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  1. People will say that Bernie can kiss Florida goodbye but the same can probably be said of New Jersey at this point.
  2. Well, if the standard of writing had been kept up and had never fallen, viewers, except for the most rabid of fanbases, would likely have been patient. Keep in mind that, back then, with stories that had slow-builds, there were often so many other compelling storylines going on at the same time, that viewers weren't bored silly the way most tend to be today. Half these 'stan wars' seem to happen out of sheer boredom, imo.
  3. Long past time for tennis to build a comprehensive plan to protect players, ballkids, staff and spectators from the coronavirus. Indian Wells, where viral outbreaks have been known to happen in the past is particularly of concern.
  4. 🤣 Is that what you meant? I admit that I only watched bits and pieces of that Clear Springs mess.
  5. This! This was what I was speaking of the other day! Thank you, somebody gets it! Remember Veronica Landers, she was Miguel's love interest, all the way plotting how to get Joshua (Nikki's new husband) back and when she realized she wasn't going to achieve this, she took him out and almost took Nikki out. Not one of the storylines done in the past several years have been half as memorable as that. Veronica was not a main character and the detail and build of her story puts this mess to shame.
  6. Isn't "Vic" in a medically induced coma, like, every few years? Does "Clear Springs" ring any bells?
  7. What that Carole Myers tweet tells me is what I've already figured out in Iowa: voters lost interest in this primary race and are not coming out as they ought to. The U.S. has always had a problem with turnout but this presidential primary season seems especially bad for the numbers. I have my thoughts on why I think that is (and it would be observational speculation on my part, tbh). Suffice it to say, that I knew enthusiasm had dulled when the Culinary Union refused to endorse any of the current candidates. At this point, I don't think Biden can take the black vote for granted. I don't think any of the candidates can take the black vote for granted. In addition to Bernie, the fact that Bloomberg seems to be suddenly picking up so many endorsements among various prominent figures across different political persuasions should be a cause for concern, imo. I hope I'm wrong but so much lacks promise about this election season so far. I really hope I'm wrong.
  8. I enjoyed them too. I thought early Mindy and Rusty were very cute together.
  9. Another chapter in the continuing saga of the corporate titan's struggles, this time economic. P&G is losing $$$ big time due to the coronavirus and their investment (some might say over-investment) in China.
  10. I watched the actual episode and Ripley had been stalking Amanda all over town and suddenly doesn't know what she looks like, how different her body type is from Victoria (the butt should've been one clue), lol, but okay.
  11. JMO but I think that Joe Biden should cease from doing this type of things. If people start putting this in the context of the other times he's done it, he could be further inflicting damage to his own campaign, far more than his opponents past and present could inflict. This seems totally unnecessary.
  12. This has been known for years. I don't know why it never got discussed in larger circles, other than the fact that there is no will for it in mainstream media. Bernie's lack of ability to fund raise for other candidates never gets discussed, nor the fact that Obama campaigned for him when Obama barely got in the Senate yet Bernie never returned the favor. Democrats need to seriously think about how bad Bernie would be for candidates down the ballot and how vital it is for Democrats to maintain the House and take the Senate. If Democrats allow someone incapable of lifting other candidates on the ballot, they're dumber than within the realm of imagination. Say what you will about Biden, Warren...most of the other candidates in the race have all raised quite a bit of money for other candidates in Congress. Hell, Kamala Harris raised a sh*t ton of money for others, while nobody could be bothered to return the favor. I'm still waiting to hear when Bernie has done this for anyone but himself.
  13. Since Bernie often looks like he can fall out at any moment, I gather that the Russians would rather he go up against their preferred candidate in the general election.
  14. I enjoyed seeing those clips, and hearing about Victor's road to success (selling soap, how apropos for a soap opera, lol) and for some reason I really enjoyed seeing Jess Walton's reaction to Jill's memories with Victor. It's funny how for years I've been saying that Noah should have remained a photographer and "Boom", suddenly he's back to being a photographer! Hm. It would have been a better touch to have actually seen that decision made onscreen and have Malcolm show up with an offer for Noah to accompany him on a photojournalism assignment somewhere but I know that TPTB couldn't be bothered to write such a think. RA has such easy chemistry with his onscreen parents, siblings and his onscreen grandfather. Too bad the writing for Noah is often so lazy. This episode was also interesting because Matt Miller and Julia, Victor's ex-wife made appearances. I realize that the actress who plays Julia (by the way, hair and makeup and wardrobe did this woman a grave disservice!) couldn't stay long but judging by Robert Parrucha's tweets, they could've kept Matt around for a few more days. Too bad they didn't. I realize that Y&R doesn't have the budget to put on a lavish spread with dignitaries the way they did for Victor and Nikki's wedding, so I took it for what it was, an acknowledgement, which some characters never get. The second episode after the festivities were over and leading up to the stabbing, I just wasn't as engaged, I found myself ff a lot of material. Also, I couldn't help notice that Victoria's ponytail clearly was a slightly different color/texture than her own hair. Maybe it's the black woman in me that can recognize when a ponytail doesn't match. Victoria's look of shock after being stabbed was apt and was the most convincing part of that entire sequence, the rest of it looked clumsily staged, tbh. I guess the entire point of it is to see how this affects Billy anyway.
  15. One of the key reasons why I asked how long Ripley had been on the canvas before committing this stabbing was because it's clear that the longer he was on before he committed the crime would be equivalent to the amount of interest and investment to his character and the character closest to him in connection-the shorter the amount of time, the less amount of interest and investment. Based on Ripley's all of two weeks before committing a crime, it's obvious which one of the two this one falls under. Compare it to Abby's pimp/procurer boyfriend who was in GC for months meeting, courting, dating Abby before everyone in town discovered his crimes. He wasn't just a garden variety villain, he had a past (which tied into Tessa's past) and a personality. I remember lots of people even claim that they found him charming. Did Ripley get any of that complexity in the writing about him? Had TPTB really cared about Amanda, they would have had Ripley in town under the guise of seeking redemption and forgiveness from Amanda but his true motive would be to insert himself back into her life by attempting to win back her trust. He proceeds to make all the moves indicative of a person who has turned his life back around. He: gets a job in CG, gets to know more about Amanda's circle of associates and friends, maybe tries to form a friendship with Nate or Phyllis, etc. Amanda is uneasy but does not want to block Ripley's chance to rebuild his life and make a living yet hopes that Ripley does not intend to try to reconcile as that 'ship has sailed'. Ripley seems to have successfully 'rehabbed' his reputation, he is now know as a nice guy, charming, he even seems to have gotten a hold of his hair-trigger temper... until he sees signs of an intimate relationship between Billy and Amanda. At first, Ripley convinces himself not to jump to conclusions and goes about a 'fact-finding' expedition to verify the nature of Amanda's ties to Billy. This can lead him to irrefutable proof that there is an intimate relationship between the two and Ripley tries to contact Amanda, who is busy and cannot answer her phone. The night of the gala, Amanda eventually gets a message from Ripley that they need to talk but puts it off, saying that he'll have to wait until tomorrow.
  16. So, I'm reading this article about how supporters and rival campaigns' supporters alike were taken aback at how poorly Bloomberg performed at the debate in Nevada. Are these folks brand-new?? Bloomberg didn't get to be mayor of NYC because he was an effective debater. Bloomberg won the mayoralty of NYC because he outspent and 'out-nastied' his Democratic opponent Mark Green. And he used his money, increased influence to hold onto the office. By the way, if people are concerned that Trump will try to hang onto the presidency even after he's voted out (or God forbid, an extra term) people should also be concerned that Mike Bloomberg will/can do the same because he did this successfully in NYC, convincing NYC councilmen/women to extend his time in office by creating new rules that would extend term limits, just so he could run and eventually win a third term. Everyone now agrees that that 3rd term should never have happened. Just a 411 from a former NYCer who was there. Also, NYC lost a chunk of its black population during his time as mayor, which I'm surprised that no one has brought up but I guess the fact that Trump is in the WH proves that Americans are not into vetting billionaires that well.
  17. From everyone's descriptions, it appears that Victoria's stabbing will be angst for Billy and will ultimately be about him and his ties to both women. Nothing in the description makes me believe that TPTB care one whit about Amanda. Victoria's stabbing is in service to Billy's angst.
  18. This is a great sequence between Fletcher Reade (Jay Hammer) and Alexandra Spaulding as portrayed by Marj Dusay (RIP). It's not lost on me that, as youth obsessed as soaps can often be, a tender smoldering love scene was crafted with a mature couple in mind and the idea of a long-awaited consummation of a relationship between seemingly star-crossed lovers is not just reserved for the flower of youth.
  19. If TPTB could have gotten past all those behind the scenes fights, maybe.
  20. Victoria and Amanda look nothing alike, even styled similarly. Even in obscured lighting, one would have to be Ray Charles not to know the difference. Lily and Victoria might have made more sense. @xtrI ask how long Ripley (ugh, what a name!) has been on the show because I remember that when Abby's criminal boyfriend had been revealed to be a human trafficker and a pimp, he'd been on the show for months, giving the viewers an opportunity to see him as a multi-dimensional human being with actual charm and other traits before he is revealed to be a criminal, making things a bit more complex for the viewers. Only two weeks seems like not nearly enough time to get to know this character as a human being, which means that the characters sole intent was not to be regarded as a multi-dimensional character but some thug who comes out of the woodwork to stalk and stab and quickly fade off the campus. Given how Y&R has written actors of color in recent years (especially young black men), this doesn't surprise me. The lack of effort seems especially sad. You mean this dude couldn't tell the difference between a woman he supposedly was intimately involved with and another that he wouldn't know from a can of paint??? This just sounds more silly on its face than I originally imagined.
  21. How long has Ripley been on the scene? It sounds as if he was specifically brought on the show to be a criminal, then leave. It would've been more believable had he stabbed someone who looks remotely like Hilary/Amanda, even Lily perhaps because Victoria ain't it. I hope the scene looks better than it reads because on paper, it sounds ridiculously clumsy.
  22. Another day, another Brazilian politician being shot or stabbed. Sigh.
  23. I agree. I think that KKL and SK had a great deal of chemistry but SK and JF also had loads of chemistry and with Kanan's experience, it wouldn't have been hard to find someone else that he could've betrayed Bridget with had B&B not been so damn insular and incestuous. Anyone but her damn mother. They could've given Bridget a bosom buddy. In fact, didn't Bridget have a good friend at the time she first met Deacon, or was that actress just a glorified extra for color? And Capitol was so distinctly different from other soaps on the air, even back then. I was young when it got canceled and I was just getting into it when it got yanked. At the time that it got canceled, the other soaps on the network seemed like a cut above Capitol but all it truly needed were some tweaks and a steady hand in the writer's room. Today's remaining soaps are in far worse condition creatively than what Capitol was when it got taken off-air. In today's climate, if written well, it'd be the most topical daytime drama on air!
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