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I've been so dismissive of OLTL for the last year, and rightly so, but I won't ignore the hours and hours of fun I've had watching the show and becoming acquainted with its history. It's such a hard show to define, but I guess in the end, it doesn't matter. Llanview's a town in a class of its own, and I'll miss its citizens :(

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I just can not even comprehend my feelings right now. I'm numb. I thank god OLTL isn't leaving until January but I still just can not even process that i won't be seeing my Viki Banks ever again after nine months! It's not fair! Betweeen Elizabeth taylor, a death in my personal family and now this, this year is begining to suck! I've looked at my Viki as a very close personal family member for so many years.

I guess the only way to really deal with it (After a night of a lot of alcohol), is to be greatful that "somewhere out there" Viki is going to stay alive so even though i won't be able to see her, i'll know she's still out there somewhere guiding me from afar, like all the years she went on her summer vacations. and beleive me it's not much comfort right now. :(

Lets take the example of people who lost Another World, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. I hope we can eventually live by their examples and find away to cope and eventually move on. I don't know if i ever fully will but thankfully i have nine months to process this. And beleive me i'll need it. All true OLTL fans will. (and AMC of course.)

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    • I did not hate the recast, but Tonya Boyd was just something else. And her 'Darling's. Just *chef's kiss*
    • Can I just say I hope Brad and Felix are not on the route to becoming a couple. NO ONE was rooting for them to get together the first time.  Did they ever explain whatever happened to Lucas? God, that is a character with so much potential. I miss when RC wrote for him. For the first time Lucas had a personality beyond "Tony's Son."
    • Maybe just me, I actually see some light in his eyes compared to his last few years on OLTL.
    • Does Marian Colby Chandler count? She was such a caricature, a snob who could even out snob Phoebe Wallingford! For decades, she would sleep with anything breathing with a six pack. I remember at the 25th anniversary Martin Housewarming her sole role was making the young men in the group uncomfortable, "Oh my, is young Charlie Brent!" As much as I loved Marian/Stuart, I wish she kept more of interloping personality. She was never meant to become a matriarch/ grandmother. She was a trouble maker. I wish there was a place where she could have worked and become the busy body/ pot-stirrer. Like how Pam was the nosy secretary at Forrester Creations on B&B. Maybe she could have become a nosey Hospital Administrator and become the talk-to character for the Angie, Frank, Jake, Cara, Rey, Joe and the other hospital gang. Heck, Opal used to volunteer at the hospital all the time, so she would have her bestie by her side.
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