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  1. I’m sure this was mentioned elsewhere but looking at the canvas for characters who would’ve been the most vulnerable to possession I think it should have been Nicole after the dissolution of her marriage, being told to stay away from Rafe(roll eyes), etc. I can’t help to have this nagging feeling that Ron will using the devil as a way to progress several stalled storylines; the devil possesses Brady and he seduces Chloe, the devil then hops to Allie and she gives Tripp hell and seduces Chanel, and so on.
  2. Today’s ending got me excited (let me enjoy this moment I know lol) that was a good Friday cliffhanger
  3. The show is filled with old, stale stories, that are a rehash of the not so distant past. The only thing that is new and fresh is Johnny/Allie/Trip/Chanel.
  4. I understand the show wanting to give Justin a crisis of faith in Bonnie, and Patch of all people taking her side after initially resenting her months ago, but the show should have went about it in a different way. This story is atrocious and lazy.
  5. My super religious mom asking me what Days: Beyond Salem is like 🤐🤣

    1. Soapsuds


      Just show her the beyond Salem thread


    2. AlexElizabeth


      Tell her she should watch episode 4...😁

  6. Those fight scenes made me miss Ed Scott and his production values.
  7. At this point he's just trolling the audience. It's gotta be intentional after he was shredded on twitter.
  8. I'm scared how a dollar store possession story is going to play out on our screens
  9. ^True, and Pritchett finally got an Emmy for his work.
  10. I believe the period shortly after the Pollacks left was a pivotal time for the show, one that the show wasn't able to fully rise up to the occasion for, and thus the start of the overall the downward spiral for it. ABC was busily gaining steam with expanding their shows and the penning several epic stories, or building on them. TD was so inconsistent storywise and with their characters, that it hurt viewer investment, and I can sort of see why someone might tune in to OLTL or RH at the time, which had storylines building or hitting their climaxes.
  11. Really missed opportunity there with having Anna on the canvas in the early 90s. I would've enjoyed seeing Anna go up against a teenage Sami lol
  12. Maybe I was reading too much into the scenes, but it seemed that they were hinting at a possible Jake and Ava pairing at one point. They were discussing Ava's mobster ties, and Jake's knowledge of her family, and they seemed to have chemistry.
  13. Give DAYS to the Cullitons/Broderick, and let Ron have his go at DOOL: Beyond Salem.
  14. The mid 60s must have been quite the renaissance for Secret Storm.
  15. For all their faults, and there are plenty; BK and LN both got Janine. I have no hope that Kate Oates and Jon Sen have an understanding of the character.
  16. What I found interesting, was the pacing of the first episode; Tony/Anna/Austin/Carrie are discussing Austin's plans to surprise Carrie; next we see Tony/Anna arrive at the event and running into John/Marlena who had also been discussing the event earlier as well. It seemed like an excellent execution of what Mal Young had wanted do at Y&R, but it was much less jarring. If this was on the original show, the auction would've taken place a few episodes later.
  17. This weeks worth of episodes (surrounding the trial of Sebs murder) has been well produced and well written.
  18. Maybe Doug locking Julie is a precursor to there being a Night Time Doug. Ron loves ripping off stories from the past
  19. A doppelganger? A long lost child? Infidelity? Got to be one of these three, because Ron's not capable of writing anything else.
  20. I really didn't find SSM's tenure all that bad. It was the best Y&R had been in a long time, going back to the Lynn Latham days.
  21. I think she will lose him once he finds out she's been lying to him about his identity all along. However I think with these set of writers, I can definitely see them playing up the fact that Sonny can't easily turn his feelings off when it comes to Nina, even after the truth comes out or when he regains his memories.
  22. It’s weird I’m finally starting to feel *some heat* between Sonny and Nina, not a whole lot, but some.
  23. Jean already had her chance at Y&R and it wasn't all that amazing.
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