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  1. The fact that the spoiler says that Traci mentions that Dina seems to be doing better than she has in weeks, proves that Mal could not have written it, since Mal liked to write Dina as being in a constant mental fog.
  2. It's especially sad that unlike New Zealand which took immediate action after their tragedy, the U.S. continues to do nothing, effectively not recognizing the devastation that is caused by these mass shootings. In this case, a year after the shootings, the tragedy continues, which is what many don't seem to comprehend. The devastation doesn't just stop once the tragedy is out of the news cycle. It continues.
  3. R.I.P. to Antonia Rey, who portrayed one of my favorite minor characters, Rosa.
  4. Oh, I agree...she's still beautiful. Perhaps her natural beauty is a bit too real for the remaining West Coast soaps.
  5. There is a profile of her from a few years back on the popular Humans of New York blog/Facebook page. Unfortunately, I can't seem to embed the entry, probably because I'm not a member of Facebook but because the page is Public, I was able to read it. What she has to say is unsurprising but pretty interesting. https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork/photos/a.102107073196735/1415486905192072/?type=3&theater
  6. Ironically, it seems that Mary Kay Adams' career has generally stayed away from movies. Does anybody know why?
  7. Probably the only thing that can get me to watch this year is to see that one final salute to Kristoff St. John at this year's Emmys. More often than not, the Emmys have failed to recognize many of the best actresses out there, which has left me bitterly disappointed. In its finest hour daytime has done some excellent work telling some types of stories but considering how bad the genre is at telling other types of stories, I cannot say that I'm terribly surprised though.
  8. There were definitely times when Bob's shortness of temperament reared its head in situations. I know that John Dixon was often a provocateur who could get under anybody's skin but there were a few instances when he would voice a genuine concern with Bob (although, in typical John fashion, he used neither diplomacy nor tact) and Bob would just go off on John, sometimes unprovoked. Bob could be very haughty, as he displayed with new resident Casey Perretti, even when Casey's ideas were in earnest (and yes, on occasion, Casey could rub people the wrong way with his abrupt manner). Then there is the way that Bob talked down to Kim when he found out that she wanted to have a career shortly after Christopher was born. Everyone talked about Steve Andropoulous' regressive views on married women (w/kids) in the workplace but no one mentioned Bob's, even after both Kim and Lisa challenged Bob on his out of step views. FWIW, I think various writing regimes tried to show just how imperfect and flawed Bob could be (in many ways) but a lot of viewers often built up a hagiography in their own minds, based upon those warm and wonderful Thanksgiving toasts and Christmas carols but Bob was still the man who cheated on two of his wives.
  9. I was in my mid-30s when it struck me. I think I must have a high threshold for misery because it was bad, but I wouldn't say I was in terrible pain. It was miserable but thankfully came and went in about a week, sort of like the chickenpox that afflicted me many years before. Age 50 is at least a handful of years away but I wonder whether it's worth it to get the vaccine since I've already had it?
  10. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more sickening. Are there no safe spaces where a woman may work unmolested??
  11. Basically, lol. I'd love to read some of those comments that Sony must have received from their survey.
  12. Wasn't that domestic violence storyline supposed to be Mal's Emmy bait? It was a cynical move and it flopped.
  13. No no, I was never in that discussion on the secret child. Was I? Wait, when did this discussion even take place??
  14. I said this was going to happen last year, when I saw the storyline was going nowhere. Mal underestimated the response to his poorly written plotline. I bet those surveys convinced somebody that they'd better try to undo some of the damage PDQ. The worst mistake a writer can make is assuming that an audience lacks intelligence. Y&R has been doing this for the better part of a decade now and it shows.
  15. Chickenpox puts you in direct line to one day have the possibility of contracting shingles. Yay! As someone who had the shingles, I don't know anyone who would want someone to be at risk of that, especially when there is a vaccine that can now prevent it.
  16. I didn't know that Phil Lewis was directing now! I recognize him from the ton of sitcom work that he has done.
  17. Last week it was Michelle Obama. Roseanne is still blaming everybody but herself. People were making it out to be an act of pettiness but I can see why Joyce DeWitt had cut Somers out of her life for decades. As a kid I always preferred Janet anyway.
  18. Oops. I also realized I'm in the wrong thread. Oh boy!
  19. This reminds of that scene in As The World Turns where Margo (HBS) impatiently says "Am I speaking Serbo-Croatian?!" I wish I could find that clip.
  20. Looks like Big Sascha will be doing coaching consult for Kiki Mladenovic, er, or at least Kiki's mother. I wonder if they communicate in Serbian as Kiki's family are originally from Serbia and Sascha, though born in Germany, is of Serbian origin as well.
  21. This goes without saying but that Kentucky governor is clearly a dumba*s. How professional is Individual 1's administration!
  22. I agree. People kept trying to sell the redeeming quality of a domestic violence storyline but the foundation of the story was shaky at best and the set up was atrocious. You have to spend more time building a storyline than what Mal/TPTB were willing to invest. You can't just 'parachute in' a longtime character who had reasonable popularity and then all of a sudden convince people that he's a wife beater based on an invisible backstory. It was awful from the get-go. A lot of us thought the same with the Hilary character and strengthening her character as well as making the Hamiltons a 'super couple' for the 2010s. It never happened. In fact, Y&R seemed intent on going in the exact opposite direction. I'm not sure how smart Y&R/Sony/CBS are, they seem to make lots of decisions based on pure folly. At least, in the last 10-15 years, they have...with increasing regularity.
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