in the Men's Line in her name (beating Jack and Ashley to the punch). If I were to guess now, based on this current storyline, I would say that Ashley will be scooping up those patents that are in her name, with the intention to begin her own startup in a new city, perhaps NYC or Chicago or even overseas. Mal will claim that this exit storyline was his "gift" to fans of Ashley and Eileen Davidson, the way he claimed killing off Hilary was his gift to MiM/Hilary fans.
  18. The Tennis Thread

    If they insist on keeping those slow as molasses grass courts, then they'd better offer players and spectators an 'escape hatch' from the misery of points without end.
  19. The Politics Thread

  20. The Politics Thread

    Remember when House Of Cards was the only place where you'd see such outrageous political craziness?
  21. The Politics Thread

    A message for Trump from the people of Missoula, Montana, location of one of his rallies.