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  1. Somehow this looks worse to me. The technology is accessible (and affordable) to do better now. You have to be really lazy and indifferent to do something this bad.
  2. The one thing this article really fails to mention is that Obama's earliest supporters before the Democratic debates and primaries were mostly white voters because many black voters were dubious about his ability to get elected. Many black women did indeed vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary for this same reason-- Hillary appeared to be the solid choice to many. As the Obama campaign began to raise more money than the Clinton campaign (along with some missteps Clinton campaigners and surrogates), black voters began to coalesce around Obama. This is perhaps an uncomfortable aspect that many people (including those in the black community) don't want to acknowledge but it would be absolute amnesia to forget about this.
  3. This entire administration under Trump is simply awful. Almost too awful to contemplate on a daily basis.
  4. I loved how cool and businesslike yet warm and maternal Vanessa could be. Credit due to Maeve Kinkaid for layering her performances just right. Rachel Miner had such great chemistry with a number of actresses. Her Michelle brought out the maternal instincts in a number of women characters in the wake of Maureen's death. Maeve, Maureen Garrett and Fiona Hutchison had some wonderful scenes with Miner. Even before Maureen's demise, Miner and Hutchison had a wonderful easy chemistry. Sad that within a few years, that would all go away.
  5. Yes, the plans seem very amateurish and lack some basic understanding of the demographics of black people living in the U.S. but this quote from the article hold some deep truths. “Russia understands how critical the African American vote is to determining the outcome of elections,” said Demings, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. “And because we have not effectively dealt with racism as a country ourselves, I believe we've made ourselves vulnerable to foreign powers like Russia to continue to try to undermine.”
  6. Yeah, I definitely noticed that when they worked in tandem, is when I noticed that these P&G shows were high quality production, which is why I said "and". The and/or referred to their titles because honestly, I couldn't remember the exact titles, lol. Having worked in the production of a T.V. show myself, I'm well aware that one element being changed from a winning setup can cause things to go awry, especially when you're dealing with something of a machine like television production. It's not like theater that allows for a measure of chaos while producing top-drawer results in the end. One other point about that episode. In four short years after his GL appearance, Jesse L. Martin would be onstage for the musical phenomenon Rent. I was doing a summer internship for an independent theater producer the year that Rent debuted on Broadway and I will never forget the very long queues for ticket purchases. The producer I worked for was one of the investors for Rent. She didn't care for the musical itself but was loving those profits.
  7. Something I've noticed is that during a zenith of various P&G soaps, Kenneth L. Fitts and Edward Trach were supervisor and/or executive in charge of production. I'm not sure how many fans of these shows appreciate that fact.
  8. This episode features Nia Long, Jesse L. Martin, Monti Sharp and...wait for it...a clean-cut Roger Howarth.
  9. Okay, I know it's late but after seeing some classic episodes of Guiding Light from autumn 1992, I want to put a word in for Vanessa Chamberlin. She was a high-powered career woman with a complicated life but she always put her son Billy first. There are some wonderful scenes of Vanessa telling Billy that although she and his father Billy Lewis love each other, he's going back to his wife Nadine (who he had planned to divorce) because she's pregnant (which, of course, Nadine was faking). The honesty and the tenderness between mother and son is so refreshing and it was consistent with their relationship. With today's soaps, children have become all but superfluous, the scenes between Vanessa and "Little" Billy are gems that seem all too rare these days.
  10. If Lightfoot's inaugural was filled with images like this one, I could see why so many eyes were filled.
  11. Gotta be honest and say that I too watched that roof opening event instead.
  12. These things barely seem to make the news. Or are we all just tired from. All. The. Winning?
  13. Did anyone see the clips of billionaire Robert F. Smith, who pledged to pay off the student loans of Morehouse College's graduation class of 2019? What a contrast!
  14. So interesting to observe that the majority of women to have been looking into Trump's suspicious finances (Maxine Waters, Tish James, etc.), are women of color, black women especially.
  15. Since I can't really tell the last time I watched a CBS program that was not online, I can't really tell you how well (or not) they promoted these episodes. I know what I saw on social media but we know that social media doesn't speak to everybody and there is a whole legion of soap viewer that does not engage online. (as strange as that might sound to many of us). Online though, I did notice there seemed to be some confusion among some viewers who were repeatedly asking whether "Dru" would be showing up--sometimes others in the subtweets would inform them that "Dru" was not returning and you could almost hear the collective groans of disappointment. Something similar seemed to happen when some folks found out that "Hilary" would not be returning but the actress would be participating in a tribute show. Some seemed to get upset that neither actress was being asked to reprise their roles but just make an appearance. Despite the tribute, I actually think some people still very angry and in a strange way, these tributes have stirred those feelings up for them.
  16. I was watching some really compelling episodes around Labor Day 1992 where Alan-Michael is trying to outrun the truth about setting up Frank with another woman, in order to get Eleni for himself, A.C. Mallet suffering the fallout and little Billy Lewis having run away to try to bring his parents back together. There was a scene with little Billy at Cross Creek blaring Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" and I just couldn't help but think about the fact that earlier that day I'd seen the big budget video version of "Old Town Road" that had over a million views in its first day. I wondered whether the guy who sang that song could've imagine that he'd be collaborating with rappers on remixed versions of country trap songs, LOL. It was kind of cool to think of it though.
  17. And when you as a candidate have Bret Stephens defending you, what possibly can go wrong?
  18. If you remember the pilot episode of The Cosby Show, I believe Vanessa once referred to Theo as "Teddy". Theo being the much cooler iteration of all of those versions of the name.
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