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AMC Tribute Thread


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I am always jealous of people here & other places who havewatched AMC (& other soaps) since 'the good ol' days'! I've watched since I was 10 & that means 2003....LOL. ugh. I got attached to AMC for some reason right away, there was something about it...and though it's not as great now, that something is *still* there, but as faint as can be. I'll truly miss it..

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That thread's gonna make me so sad now :(

I started watching in June 2011 when I was eleven years old, and even though that was the heart of Passanante's reign, and even though the vast majority of my AMC viewing experience has been of episodes from the last ten years, I take pride in the fact that this show, written by Passanante and Culliton and Rayfield and Cascio and McTavish, was a special, special thing for a kid who, at the time, needed another world to escape to for an hour every day. Perhaps that's why I'm never as hard on some writers as they probably deserve, because no matter how nonsensical one could say their stories were or how horrible one could say their writing was, there was always something, especially in that little 2002-2005 time span, that kept me entertained, kept me watching, and kept me sane. And then as I got more acquainted with the first 30 years, learning those characters and those storylines and as much as I possibly could about what AMC really is, at its core, the attachment I have for this show was born and will never, ever go away. AMC will always have a special place in my heart because of that, and yes, it sounds strange because it's "just a TV show," but I think we soap fans know something and have experienced something that people who haven't committed to watching a soap nearly every day for years upon years can never really understand.

Be glad we live in the time of the internet. In the 80s and 90s, after a long-running soap was canceled, that was it. Maybe you had video tapes, or magazine cut-outs. Maybe you were lucky and your soap got picked up for reruns. But in most cases? The show aired its last episode and that was it. I'm eternally grateful that Pine Valley will never more than a few keystrokes away.

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    • Sad to hear the news about Rita Lakin.  One of my favorites.
    • Matt Trudeau was never a good  Lucas.  He showed zero personality and couldn't even fake chemistry with a lamp post.  Like Grandma used to say, "Well, at least he's pretty". Ryan Carnes was a chemistry magnet, from familial chemistry with Maxie, Bobbie, Carly, Uncle Luke. He came across as a healer.  The  drawbacks are 1. That Frank can't handle the gays. He botched things at OLTL with Re-Ron and couldn't run any story involving Felix, Brad or Lucas.  Lots of Golden Girls and Knots Landing but zero substance. Most of Lucas and Brad's story was basically Brad running around blathering about the Baby and Lucas while Lucas was off screen. 2.  Lucas wasn't played by anyone #firefrank needs to pay the mortgage for.  If Howarth were Lucas, here would be orderlies in their g-strings in the locker room.  Same with Easton.    As a legacy doctor on the show, Lucas should have been up for Chief of Staff by now.  Not twice a month Terry or Breeeee-tahhhh.  But twice a month Terry and her <cough> three sentences per appearance boytoy <cough> Yuri are fodder for a post of their own.
    • That's why I've always been against using her as a lifer like her screen mother, because she's so cloying and cutesy. She was a bit less so this time, but we barely saw her. Unless she can show real chops I'd still recast. Robyn Richards wasn't as green. I think she could've worked out, but people are forgetting that Kirsten was intensely unpopular in the role for her first disastrous year or so. She had bad and deeply unsympathetic stories. It was moving her into a comic role and the Spinelli pairing that saved her, IMO.
    • I remember Paul, Lauren, Diane, and Andy arriving at Victor and Nikki's wedding together. Did Lauren and Diane not have a formal falling out? I do not remember much Lauren/Diane time from Susan's last run. But Lauren was much more a recurring player at that time. Other than chasing after Paul, she did not have much of storyline until she fell into the Fisher orbit.
    • I'm still waiting for Lauren to finally Acknowledge She was Friends With Diane Once! She is in total denial and Enabling Phyllis  I hope it wasn't the End, and I Still want her present on Jack's Wedding To Diane
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