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  1. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    Perhaps they are being super cautious, but I'm not sure what they can say really. She got fired. That's that! I remember when JFP was fired from GH and the cast lit up Twitter and Facebook to thank her and to welcome FV. This time, crickets. My theory: JFP has been out the door for awhile, and the announcement yesterday was just a formal, public acknowledgement of the transition.
  2. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    The Y&R cast are very quiet online about JFP's exit, considering how popular she was with them (reportedly). Usually when an EP leaves, there's an outpouring of thanks and fond wishes. But aside from a few congrats for Mal Young, they're tweeting as if nothing happened. Maybe they're under some sort of gag order from CBS?
  3. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    I think that's exactly why JC is commenting. We've seen a lot less of her under JFP. I like a little Gloria sprinkled into the show, like a few times a year. IMO, JFP made a number of errors at Y&R, but reducing Gloria's airtime was not one of them. Has anyone else from the cast commented on JFP 's exit?
  4. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    I actually wouldn't mind seeing JFP pop up as a director somewhere. She's fantastic with actors and style, energy, etc. But I don't think she'd take the demotion, especially when she is of retirement age.
  5. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    I think we're about to see some major changes to Y&R. Networks don't bring outsiders into soaps unless they really want to shake things up, especially when so many talented veteran producers are out of work.. I predict that this will be a completely different, maybe unrecognizable, show in six months.
  6. Y&R: JFP Out! Mal Young In!

    Exactly. JFP has been around the block and is very savvy. She had to know her days were numbered when an outsider was brought in as supervising producer. And I believe she signed a new contract just last year so she's probably been paid off nicely. I'm interested to hear what the cast has to say over the next few weeks. By all accounts, JFP was popular with the actors, which isn't everything, but it's important, especially on a show that was known to be a viper's nest before she arrived.
  7. GH: July 2015 Discussion Thread

    I wish JFP could have come back to oversee TG's farewell. She would have produced the HELL out of it. What we got was cheap and pathetic.
  8. A Martinez is joining DAYS. Not sure if it's long-term or short-term.
  9. Part one of Michael Logan's interview with JFP and Chuck Pratt is here. They say a lot of things Y&R fans won't want to hear, but I give them props for being upfront about it.
  10. Not sure how he feels about Bill Bell. But Logan has been quite critical of JFP over the years, all the way back to SB and especially at GL and OLTL. While he kisses ass a lot to stay alive in a shrinking field of soap critics, he is also well-connected and knows behind-the-scenes stuff we don't. He also overhypes the things he likes. (Remember when he said the Billy-Adam showdown last year was the best soap since BJ's death on GH twenty years ago?) So I view everything he writes through that complicated prism.
  11. Wait, when did Sharon Case get bumped to recurring status? I missed this.
  12. I've never seen this confirmed anywhere, just lots of online rumors from unhappy fans. But yeah, I'm sure JFP did everything she could to keep control of the show.
  13. Just watched today's episode. What total and utter crap! This is the kind of tired, preposterous, insulting storytelling that makes soaps the butt of so many jokes and drives viewers away. What the HELL are CBS and Sony thinking?
  14. He's good at playing sweet and dopey, and that's about it.
  15. I got behind on Y&R and lost some episodes on the DVR. I dropped in today to see what's up. Man, this is some bad soap opera. In just the few weeks I was away, the quality has dropped off, not that it was stellar before. Question: what's up with Michael and Lauren and the cancer story? Thanks for the update.