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  1. Celebrity Apprentice

    No doubt Barbara will be laughing about it live on The View the day after the live boardroom.
  2. Celebrity Apprentice

    I knew Lisa was gone the second the men's team won. Dionne is such an ignorant old bat. I can't stand her. And IA Cheap with the whole, "People have told me she's a legend." But I don't think that's just because she's deaf. And Money, I am in total agreement. I want to see Marlee take Star or ESPECIALLY Dionne down. LOL.
  3. Two and a Half Men: Discussion Thread

    They should continue 2.5 Men, but with Jake going to college and being the "ladies man" to Alan's old fuddy duddy daddy. Get Angus T. Jones to work with a personal trainer, keep Courtney Thorne-Smith as Alan's love interest, etc. WB/CBS could save a ton of money. Plus, the show could still use Charlie via letters talking about escapades with porn stars and whores.
  4. Celebrity Apprentice

    What did you think of LaToya?
  5. Celebrity Apprentice

    Jose is wearing colored contacts. Either that or he is treating an early onset of glaucoma or something. His eyes look really weird and glazed over. And really, could it have killed Star to do something other than delegate responsibilities? Why can't she get up and run some pizzas around town? Or at least be in charge of something other than bossing people around? Lisa Rinna annoys the piss out of me, but she had Star pegged: the bitch doesn't wanna get her hands dirty. I'm gonna love seeing Lisa Rinna get into it with the "sistas." LOL.
  6. Celebrity Apprentice

    I didn't want David Cassidy offed. I thought Richard Hatch was too aggressive and the one that will "fight" to stay isn't always the one you should keep. Hatch's bullying and aggressive behavior should have been further addressed.
  7. Celebrity Apprentice

    NeNe rules. That dirty look she gave to Gary Busey in the boardroom. And Dionne is gonna be a potstirrer with Star Jones too. LOL. Next week looks even better. The girls give Lisa Rinna project manager because they'll know she'll tank it.
  8. I love how Phillip Brown found life after soaps by playing the ideal, healthy 50-something daddy in all these commercials.

  9. When did Noelle Beck start hosting World News Now?

  10. The Lady Gaga Thread

    LOL. If that's original, then I'm extra tasty crispy.
  11. Two and a Half Men: Discussion Thread

    For this, I hope they continue to milk Two and a Half men a few more years just to stick it to Charlie Sheen and to keep the show's syndication revenue going.
  12. Two and a Half Men: Discussion Thread

    According to Alex Jones, in those famous Chuck Lorre production credits that have the long comedic diatribes in them, Chuck Lorre trashed Charlie Sheen at the end of one episode of Two and a Half men! Bold indeed! I had no idea Chuck Lorre did this. I thought he said all that crap about Charlie Sheen to publications or in passing. WOW. That was ballsy. No wonder Charlie just kind of flipped his [[email protected]#$%^&*].
  13. "I am on a drug. It's called CHARLIE SHEEN!"

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    2. DaytimeFan


      OMG. I saw 5 minutes of it. TERRIBLE.

      Such a pity that Diane didn't do it. It would have been at least equal to her Whitney interview.

    3. marceline


      It's amazing to me that people are so busy asking him about drugs that they're ignoring the fact that he's clearly in a severe manic state, delusional and well on his way to a full-on "jumping-through-a-plate-glass-window psychotic episode.

    4. DaytimeFan


      Just like Barbara on ATWT when she jumped through the courthouse window!