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  1. Bye CBS?

    Time Warner Cable has dropped CBS in NY, LA, & Dallas.
  2. July 22-26, 2013: Good Week For DAYS

    GH remains steady. People love a good trainwreck.
  3. Sadly, I don't consider this a good thing that they cut back on airing reruns. It's great that they are airing AMC & OLTL like they should have been doing from the start but sadly I think OWN is just going to consider this a failure while it is their and PP's fault this didn't work out well. Very poorly scheduled and promoted.
  4. OLTL: Jeffrey spoiler

    Wow shocked. I kinda wish I didn't open this so I could have been surprised when it happened.
  5. Such an obvious ending but lol at WD being 10 years younger than NLG yet his character is supposed to be several years older than her.
  6. JJY has a contract? He's like never on.
  7. Only 6 replies? wtf? Totally loving this Dani/Arturo storyline. Dani vs. Michelle was great as well. Destiny & Jeffrey are boring. The drunk Clint stuff was so entertaining and JVD has been terrific. Bye Todd. Looks like Dorian is going to figure it out between Jack and Kate. Wonder if she would say anything to Blair.
  8. http://www.tvmediainsights.com/highlights/28390/amc-oltl-own-week-of-july-22-2013/
  9. Emma Samms returns to GH

    Hopefully TR will be joining her.
  10. Lifetime: Devious Maids

    I'm so tempted to start watching this but part of me does not want to get into another Marc Cherry show.
  11. I thought Elisabeth left already. The ratings for The View are definitely worrying for ABC but I don't see what is wrong with GH's ratings. Besides maybe 3 or 4 bad weeks, the show has been consistent at a 1.0 in W18-49, easily beating both The View and The Chew. Even with the timeslot change, most weeks GH is up from last year. The show itself is another story.
  12. Ya'll leave Jen Lilley alone! All of a sudden this week Silas & Brad have hearts. GMAB. Felix's whole damn life revolves around Sabrina. Getting pathetic and annoying. If he says Britch one more time... I have seriously grown to hate both these fools. Love Liz but girl needs to STFU and mind her damn business. She had nerve telling Nik he shouldn't be involved with Britt. Britt looked so gorgeous this week. Glad Dr. O is back. The preview makes it seem like Alice switched over to AJ's side but didn't she have only 1 or 2 percent?
  13. I like the stuff with Arturo & Dani. Can't wait for Tea to find out. Can't stand Todd. He had a smirk on his face when Jack walked in on him and Blair. Blair is so stupid as usual. She'll never change. I like that Jack is loyal to his real father. Jeffrey is such a jerk to Michelle but this girl is so going to go psycho in a few months especially since Matthew took her virginity. Love drunk Clint. David and the reality stuff is so annoying.
  14. While this show sucks right now, what a stupid reason to interrupt GH. This stuff with William & Kate's baby has been nonstop on the news for days and will be all over the news tonight.
  15. I must say I'm surprised RC didn't retcon Michael's paternity. Nik/Britt is too rushed. Going with her to lamaze class was kinda ridiculous. Nice seeing Lesley the past few days. No comment on Franco/Jason fiasco.