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  1. I think his "streak" ended with Married With Children. he came on in season fifth (i think) and then stayed till the final season 11.
  2. I think at first I was a little overwhelmed with the new "crop" of cast Lorne hired at the beginging of last season but i think they've come into their own. It's OK to see one or two new people a season but there were several last season when Lorne "cleaned house." I know most of the old cast left on their own terms but there just seemed like a bunch. About the black cast members, I just don't understand why it's been a big deal now when for the past 38 season, there have been maybe one or two (at one time) in the cast and there wasn't much "yelling" about it until now.
  3. I liked the begining with Timberlake and Fallon. I felt sad for Carvey. his song just lost something and i think he knew it too. It just wasn't as good as it was when he originally sang it. He probably would have done better doing a church chat. He did good as Garth from Waynes World. I was never into the Calfornia people (whenever it came on). I liked Betty White and Bradly Coopers part, and loved seeing Laurine Newman on it but i was never a fan of the sketch. I think they could have done more with Eddie Murphy. And Candice Bergen. She was the first woman host of the show but they just had her "co-host" the introduction to one of the singers (i think it was Miley.) I loved how they put the two newest cast members together to show audition tapes of the cast. And Jane Curtin on weekend update was good but i wasn't into those celebrities paying old characters. Most of it was good. The musical guests were OK. It's sad that they didn't think much of Victoria Jackson. I don't know if she came late but they put her in another room with people and she ended up taking someone's seat in one of the top floors to watch the last hour of the show. Very sad. I really missed seeing Dennis Miller. I thought Nora Dunn would have shown up, but she might have been like Victoria and had to sit away from everyone. I guess you can't have everyone but for what it was, it was pretty good.
  4. Saturday Night Live is turning 40. WIll anyone be watching the big anniversary. They are also doing a red carpet thing right before it. This is actually the third big anniversary thing they've done. They did one in 1989 for the 15th (i used to have it on video tape) and they did one in 1999 for the 25th. I'm looking forward to seeing all the old cast members. I see Garret Morris all the time on Two Broke Girls. Eddie Murphy is suposed to be there, the first time he's associated with the show at all since he left in the early 80's. I've been watching the VH1 Clasic marathon. They are doing i think almost 500 episodes going all through the decades going backward so the hour before the big anniversayr, they will replay the first episode (although i plan on watching that the saturday night before because it probably won't be as edited.) It's all great fun to see my favorites from the late 80's like Victoria Jackson and Phil Hartmen.
  5. I never even thought about going in that direction, but that's so smart! Hank is exactly who i had in mind...except for his little mid life crises in the 1990's when he and Bo bought motorcycles. The prominant D.A and the proper Victoria Lord together. I like it. But if we couldn't get Hank, what do you think about bringing Bobby Blue back. Blair Underwood is still very good looking. By now Bobby could be a lawyer or someone important.
  6. Now don't everyone hate me at once, but i would have perfered Viki to find someone more like Sloan at the end. He was someone more her style. I know Viki almost always went for a man who was against what she grew up with but I thought during her breif time with Sloan, she really showed her "Lord" colors. Because he had been in the army, he grew up with the same sense of honor and discipline that Viki did as Victor's daughter. I know their relationship was based on adultery but it was because she saw so much of her former lifestyle in him that she felt the strong power to him. And if you noticed, when they were together, Viki wore more proper busienss suits than she had before or since. It was her signiture look but she wore it more during the Sloan years than any time before. He encouraged her to be that person she was when she was growing up. Joe brought her into domesticity, Clint wanted her to be his cowgirl so he could protect her, Ben was the bartender who brought danger to her life from his mob past and Charlie had to many demons of his own. She loved all those men very much in different ways but Sloan was more her type. I never actually saw Steve Burke so i can't coment on him. She grew up in that very uppercrust,"Downton Abbey" type lifestyle. Even though she "freed" herself from Victor's influence, she never really freed herself from the uppercrust glossy venere of the Lords because it had been incoded in her DNA. From the time she was very young Victor taught her how to be a proper Lord and as she grew up, she wanted him to be proud of her so she continued using those values. And when she became a mother (to the three children she remembered dand later the other two), she wanted to teach them all those lessons and values she learned by "leading by example". So by the time she was older and found out all his horrible secrets, she was still Victor Lord's very proper daughter because it was who she had always been. I know they wanted to put her with Clint but i thought it would have been nice to let her find someone who would have shared her background. But it was nice for her to get back to doing stories for The Banner, something that the network version hadn't really delt with him many years. I didn't buy her putting 10 million dollars into a stock tip though. I know she was trying to save The Banner at any costs but she was always very cautious. She threw caution to the wind and lost. Then she thought about selling Llanfair to pay the Banner. But at the end, she agreed to keep Clint's money to keep The Banner going. I would have sold The Banner for a high price and then started another newspaper if she wanted. Or retired.
  7. Sorry, I don't agree. I don't know much about Max and Gabrielle and i'm sure you are right about Max and Tina but no story was better than Viki and Clint. The only one that would compare was Bo and Nora. Viki and Clint were together for 10 years and they were happy for most of that time. They had major problems but when they came back together, it was pure magic. and it was great how they always came together when it came to the boys and later Jessica. Actually they were officially married for a little over 11 years and got their first divorce papers on Valintines day 1994 and then the offical final ones in early summer. No soap couple could compare to Viki and Clint when they were together and happy. Bo and Nora was a close second but that's it. I'm sure Max and Luna were good but Viki and Clint were soap royalty.
  8. It'sa funny, when Sloan was sick, he pushed Viki away and then when Viki was sick, she pushed Ben away. Anothert thing, Clint walked in on Viki and Sloan in "afterglow" and then years later Viki walked in on Charlie and Echo having sex.
  9. BKuzak

    Vanderpump Rules

    I don't know if any of you saw the game show "Baggage" but they did a "best of moments" tonight on GSN and guess who had a small clip. Jax! I guess he was one of the men on the show viing the girl and one of his baggages was he "allegedly" slept with over 300 women. and you can tell this was a few years ago. and of course he bragged about it. LOL I do not think she picked him.
  10. As long as she doesn't play his grandmother. She could be an aunt or something. I beleive Erika watches the show anyway, so she might jump at the chance. Since playing Erica Kane, Susan Lucci's been on other things. She played a version of herself on Hot in Cleveland a couple of times and now she's on that Devious maids. If she can do it, Erika could totally do it. We've seen her play at least 9 different characters while in One Life. Besides Viki and her six other personalities, she played Ginny, she played Viki playing a (i think British) nurse when she rescued Tina in 88. She played that germen maid and her alternate personality in Roxy's dream at the end. And she's done a kind of southern accent a few times. Once back in the 80's when she and Clint were rescuing Becky Lee and then decades later when they first showed her in Paris Texas as a waitress. LOL that time it didn't stick and she just dropped it quickly.
  11. Erika Slezak's new Christmas message is up on her website. There is also a "christmas picture" but it's a photo from when she first started on the Prospect Park era. She's done some voice over work and she's auditioning for other things but nothing's come up yet. I hope she get on something. i know she wants to be back in the theater but i'm kind of hoping she'll do something else on television. I think she would be good as a Jessica Fletcher type for a Murder She Wrote. I know they planned on doing one eariler in the year or last year with a young black girl but i guess it never got off the ground. Probably because angela Lansbury said she didn't think it should be called "Murder She Wrote." I think Erika would be perfect for a role like that.
  12. And more Triva, The View began in August 1997, in the studio of the old The City Set. Maybe that's how Michael and Catherine met because All My Children was upstairs from The City studio. I beleive for The View's pilot, they just put their table in the middle of the City set. and then for the actual show, they sharted it up a tiny bit. and then every season they changed it more and more. This season, they moved to a whole new studio.
  13. Do you know when Erika comes back? Was it the end of 81 or early 82?
  14. Sorry, No, Lindsey was first seen as the ex wife of Sam Rappaport. She was just a "day player" who came back and stayed. She was already pretty established when she walked in and announced she was "Lindsey Buchanan."
  15. I liked Laura in the eariler seasons when she was nice but it seemed during her whole time with Greg, she just seemed like she wasn't interested in much. She wasn't the happy girl she was in the first couple of seasons. I know Greg wasn't wonderful but she just didn't seem to be happy in her life in those final years. Odd because she was married to someone who respected her and he had millions. Occasinally did she show love or affections. It might have been those crazy final years with Richard (which i blame Karen for butting in and convincing Laura to go back to him.) I would have said it was highly regarded because of Jane and Lorenzo Lamas. He was cute and he played Angela's "whipping boy" pretty well. In every season he either had a bedroom scene or a pool scene (most years probably both.) I hope the rest of the seasons come out in regular store bought coppies. MOD really is a horrible idea.
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